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Design Trends Essay Examples and Topics

Writing essays on Design may seem difficult at first. However, as you will learn from this article, there are some essential points that will make the process much easier for you.

  • Choose a topic that you have some preliminary experience with. For example, if you have done some work in graphic design, writing a graphic design essay should be easy.
  • Write down possible titles before anything else. This will help you to structure the essay and choose what themes to include in it. A poorly-structured piece with too many themes will not earn you a good mark. This is particularly true for short essays, where every word counts.
  • Carefully choose references to include in your paper. For some Design essays, references are not required at all. But if you need to provide some citations, make sure that they come from trusted sources and that they are relevant to the topic. Publications by famous designers can help you to get into designer minds, thus bringing more details and depth into your analysis.
  • Check example papers available online. This point is especially helpful if you are writing your first design essay and are unsure about what is expected of you. Sample papers online can give you numerous Design essay ideas.
  • Finish your essay ahead of the deadline and review it at least twice. This process is perhaps the most important because tutors can take away marks for grammar and referencing mistakes even if your essay is excellent. Checking your paper twice will allow you to point out errors and fix them before it’s too late.

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Local Amusement Park’s Design Project

In this regard, it is necessary to implement such a project, which will take into account the existing conditions, will open the prospect of development, and will be competitive in the market.

Fountains and Basin Attractive Making

In this case, the primary goal of this paper is to describe the means and functions of the fountain and basin as well as the principles of water circulation while using the aspects of design [...]

Design’ Definition and Methodologies

In order to analyze some of the difference that exists among the scholars in this field, this study will analyze the topical coverage of some of the books authored by popular designers in the contemporary [...]

Lighting Design: Foam Board

The research by Jeferson shows that the invention of the foam boards came from the realization of the fact that paper could be reshaped to form different materials that may include different suite functions.

History of Graphic Art: Design Schools

Glasgow School of Art in Scotland became the influential school at the turn of the century because of the activity of such architects and designers as Charles Mackintosh, Herbert MacNair and Margaret and Frances McDonald [...]

Design Effects on the World

The first and the most characteristic feature of the specimens of my design deserving to be mentioned concerns the use of gender stereotypes.

Design Principles in Oldest Art

The first part of the essay summarizes unity and variety, balance and rhythm as key principles of design. The art of the past was in fragments and isolated.

Green Industrial Cities’ Designing

A green environment includes the geographical area and the natural state that has not yet been developed and development must not negatively impact the existing infrastructure and the environment.

Toronto Urban Landscape

The other method of study that will be applied in this analysis is that of mapping the area to determine the intensity of buildings in relation to the land surface area and the activity that [...]

Contextual Urban Design

The Prince has stressed his views of neo-traditional urbanism, the need to account for humanity in designs, and the restoration of historic structures.

Product Design and Modernism

It is necessary to focus on the following important distinctions of this style, namely: the absence of ornamental elements and minimalism; pure geometrical forms; the use of new materials; the suitability of the modernist designs [...]

Victorian Art’s Evaluation

Critiquing the approach that Pevsner suggested to evaluate the art of the new epoch, the author touches upon the political context of Pevsner's ideas, thus revealing the correlation with Morris.

Building Implementation Modelling

The leader should be dedicated and have the capacity to encourage all the other members to contribute to the process. The next step involves picking a technology to be used in the documentation process.

Corporate Branding

It was comprised of the brand name of the company in a printable font. In 2008, the company changed the logo where caps were combined with small caps to write the brand name of the [...]

Design Activism to Contemporary Designers

As a result, scholars have coined the term "design activism" to enhance the role of designers to the society. The rise of many designers as a profession has been in a crossroads to decide on [...]

Colour and Design

Image texture, colour intensity, proximity of different hues, and the shape of the parts that contain certain colours govern the way the image is perceived by the observer.

Authenticity in Contemporary Design

One example of contemporary design that incorporates the aspect of actual handcraft is films production."Films incorporate the aspect of nostalgic impulses, and as such it increases the film's authenticity and production".

Design and Craft

The word craft is only used when describing a set of objects and it's often confused and used interchangeably with the words art and design.

Culture of Design

If the manufacturer is able to redesign the products in order to change some specifications as required by the consumers, then the customers are likely to be loyal to the consumption of the brand.

Video series “Objectified”

What must be understood is that based on the views of author and columnist Rob Walker people inherently desire good design in the products they buy and utilize and as such it is this very [...]

Design Trends in the 21st Century

For example, the use of optics was not inherent to 16th-18th centuries, and this trend may be regarded as the new one due to the development of the technologies.

Meaning of the Color Red

Color in general is the outlook of something that conveys a message to the viewers. One particular thing that the red color red is associated with is demonstrating emotions.