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Veterans Health Administration in Northern California Coursework


Veterans Health Administration in Northern California is a leading provider of quality healthcare services. The organization mentors and monitors its employees using the best Performance Management System (PMS). The company’s “main goal is to empower its caregivers and health practitioners” (Segal, 2010, p. 77). The organization has always provided quality health support to different veterans. The organization’s PMS focuses on the best medical goals. This paper assesses the strengths and weaknesses of my organization’s Performance Management System.

Performance Management System

The organization’s PMS has several strengths. The system focuses on the best organizational practices. The healthcare facility has hired the right supervisors and managers to monitor the system (Schwartz & Liakopoulos, 2010). Every caregiver is encouraged to be part of the Performance Management System.

My organization also gathers the best feedbacks from different stakeholders and employees. This practice has made the system effective and successful. The firm uses the best resources in order to make its PMS successful. The system has some weaknesses. The organization does not have an appropriate coaching and mentoring plan. The institution does not document its appraisals and evaluations.

The healthcare institution employs many nurses and physicians to support its Performance Management System (PMS). Our managers encourage every clinician to be part of the PMS. The institution has employed competent supervisors to evaluate the commitment and performance of every clinician (Afiouni, 2007).

Performance evaluations are undertaken every three months. My organization has several teams to support the system. The organization’s HR department also supports the PMS. The firm uses every data from the Performance Management System to make accurate and timely decisions. Such decisions are critical towards supporting the institution’s goals.

The PMS has several stages or steps. The “first stage is preparation” (Wells, 2009, p. 91). The facility has hired competent supervisors and leaders to review the performance of every clinician. The “supervisors also gather self-assessment reports and feedbacks from their employees” (Wells, 2009, p. 91). The “next step is implementation” (Segal, 2010, p. 76). The managers establish the best environment for PMS implementation. Every individual identifies the best strategies in order to improve the institution’s performance. Some of the best practices include “training, mentoring, coaching, and monitoring” (Afiouni, 2007, p. 127).

The organization also introduces new technologies to support its employees. The third step is designing the right timeframe for every proposed change. The supervisors recruit new leaders to support the proposed organizational changes. Managers and supervisors should analyze every feedback or complaint in order to achieve targeted outcomes. Our supervisors encourage their employees to focus on targeted organizational goals. My “institution also addresses every challenge affecting the level of performance” (Segal, 2010, p. 77).

The recommendations presented below can make my organization’s Performance Management System (PMS) more effective. Every supervisor in the firm must focus on the targeted goals. Training can also become a critical practice in the organization. The supervisors must gather the best feedbacks and ideas from their employees (Schwartz & Liakopoulos, 2010, p. 26). Teamwork is a common practice in this healthcare facility. The facility should encourage every HR manager to be part of the PMS. The facility can use new technologies in order to improve performance. The firm should also use proper documentation for its appraisals and evaluations. Such practices will make my firm successful.


The above discussion explains why medical institutions should use the best Performance Management Systems (PMSs) in order to achieve their objectives. Such systems will address every challenge affecting performance. Managers and supervisors at my organization can “consider the above recommendations in order to achieve every business goal” (Afiouni, 2007, p. 128). I will always use the above ideas to make my private business successful.

Performance Appraisals

Performance appraisal is a critical practice in every business organization. Businesspeople can use such appraisals to deal with the issues affecting their organizations. Supervisors must focus on the negative issues and mistakes committed by their employees. Many employees “are against performance appraisals because they might result in confrontations” (Segal, 2010, p. 76).

The process is critical towards promoting better business practices. Supervisors and managers can use performance evaluations to monitor the performance and commitment of their respective employees. Performance appraisal can make an organization successful. According to wells (2009, p. 98), “many non-performing employees are always against such evaluations.” Supervisors must work hard in order to monitor the malpractices and competencies of their employees. This description explains why supervisors and employees tend to have different experiences.

Managers can use performance appraisals whenever supervising and monitoring the practices of their employees. It is possible for appraisals to become friendly and effective. The first approach is creating teams. Teams will “achieve their goals within a short time” (Afiouni, 2007, p. 127). Organizational teams exchange their ideas in order to achieve the best goals. Managers should also mentor their employees and supervisors in order to make the process meaningful. Supervisors “must be friendly and less confrontational” (Schwartz & Liakopoulos, 2010, p. 27).

Managers should encourage their supervisors to support their employees. Supervisors and employees can offer immediate feedback to one another. The approach “will reduce the number of errors affecting business performance” (Boudreau & Ramstad, 2006, p. 29). Managers can encourage their employees to be part of every evaluation process. The practice will increase the level of motivation and job satisfaction. Employers and supervisors must address every issue affecting their workers.

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