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Business Organization – Car Detailing Shop Essay

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Updated: Mar 20th, 2020

When starting a new business, there are several important aspects that must be kept in mind. Few of them relate to the moral part of society and individual, while some are mechanical or procedural. The way the company becomes known as one of the key business steps, as popularity in the market will determine the amount of business.

First, an idea becomes the basis for a product or service. In this case, the business is a car detailing shop. The mission statement of such a business is to provide the best service to customers, which will lead to the highest satisfaction possible. As the detailing of the car requires specifics parts and products, they must be of high quality and durability.

People greatly value the way their vehicle looks, so they pay great attention to detail. This leads to the fact that in case there are any problems or the customer is dissatisfied with the work, it must be completed within the shortest amount of time, but the quality should not suffer in the process.

There are many types of people who own a car, from young adults to seniors. The criteria by which detailing is organized depends on the types of needs a person has. The younger generation wants the car to have a specific look, a certain amount of power and perform under unique conditions.

The older generation needs a car for more practical use, as it is not a matter of status or culture, but more of a transportation method. This will determine the specifics of the order, as the more mature a person gets, the more conservative they become, whereas the younger generation is greatly influenced by the pop culture and status.

The unique nature of this particular business establishment will use mobile software that the customer can access from anywhere. They will be able to follow the process of detailing and change or adjust the order. They will also be provided with software that allows to graphically create new designs so that people can take part in making their car unique and specific to their wants and needs.

A person will be allowed to be present in the workshop so that they can observe the work or talk to the mechanics and designers. Customers will receive discounts according to the amount of work or orders they place with the organization, which will ensure a higher return rate and value of the business.

It is also important to do prior research of the market, to see what is demanded or wanted by the people. The economy must be looked at as well, to determine if it is the right time to unveil a new product, service, or other modifications. There are several reasons for this relating to economics, market value, and differences between products and services. A different part of a nation could have different economies and interests, as well as demands, so the location of the business plays an important role.

The system of trade and relations between businesses similar to the owned one are guided by culture and society. Some places have better economies, with governments giving support and being one of the major clients. While some products are rare, as well as services and some are very common, there is no need to offer more. Cars are an intricate part of any society, and their amount is constantly growing, so a carefully organized business has all the potential for success.

In the future, a global approach would guarantee a lot of choice and possibilities for the business. Since the pressures for local responsiveness are low, this will guarantee stable income and product or service flow for the community. Whereas, the global integration pressure is high; decisions can be made with a slower pace and careful consideration of all options available (Pride, 2010). Cars are made and designed all over the world, so having a detailing business in many countries can prove to be very prosperous.

All societies value good looks and functionality, so the practicality of a car, along with its beauty, is universal. A business must have unique features, as it gives an opportunity to do something special, which no one has done before. An aggressive approach makes the entrepreneur stand out in a market filled with ideas. An existing idea can be made better if it will be based on something concrete but at the same time, belong only to oneself.

The selection of partners or personnel is also equally important. There are several methods for recruiting employees. The most common is the interview with the candidate. If the company decides to provide tests, which examine a person’s knowledge in sciences and math, these also get a “glimpse,” especially in car detailing. Geometry and special imagination and conceptualization are instrumental in making the car stand out.

The interview of potential employees will even create an opportunity for the owner to see if they are interested. A psychological interview is an important step, as sometimes, people who do not have a lot of car detailing specific education are talented and have “a feel” for what the customer wants. The employers must be able to look deep into the plans and goals of a person. Selections differ because some are very general, and those that are very specific provide in-depth information about the person and their character (Jennings, 2005).

Design of an organization also plays an important role in the market. The structural design of a business relates to how business functions and the internal working and manipulations of the necessary systems. Sometimes, the design is enhanced through innovation, but there are cases when past styles or techniques are used.

The same can be said about the visual and functional appeal of products or services. The design of products that are used to perform some sort of function can be observed through the engineering ideas put into the product. The more useful, functioning, and appealing a product is, the more demand it will have in the population, thus increasing profits.

As such, the location will focus on presenting the work in a gallery, so people can see examples of cars that were worked on. A lounge area with videos of the work or pictures of the result will provide for a clear representation of the business’s values and goals (Bruce, 2002).

Overall, when starting a business, it is not only the function of the organization that matters, but people and their morality must be kept in mind. As everything rests on what individuals need and want, it is best to know the culture and people, as well as the market and economy.


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