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Plantscape in Mason Office Building Case Study

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Updated: May 8th, 2020

A proposal is a significant part of every project as it contains essential information about the plan, strategy, and budget. In the proposal for plant service, the author clearly and coherently states the necessary objectives of the proposed project. However, there are some weaknesses concerning the proposal that should be noted in order to achieve an objective point of view.

Proposal Overview

Plants have a number of features that elevate mood, the well-being of clients and employees, and even set them on the fruitful creative collaboration. According to Courtier and Clarke (2012), “green color of the plant relaxes the mind and can be helpful in de-stressing people in the workplace” (p. 85). The beautiful, well-maintained plantscape would make the atmosphere in the office more productive, friendly, and supportive.

The suggested proposal introduces methods, scheduling, and budget of possible planting of greenery of the Mason Office Building. Moreover, the author presents his qualifications and experience for 32 years in the interior plant maintenance business. The proposal seems to be quite appropriate and trustworthy as primarily comprises budget specification: installation cost, maintenance fee, and absence of additional charges.

Capabilities and Qualifications of Personnel

The author of the proposal emphasizes his experience, along with a BS degree in landscape design. In addition, he marks his employee’s qualification, but there is no definite information about it, whereas a high level of professionalism and efficiency of the staff, which is an integral part of quality service, plays a considerable role.

Green Thumb’s providing plant service should use an integrated design approach to the plantscaping of office space in order to achieve the desired result. Fresh ideas and efficient decisions of specialists should contribute to the perfection of all projects without exception and, therefore, to customers’ trust. In my opinion, only plants of the highest quality from the best nurseries of the Netherlands and the best manufacturers in Europe. It allows for guaranteeing quality services.


Speaking of the maintenance of the plants, it would be better if there was a detailed specification of it. For example, constant monitoring and professional care, including watering, fertilizing, trimming, shaping, treatment, dust removal, and replenishment of soil-ground, are the basic plants care operations. Though no details are afforded. Moreover, it seems like maintenance once a week is not enough for sufficient care.

Design Formula

Furnishing the office with plants is half the battle. Some rules still need to be followed. Firstly, the size and number of plants should conform to the size of the cabinet. A small one would be enough of one large plant. Plants with large leaves are relevant in the case when the office has no too much furniture. A narrow, long room would benefit from the plant with arcuate stems and small leaves. Catchy, “active,” spectacular plants should not dominate.

All of the above creates harmony. “The design of a workplace can even hurt the desirability of a job: a third of respondents said that an office layout would affect whether or not they wanted to work somewhere,” claims Davidson (2015, para. 4).

Particularly, the offered proposal suggests 31 large and 14 medium-sized low-light plants in Mason Office Building. I consider that such a number of large plants would create an atmosphere of detachment from work. In spite of the fact that plants affect people positively, there should not be too much of them.

Pots and Décor

Among the other weaknesses of the proposal, there is a lack of décor description. Burton states:

Plants may be placed in containers with special watering devices, or several plants may be grouped together to form a natural barrier; containers are available in several sizes and shapes, some with casters on the bottom, so they can be moved easily. (2015, p. 501)

One could not underestimate the role of indoor plants, particularly décor, including in offices, especially in such important areas as reception, meeting rooms, employees and managers’ offices, open areas. Well-chosen colors can make an extra flavor to the interior and fill it with freshness. Additionally, pots design always looks nice and stylish, especially in comparison with hundreds of offices with the standard layout and decoration.

It is a variety of pots and baskets, including exotic materials, vases, and decorative pieces that might be used. Besides, one of the most effective methods of indoor gardening in the office is recurring items. This technique creates a sense of a large green mass and looks particularly impressive in the interior of a modern style, especially the high-tech. During the development of the office plant design, corporate colors or symbols could be used with the aim of raising the spirit of the company.


Usually, Mason Office Building is well lit throughout the year, so the plants would not feel the lack of sunlight. However, in summer months, when the sun is very bright, plants might suffer from it withering. Mostly, the temperature in the office is always lower than in the apartment, so the plants in the office feel more comfortable. Nevertheless, the office air conditioners have a devastating effect on the flowers.

Its cold or hot airflows affect negatively causing different blights. The above proves that plants should be replaced at times according to the season or other external factors. At the same time, very often, the plants are “on the go,” in other words, in the aisles or near the doors where they can regularly be touched and injured. Plants are often exposed to drafts from constantly opening and closing doors and regularly ventilated rooms.

Possible Allergy

Unfortunately, allergy becomes one of the most widespread diseases all over the world. It might appear not only on the street or at home, but also at the working place. Sometimes people even do not guess the reason for their indisposition that manifests itself in running nose, red eyes, continuous sneezing, etc.

Therefore, I believe that before greening the office, the plant service company should conduct interviews with employees to identify allergies. It is useful when people know about their syndrome. However, in cases when allergy appears accidentally or the first time, proper cleaning and perhaps plant changing should be done. The proposal should take it into consideration.


In my opinion, the following improvements would lead to the success of the proposal for plant service. Enhancements are presented according to their weaknesses discussed above.

Qualifications of personnel mean high-quality service. In this regard, it would be better if the author provided the reader with detailed information about the background and experience of every employee.

I think Green Thumb Planting staff should visit the company twice a week in order to guarantee a free replacement of the plant if it bloomed (for flowering), or for any reason, it has lost its decorative appearance.

It would be better if project designers change the number of large and medium-sized plants to achieve balance. For instance, 20 large and 25 medium-sized plants would suit better. In addition, the office should be greened by taking into account the individual characteristics of employees. For example, geraniums are not advised to grow where hypotonic work, but for hypertonic, on the contrary, this plant is suitable.

Pot’s décor plays an essential role in plant design in the office. Specific attention should be paid to details.

In order to avoid plants blight, it is useful to move plants away from the windows in winter, or, on the contrary, put them closer to the light in summer, and place plants away from air conditioners.

Plant service personnel should ensure that the office plants are regularly watered and topsoil removed, it would help to prevent the occurrence of mold that might cause allergy occurrence. If there are visible traces of greenish mold on the ground, the plant should be transplanted to another place with clean soil as soon as possible. It seems like a proposal should include this item.


In conclusion, it should be stressed that it is not a secret that the greening of the office provided in a professional manner significantly increases the efficiency of the employees and is beneficial to the clientele that visits the company. In the modern world full of stress and constant tension, a relaxing atmosphere in a green office is simply irreplaceable. The air saturated with oxygen and aroma of plants is always pleasant and helpful. The suggested proposal is interesting and worth performing, but some additions and corrections should be made.


Burton, L. (2015). Agriscience: Fundamentals and Applications (6th ed.). New York: Cengage Learning.

Courtier, J., & Clarke, G. (2012). Indoor Plants: The Essential Guide to Choosing and Caring for Houseplants. New York: Chartwell Books.

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