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The Royal Botanic Garden Report

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Updated: Oct 17th, 2018

The Royal Botanic Garden in Sydney was established in 1816. The garden became Australia’s scientific institution when Charles Fraser was appointed the garden’s botanist in 1817. In 1830, the gardens were expanded when a sea wall was constructed. The gardens were then opened to the public in 1831.

The many different sections of the gardens were developed over a span of time. The Palm Groove was the first one to be added in 1851. It contains different world species of palm trees, about 140 different palm trees. A zoo was established in the garden in 1862 but only lasted to 1883. A Herb garden was established in1994, and the Oriental garden in 1997.

Many other features are found on the Garden including the tropical center, the national herbarium, a pond and a government house. All these have changed the original purpose of the garden, which was at first just the governor’s domain, then it became a scientific institution, but now it is a tourist attraction site in Australia.

Present Time

The Botanic Gardens are found adjacent to the Sydney Opera House and surrounded by the beautiful scenery of the Sydney Harbor. The gardens lie on a 30-hactare oasis in the middle of the city. Many activities go on at the park to satisfy visitors of all ages, abilities and interests that throng the city.

Visitors to the Gardens have a variety of activities to carry out from walking around the beautiful pavements to learning the culture of the Aboriginal people. Visitors also enjoy a wonderful viewing of the harbor. Strategically located is an outlet that sells souvenirs.

Lunch time tours usually run on weekdays except on holidays from March through to November. Benches are placed in strategic points for resting along the tours. The tour on the Aboriginal heritage takes off on every Friday at 2 pm and lasts for one hour. These tours are subject to a fee.

A unisex toilet is available North of Victoria Lodge; and the loop above the waterfront loop that leads to a viewing platform 100m south of the chair. The gardens are accessed by the Queen Elizabeth II gate, or from the Opera house and circular Quay. Alternatively, one can use the Victoria gate. Gardens open every day at 6.30 am and are closed at dusk.

Entry is usually free. However, entry to the Tropical palace is not free, adults pay $5.50, concession is $4.40, and family is $11.00. I noticed that it has many staff members though I was told that most of them were volunteers.

Positive and Aspects

There is no doubt that the gardens provide wonderful and relaxing walks and perhaps the finest green space in Sydney. Its location is perfect, offering people wonderful view of the harbor. They also provide a safe place for people to relax or simply enjoy a picnic. The abundant birdlife life is also very impressive.

However, the gardens are not that spectacular as typical gardens usually are with duck ponds, and well kept gardens. They are simply a pleasant park with opens lawns but not gardens as people are made to believe. This is seen from the signs that encourage visitors to walk on and enjoy the lawns.

The gardens original purpose was also diverted because of the love of money. For instance, for one to go on an aboriginal heritage tour, he has to pat with a fee, visiting the tropical center also requires a fee. It would have been better if people are allowed to enjoy everything freely.


As already mentioned, the Garden provides wonderful and fine green space for relaxation. It is also strategically located for those who would love to view the harbor.

The birds and the foxes are also a wonderful site that no one should miss. However, being a place of significant cultural and natural heritage, it lacks many contemporary activities such leisure, recreation, and special events that usually happen in parks and gardens like this one.

In future, facilities for these activities should be provided. The distinctive character of the park should be maintained by creating enough space for people and green space, in other words, people should not be encouraged to walk on the lawns.

I noticed that the garden hosts so many species. I believe that this could be a very good natural laboratory for scientists. I feel that there should a leaning institution located in this place to help in developing the garden.

Such a learning institution will make it possible for creation of new species through cross pollination of the already existing species. I also feel that more plant species should be introduced on this garden.

Introduction of more species will make this garden to be best in the world for both learning purposes and visits which are meant for vocational. Nevertheless, the Botanical Garden of Sydney is still attractive and even if one doesn’t like Gardens, he should try this one.

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