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Urban Planning in Architecture Essay Examples and Topics

Urban Design Principles: Maylands

People move to towns to ease the burden of transportation and commuting in search of better opportunities for jobs, housing, and education.
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Urban Planning: City Summary GRAYSLAKE, IL

It is located to the north of Chicago's downtown approximately 64km away, and the west of Lake Michigan approximately 23km away, and to the south of Wisconsin border approximately 24km away.
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Plan and Oversight of a Memorial Park

The first step is to examine the infrastructure and physical structures within this camp; with the view to account for the usage of the available infrastructure and the construction of new structures to be built [...]
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Las Vegas: The First Postmodern City in the World

In the global sphere, a postmodern city has been attached to various changes which reflect the cultural framework of the city, changes in the economy and a new orientation in the post industrial capitalist society.
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Canadian Urban Issues: Sprawl in the Golden Horseshoe

The unprecedented rates and the scales of urbanization in the second-half of the XX century which could be called "urban revolution", and the strengthening of its effect to the transformation of the society resulted in [...]
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New Westminster Skytrain Station

The entrances are accessible, and by that it is meant that the stairs and crosswalks to the nearby bus stations are fully visible and easy to reach.
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Organic City in the 19th and 20th Centuries

The overall striving for the clean and orderly streets, water supply without the risk of getting the typhoid fever and the garbage cleaning resulted in the death of the organic city which became oriented upon [...]
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The Concept of “City” in My Words

The social life concept of city is also very straight and simple; the people living in the city does not intercept or interrupt each other's daily routine directly, but they gather information of one another [...]
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Urbanism – Bangkok as a Generic Society

Invariably, this observation is linked to fear for the disappearance of the public spaces of old, and with them, the changes for different social groups to meet.
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Urban Planning and Redevelopment

Urban planning is a discipline that explores aspects of the built and environment of communities and municipalities. The Harrapan civilizations, the Mesopotamia, Ur, and cities of the Indus valley in India are among the earliest [...]
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History of Industrial Design

There have been vast changes in the manner that goods are designed and manufactured and in the selection of materials that have to be lightweight and strong.
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Urban Democracy and Capitalism

For example, surveys show that people increasingly identify with the planetary scale, the local scale, and a whole series of spaces in between.
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Technology in Ancient and Medieval Islamic Cities

The innovation in information technology changed the optimal structure of the contracts and raised the productivity of the human capital and a theoretical explanation based on transaction costs, and the test the theory predictions with [...]
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Re-Imagining New York: Unification and Development

Critically analyzing the three Graphic Regional Plans, one is convinced of the fact that the first had its emphasis on industrial enterprises; the second tried to supplement the first by emphasizing the areas that were [...]
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Sustainable Urbanism Definition

Therefore, sustainable urbanism in Boston is evident and contributes to forming the life of the city. Thus, sustainable urbanism is a phenomenon that is relevant in contemporary American society and helps to control the level [...]
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Marginal Street Lofts in Boston

The architect applies the fine line to draw the furniture, cars in the parking, trash boxes in order to demonstrate the comfortable space organization. Then, the dashed line is used to mark the elements that [...]
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A Chicago Tale

Based on the analysis of the post presented by the Editorial Board, the formation and current achievements of the city of Chicago as one of the American megalopolises and important cultural centers will be considered.
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Artificial Intelligence and People-Focused Cities

The aim of this research is to examine the relationship between the application of effective AI technologies to enhance urban planning approaches and the development of modern smart and people focused cities.
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Gentrification: Urban Planning in Canada

It is important to find a way of addressing the concerns that stakeholders have to eliminate the current controversies in the new approach to urban planning.
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European and North American City Centers

The Christian tradition is a vital element in the development of Europe, and its role in forming and reforming the nation's way of life has been portrayed through its city centers.
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Sustainable Urban Planning in West Loop Area

Due to the global and ubiquitous nature of environmental challenges and the adverse effects of the pollution of the atmosphere and oceans, deforestation, and the destruction of sea beds and ecosystems, the need for sustainable [...]
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Green Cities and Urban Sustainability Strategies

However, the authors also specified that a more detailed review of the findings revealed that the major differences in the intensity of the carbon footprints of the two areas were based majorly on the sizes [...]
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Land Use Planning: Vallco Mall

The occupancy of the mall started to decline in the 1990s, and it continued to deteriorate over the years into the present.
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The City of Gilbert: General Plan

The General Plan of the city is an important evidence and driver of the joint work of the government, officials, social services, and the population to improve the city environment.
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Pariser Platz: Architecture and Urbanism of Berlin

This paper aims at discussing the architectural peculiarities of Pariser Platz, the square in the center of Berlin that was created at the beginning of the 1730s, destroyed during the years of the World War [...]
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Dubai as a Sustainable City for Expo 2020

In the profit-factor category, the index ranks Dubai in the 47th position while Madrid is in the fourth position. In the discussion of Dubai's sustainability, the paper also considers how Dubai is making the city [...]
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Rigid and Flexible Pavement Types

It will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the two and proceed to highlight the differences between the two and argue that the rigid pavement is better.
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Why Are Residential Roads Higher in the Middle?

It is of paramount importance to note that the philosophy behind this type of road design derives its strength from the opinion that the relationship between motorists and ordinary pedestrians varies in accordance to the [...]
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New Urbanism: Principles and Benefits

The determinants of urbanism include changes in population size, cultural shifts from pre-urban to urban, and the settlement pattern of the populace. Urbanism fosters civility and as such, it is central to the development of [...]
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Port-au-Prince, Haiti: Urbanization Challenges

As documented in the literature, Port-au-Prince is faced with many urban challenges and problems, ranging from social and geographic segregation to elevated poverty levels and occurrence of natural disasters which compound the problem of poverty.
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Land Use In Houston: Zoning

As the city executes their free market economic and land use development policies, government infrastructure systems and land subdivisions systems remain the only process of land use that draws control from authorities. In some cases, [...]
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The Camper Showroom in Shanghai

The style of the building reminds us of the modern warehouse but with the elements of the old style in design. The design of the building is useful.
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Spatial Planning in China

The national planning framework in this country defines the role of the national government in spatial planning, and the roles that are left to other administrative levels.
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Green Building in the Boston Area

On the whole, this project illustrates how innovative technologies and creative decisions of the architects can improve the sustainability of buildings.
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Amsterdam’s Futuristic Floating City

The floating city of Ijburg is designed to float in various instances such as in the event of a rise in the water level due to storm surges or extreme precipitation.
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Qatar World Cup Buildings and Facilities in 2022

The present project is aimed at analysing and evaluating the resources and opportunities of the country Qatar with regard to the expected world cup that is sure to be held there in 2022 in accordance [...]
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High-Rise Building

In this case, the height of the building starts from the lowest ground level a fire truck can access outside the building to the floor of the highest story human can occupy.
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General Plan: Land Use in the City of Sunnyvale

Land use in the City has defined the community character, economic activities, and the future need for land and services. This goal aims to protect, sustain, and improve the quality of life in the City [...]
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Toronto: The City and Chinatown

It is an ancient discovery and it is the ability to build a city in order to contain all that man has created and at the same time allow the possibility of millions of people [...]
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Refection Paper about a City

Reflection about planning of Los Angeles shows that it is a complex city that is extremely hard to define in terms of its center, borders and extensiveness.
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Movie Before Sunset

Urban planning is defined as the process of controlling the utilization of design and land of an urban development, with the aim of ensuring that communities and settlements in the urban areas are orderly developed.
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Grand Avenue Project, Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles Grand Avenue Project is considered to be a unique place, a thriving center, the design of which captivates many people from the very beginning; this project is a good chance to change the [...]
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