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Sustainable Urbanism Definition Essay

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The concept of sustainable urbanism is the term that has densely entered modern life and is one of the determinants of contemporary social development. The organization of life in cities is going on at a fast pace, which requires the parallel improvement of public services. Accordingly, the quality of life changes with the emergence of new trends, and it allows forming new directions of social changes. Sustainable urbanism is a phenomenon that is typical for modern American society and is characterized by a rapid pace of development.

Mixed-Use Developments Contribution to Sustainable Communities

Sustainable communities are what today can be observed in most big cities. According to Farr, the neighborhood is one of the factors determining the degree of urban relations strengthening among people in the society (42). Life in big cities implies close ties with neighbors, and the competent establishment of this connection, for example, by distributing residential complexes and other places of people’s mass gatherings, helps the population to successfully coexist in these conditions.

Also, a complex approach to the formation of a new way of life largely depends on the level of the government’s interest. As Rapoport claims, if local authorities successfully integrate new life trends with old ones, it helps to successfully control the degree of citizens’ satisfaction and ensure a high standard of living (112). Therefore, different approaches make a significant contribution to the formation of sustainable urban communities.

The Contribution of Sustainable Urbanism to the Improvement of Life

The development of the urban lifestyle is inextricably linked with the improvement of living standards. Thus, according to Farr, a large crowd of people obliges the authorities to provide the population with all the necessary amenities, for example, regular supplies of products, the organization of leisure, etc. (59). Also, the transit network substantially develops, and as a result, trade relations are established with other settlements (Farr 114). Moreover, according to Rapoport and Hult, various innovative technologies are developed, for instance, environmental projects to preserve a favorable climate in the centers of large people concentrations (1779). All these factors are certainly benefits of the development of the society.

Sustainable Urbanism in Boston

About separate specific cities, the effects of sustainable urbanism are also manifested in the best possible way. For instance, a specific program functioning in Boston “helped to start the Boston’s Department of New Urban Mechanics,” which is essential in the process of the city’s development (Haas and Olsson 156). Such a program allows successfully coping with the consequences of environmental challenges and makes it possible to control the entire rhythm of the city’s life, including its various spheres (Marcus et al., 439). The concept of a green city is especially significant for such an important transportation hub as Boston since the city is the center of the intersection of many transit routes, which negatively affects its ecology (Roggema 1443). The intervention of appropriate boards helps to prevent contamination from spreading to a dangerous level and thereby protects the population. Therefore, sustainable urbanism in Boston is evident and contributes to forming the life of the city.


Thus, sustainable urbanism is a phenomenon that is relevant in contemporary American society and helps to control the level of cities’ development. The contribution of some terms of this program is significant since much is done to provide citizens with sufficient quality of life. Boston’s authorities do everything possible to implement the provisions of sustainable urbanism in the city and help people not to feel any adverse consequences of overpopulation.

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