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60 Infrastructure Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

🏆 Best Infrastructure Topic Ideas & Essay Examples

  1. Condition of the America’s Infrastructure in Modern Days
    The American Society of Civil Engineers released the latest infrastructure report card in 2009 giving the US a mean grade of D.
  2. Helping the Private Sector to Achieve and Maintain Infrastructure Security
    Thus, the main purpose of the research is to consider the main security strategies the private sector uses in the relation to the protection of critical infrastructures.
  3. Role of Alternative Energy Resources in Reshaping Global Transportation Infrastructure
    In this regard, it will emphasize on the invention and use of electric cars to achieve environmental conservation. This is major concern as in the case of purely electric cars.
  4. Infrastructure in Lebanon
    The aftermath of the Lebanese Civil war led to a considerable damage to the rail network and interfered with the transportation system that gradually ceased.
  5. Is Aging Infrastructure Slowing the U.S.?
    The deteriorating state of infrastructure has been linked to the current economic crisis that is being experienced in the United States of America.
  6. Information Technology Infrastructure Library
    The major advocacy for ITIL is that the IT should be in line with the business needs. The last one, operate phase ensures efficiency in the operation by monitoring the services deployed to ensure effective […]
  7. Cloud Computing and Corporate IT Infrastructure
    It is important to recognize that the application of cloud computing has led to the development of new security threats. The organizations must consider the possibility of engaging the services of technical and experienced IT […]
  8. Moomba Festival in Melbourne: Event, Significance of the Place, Infrastructure, and Effect on the City Image
    The reason for the event includes a number of factors that reflect the events that were held in the early 1950s and predestined the start of the festival.
  9. “An Empirical Analysis of the Business Value of Open Source Infrastructure Technologies”
    This includes the purpose and hypothesis of the study reported in the article, the type and design of the study, the conclusions made by the researchers, the effectiveness of the presentation of the data, and […]
  10. The benefits and risks of private sector involvement in infrastructure
    Increased involvement of the private sector in the provision of urban infrastructure in Australia has a host of benefits. Cannadi and Dollery assert that private sector involvement in the provision of public sector infrastructure services […]
  11. Energy Infrastructure and Security U.S.
    As the country addicted to oil, the U.S.has to develop the new ways of its production and supply from the different regions; therefore, the U.S.foreign and military policies are driven by the increasing needs for […]
  12. Knowledge Worker Information Systems-Infrastructure and Layers
    This stage enables the system to extort information from the data emanating from the workers. However, knowledge workers are vital to the development of this system.
  13. The Infrastructure of Cloud Computing as a Service
    Typically, the entire system of cloud computing drawing from its definition provides the infrastructure for organizations to offer clients services dynamically responding to their needs based on the pay-as-use basis, and the economic benefits which […]
  14. Data Storage Infrastructure Upgrade
    To address the problem of large number of servers and storage arrays To make cabling less complex and easy to manage by solving the problem posed by separate FC and IP networks To find a […]
  15. It Isn’t So Simple: Infrastructure Change at Royce Consulting
    This was a good move for Royce consulting, as it allowed the company to prepare its workers psychologically for the new changes by making them feel as part of the decision-making process.
  16. Critical Infrastructure Protection
    With the passing of the Homeland Security Act of 2002, the DHS was officially formed and as part of its remit, its aim was to co-ordinate and streamline efforts of the nation’s assorted security and […]
  17. Public Transport Infrastructure in Australia
    The positive changes, which the inclusion of the key economic principles into the city infrastructure in general and the system of transportation in particular will supposedly be delivered, also concern the transparency of the financial […]
  18. Petroleum Segment of the Energy Infrastructure
    Some of the traditional ways of determining the presence of oil is the detection of oil or natural gas seeps on the surface of the earth.
  19. “Homeland Security and Critical Infrastructure Protection” by Collins & Baggett
    In the introductory chapters, precise arguments are made on the background of the US’ department of homeland security with an in-depth analysis of the process of evolution of the US’ security infrastructure.
  20. India and Singapore’s Hard and Soft Infrastructure
    The country has one of the highest numbers of technically skilled graduates in the world. The Singapore Port is considered one of the most efficient and busiest in the world.

👍 Good Essay Topics on Infrastructure

  1. E-Commerce: Internet Infrastructure and Payment Across Borders
    It is estimated that the number of internet users in Laos is about 10% of the population while in Australia close to 80% of the population has access to the internet.
  2. Financial Economics for Infrastructure and Fiscal Policy
    The first objective related to the purpose of the research is to explore the relationship between sukuk and the monetary policy with the focus on differences between expansionary monetary policy and contractionary monetary policy.
  3. Manufacturing of Communication Infrastructure
    The hierarchical and centralised structures of the internet are limiting human interactions despite the massive forms of change being experienced in the world.
  4. Public Key Infrastructure System
    The primary purpose of the paper is to evaluate the significance of implementation of the public key infrastructure in the working process and discuss strength and weaknesses of the system.
  5. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Infrastructure Modernization
    The Islamic traditions practiced in KSA have been attributed to shape the response of the people in this kingdom on matters of national interest.
  6. Energy Infrastructure and Competition in Europe
    To balance out the lack of competition in Europe’s energy market, there is a need to liberalize the energy industry in the region by ensuring equal access to the energy infrastructure.
  7. Critical Infrastructure Protection Initiatives
    To begin with, the CIP approach offers specific functions that can be undertaken to support the integrity of different systems and critical infrastructures.
  8. IT Infrastructure: Threats and Quality Management
    The fourth example of a potential insider threat is the theft of a laptop with corporate data and access and allows an outsider to use protected data.
  9. Infrastructure and Influence on Competition
    The occurrence of bottlenecks in a supply chain process is something that affects the performance of every organization. The importance of reverse logistics to the competition: Businesses should eliminate bottlenecks in order to achieve cost […]
  10. India’s Road Infrastructure and Economic Development
    The government has therefore been focusing on the problem of infrastructure in order to support the growing economy. The past one decade has been characterized by numerous challenges and obstacles due to the inefficiency of […]
  11. Ford’s Collaboration Technologies and Infrastructure
    The network will eliminate the reliance of a human driver on the roads to enhance the efficiency of the communication between the cars.
  12. Transport Infrastructure in Kenya
    However, such issues as the high poverty level in Kenya and the low level of education do not contribute to the development of the transport infrastructure in the country.
  13. Castlemaine’s Housing Prices and Infrastructure
    Similar to this initiative can be the idea of keeping teachers in the city. In this way, the opportunities for immigrants to become a part of the regional workforce should increase.
  14. Public Key Infrastructure and Certification Authority
    Digital certificates, on the other hand, can be considered the core of a PKI because they are used to create a linkage between the public key and the subject of a given certificate.
  15. E-Governance in Saudi Business and Infrastructure
    The aim of this research paper is to give a report, based on a research, on e-governance in Saudi Arabia. Do you believe that e-government is going to define the future of commerce in Saudi […]
  16. Cloud Storage Infrastructures
    Their initial capacity was several hundreds of megabytes; contemporary optical disks can store tens of GBs. First flash drives had the minimal capacity of several hundred MBs; contemporary flash drives can store hundreds of GBs.
  17. Cold Chain Logistics and Its Infrastructure
    Cold chain logistics is the maintenance of a constant temperature of products throughout the demand-supply chain right from the time of harvesting to when the product reaches the consumer.
  18. Provision of Health and Education Infrastructure
    It is also imperative to note that the development of health care facilities was largely influenced by the health problems accrued by villagers as a result of the Ok Tedi Mining activities.
  19. Infrastructure: American Society of Civil Engineers
    The ASEC believes that the energy infrastructure is especially critical for the economy. American society makes the following suggestions to enhance the country’s infrastructure: The federal leadership in infrastructure is required.
  20. Information Technology Infrastructure Library Service Desks
    Martinez & Hobbi also believe that the success of customer service also varies with the flexibility of customers to adjust to the context of their suppliers companies. From the importance of customer service to businesses, […]

💡 Most Interesting Infrastructure Topics to Write about

  1. Disney Corporation’s Information Technology Infrastructure Library
    Although the implementation of ITIL might require significant changes in the work of organizations, the example of the Disney corporation demonstrates that the adoption of the framework is associated with many benefits, like improved customer […]
  2. Homeland Security & Defense and Critical Infrastructure
    This paper includes a brief analysis of the concepts of homeland security and homeland defense as well as the critical infrastructure within the domain of homeland security.
  3. Disadvantages of Demutualization of Financial Market Infrastructure
    Demutualized exchanges are sensitive to the issue of transferability of shares, particularly in situations where the shares of a listed exchange are freely transferable. Restriction on shareholding is imposed to inhibit the concentration of the […]
  4. Libyan Agricultural Infrastructure Analysis
    The telecommunications network in Libya is in the process of being modernized. The development of agricultural infrastructure has played a big role in alleviating poverty in this nation.
  5. Virtual Case File: FBI It Infrastructure Failure
    One of the greatest reasons leading to failure is due to lack of initial assessment of the system and the implications it will have on the organization.
  6. Amazon Inc.’s Infrastructure and Security
    In order to explain the rationale for upgrading the logical and physical layout of the network, it is necessary to look at the current system to help identify the weaknesses that need to be addressed.
  7. The Importance of Virtualizing Business IT Infrastructure
    The purpose of this study is to suggest the implementation of virtualization software as a way out of this complication as an alternative to buying mainframes or other expensive upgradation of the IT systems in […]
  8. Public Key Infrastructure: Concepts and Applications
    Optimal security is sought to be provided in the storage and transmission of data by the PKI and, in spite of some flaws in the system, it is a distinct improvement over previous security control […]
  9. How Has a Threat of Attack on Critical Infrastructure Within the US Influenced Technology-Oriented Policy-Making This Last Decade?
    The problems and possible solutions to the cyber attacks on the US critical infrastructure were pointed out in the multifaceted project referred to as “The Manhattan cyber project”.
  10. It Network Infrastructure Basics
    Originally, it is the very heart of information management, while the information itself is the very key to success. It is regarded to be one of the most time-taking parts of the work.
  11. Landscape Eements of Today’s Infrastructure in Europe
    These roads, as elements of today’s European infrastructure, are indeed modern- to suit the mountainous landscape. Thus, it was stated after a study of the modern European landscape infrastructure that roads, highways, and super-highways, modern […]
  12. The Problem of Obesity: Public Health Infrastructure
    On the other hand, the burden is severe in poor countries as a result of high cost incurred to import drugs and equipment.
  13. Finance for Drinking Water Infrastructure
    Financial analysis of the proposed construction of the proposed two-way canal is important in ensuring there will be sufficient funds for construction and maintenance of the project.
  14. Technical Communication: Public Key Infrastructure
    In case of data leak or loss, the company is squarely responsible for it as there are key staff assigned to monitor and control the data. In conclusion, data and information security are key and […]
  15. The Impact of Global and Regional Conflicts on Infrastructure in the US
    Critical infrastructure sectors are assets and systems needed by the government to ensure the proper functioning of the economy and society.
  16. Panera Bread Store and Bangkok Infrastructure
    As Panera Bread is a chain of bakery-cafes, it is reliant on transportation and infrastructure to deliver fresh produce daily to supply the bakeries with the necessary goods to keep the production of fresh baked […]
  17. Critical Infrastructure Vulnerability and Protection
    In this session-long project, the topic of interest is the critical infrastructure protection (CIP) of information and communication in the United States. Specifically, the report will assess and analyze the overall development of the US’s critical information infrastructure protection (CIIP). Internet technologies during its existence have created both a host of new opportunities for economic […]
  18. IT Infrastructure in the Lahey Hospital and Medical Center
    To ensure the network’s normal operation and to protect it from the effects of electromagnetic and ionizing radiation of the operating medical equipment, the cable system was shielded.
  19. Infrastructure for IT Security Policy: Remote Workers
    The purpose of the research paper is to analyze the security policy for remote workers in Dubai, define its requirements and methods of protection, and give recommendations regarding the existing security holes.
  20. Identifying IT Infrastructures
    This paper aims at examining the IT infrastructure of Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center, assessing its strengths and weaknesses, and discussing the nursing informatics’s role within this organization and how it could be enhanced Wake […]

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