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  1. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in Veterans and How Family Relationships are Affected
    Both qualitative and quantitative data shall be used with numbers being used to provide evidence of the occurrence and magnitude of the effects of the condition on the population.
  2. The Effects of PTSD on Families of Veterans
    Drug abuse may result from the inadequacies in the coping abilities of family members as they try to come into terms with the suffering of their fellow family member.
  3. Ethical Problems of the Disabled Veterans in the Workplace
    Affirmative action refer to measures that have been put in place to create balance of some sort and at the same time address historical and documented acts of injustices among the category of persons for […]
  4. Homeless Veterans
    The lack of jobs leads to idleness which is the major cause of the veterans’ addiction to drug abuse. The alarming increase in the number of the homeless veterans is due to continuing war in […]
  5. The Problem of Homeless Veterans in US
    The records at the department of Veteran affairs in the US indicate that majority of the homeless veterans are males, and only four percent are females. The needs and the demands of the homeless veterans […]
  6. Reintegration of Women Combat Veterans
    Feminists observe that the subjection of women to the power of men originated from the rise of private property, the family, and the state.
  7. Veterans Health Administration System Development Lifecycle
    Evidence in support of this is identified in the GAO report which highlights the fact that despite spending large sums on money and time on the VA project implementation is yet to be done on […]
  8. Veteran Health Administration
    It is from such sessions that the staff will get a chance to learn from individuals who have prior significant experiences as well as knowledge in their areas of specialization.
  9. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder in Veterans
    Patient education is important in order to eradicate any form of misconception that the patients may have about PTSD, and enhance the levels of understanding of the patients, along with an improvement on their ability […]
  10. Cultural Immersion of Homeless Veterans
    Veterans value their country and therefore the Department of Veterans Affairs should make an effort to ensure that the lives of all veterans are improved.
  11. The Challenges of Women Veterans of Nevada
    The situation in the state shows that the society pays insufficient attention to the problems of women veterans. The participants of the program gave their views on the situation and explained the challenges which women […]
  12. Homeless Veterans Causes and Effects
    The inability of the Department of Veterans Affairs to fast track compensation and funding for disabled veterans is linked to homelessness among many veterans.
  13. The Level of Unemployment Among Veterans
    Veterans are some of the most important segments of the USA’s population, bearing in mind that they sacrificed their lives and time to serve the nation in the past.
  14. Memorial Day in the US: Veterans Benefits
    An analysis of the history of America’s treatment of war veterans, since the American Revolution, demonstrates a poor job in terms of caring for veterans.
  15. Veterans Health Administration in Northern California
    The organization mentors and monitors its employees using the best Performance Management System. The healthcare facility has hired the right supervisors and managers to monitor the system.
  16. Service Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business Contracting
    The SDVOSB sole source contracts do not allow competition among the small businesses as the contract is awarded to the bidding small firm that is qualified.
  17. Health IT at the US Department of Veterans Affairs
    Much of the discussion has been on the recording of health data in a safe and secure manner. Despite the success observed by the department, one cannot be oblivious to the limitations of the system.
  18. Mental Health Care Services for Veterans
    To guarantee that this requirement is met and the policy falls within federal jurisdiction, it is essential to address four dimensions of the program.
  19. Veteran Affairs Negotiations and Game Theory
    This paper explores the relevance of the two theories in understanding current negotiations about the provision of improved veteran healthcare services in the country.
  20. The Vietnam War and Its Effects on the Veterans
    Although numerous books and articles contain memories of those who lived to tell the tale, the best way to learn about the Vietnam War and to understand how war changes people is to talk to […]

👍 Good Essay Topics on Veterans

  1. Health Programs for Veterans and Their Effectiveness
    Now, the major American nursing associations for veterans such as Military Officers Association and Veterans Healthcare Association are advocating for the healthcare protection of veterans and their families.
  2. Preventing Suicide in the Military and Veterans
    Surveys and psychological questionnaires after the military personnel returned from the war can be very helpful in determining the type of disorder.
  3. Veteran Health Administration Program
    The hospital seems to offer quality care to patients, and one of the studies done showed that patients with diabetes got more care than in other health care systems.
  4. Integrative Restoration Therapy for Combat Veterans
    A number of these studies explore the effects of iRest on combat veterans and the adverse outcomes of their military service.
  5. Elderly Veterans’ Needs, Services, and Policy
    The Department of Veterans Affairs was established to provide adequate services and benefits to meet the changing needs of many elderly veterans.
  6. Veteran Service Representatives for US Military
    Secondly, I would like to work as a veteran service representative to counsel recruits and ensure they understand that the bloody scenes that are common in the battlefields should not discourage them from doing their […]
  7. Psychological Trauma Care in Military Veterans
    He is hesitant to open up to anyone and spends time in the company of his marine friends. The clinician must be direct and candid when talking to the patient about the risks of their […]
  8. Veteran’s Biopsychosocial-Spiritual Assessment
    The Bio-Psycho-Social framework is a widely-used approach that is based on the importance of a systematic view of the individual’s behavior and actions along with the integration of biological, psychological, and sociocultural factors with human […]
  9. Veterans With Disabilities: Integration and Employment
    In this paper, the researcher looks at the main barriers to employment and integration back to the society that the veterans face, and the manner in which the existing policies can be amended to help […]
  10. Social Work in the Military with Homeless Veterans
    The purpose of this statement is to immediately provide the patient with emotional support and encouragement while establishing initial rapport at the same time.
  11. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder in Missouri Veterans
    Unfortunately, the implemented policies have failed to meet the needs of different veterans, such as the Welcome Back Veterans, the Veterans Health Administration, and the Military Health System. Louis has several policies and programs aimed […]
  12. Post-9/11 Veterans Educational Assistance Improvements Act of 2010
    The Post-9/11 Veterans Educational Assistance Improvements Act of 2010 is one of the primary laws governing the provision of financial assistance to veterans of the US armed forces to pursue higher educational and vocational training.
  13. Posttraumatic Stress Disorder in Veteran Community
    The creation of special programs for the rehabilitation of veterans helped alleviate the problem of PTSD during the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and facilitated the development of a support system that is currently used.
  14. Veterans Health Administration Integrative Care Model
    The purpose of the following study is to provide a thorough research on the influence of the practices conducted on mental health and to examine the overall effectiveness of the integrative care system in delivering […]
  15. “Housing and Urban Development–Veterans Affairs Supportive Housing Vouchers and Veterans’ Homelessness” the Article by Evans, W. N., et al.
    It is possible to apply the points and arguments of the scholars to the public sector in a practical sense by engaging more veterans in the program.
  16. Ethics: Disabled Veterans Affirmative Action Program
    This is evident in the fact that they had a higher percentage jobs in the government than in the private sector.
  17. The Gulf War Veteran Case: The Question of Pressing Charges
    In the case of the veteran, the question of pressing charges would be settled after a settling a few other issues at first.
  18. Problems of Veterans in the Works of E. Hemingway and T. Nordenberg
    The social adaptation of veterans in civil world is one of the main problems which may lead to veterans’ estrangement if they are not accepted by society.
  19. How the Veteran’s Affairs System Is Failing Veterans
    The aim of the department was to ensure that all veterans and their families would be looked after by the state for the supreme sacrifices that they had made in the line of duty to […]

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