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Construction Engineering Essay Examples and Topics

Environmental Planning: Dam Construction

Environmental planning is when decision making is done to attain development of an area while giving due thought to factors that may include Mother Nature, economic policies and political aspects, governmental policies as well [...]
  • Pages: 8
  • Words: 2445

General Engineering Draft and Design

The board's codes require that buildings provide a means of escape in times of emergencies, not be made of combustible material, that the structure of the building should not collapse internally and that the structure [...]
  • Pages: 4
  • Words: 1550

Report on Inspection of Building

The framework of steel reveals that the steel truss is subject to compression in the event of fire while the steel bolt has the risk of heat conduction to the wood and eventually destroying it [...]
  • Pages: 3
  • Words: 906

Green Construction and Carbon Overload

The technology to build a home that embodies zero carbon balance and which can be maintained using little power and contributing nothing to the carbon emissions is available now.
  • Pages: 2
  • Words: 904

Construction Safety on Demolition

Some of the measures that should be taken are proper regulation of the area by having competent personnel on such sites, inspecting the materials before the commencement of the demolition process, and having proper inspection [...]
  • Pages: 7
  • Words: 2072

The Construction Industry of Oman

Based on the review of the literature and the survey, the study concludes that lack of coordination among the parties and changes in specifications by the owners are the important factors leading to variations.
  • Pages: 45
  • Words: 16991

The Listening Place and Its Acoustic Design

The reason is that natural sounds have decreased tremendously in industrialized nations owing to the destruction of the natural environment. This is in recognition of the fact that sounds, which people tend to block and [...]
  • Pages: 10
  • Words: 2758

Cross-Laminated Timber, Its Production and Benefits

CLT offers numerous benefits to construction companies, such as sustainability, cost reduction, and flexibility of design, which is why the CLT market is expected to grow further in the next decade.
  • Pages: 8
  • Words: 2209

Maison Reciprocity in Sustainable Architecture

The use of the brise-soleil building shell that is incorporated into the structure of the house, in turn, can be viewed as a solution to not only accumulating the energy produced by the sun but [...]
  • Pages: 4
  • Words: 1176

Australian Green Building Innovation and Ethics

The field has a direct impact on the quality of life and the environment. The concepts to be discussed include the origins of the project, its impacts, and how the innovation addresses sustainability concerns.
  • Pages: 11
  • Words: 3112

Trans-Alaska Pipeline Construction History

The pipeline would run from the North Slope to the Port of Valdez. The pipeline transports crude oil from the fields in Prudhoe Bay south to the Port of Valdez.
  • Pages: 10
  • Words: 2731

The Ayla Event Hall Construction Project

This project will be successful if the Project Management Committee is able to deliver the project on time and within the budget allocated by the Ayla Residents Association. Secondly, the project will deliver all the [...]
  • Pages: 30
  • Words: 1478

Tunnel Design and Cunstruction

The main issues of interest include the construction of underwater tunnels, construction of tunnels in soft soils, and the examination of tunnel construction methods.
  • Pages: 5
  • Words: 1349

Under the sole dome: the time for magic has come

First, it is important to stress that the material When it comes to the color cast of the installation, one must mention that the artwork, as well as its creator, has stuck in the eighties, [...]
  • Pages: 2
  • Words: 570

Architectural Design of the Autostadt roof

This is one of the main attributes of this architectural design. It should be kept in mind that this work is located on the territory of Autostadt, the museum of Volkswagen.
  • Pages: 2
  • Words: 573

Building Material – Timber

One analyses the environmental feasibility of a material on the basis of the effect it has on the environment during manufacture, construction of the facility and energy use after constructing the house.
  • Pages: 4
  • Words: 1158

History of Severn Tunnel in UK

Since the tunnel construction was commenced, workers were worried about the safety of the process due to the danger of flooding.
  • Pages: 10
  • Words: 2785

Architectural Forms based on the Arch

An example of the arch in Roman includes the Arch of Constantine: The Senate in honor of the Emperor Constantine constructed the arch, a liberator and who brought peace across the city.
  • Pages: 6
  • Words: 1625

Great constructions of the world

It is looks similar to the first stadium the only difference being that it has only one column from the top of which the main pipe runs down in a spiral like shape to the [...]
  • Pages: 4
  • Words: 1382

Façade Constructions

The project will cover the architectural detailing of the integrated facade system, the different forms of facades, and the performance of the system as well as the design of this system.
  • Pages: 25
  • Words: 6512

The Design Prototype of Kiosk

Testing the design prototype kiosk is the final stage for us as the next one is the optimizing the kiosk design with the purpose to build it.
  • Pages: 2
  • Words: 560

The History of Architecture

The paper starts by examining the history of concrete since the time of the Egyptians to the present. The final section of the paper deals with modern uses of concrete in architecture and design, and [...]
  • Pages: 10
  • Words: 2707

Pre-Stressed Concrete

The aim of this paper is to discuss the historical developments of pre-stressed concrete, the basic concepts of pre-stressed concrete, and the manufacturing of the pre-stressed concrete.
  • Pages: 11
  • Words: 2980

Five Stages of Designing a Warehouse

The process includes determining the required number of stores, the technology to be applied in the prospective departments, and the manner in which the orders would be arranged.
  • Pages: 2
  • Words: 540

Living in a Samoan Fale (house)

The type of materials that was once used in construction of structures that people used to live in among the Maori people was the things that they would find readily available in the swamps as [...]
  • Pages: 3
  • Words: 849

McDonald’s Corporation Product Design

This paper is going to focus on how product design is applied in decision making in McDonald's corporation and a description of product life cycle in the same corporation. In conclusion, product design is applied [...]
  • Pages: 2
  • Words: 670

Social Construct of Codes

The idea at that time was opposed because the public felt that it contradicted social norms that defined how a private home should be constructed for the good of the public.
  • Pages: 2
  • Words: 645

Use of Ladders on the Workplace

This particular classification is important to take note of since it refers to the capacity of the ladder for particular work loads and the type of jobs that they can be used for.
  • Pages: 2
  • Words: 844

Proscenium Theatres and Thrust Theatres

Proscenium theatres are those kind of stages that have a space that are characterized by a big archway usually at or close to the front of the stage by which the audiences get the opportunity [...]
  • Pages: 5
  • Words: 1703