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Readability in Publications Essay

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Readability in an article focuses on the targeted audience, the topic and clarity of language and grammar. Normally a lower readability shows a less literate people will be reading the article. In this article, the author uses simple words, short but precise sentences and paragraphs. A higher readability designates the need for longer sentences, technical words, and complex level of grammar the writer can manage to use. In this case varied sentence structure will dramatically increase the level of readability.

For the audience, the author is expected to identify them before structuring work for publication, (Crary 68) topics should be interesting and some uses specialized language while others are emotional and the topic dictates the tone of the articles. In addition, language and grammar must always be correct and appropriate for the selected topic and audiences.

There some factors that influence the readability of an article; this includes concepts, they are the ideas that the document try to present in quick succession with appropriate explanation. Vocabulary level refers to the technicality of the words used in the document, whereby, longer and jargoned words belong to the category of words regarded to be most difficult compared to simple ones. (Barthes 127)

Sentence structure is another factor that affects readability; a lengthy sentence will be difficult to understand than a shorter one. Nonetheless, poorly short written sentences are not acceptable substitutes. Graphics aid such as photos, maps and charts usually improve readability of an article.

Precise introductions, titles, italic or bolded headings can ease the identification to the separation and explanation of main ideas from supporting ones. Size and style of publication can also influence readability. (Jury 307) Finally, level of comprehension is required to answer the question at the end of the article.

A graphic designer involves stylization and presentation of the texts and use of images to come up with a well-illustrated graphic design. (Marsen 430) It is the work of the designer to organize the page into a presentable layout and determine whether other graphics elements are required. Modern design practice is absolute to the use of computer software such as multimedia or interactive design software.

Visual Arts

This includes to all the work, which is mainly visual in nature. Before any graphic aspects are applied to a design, the aspect must be originates by visual art skills. Computers have been in use to improve the artwork in the modern and post-modern world. Currently the computer art has developed high quality visual art that captures the attention of the audience in a distance. (Kress 34)

By using well-illustrated artwork in print design, it increases the readability of the article. Computer generated clip art has made apparent distinction among visual arts, and general page layout to be less obvious, since it of the eases accessibility and editing work of clip art in the process of rendering an article.

When an art designer makes property arrangement of the content and context directly affects the visual aspect of the page hence improving the quality and readability of the article. (Ellis 234)


This is the art of arranging text type to make the article visible. It includes the selection of font size, typefaces, line length and spacing and letter tracking. Typesetters, graphic designers, comic book artists do typography and any other who arranges types for a final product. (Elkins 87). Additionally, typography is also refers to the quality of the comforts while reading the article.

Readability also involves letter spacing, word spacing or reading which is either too tight or loose. A designer can improve the readability of the text by separating vertical lines of an article making it simple for the eye to differentiate one line from the next. Pathetically designed fonts and those that are tight or loosely fitted can also result to poor legibility.

Typography is a constituent of all published articles, general publications, such as magazines, journals and newspapers use typography to gain an attractive, interesting and unique appearance to helps the readers in perusing the publications. (Cooke 102) Print media uses collection of typefaces for specific purposes such as sizes, italic, large and small capital letters, bold, colors and other features to identify their house style and to achieve particular tones.

Page layout

This aspect of graphic design involves arrangement of items on a page, such as photo placement, text layout and style presentation. Well-structured page design is a major consideration in print media; articles actually consist of text, photos and graphics mostly for the adverts. We have two-page layouts that are grid and templates, which are materials mostly used in advertising publications. (Clark 456).

A grid is a set of guidelines visible in the design work and not seen by the end-user, and they are useful in the aligning and setting of items on a page. (Marsen 56) It requires a designer to be skilled to be able to design the grids; additionally grids are set to be flexible.

Templates are stiffer and include elements that are visible to the end user. They are helpful materials for limited modifications during the designing process. A designer is supposed to use page layout in her job to improve the readability of the article he/she is publishing.


It is important to put your audience priorities first before coming up with any publication. The extent of readability in any publication depends on the author’s understanding of his/her targeted audience. Its therefore vital to mentor the relationship between the author and the audience.

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