Urban Planning in Architecture Essay Examples and Topics

The Camper Showroom in Shanghai

Introduction Nowadays there are a plenty of materials and technologies allowing making design a masterpiece of art. However, modern design goes beyond the frameworks of the art value. It is also aimed at making the premises useful and appropriate for the modern activities. The Camper Showroom in Shanghai is one of the best examples of […]

The Italian Town Siena: Continued Inspiration for Urban Designers

Central Italy has remained in European History of the 13th and 15th centuries given the reforms in the social structures of urban centres like San Gimignano, Siena, Perugia, and Florence. In the area of urban planning, Siena is the medieval of a medieval city and constantly rivalled Florence in urban structures. Siena has preserved its […]

Spatial Planning in China

Introduction Planning of the cities is one of the roles that have been considered as very challenging with the current developments of urban centers across the world. As the cities grow, it is important to note that they are always overstretched if their capacity to handle the increased population is not enhanced. Sustainability of the […]

The Skyscraper Phenomenon in Modern World

Introduction Over the years, major cities around the world have embraced the idea of skyscrapers. Skyscrapers in New York and especially in Manhattan offer a new approach in architectural design. Today, the city of Dubai in the Arab Emirates is emerging as a global leader in designing skyscrapers. The exemplary Burj Dubai implies how skyscrapers […]

Green Building in the Boston Area

Currently, many organizations attempt to construct buildings that can be sustainable from an ecological point on view. In other words, such architectural projects are supposed to minimize the impact of human activities on the environment. This paper is aimed at discussing one of such projects, namely one should speak about the famous Genzyme Center which […]

Amsterdam’s Futuristic Floating City

Introduction Holland is popular for its reclamation of about 7000 square kilometers of land from the sea. This aspect attracts a lot of tourists from all over the world. Their visits are aimed at witnessing the numerous windmills that have been in use since the seventeenth century for drainage. Current draining techniques employ electric pumping […]

Art history Montreal city: Palais des Congres de Montreal

Introduction It is one of the new architectural symbols in Montreal that have gained a worldwide-prolonged applause. Major travel guides the likes of Lonely Planet, Ullysse and Hachette have chosen the building’s multicolored glass as well as the pink-lipstick forest as covers for their recent issues. Other tourism articles have recommended visiting the building for […]

The Plan for a Two-story Office Building in Colorado that Houses 50 Employees

Introduction Every year, we experience various forms of disasters, where we lose lives, property, and people are injured. In such circumstances, the business operations usually come to a halt, and this causes the cost of running the business to rise. This cost is occasionally passed over to the shareholders, employees, consumers and other organs of […]

Critical Issues in the Design and Construction of the Qatar World Cup Buildings and Facilities in 2022

Scope of Work Qatar has been chosen as a country which is going to host FIFA World Cup in 2022. Many scholars express misunderstanding and dissatisfaction with this decision in a number of reasons. The one of purposes of this research paper is to consider the issues related to buildings and other facilities the country […]

Qatar World Cup Buildings and Facilities in 2022

Introduction Scope or work. The present project is aimed at analysing and evaluating the resources and opportunities of the country Qatar with regard to the expected world cup that is sure to be held there in 2022 in accordance with the bid won by Qatar to host the world cup on its territory. As such, […]

High-Rise Building

High-rise building refers to any building used for human occupancy that exceeds 75 feet (23 m) in height. This definition depends upon the fact that ladders on fire department vehicles mostly do not reach past this point. In this case, the height of the building starts from the lowest ground level a fire truck can […]

General Plan: Land Use in the City of Sunnyvale

The City of Sunnyvale, California has a general plan that controls the city through various stages of changes and developments. The general plan focuses on the physical growth of the City. In some cases, it may work alongside other City Council policies to offer a direction for critical decision-making processes on utilization of City services […]

Rem Koolhaas and Jan Gehl Theories in City Planning

People take different positions when debating on a subject and this is not any different in the architectural world. The two architects presented in this paper have taken very different positions concerning how cities should be designed as outlined below. Rem Koolhaas, in his interview with Spiegel Online titled An Obsessive Compulsion Towards the Spectacular, […]

Concept of Vertical Urbanism as a Solution of High Density Living

In most overpopulated urban centers free space has become increasingly scarce as urban planners and construction companies attempt to create a balance between the limited space for expansion and the need for convenience and affordability as desired by today’s modern day consumer. The result is the utilization of the concept of vertical urbanism wherein subsequent […]

Toronto: The City and Chinatown

The term “civilized” comes from the term “civis” and it means city. Thus, in antiquity a person is considered civilized if he or she has come in contact with a city or lives in one. It is not difficult to see that in the 21st century the most important man-made invention are not the technology […]

Report on Overpopulation and Aspects of Design

Introduction Overpopulation refers to stretching in terms of size and capacity due to limited resources and space. Overpopulation occurs as a result of high population densities. High population densities occur when the ratio of people to the size of land is not equal. High population densities are as a result of high birth rates which […]

How the needs of people can influence the design of outdoors

The focus of designs of facilities has shifted form the traditional methods and now it is dictated by the needs of both the users and residents. The needs may include health conditions. The designs are created to suit supportive and efficient staff performance in addition to reducing stress among visitors and residents. Other aims include […]

Buildings and Their Design in the New York

Many cities in the United States have clearly spelt regulations regarding new buildings that are put up. This is always important to ensure that buildings that are put in place are of the right standard and that they do not pose any form of threat to the public and to the residents. According to Carpenter […]

Refection Paper about a City

Planning is an essential aspect of a city because it determines its liveliness and attractiveness. People across the world tour certain cities in preference to others due to differences in planning. A beautiful and attractive city must have appropriate planning, which depicts the impressive architectural nature of buildings, appealing landscape, spacious streets, and imposing gardens […]

Movie Before Sunset

Urban planning is defined as the process of controlling the utilization of design and land of an urban development, with the aim of ensuring that communities and settlements in the urban areas are orderly developed. Urban planning is concerned with analysis and research, urban design, policy recommendations, strategic thinking, management and implementation of recommended policies. […]

Principles of Bauhaus production

The Bauhaus wants to get involved in the advancement of present-day housing. It is noteworthy that the modern man does not acknowledge traditional way of life. As a result, he requires his house to be furnished with all the modern equipments and furniture. Similarly, the surrounding environment of the machine and the house should be […]

Grand Avenue Project, Los Angeles, California

Introduction Los Angeles is the city that may attract the attention of many people because of its beauty, mystery, richness, and size. It is the largest city in California, and takes the second place according to its sizes in the United States of America. This city is usually called as the City of Angels due […]