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Traditional vs. New Payment Systems in Healthcare

The payment systems determine the quality and the cost of health care services that the providers offer to patients. In the episode-of-care payment system, payment is made once for all the health care services that [...]

Schizophrenia Effects on Patient Development

This essay explores schizophrenia in a bid to understand what it really is, how it affects the development and relational abilities of its victims, and why these effects qualify it as a mental disorder.

Lateral Ankle Sprain Diagnostics and Intervention

Another ligament that can be stretched during ankle injury is the calcaneofibular ligament, a narrow, rounded cord, running from the apex of the fibular malleolus downward and slightly backward to a tubercle on the lateral [...]

Health Matters: Strategies for Implementing CPOE

Implementing the computerized provider order entry system within Health Matters would require identification of the needs of the personnel in the different settings within the healthcare organization.

Healthcare Systems: Rethinking the Consultation Process

Primary care physicians and medical consultants need to share information to ensure patients receive high-quality care. They propose the Shift Outpatient Model, which guides consultants and physicians to cooperate to attain positive outcomes in their [...]

Hardy Hospital Analysis

It implies that the hospital is not constrained in terms of resources needed to enhance the quality of services it provides to the patients.

Obesity Among Adolescent Girls

According to Sidik and Rampal, the prevalence of obesity among women in developing countries is alarmingly high. In research by Sidik and Rampal, the prevalence of obesity among 94.

Research Ethics: Tri-Council Policy Statement

As such, the article protects the rights of a person to take part in a research process willingly and prevents a person from taking part in a research unwillingly. 3 conforms to the principle of [...]

“The Wellness Tree”: Philosophy of Health

This, nonetheless, was my first introduction to the idea that health was not unvarying, and was, thus my first, immature philosophy of health. I need to be conscious of my health more of the time.

Autism: Main Symptoms and Research

Major symptoms of the disorder are repetitive behavior, abnormal communication development, and motor skills development. Major symptoms of autism are repetitive behavior, abnormal motor skills, and communication development.

Multi-Disciplinary Research in Nursing

In today's world, research is a fundamental segment when it comes to nursing as well as expanding the nurses' roles. From what I learnt, nurses nowadays want to conduct thorough research on as many problems [...]

MedStar St. Mary’s Hospital Cultural Reform

In this regard, the hospital has identified various elements that affect the hospital and its culture. To achieve a vigorous organizational culture, the hospital has learned to appreciate the roles played by the management personnel.

Medicaid Contracting with Managed Care Plans

However, it is common because the number of physicians in the care units managed by Medicaid is not enough to adequately serve a large number of patients. Medicaid federal program is established in the USA [...]

Nosocomial Infections Study in Skilled Nursing Facility

The research is aimed at considering the nosocomial infections transmitted by all staff within the Skilled Nursing Facility with the help of quantitative research after the consideration of the medical journals and some sources on [...]

Health and Its Sociological Factors

There are several factors that influence the weight of a child at birth, for instance, the weight of the parents and socioeconomic class of the parents among others.

US Vaccination Policy and Cost-Effectiveness

The US has a vaccination policy that stipulates that vaccines should guarantee the safety of all people in the country. However, in order for the vaccination policy to add value to the members of the [...]

Healthcare Professionals Shortage Worldwide

The shortage of health care professionals has made it difficult for people to gain access to life-saving health care services. This has led to a decline in the provision of health care services in the [...]

Emergency Contraception and Political Influence

Therefore, when the HHS secretary overruled the decision by the FDA commissioner and restricted the sale of Plan B One-Step contraceptive over the counter, this indicated that the decision that the HHS secretary made was [...]

Anaemia in Pregnant Women and Adolescent Girls

On aetiology, research purpose reaffirms that the cause of anaemia is the deficiency of iron and vitamin A during pregnancy and that predisposing factors such as poor nutrition and inaccessible prenatal care contribute significantly to [...]

Lung Cancer and Cystic Fibrosis: Diagnosis and Care

In Germany From 2000 to 2005, the incidence of lung cancer in men and women are decreasing and increasing respectively. The interruption of this chloride ion exporter reduces the osmotic potential across the cell membrane [...]

Nurse Retention in General Surgical Floor

The ideas can be tested with the help of surveys made of questionnaires, as well as experiments consisting of introducing a new position into the hospital a psychologist who will take care of nurses' concerns [...]

Healthline and Mayo Clinic: Websites Comparison

Mayoclinic.com is one of the websites that offer information concerning breast cancer, and it is a very popular medical website. On the other hand, the healthline.com website is purely a health care information platform.

Vitro Fertilization Ethical Issues

Even though the use of IVF technology is good news for couples who are not able to have children through natural means, taking advantage of it to have more than two is a misuse of [...]

Continuous Quality Improvement in Healthcare

However, according to Kahan and Goodstadt, it is certain that many healthcare professionals would not find it difficult to adopt the fundamentals of CQI in their day-to-day activities.

The Epilepsy Association of Central Florida, Inc.

In order to increase the community's response and the needs of persons with epilepsy, the program aims at educating and providing information to employers, educators, the medical community, the general public and the families of [...]

HIV and AIDS Early History and Risks

It is extremely important to learn about the early history of HIV/AIDS, since this knowledge can offer a clue to the problem of curing the disease or at least stop the rapid expansion of the [...]

Depression Studies and Online Research Sources

This is one of the issues that should not be overlooked. This argument is particularly relevant if one speaks about the precautions that should be taken by patients to overcome the effects of this disorder.

Probability Sampling Plan in Nursing Research

The sampling plan dictates the other outcomes of the research beyond the sampling study. This makes the method to have outcomes in the estimation of population totals during the research that make the research effective [...]

Operational or Conceptual Definition in Research

On the other hand, the operational definition describes the operations undertaken to measure the concept or terms in the conceptual definition. The two methods of definition thus cannot complement each other in research work.

Experimental Research in Nursing

The level of bias, control, and manipulation differ with the descriptive research being been more prone to bias and manipulation and less prone in control while quasi-experimental and experimental are less prone to bias and [...]

Alcohol and It Effects on Brain Functioning

The limbic system of the brain is responsible for the expression of emotional feelings whereas the thalamus is responsible for the release of hormones in response to stimuli such as stress and the general behavior [...]

Psychopharmacology and Its Principles and Issues

Such principles are relevant in the field of psychology since psychiatrists are able to administer drugs to patients effectively. It is vivid that the dangers associated with abusing prescription drugs are similar to those of [...]

Human Papillomavirus Awareness Among College Students

The research addresses the problem of low levels of literacy concerning HPV and other related sexually transmitted diseases and the stigma associated with the diseases. This research aims to determine the level of literacy among [...]

Los Angeles County Department of Public Health Website

The website of the institution is: http://publichealth.lacounty.gov/eprp/media/index.htm It is due to this fact that the department has enacted several programs that aim at creating awareness to the inhabitants of the county especially with regards to [...]

Psychopathology: Nature vs. Nurture

The discourse about nature and nurture concerning mental illness often involves factors that influence the mental development of a person. While some gene disorders also exist, schizophrenia is a classical case for explaining the role [...]

Sheikh Khalifa Medical City Supply Chains

The non-part connections are portrayed as connections between individuals from the central organization's supply chain network and non-individuals from the production network that are of significance to the central organization.

Nurse-to-Patient Ratio

So nurse to patient staffing ratio is said to be crucial for health facilities to provide the patients with high-quality services and bring positive outcomes.

Making Decisions on Public Health

The health department's decision to support investments in studies aimed at revealing the algorithms of the development of red tide and the possible methods of its prevention might help to minimize harm to the environment.

Nursing Homes: Budgeting and Reimbursement

In this plan, the researcher has identified specific items that will be included to help improve the quality of service delivery at this institution. The second item will be the quality of service offered to [...]

Healthcare Finance: Express Scripts, Inc.

It is imperative for healthcare managers to understand the fundamental aspects of financial aspects of healthcare management. Financial ratios analysis for Express Script, Inc.is based on annual statements from the year 2009 to 2013.

Global Health Diseases in Africa

The prevalence of tuberculosis and HIV across the globe is greatest in Sub-Saharan Africa. The diagnosis and treatment of tuberculosis in children present significant difficulties in the epoch of the HIV epidemic.

Recent Trends in Treating Ebola

It is still unknown which drugs will be used in the experiment but it is expected that researchers will agree on the matter during the American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene conference that will [...]

Vaccinations Issues in Africa

However, a healthcare worker should convince such parents to have their children vaccinated so that they can have healthier lives in the future. This can lead to a remarkable increase in the number of children [...]

Infectious Diseases Analysis

The lack of technical laboratories that can potentially manage the contaminated blood samples has greatly undermined the efforts to contain the spread of the disease.

New York Doctor Tests Positive for Ebola

According to the article, the government was also identifying new measures to treat every Ebola patient in the country. The American government was also undertaking new measures in order to deal with the disease.

The Potential Breach of HCC

In the recent past, the HCC Security Operations Center has perceived of malware and policy transgressions within its Intrusion Detection System. File a threat intelligence, which HCC will use in the face of a future [...]