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208 Vehicles Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

🏆 Best Vehicles Topic Ideas & Essay Examples

  1. Bus 174 Commentary
    During the event, the police force fails to turn up in time, a situation that gives the street children a good opportunity to harass and steal from the passengers.
  2. Facebook Pages and Local Saudi Car Dealerships
    The amount of sales is often the unit for measuring performance, thus the amount of transactions generated through online advertising determines the capability and effectiveness of this interactive form of medium.
  3. Car Pollution in Moscow
    The explosion of the number of cars in Moscow has largely contributed to the air pollution in this city. The jam also increases the time the engines are on; therefore increasing the amount of the […]
  4. Ford Motors and the Automobile Industry
    Ford Motors came in to the rescue, or, it wanted to have a share of the losses that Tata Motors was having.
  5. Men are Responsible for More Car Accidents Compared to Women
    The role of men in car accidents supersedes that of women. The way to safer roads, it seems, is to reduce the number of men in our roads.
  6. Advertising and sale promotion for enterprise car renter Hemel Hempstead Branch
    To venture the market, the company should use a penetration pricing approach; the model advocates for a low pricing method where an organization sets its prices at a low rate than that offered by the […]
  7. The Evolution of the Automobile & Its Effects on Society
    This piece of work will give an exhaustive discussion of the evolution of the automobile and the effects it has had on the society.
  8. Hybrid car vs. fossil fuel car
    This is due to the fact that hybrid cars have one engine that combine the two types of energy sources; gasoline and electricity.
  9. Are Hybrid Cars Worth It?
    First and foremost what must be understood is that hybrid vehicles on average cost more than their primarily gasoline based counterparts, while it may be true that the hybrid car industry focuses on the fact […]
  10. Car Accidents Prevention
    The annual costs of car accidents to the economy are estimated to be billions of USD and it is more in countries that import medicines and vehicles.
  11. The Automobile Market in Australia
    The major disadvantage for Great Wall Motors is that it does not have the facilities to produce the kind of vehicles that are in concordance with the Australian market characteristics.
  12. Concept of the Automobile-Free Environments in Society
    The environment is not in favour of people without cars, due to the much-needed efforts to navigate from one point to another.
  13. The Australian Car Market Best Pricing Strategy
    As cited by “it is therefore encouraging for the participants of the automobile industry to witness that sales to private buyers recorded the largest increase this month by approximately 14% which is further a sign […]
  14. Car’s Unique Types
    There are generally three unique types of cars common to modern consumers: economy, sports and luxury cars. Economy cars are also usually small and the features of the car usually depend on the year of […]
  15. Honda Motor Company and Hybrid Electric Vehicles
    With the current level of literacy and the advancement in technology, almost every person has been cautious of his/her health and the need to conserve the environment and the hybrid electric vehicles are the solution […]
  16. Development of New Space Vehicles: Manned Flight to the Moon and Mars
    The Apollo 11 landing on the surface of the Moon represents the highest point yet in the conquest of the cosmos by man.
  17. Car Washing and Our Life
    The consequences that have risen as a result of neglecting to take care of the environment have now become a reality to the whole of mankind.
  18. The Cars Usage Regulations
    The status associated with cars has however not diminished as some brands like Mercedes and BMW are meant to distinguish classes in spite of the fact that an individual is on car wheels and the […]
  19. Market Trends of Luxury Cars
    For the firm to charge a higher price to the consumers it must carry out price discrimination, which is the purchase or sale of varying units of service or goods at price discrepancies indirectly matching […]
  20. Legal Issues of Zoom Car Company
    In this case, the defendant contributed to the plaintiff’s loss by selling a car with faulty dashboard compass to the plaintiff.
  21. Self Critique regarding an Informative speech on Hybrid Cars
    The choice of topic for presentation clearly demonstrates a lack of understanding and awareness of the topic of discussion by the audience in terms of analysis of the audience.
  22. Review Paper on Ford Car Company
    Hitt, Ireland & Hoskisson note that Henry Ford and colleagues instituted a company that is legendary for championing the assemblage line, industrial upheaval, and the coinage of the reputable slogan of the American reverie3.
  23. Marketing mix of Corolla Toyota car
    The sedan is the latest design of the Toyota Corolla car which is some expensive than the past model although it has been successful.
  24. Comparison America’s Cars and Japanese Cars
    The differences in the taste for cars have led to the argument comparison of cars in Japan and the United States of America.
  25. Enterprise Rent a Car
    By using one of the clients, the survey revealed that the enterprise was indeed providing high level of services to its clients.
  26. Car Accidents Causes and Measures
    Poor roadway design makes it difficult to drive The roads may have some obstacles that block the visibility of pedestrians especially when the road has many corners The presence of many speed bumps can limit […]
  27. Electric Cars Advantages and Disadvantages
    There are three types of electric cars: those that are powered explicitly by external electric sources, those that have rechargeable batteries and those that have built in generators to provide power for thrust.
  28. Car Air Pollution
    Further, NO2 can prevent the flow of oxygen in the blood to other parts of the body like the brain. These toxic substances settle in the lungs and disrupt the normal flow of air in […]
  29. Should companies buy or lease vehicles?
    The payment of the lease does not only cover the cost of using the car but also the depreciation that comes about as a result of using the car.
  30. Economic Impact of Hybrid Cars
    In that case, the increasing number of cars in the world has raised a lot of concern in regard with the future of humans in the face of the heightening pollution and the issue of […]
  31. Drivers Use of Cell Phones While Vehicles Are In Motion Should Not Be Prohibited
    However, many scholars and government agencies have argued that, the use of cell phones while driving “increases the risk of traffic collisions, property damage, injuries, and fatalities” This concern however, has made many policymakers to […]
  32. Analysis of the better Place electric car scheme
    Installation of charging networks It is likely that these electric vehicles will lead to better results owing to the installation of various charging points around the country.
  33. Car Design from 1950-2000
    The design elements are usually divided into three important areas: one is the exterior design, which involves the design in the proportion, shape and how the texture of the surface of the vehicle will look […]
  34. Car Classification in the UAE
    For teenagers turning eighteen years of age in the UAE, the idea of owning and driving their own car or cars is fascinating. In addition, manufacturers of construction vehicles have also adopted the four-wheel drive […]
  35. The Right People on the Bus
    Therefore, these organizations should get the right people in the right seats to do the right thing. Teamwork and collaboration also enable the right people to ensure the success of the company.
  36. Industry Analysis of Car industry
    The learning curve effect explains the causes of this dominance by the existing companies in the industry, because new companies require a lot of time to learn the market trends and establish a solid background […]
  37. Marketing the Wireless Robotic Car
    By sending the robotic car to a chemical hazard, it is possible to determine the extent of spillage of a liquid or a solid pollutant.
  38. The Zip Car Company Transformation and Economy
    Scott Griffith is a success to ZipCar for his role in the growth of a neighborhood company that was wallowing in losses before he joined it, to a multimillion dollar international company with global ambitions.
  39. Why do Americans prefer Imported Cars?
    In the last three decades, the dominance of American cars in the US has been constantly declining as Germany and Japan developed more affordable and high quality cars.
  40. Causes and Solutions of Car Accidents
    There are several factors that cause road accidents which comprise the following: majority of the accidents occur due the rise in the number of road users who do not obey traffic rules, drivers who drive […]

👍 Good Essay Topics on Vehicles

  1. Male and Female Attitudes towards Cars
    The meaning of cars can range from mere means of transportation for a busy employee or the one taking the family out on a picnic to an item of prestige and luxury, confirming the status […]
  2. The automobile industry in Hong Kong
    In addition to establishing the technology gaps, the center will outline the R&D challenges within the industry and unite the researchers in the industry.
  3. Automobile Industry in USA
    The employs a combination of cost focus and differentiation focus as its competitive strategy in its rivalry against competing firms. On the other hand, Volvo focuses on a combination of product differentiation and cost focus […]
  4. The History of Cars
    The next natural thing that the inventors of the wheel did was to design the axle so that it could fit into the hole made in the centre of the wooden wheel.
  5. BMW Luxury Cars
    These three series of the MBW brand are the ultimate core aspects for maintenance of customer loyalty to the BMW luxury cars. Further, a variety of channels in marketing the BMW luxury cars would be […]
  6. Car Rental Software
    This proposal is specifically for the design of software to be used in handling the transaction processes before the car is given to the customer, as well as in the clearance process when the client […]
  7. International Business Strategy: Chery Automobile Company
    At the same time, it is established that firms from developing economies prefer strategic alliances as a way of being uncertain of foreign environment, intend to reduce costs and risks, and strategy to learn and […]
  8. Will Hydrogen Replace Fossil Fuels for Cars?
    In the past, the availability of fuel cells has been a major hindrance to the realization of hydrogen powered vehicles. The goal that hydrogen powered cars want to achieve is similar to that of fossil […]
  9. Car Market Analysis
    Currently, the market share of the brand in the market is 5 percent, which is relatively low given the number of brands that are offered in the market.
  10. Autoxpress car rental system
    The client makes a choice and fulfills the requirements including the payment of the hire charges The car is availed to the client after signing the car hire details form.
  11. Automobile industry
    However, in this discussion, the main focus is on the analysis of the barriers to entry that exist in the automobile industry.
  12. Impact of organisational Development theories on Australian Automobile Industry
    Specifically, the discursive approach in explaining and exploring shared and coordinated actions on roles and channels through which organisational framework functions in the exchange of information formally is of great essence towards understanding organisational communication.
  13. Case analysis: Sharpe BMW car dealership and service centre
    As the issue comprises the plan and the judgment that must be made by the director, Bob Deshane, the initial step that the report has to focus on would be the company situation and the […]
  14. Corporate Strategy of World Car Manufacturing Industry
    The purpose of this report was to identify and to analyze the factors that influence production in the world car manufacturing industry.
  15. Comparison of electric and gas-powered vehicles
    Because of the increasing cost of gasoline and diesel, most of the latest developments in the performance of cars have been directed at the creation of alternative forms of power for the machines.
  16. Project Plan of car tracker software
    The ability of the product to be sold in the market without any form of piracy is also another deliverable in this project.
  17. Sports Marketing and Increasing the Awareness of and Promoting F1 Car Racing in China
    Despite huge investments by the government that led to the hosting of the first Grand Prix in 2004, the game has not yet picked up when compared to other hosts like Spain.
  18. LaBanze Bus Services. Provide transport services during World Expo 2020 in Dubai
    The gadget also has a live Google map of the streets and the position of the visitor and the position of the buses to board.
  19. Market Entry Options for Chery Cars China
    Beginning with customers’ tastes and preferences, the US automobile market is the most competitive in the world due to the presence of many international and local automobile industry players.
  20. The Fortune Cookie Car Parts International Business
    Our findings showed that we could use the position of Germany in the European Union and the global market to look for more market ventures.
  21. The Problems in Car Industry in the Developed Countries
    The car industry has proven to be an important segment of the economies in the developed and the emerging countries. These being the case, any significant disturbances in the related industry such as oil have […]
  22. Amazing Cars
    The Alec brand of cars surpassed the other vehicle brands within the economy class to command 63% of the total market share for that category.
  23. Case Study: Avis Car Rental
    There is also a low barrier of entry into the car rental and leasing market hence leading to an increased number of players in the sector, especially when it is compared to the large authorized […]
  24. Quality Management: Meineke Car Care Centre
    The main goal for having the quality management is to ensure a continued improvement of the quality of goods and services provided by an organisation.
  25. Technologies for reduction of Automobile Pollution
    One of the biggest advantages that attracts the use of bio-fuels technology is the fact that there is an abundance of wastes that are readily available and can be used to prepare the bio-fuels, most […]
  26. Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
    In making the judgment on this, an analyst will have to get the rating of the people to the new aircraft.
  27. What Makes an Effective Advertisement: Take a Bus and Then Tube It!
    Thus, it is obviously the right choice to place the advertisement on one of the buses that stop at the Victoria Station.
  28. Consumer Buying Behavior in Car Industries
    Marketing factors include the commodity the consumer wants to buy himself, the price that commodity commands, the area the commodity can got and the advertisement that the product receives.
  29. Automobile Pollution
    These pollutants are emitted due to the inability to have a perfect combustion process that would involve the breakdown of hydrocarbons into water and carbon dioxide in the presence of oxygen.
  30. Marketing Strategies of Major Car Manufacturers in Emerging Markets
    Contextually, the research questions assumed in this context relates to the mentioned marketing strategies applied by the major automobile manufacturers to enhance their market presence in the emerging markets with respect to Turkey.
  31. International Trade – Protection of Australian Car Industry Course and Code
    Economically, some of the arguments against the protection of the car industry in Australia include the following; Incentives matters: often, economists have argued that through protecting the industry, it might relent on its mandate of […]
  32. The Evolution of the Car Engine
    France and the Great Britain reinforced the notion of the electric powered cars in the late 1800s. At the beginning of the century, a number of 33,842 electric vehicles in the United States became registered.
  33. Business Plan for First Choice Car Rent
    In addition, the management of the first choice will use quality marketing strategy in order to create the awareness of the services and product of the company to the customer.
  34. Report for database of maintenance car
    The Worker table tracks the company’s employee details, the Customers table tracks the company’s customer details, the Car table tracks the details of the cars serviced by the company and the Payment table tracks the […]
  35. Pricing of Electric Cars and how to Encourage People to Buy Them
    Since it is not feasible to continue using the internal combustion engine model for long, there is a need to solve some of the inherent challenges inhibiting the adoption of the electric car. There are […]
  36. Unmanned Aerial Vehicles: Drones Kill Innocent Civilians
    Despite of the criticism and questions raised both on the local and international forums against the validity of the use of drones to perform attacks on other countries’ soil, the US has continued its drone […]
  37. Consumer Decision Making-Process for Hybrid Car
    The consumer may try to compare the performance of the old car with that of the new car that he intends to buy.
  38. Automobile Industry in Australia
    Effects of subsidies on price of locally manufactured vehicles Reduction in the price of vehicles due to the increase subsidies that the government provides to companies in the automotive industry increases the affordability of the […]
  39. Journey to Work: Travel Behaviour by Car and Bus in the Sydney Metropolitan Region
    The key message to the target audience is to find out why this subgroup prefers using their private cars instead of the public means. The aim of the campaign was to make the commuters and […]
  40. Armored Vehicles Engines
    While diesel engines can establish in lighter armored vehicles that need to run a significant number of kilometers, gas turbine engines are suitable for heavy offensive tanks and infantry fighting vehicles.

📌 Simple & Easy Vehicles Essay Titles

  1. Managing Change in CAR
    The management of CAR repeatedly failed to consider the need to cease from the traditional innovations and the need to adopt the modern engineering innovations that would make their products to have a competitive advantage […]
  2. Automobile Trade, Tariffs or Quotas
    Since a tariff is a tax, it will raise the price of different products that the company will distribute to the market.
  3. Rachel’s Bus Company Social Impact Model
    The company encourages its employees to learn new skills and competencies from the business. The company’s decision to remain innovative and accountable has created new opportunities for many employees.
  4. Honda Automobile Manufacturer
    The level of investment and capital required to run activities in the automobile industry is quite high and it thus becomes necessary for careful planning to be incorporated so that goods and services can flow […]
  5. Audi Car Dealership: Building and Construction Description
    Other issues discussed include: Site selection for the building Role of the building and the challenges encountered during the entire process of coming up with the wonderful structure Relationship between design, materials used and structural […]
  6. Smart Car
    PR that focuses on the contribution of Swatch to the society would not improve the competitiveness of the car. Personal selling is one of the major strategies that Swatch should use to improve the sales […]
  7. Fuel consumption for cars made in the US and Japan
    The null hypothesis will be: Cars made in the US consume the same amount of fuel as cars made in Japan. The null hypothesis is rejected since the absolute value of t = 12.
  8. Toyota Motor Corporation: Bus 692
    This is meant to increase the level of transparency in the company and enhance the effectiveness of the management team. This is one of the strategies that Toyota has used.
  9. Car Manufacturing Industry: Porsche
    As with the nature of car manufacturing industry, continued changes in customer preference, technology and industry dynamics pose a serious challenge to Porsche. Porsche should improve in their car manufacturing technology to meet the minimum […]
  10. Lotus Rental on Alternative Fuel Vehicles
    It would take approximately 20 years for the fuel cost savings in the Toyota Corolla hybrid to amount to the additional purchasing costs.
  11. Ford Automobile Strategic Business Model
    Ford as a one of the leading automobile manufacturers in the world operates on a strategic business model that enables its performance.
  12. Porsche Automobile Holding SE
    The net income of Porsche has increased from 2005 through 2007, however, has declined to negative value in 2008 and 2009.
  13. Rat Rod are Better than Custom Cars
    Functionality implies the ability of the modified car to fulfill the purpose of the manufacturer while performance is an indication of the level of efficiency of the modifications done on the vehicle.
  14. Lexus Car Advertisement
    The advertisement provides both the visual and written messages to attract the audience to the product and evoke the desired associations which can be effective to stimulate the customer in choosing this product instead of […]
  15. Hawk Car Company Organisational Behaviour
    Strengths One of the strengths of the letter is that the executives can easily understand the content of the message because the letter opens with bad news, a strategy that directs an approach for the […]
  16. Gomez Executive Bus Service’s Swot Analysis
    The company’s failure to have its own terminal and opting to use busy hotels in the two cities is also a threat to business continuity.
  17. Hybrid Cars: Product Evaluation
    However, hybrid cars also have their weak aspects, and the most notorious one is their vulnerability to the effects of the outside factors, especially weather. However, in the process of manufacturing Hybrid cars, twice as […]
  18. Business Organization – Car Detailing Shop
    The way the company becomes known as one of the key business steps, as popularity in the market will determine the amount of business.
  19. The Market Analysis of Car Detailing Business
    The entrepreneur appreciates the importance of developing a strong human capital base and one of the reasons that explain the firm’s emphasis on human capital is the unique nature of customer needs, tastes, and preferences.
  20. Car Detailing Business: Strategic Plan
    Eventually, such strategies and tactics will greatly help in increasing the sales volume of the company and the number of customers that the company would be serving.
  21. Google Self Driving Car’s New Idea
    The main disadvantage of this project is that this car is just being developed and it is rather difficult to introduce it to the market.
  22. Car Wash Business Marketing Plan in Saudi Arabia
    As a result, the number of automobiles on the Saudi Arabian market is approximately 9 million, a factor that facilitates the successful creation and development of car wash business in the region. 6 million cars, […]
  23. Electric Car and the Environment
    Other factors that contributed to the rise in demand of electric cars included a rise in oil prices and the need to conserve the environment by controlling the rate of greenhouse gas emission. One of […]
  24. School Bus or Walking
    Given that a child’s education is paramount both to the school and to the parent, how can the school be very insensitive to the need of improving quality education of the students?
  25. School Bus Fees Policy’s Claims
    Parents have been working very hard to pay school fees for their children and the free transport has been a great incentive not only for the parents, but also for the students.
  26. Business Start-up Plan for a Car Wash in UK
    To characterize the car wash most precisely, it is necessary to mention that, unlike most of the modern car washes, it is going to comprise the machine, conveyor-belt approach and the help[ of the qualified […]
  27. Avix Car Rentals Company Analysis
    In addition, Avix Car Rentals intends to become the car travel agency of choice within the The car rental industry is a substantially large sector in the United States economy. As a result of the […]
  28. Technologies of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
    The Unmanned Aerial vehicles, otherwise known as the UAVs, are one of the technological breakthroughs in the field of search and rescue.
  29. Personal Car Driving’ Importance
    To overcome the obstacle of reckless driving, other aspects of life have to be attained and taught as well, which has a positive effect to not only the person but the entire community in general.
  30. Automobile Industry: Segmentation, Targeting, Positioning
    Thus, the marketing strategy which concerns with a market target is recognized to be successful, as according to special investigations the company which produces the cars of Hyundai models will become one of the world’s […]
  31. Hybrid Cars’ Disadvantages
    Although hybrid cars have enough power to the benefits of their users, the power output is generally lower than the same car model that is powered by gas. The number of mechanics specialized in the […]
  32. Toyota’s Operations on the Australia Green Car Market
    In addition, the author will highlight some of the reasons why the corporation decided to adapt to the existing plan in Melbourne.
  33. European Car Manufacturer: Ethical Business Practices
    We respect the diversity of our company. We care about the quality of our product.
  34. The Evergreen Car Wash Company Business Model
    The business model of the “Evergreen Car wash” focuses on the use of environmentally sustainable products and processes in order to provide its services to its consumers.
  35. Process Comparison: Leading an Organisation and Driving a Car
    Besides, with the help of this analogy, the authors easily win and keep the readers’ attention. Conventional strategic management focuses on the aim, the probability of success, and the least possible time for which this […]
  36. Digital Feedback Control System of Automobile Engine
    The stoichiometric mixture ratio results from an adequate supply of air to ensure the total combustion of all the fuel in the system.
  37. Mrhb Car Safety Ltd Business Plan
    The market for drowsy driver detection systems is expected to grow at an average annual rate of 7% in the next five years. The vision of the company is to be the leading manufacturer of […]
  38. Inner Space Exploration Vehicles
    There are three common types of underwater vehicles such as autonomous underwater vehicle, human occupied vehicles, and remotely operated vehicles. In addition, there are some human occupied vehicles that are simply used to visit life […]
  39. Subaru Outback: Car Observation
    It shows that the owner is independent and likes to be in control. Green, as is the case with the car in question, shows that the owner has a calm personality and avoids confrontations.
  40. Automobile Industry Marketing Principles and Issues
    In order to understand the application of marketing principles by managers, the researcher sought to evaluate the automobile industry. The aim of the analysis is to understand the various issues affecting the automobile industry.

💡 Interesting Topics to Write about Vehicles

  1. Hybrid Cars: Benefits and Controversies
  2. Tesla Motors’ Electric Vehicles Marketing
  3. GoGet Car Rental Company: Project Management
  4. Redbus: Online Bus Tickets System
  5. Google’s Driverless Cars and Renewable Energy
  6. McDonald’s and Bosch Car Service Analysis
  7. Google’s Self-Driving Car Project Stage and Prognosis
  8. Car Pricing and Discrimination in Chicago
  9. How Hybrid Cars Generate Electricity?
  10. Electric Cars: Types, Pros and Cons
  11. Electric Cars: Advantages and Concerns
  12. Japanese, European, America Cars in the UAE
  13. Automobile Industry Promotional and Advertising Strategies
  14. General Motors’ Recalls: Car Owners Survey
  15. Electric Cars and Benefits of Their Ealry Adoption
  16. Car Parking Case Competition and Experience
  17. Project Plan: Car with Improved Properties
  18. A New, Technologically Advanced Car in the Global Market
  19. Tesla Motors’ and Volvo Cars’ Companies Merger
  20. Tesla Upgrades Autopilot in Cars on the Road
  21. Autonomous Vehicles Product Development and Launch
  22. Intelligent and Autonomous Vehicles’ Current State
  23. Launching a New Car: Project Initiation and Planning
  24. Car Wash Business and Its International Opportunities
  25. Top Ten Most Expensive Cars in the World
  26. Buying a Car
  27. Tax Lien as a Car Purchasing Hindrance
  28. A Flying Car: Project Proposal for Tesla Company
  29. Glo-Bus Company’s Vision and Management Preference
  30. Self-Driving Cars and Related Ethical Concerns
  31. Product Recalls in Automobile Industry
  32. Policy for Vehicles with Automated Driving Systems
  33. Transport in China: Cars vs Bicycles and E-Bikes
  34. Car Recycling: Direct and Indirect Energy Use
  35. Car Accidents in Kuwait
  36. Ford Company’s Automobile Dealerships’ Work
  37. Local and Global Car Manufacturers’ Corporate Cultures
  38. Sustainable Energy: Recycling of Cars in Germany
  39. Car Repair and Hair Salon Services and Satisfaction
  40. Car Monopoly: “Free Exchange: Road Hogs” Article
  41. Driverless Cars and Monopoly Relationship
  42. Female Car Buyers: Preferences and Brand Identifying
  43. Saudi Women Driving Policy for Cars Market
  44. Competitive Forces Within Automobile Industry
  45. Specific Forces Within Global Automobile Industry
  46. Car Parking Project Planning
  47. Fuel Cell Vehicles Preventing Environmental Hazards
  48. Defense Tactics in Car Driving Accidents
  49. Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Making and Ethics
  50. University Bus Transit Survey Research
  51. Car Seat: New Product Development
  52. Automobile Racing: “Before NASCAR” Article by Hall
  53. Department of Motor Vehicles: Privatization Issue
  54. Car Industry: Threats and Business Vulnerabilities
  55. Opportunity Identification and Planning: Car Wash
  56. The Hybrid Car Subsidy Bill
  57. The Product Map of One Luxury Car Brand
  58. Contract Law: Car Buying Agreement and Fraud
  59. Car Design Industry and Profession
  60. Car Insurance Charges and Gender and Age Factors
  61. Attributes that Attract Sport Car Owners
  62. Tata Cars: In Search for New Opportunities
  63. Automobile Emerging Technology: Strengths and Limitations
  64. K.I.S.S Car Wash and Laundry Company’s Business Plan
  65. Baby Car Seats Product Positioning and Marketing
  66. Car Enterprise’s Competitive Advantage and Threats
  67. Car Purchase and Verbal Contract Legality
  68. Low Pollution Car Engine
  69. Ambulance Vehicles and Air Medical Services
  70. Lings Cars vs. Soho Dolls Websites Design
  71. Car Accidents Causes and Effects
  72. Abu Dhabi Government Logo Car Badge: Media Planning
  73. Driverless Cars and Safety Concerns
  74. Electric vs. Internal Combustion Engine Vehicles
  75. Car Purchasing: Cost-Volume-Profit Analysis
  76. Running a Business of Self-Driving Cars
  77. Retrospect Into the Glo-Bus Experience
  78. Self-Driving Car Manufacturers: Ethical and Legal Issues
  79. Global Automobile Industry: PESTEL Analysis
  80. The Role of Social Media of Consumers on Cars Brand Loyalty
  81. Car Industry in Japan
  82. Car Dealer Business Plan Proposal
  83. Hearty Bus: Project Proposal
  84. State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company’s Finance
  85. The Effects of Tariffs on Automobile Sales
  86. Policy Proposals for Autonomous Vehicles in Dubai
  87. Self-Driving Cars: Science and Policy Regulations
  88. Alabama Electric Vehicles

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