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Landscape Design Essay Examples and Topics

Re-Imagine New York. Central Park by Olmsted & Vaux

Wealthy people soon started socializing in the park concerts, ball games, skating, and the park was used as a playground for the children; soon, the park was crowded, by 1940's the Central Park had more [...]
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Postman’s Park in London

Discussing the meaning of the memorial in Postman's Park, Mike Dash mentions that it is dedicated to the commemoration of the heroic deeds of many different people.
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“A LEED-Inspired Model for Landscapes” by Nieminen

The author begins by making a statement that LEED rating and certification systems facilitated a significant improvement in the sphere of buildings design forcing the constructors to adopt more sustainable practices, reduce the amount of [...]
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Colonial Revival Gardens: Phenomenon Features

Thus, the contribution of the given style to the creation of a recognizable image of the American countryside and its impact on the cultural heritage preconditioned the stable interest to this approach.
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Japanese Zen Garden and Its Philosophy

N tan reflects the combination of light and dark, the balance they create; here, both the light and the darkness are important as the means of creating or waking an emotion. The garden is also [...]
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Yellowstone National Park

Some of the activities one can enjoy include: hiking at the grand canyon of the yellow stone, walking on wooden walk paths to avoid the hot springs valley within the park.
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Plantscape in Mason Office Building

In the proposal for plant service, the author clearly and coherently states the necessary objectives of the proposed project. Firstly, the size and number of plants should conform to the size of the cabinet.
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Jorge Alderete Life and Designer Career

One of the major factors that distinguish Jorge Alderete from other designers in Mexico and the world is his focus on cultural aspects that the society has ignored.
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The Landscape Movement

William held the belief that the landscape should be motivated by nature, but should at the same time match the built environment, while Lancelot brought in the idea of replacing the geometric structures with rolling [...]
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Sacred Gardens and Landscapes

Ornamental plants, flowers and sculptures were found in the garden. They reflected the importance of a house due to their size and magnificence.
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Fletcher Steele Role in Modern Day Garden Design

This resulted in a considerable level of creativity which manifested into one of the main influences that Steele has had on modern day garden design, namely the incorporation of concrete into developing the lines, shapes [...]
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The Landscape Reader

This reading had laid down some of the most important issues concerning landscape urbanism as a medium to modern cities. Lastly, it is essential to consider new projects that can transform landscape urbanism for the [...]
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Concept of Japanese Gardens

The main cultural differences between Japanese gardens and the western world type of gardens is that the western world believe in gardens which you can walk through whereas Japanese gardens have often been designed in [...]
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The Royal Botanic Garden

Visitors to the Gardens have a variety of activities to carry out from walking around the beautiful pavements to learning the culture of the Aboriginal people.
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