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59 Urban Planning Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

🏆 Best Urban Planning Topic Ideas & Essay Examples

  1. “Gone Baby Gone” Movie: Urban Planning Issues
    The residents of the area are also suspicious that the police are not honest in their dealings and this makes it difficult for the two detectives to resolve Amanda’s abduction.
  2. Urban Planning Issues about the Movie “Julie and Julia”
    Paris is portrayed as superior to the New York City and Julia’s recipes seem to influence the way the residents of Paris as well as the New Yorkers eat.
  3. Urban Planning Issues About the Movie “City of God”
    This is where he also discovers corruption and collaboration in between the Kenyan government, the pharmaceutical corporation, and his fellow British colleagues. The main cause for lack of social mobility is limited of education.
  4. Issues Affecting Urban Planning in “City of God” Film
    The author of the movie draws the reader’s attention to some of the factors that affect urban planning. Therefore, this call for a combined effort to see that each issues is addressed fully in order […]
  5. Urban Planning Problems in New Delhi
    The growth of urban centers is usually a sign of economic stability and the political maturity of a country. The size of the population in Delhi is the driver behind its environmental problems.
  6. Green Communities in Urban Planning
    Under such circumstances, much attention is paid to green communities as the most appropriate form of living in balance with nature one of the examples of such a green community in Copenhagen.
  7. Urban Planning Issues in the “Boyz n the Hood” Film
    Boyz n the Hood reveals the problem of the suburbanization of the society and non-functional urban environment, which is typical of the areas similar to the one shown in the movie.
  8. Urban Planning and Growing Population
    Through the use of urban planning, it is possible to design, control, and manage the layout of the urban and suburban areas.
  9. Sustainable Urban Planning in West Loop Area
    Due to the global and ubiquitous nature of environmental challenges and the adverse effects of the pollution of the atmosphere and oceans, deforestation, and the destruction of sea beds and ecosystems, the need for sustainable […]
  10. Urban Planning: “The Great Good Place” by Ray Oldenburg
    The author wrote the book in 1999 in an attempt to show the significance of casual and open gathering places, which he referred to as “third places”.
  11. Gentrification: Urban Planning in Canada
    It is important to find a way of addressing the concerns that stakeholders have to eliminate the current controversies in the new approach to urban planning.
  12. Urban Planning: Transit-Oriented Development
    Lynch defines efficiency in terms of cost: the less costly the creation and the maintenance of a system is, the more efficient it can be considered.
  13. Urban Planning and Redevelopment
    Urban planning is a discipline that explores aspects of the built and environment of communities and municipalities. The Harrapan civilizations, the Mesopotamia, Ur, and cities of the Indus valley in India are among the earliest […]
  14. Urban Planning: City Summary GRAYSLAKE, IL
    It is located to the north of Chicago’s downtown approximately 64km away, and the west of Lake Michigan approximately 23km away, and to the south of Wisconsin border approximately 24km away.
  15. Internet of Things in a Work of an Urban Planning Specialist
    Due to the fact that urban planning ultimately targets the experiences of urban dwellers, the internet of things and is vital to consider for a city designer.
  16. Optimizing Urban Planning to Address Homelessness
    Researchers use sensitivity analysis to assess the contribution of single preference parameters to the uncertainty of the ranking of alternatives. In the same manner, authorities can create a database consisting of all the shelters for […]
  17. Urban Planning Optimization and Homelessness
    Therefore, the urban planning should be revised regarding those private providers’ interests: the risk of failure for future city development would strongly increase in the areas of possible economic concern.
  18. Michael Apted’s “Thunderheart”: Urban Planning
    His role was to investigate the circumstances that led to the murder of a Native American who was a follower of the American Indian Movement.
  19. The City Beautiful Movement and Urban Planning
    This quickly led to conflict with public interest and led to the formation of city planning commissions, intended to account for public input in city planning.

📌 Most Interesting Urban Planning Topics to Write about

  1. Canadian Urban Planning, Housing, and Women
  2. When Urban Planning Doctrine Meets Low Density Countryside
  3. Urban Planning, Modern and Postmodern Design
  4. Project And Urban Planning At The University Of California
  5. European Urban Planning Systems: Diversity and Convergence
  6. Smart Methods for Environmental Externalities: Urban Planning, Environmental Health and Hygiene in the Netherlands
  7. Geographic Information System and Its Application in Urban Planning and Environment
  8. Environmental Management And Urban Planning Practices
  9. Urban Planning and Information and Communication Technology: Ideas and Facts
  10. Ecological Urban Planning and Design: A Systematic Literature Review
  11. The City Beautiful Movement : The Urban Planning Practices
  12. Urban Planning Management System In Los Angeles: An Overview
  13. Urban Planning and the Geographic Information System
  14. Kevin Lynch And His Contribution to The Urban Planning Theory
  15. Urban Planning: The History of Cycling Infrastructure
  16. Handbook for Gender-Inclusive Urban Planning and Design
  17. Biodiversity and Green Infrastructure in Urban Planning
  18. Women, Housing and Urban Planning in Canada
  19. Urban Planning Community and Economic Development
  20. Multitype Green-Space Modeling for Urban Planning Using GA and GIS

👍 Good Research Topics about Urban Planning

  1. Social Mix and the City: Challenging the Mixed Communities Consensus in Housing and Urban Planning Policies
  2. Urban Planning and Its Role of the Public
  3. Urban Planning Critical Issues On Urban Development
  4. Environmental Holism And The Biophilic Hypothesis In Urban Planning
  5. The Similarities and Differences in Urban Planning in Italy and The Netherlands
  6. Classifying and Valuing Ecosystem Services for Urban Planning
  7. Urban Planning and Development Theories of Paul Peterson
  8. How The Urban Planning And Development Of Jane Jacobs
  9. Urban Planning and Railway Corridors: Resolving Regulatory Dysfunction in Australia
  10. Urban Heat Island Adaptation Through Urban Planning and Design: The Struggle of the City of Los Angeles
  11. Urban Planning And The Location Of Environmental Amenities
  12. Urban Planning With The Aid Of Factor Analysis Approach: The Case Of Isfahan Municipality
  13. Urban Planning, Architecture, and the Contributions of Rome
  14. Washington, D.C.: The First Example Of Urban Planning
  15. Urban Planning Policy for Realizing Public Objectives Through Private Development in Seoul
  16. Urban Planning For The New Buildings
  17. Scientific Reasoning and Methods in Urban Planning
  18. Risk, Uncertainty, And Spatial Distinction: A Study Of Urban Planning In Stockholm
  19. Paris and London: Late 19th Century Urban Planning
  20. Overcrowding and Urban Planning in Victorian London

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