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Effects of Globalization in Health Care Administration Essay (Critical Writing)

The problem

Globalization is a critical provision in the current world. Its positive effects on healthcare administration are numerous. For example, IT has enhanced the connectivity and exchange of information among the health practitioners.

Additionally, globalization has led to the establishment of international standards to unify the healthcare system suitably. It has integrated national economies into the global market through trade, ventures, and fiscal flows.

This paper discusses how globalization affects healthcare administration as well as healthcare administrators in the modern world. It also discerns the negative impacts associated with the phenomenon.

Globalization is imposing fears and challenges (the problem) to the healthcare administrators (Friedman 45). The negative effects of globalization on healthcare administration and among administrators are evident.

It has established bureaucratic rules and rigidity within the health sector. Endeavors to match the modern provisions of globalization have been disadvantageous to most healthcare administrators.

Additionally, it has affected numerous professions. In this regard, it fronts considerable challenges to the healthcare sector in the realms of administration and service provision.

It is vital to agree that globalization has had a direct impact on the healthcare administration. Hence, healthcare administrators have experienced considerable challenges in adopting the new administration trends presented by globalization.

For instance, the introduction of Information Technology (IT) and ratification of modern administration techniques have equally provided massive challenges to the healthcare bureaucrats.

There is a critical need for dynamism to enhance competitiveness in the sector. The modernity required in the healthcare quarters has necessitated the need for globalization. Evidently, various provisions of healthcare administration have become obsolete.

This has been realized due to globalization that has brought up novel ideologies in the realms of administration.

Additionally, health providers and administrators must adopt the virtues of transformational leadership and new administration skills fronted by globalization.

It is necessary to match international standards in the realms of healthcare administration. Globalization requires all healthcare administrators to establish, enact, and embrace novel administration policies so as to provide standardized services.

Additionally, evolution noticed in the health sector (introduced by globalization) has been a challenge to the concerned administrators. In this context, administrators must learn and embrace emerging healthcare provisions.

This should occur constantly since globalization advocates for innovative management techniques in order to attain the desired healthcare goals.

This forms the major massive problem fronted by globalization in the healthcare administration (Friedman 76).

Precisely, healthcare administration demands constant learning, creativity, dynamism, and innovation for a viable healthcare provision.

It is crucial to agree that globalization will standardize healthcare services. However, this will take time to be implemented comprehensively. Healthcare administrators are tasked to accomplish this mandate besides other administrative roles.

This is a vital provision when considered critically. The most challenging situation is how the concerned administrators can harmonize health practices and provide considerable health services.

Additionally, the quality of health services provided to patients is greatly influenced by the administrative factors. Poor administrative trends will actually lead to inconsiderable health provisions.

Additionally, healthcare administrators, who have not embraced the aspects of globalization, will hardly propel the healthcare industry into the future.

The world has become interconnected through globalization. In this context, different industries operate together to establish stronger economies.

Various sectors ranging from health to agriculture need one another so as to remain competitive and relevant in the global market. This constitutes the aspects of globalization mentioned in this paper.

In this regard, healthcare administrators are facing massive challenges in their endeavors to remain relevant in the modern healthcare services. It is crucial to understand the provisions of globalization and how they affect the healthcare administration.

Globalization has unleashed several business opportunities in the healthcare administration. This is a vital provision when considered critically. The emerging trends in the healthcare administration have created new administrative dockets with special academic, social, and managerial requirements.

These can only be achieved by ratifying various aspects of globalization. The problem in this context is that all healthcare administrators who have failed to embrace the new administrative provisions, introduced through globalization, are disadvantaged.

Globalization requires healthcare administrators to adopt novel managerial trends. The conventional managerial cultures are getting lost due to globalization (Ocampo 251).

The applicability of some of the administrative cultures has become irrelevant as indicated earlier. Thus, globalization has fronted considerable effects in the realms of health administration.

Accordingly, those who are responsible for setting administration standards are required to consider the aspects of quality, promptness, and effectiveness.

It is also important to bestow such standards to a single and transparent body that will ensure that the challenges brought up by globalization are handled promptly. Nonetheless, it is crucial to consider the interests of the international community in regard to globalization.

It is also vital to assume that if a single set of standards is universally accepted, then the world’s healthcare sector will be more efficient through the enhancement of comparable healthcare services.

Precisely, the problem in this section is the drastic adjustments that globalization has posed on the modern healthcare administration.

Exploring Alternative Perspectives

Globalization can be easily adopted despite its challenges. Nonetheless, its effects on the healthcare administration are still critical. WHO (World Health Organization) can set conventional administrative trends in the healthcare sector.

This will help healthcare administrators to adapt new trends of managerial skills. Additionally, WHO and other healthcare activists can establish considerable regulations to enhance healthcare administration globally.

Alternatively, globalization must be embraced by all healthcare stakeholders. It is vital to understand the provisions of globalization and how the situation can be nurtured for the benefit of the community.

Other considerable factors in this context incorporate the universal viewpoints regarding globalization. It is crucial to enact considerable administrative policies to thwart the negative effects of globalization in the healthcare sector.

This incorporates ethical concerns among the health practitioners (Hein and Lars 319). Globalization is also having considerable impacts on the multi-faceted professions noticed within the sector.

Numerous challenges affecting the healthcare sector result from managerial shortfalls. Most countries have succeeded in their healthcare provision due to their enhanced focus on the healthcare administration (Bertho 65).

As a prospected healthcare administrator, issues regarding innovations, proficiency, competency, and ethical concerns must be scrutinized. In healthcare administration, it is vital to focus on value creation as well as health protection.

Precisely, healthcare administrators need to ratify and embrace globalization as well as its virtues. It is unnecessary to focus on its negative aspects alone.


It is still challenging/hard to solve the problems created by globalization in the healthcare administration sector. The phenomenon still affects the healthcare sector in numerous ways.

This is evident in the healthcare administration, which is one of the core enhancers of viable healthcare services. Additionally, it has affected healthcare administrators.

The phenomenon has affected the standards of the practice and doctrines of the profession. There is need to embrace modernity in the healthcare sector despite the challenges. This is only possible through globalization.

Another problem fronted by globalization in the healthcare administration incorporates change in the administration styles. This has necessitated competitiveness, modernity, efficiency, and relevancy in the healthcare sector.

Precisely, the effects of globalization are numerous. Healthcare administration has been affected considerably. This has challenged the concerned administrators in the field.

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