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Design Essay Examples and Topics

Motion Capture in the Graphic Design

On the other hand, the study conducted by Sundaresan offers an innovative way of motion capture that does not entail the use of markers; instead, the pose of the subject is estimated through the use [...]

Fashion in Clothing, Music, and Moods

Often, the word "fashion" is used in relation to clothing, but this encompasses only one part of fashion. It is a combination of melancholy and fear that makes them appealing to the cyberpunk fashion.

Terri Logan’s Jewelry Art

High demand and international interest to Logan's jewelry, as well as the undeniable artistic qualities of her brooches, earrings, necklaces and bracelets, are the main criteria of the designer's success because they demonstrate her skills [...]

Fountains and Basin Attractive Making

In this case, the primary goal of this paper is to describe the means and functions of the fountain and basin as well as the principles of water circulation while using the aspects of design [...]

Stacey King-Gordon’ Magazine Design

And for the same reason, learning the principles of successful design is the main professional goal of every magazine designer. Design is an intrinsic element of the brand and, to fit the magazine's style, it [...]

Originality Through Graphic Design

The purpose of art is to mime in a sense that Aristotle subsumed, just as the purpose of the artistic media is to reflect to the movements of socio-political surroundings.

Crane Types Used in Construction

There are two major factors that are considered when designing a crane: the first consideration is the weight the crane is expected to lift, and the second consideration is the crane stability.

Ancient Chinese Architecture

The physical aspects of the Chinese architectural system entailed a court layout in which the architects concentrated on ensuring a unique spatial distribution of various components and a great emphasis on the integration of the [...]

Custom-Built Homes

This process is commonly referred to as microplanning because all details are determined based on the peculiarities of the project and resources needed for completing it.

Postman’s Park in London

Discussing the meaning of the memorial in Postman's Park, Mike Dash mentions that it is dedicated to the commemoration of the heroic deeds of many different people.

Australian Green Building Innovation and Ethics

The field has a direct impact on the quality of life and the environment. The concepts to be discussed include the origins of the project, its impacts, and how the innovation addresses sustainability concerns.

Balenciaga Fashion Brand’s History

Born in a village in the Basque region of Spain in the year 1895, Balenciaga spent much of his early life with his mother who worked as a tailor. The Spanish royal family and the [...]

The City of Gilbert: General Plan

The General Plan of the city is an important evidence and driver of the joint work of the government, officials, social services, and the population to improve the city environment.

Creating a Kid Friendly Social Media Site

The goals of the site will determine the type of discussions to be held on the site. This stage involves putting down the specific content required for the site and the technology required to ensure [...]

Luxury Brand’s Imitation

According to Doss and Robinson, the act amounts to a breach of the core value of the original product. The reason for focusing on brand imitation is the danger it poses to the growth of [...]

T-shirt as a Political Dress

Thus, it is possible to state that a doctor dressed in a T-shirt plays a crucial role in society, serving as a symbol of decreasing trust in health care and potentially improved relationships with patients [...]

Pariser Platz: Architecture and Urbanism of Berlin

This paper aims at discussing the architectural peculiarities of Pariser Platz, the square in the center of Berlin that was created at the beginning of the 1730s, destroyed during the years of the World War [...]

“A LEED-Inspired Model for Landscapes” by Nieminen

The author begins by making a statement that LEED rating and certification systems facilitated a significant improvement in the sphere of buildings design forcing the constructors to adopt more sustainable practices, reduce the amount of [...]

Barbie Doll’s History and Controversies

Barbie is a worldwide famous fashion doll, which has become a cultural icon during her half a century history.'Barbie may be the most potent icon of American popular culture in the late twentieth century' says [...]

Multimedia Design: Animated Biography

Because this assignment requires reporting on the duties and job descriptions of child protective specialists and operating room technicians, the initial decision is to choose GoAnimate as the platform for designing the biography.

National Identity in Asian Post-War Architecture

Incorporating the concepts of colonisation and following independence with the trials and tribulations of a people traumatised by war and cataclysms, the architecture that makes up the background of Asia, the grandeur of the urban [...]

Design Role in Information Visualization

In general, this means that the design goes through the process of optimization in order to achieve the best results possible when it comes to the efficiency of the information visualization.

The New Trend in Office Wear: Athleisure

Recognizing the correlation between comfort in the workplace and employee performance led to the establishment of a new trend in office fashion athleisure. The establishment of the new trend and preference to comfort could not [...]

Japanese Zen Garden and Its Philosophy

N tan reflects the combination of light and dark, the balance they create; here, both the light and the darkness are important as the means of creating or waking an emotion. The garden is also [...]

The Atrium Houses and Gardens of Rome

To understand the significance of the atrium house and Roman gardens to people who lived in the Bronze Age, it is necessary to consider basic peculiarities of these features of the ancient Roman dwelling.

Stonehenge and Its Significance

An impressive monument that had withstood the test of time, it stands as a testament of skill and ingenuity to the people who had built it and as an eternal mystery to the archeologists studying [...]

Is Fashion a Product of Modernism?

The purpose of this study is to trace the development of fashion in the context of modernism. The disappearance of opulent Victorian dresses and close attention to the functionality of clothes attests the major change [...]

Saudi Arabian Historical Motives in Architecture

The social change is reflected in the dynamic style of life, interest in higher education, a new status of social independence for a single-family, the appearance of new social classes, and the gradual transition from [...]

Dubai as a Sustainable City for Expo 2020

In the profit-factor category, the index ranks Dubai in the 47th position while Madrid is in the fourth position. In the discussion of Dubai's sustainability, the paper also considers how Dubai is making the city [...]

The Dining Hall Project’ Development

The development of project scope management seems to be the most important combination of actions and ideas to create a product; this element plays a crucial role in understanding the subject and the peculiarities of [...]

Rigid and Flexible Pavement Types

It will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the two and proceed to highlight the differences between the two and argue that the rigid pavement is better.

Modular Construction in Hospital Buildings

The decision to fall back on this type of construction is very often motivated by the need to meet the strict deadline for erecting buildings, as modular construction is known for high quality that can [...]

Why Are Residential Roads Higher in the Middle?

It is of paramount importance to note that the philosophy behind this type of road design derives its strength from the opinion that the relationship between motorists and ordinary pedestrians varies in accordance to the [...]

New Urbanism: Principles and Benefits

The determinants of urbanism include changes in population size, cultural shifts from pre-urban to urban, and the settlement pattern of the populace. Urbanism fosters civility and as such, it is central to the development of [...]

Construction: Tool Boxes for Machine Shop

Since carbon fiber is much more durable than the rest of the materials suggested as the basis for making boxes, it should be selected as the key raw substance for creating boxes for the company [...]