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How to Dress for Any Occasion Essay

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Updated: Jun 23rd, 2021


It is worth noting that the clothing style should always be appropriate for the situation and the environment. One cannot wear the same outfit for a festive celebration and a business meeting; if they do, they most probably will look out of place (Murphy 14). To dress appropriately for any event, it is necessary to understand in which environment the occasion will take place and what outfit would be suitable for this specific setting, audience, and weather.

Old and Modern Etiquette

If someone was invited to a wedding, they should make sure they know if this is a casual-style wedding or a luxurious event. According to the old etiquette, it was inappropriate to wear anything red or black while, at present, one can wear an outfit of any colour (however, white is not recommended). For a casual wedding, one can choose a dress and a jacket, and for a luxurious one, they should opt for a gown. A suit is a good option for almost any wedding type.

If one plans to attend a funeral, they should always keep their outfit understated and respectful. Earlier, the only acceptable colour was black, but these days, one can choose other colours as well (Murphy 51). For a first date, it is recommended not to wear anything too tight or open and opt for an outfit in which they will feel most comfortable and relaxed. Nevertheless, the choice should be driven by the location as well.

For a business meeting, one should choose a neat suit or a knee-length dress/skirt with a jacket (Murphy 21). If it is followed by a business dinner, it is possible to take off the tie or add jewellery. If one has a job interview, it is always recommended to stick to a formal style of clothing. According to the old etiquette, one was required to put on their nine-to-five wear; this is still applicable to specific industries.

For cocktail, dinner or festive parties, one needs to rely on their individual taste and the dress code stated in the invitation (Murphy 71). If there is no dress code, the choice may range from a conservative twinset to babydoll dresses or jeans and a jacket. Earlier, it was required to wear cocktail dresses and casual suits; however, now it is possible to wear whichever is comfortable, respectful, and neat. If one was invited to watch a theatre ballet opera, they no longer need to wear solely luxurious gowns and suits. It is suitable to wear a sophisticated shirt and trousers, paired with high-heeled shoes.

Although contemporary etiquette suggests a relaxed attitude to dressing up, there are two occasions that should be considered with particular attention – these are a religious ceremony and meeting partner’s parents. For any religious event, women used to wear dresses paired with gloves and hats. At present, there is no need to wear a hat, but the outfit should be tasteful and never have any sexual implication (Murphy 54).

A daytime dress or an elegant suit is always appropriate. When invited to meet partner’s parents, one should dress true to their personality but opt for something respectful. Old etiquette suggested wearing a feminine dress, and this rule is still relevant since it is not the best setting to go for something extravagant or too tight.


Thus, to be able to dress appropriately for any occasion, one needs to not only follow their tastes and preferences but also ensure they stay respectful towards other people. At present, one can opt for a relaxed outfit or add a splash of colour. It is important to feel comfortable in the clothes one is wearing; nevertheless, the choice of a dress, shirt or any other piece of clothing should stay appropriate to the situation.

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