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ABC Company Mismanagement Essay

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Updated: Mar 20th, 2020

The case study provided is an example of how mismanagement can lead to huge problems for an organization. The case revolves around a recruiter named Carl Robins who was hired by ABC Company. Robins being a recruiter, hired fifteen new employees whose orientation was scheduled to take place on 15th of June.

However, during the recruiting process, Robins makes several mistakes. Robins is unable to obtain the required documentation and results of the mandatory drug tests of the recruits. With the orientation of the recruits just around the corner, there is no time for Robins to obtain all documents on time. Furthermore, Robins’ cannot gather all recruiters again as the training room has been booked, and it will not be free until the day of the orientation. This situation has created major concerns for Robins.

One of the main reasons for the series of mistakes was the inexperience of Robins as a recruiter. It was quite apparent that Robins lacked the necessary skills and experience to work as a recruiter. While the majority of the blame lies with Robins, the Human Resource department of the organization had a significant part in the entire ordeal as well.

Robins was a new employee at the organization, and it was the HR department’s responsibility to monitor his work and make sure he does not make any significant mistakes. Lack of experience and irresponsible behavior from the HR department became the cause of some serious problems for the organization.

Possible Solution

To ensure that the orientation remains as per the schedule, and Robins obtains all of the paperwork regarding the hiring of recruits, the following steps can be undertaken:

  • Since recruits are being hired for Monica Carrolls; therefore, it would be wise to contact her first and discuss the matter with her.
  • After conducting a meeting with Ms. Carrolls and explaining the entire situation, Robins must ask for her help.
  • A good recruiter possesses the ability to influence other individuals impressively. Moreover, recruiters also can develop friendly ties with their co-workers. From these, it can be assumed that Robins would be able to convince Carrolls to help him and stop her from reporting him or incident to the management.
  • Robins would have to assure Carrolls that an extension in the orientation date is not required, and the orientation would take place as planned by the organization.
  • The completion of documents will not take more than 15 days if Robins works responsibly from here till the end.
  • To obtain the missing documents and recruits drug test results, Robins must inform the recruits that they have to submit their screen test reports and documents within five days. Any recruit who fails to submit these documents in the allotted time would not be allowed to attend the orientation. For this purpose, an e-mail can be sent to each of the recruit’s e-mail address.
  • In the meantime, Robins must focus on obtaining pages that are missing from the manual. Once he obtains them, he must make copies of those pages for himself.
  • Gaining Carrolls’s confidence and making sure that the recruits submit their documents on time is the only possible and feasible solution that could help sort out the problem and overcome Robins’ anxiety.
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