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Ruth Jones’ Heart Bypass Operation

The following paper will address the process of the decision-making based on the case of Mrs. According to the decision tree model, the process of the decision-making in this situation will include such steps as [...]

Gerontological Concept: Sociocultural Discourse

The main idea promoted throughout Lamb's article is that, for elderly people to be able to lead a socially-productive and enjoyable lifestyle, they need to be encouraged to practice the model of 'successful aging', which [...]

The Quality of Services in Healthcare

It is necessary to understand that the health and well-being of patients are of utmost importance, and the information that is gained with the use of assessments may be analyzed to identify ways in which [...]

Nutrition Knowledge in Educational Presentation

In this study, the researcher will be looking at the benefits of educational presentation as a way of increasing knowledge of nutrition and the benefits of exercise among obese African American teenagers.

Healthcare Systems in the Chicago City

The healthcare needs of the Chicago City are determined by analyzing various factors that include accessibility, cost of services, and sources of funding healthcare in both private and public facilities.

Nursing Terminologies: NANDA International

The "role of every nursing terminology is to achieve health promotion for different patients, communities, and groups". Every nursing activity focuses on the health needs of different patients and communities.

Tongue and Why It Is Unique

Recent studies indicate that the development of the tongue is closely associated with the development of the heart because the formation of the head and heart occurs at the early stages of the embryo growth, [...]

Euthanasia Legalization: Public Policy Debates

The requirements of physicians to perform euthanasia and consideration of the second opinion eliminate the violation of legal and ethical stipulations, and thus, control the performance of euthanasia in health care environment. Opponents of euthanasia [...]

Overeating’s Causes and Problems

Heart problem, type 2 diabetes, and obesity are the imminent consequences of overeating, and in a bid to prevent them in children, parents should be mindful of the eating habits of their children.

Resistance to Antibiotics

Medical personnel argue that some of the patients fail to take the full dosage due to ignorance; a case that will aggravate the patient's susceptibility due to the overall resistance in the long run.

Heart Disease Prevention in Postmenopausal Women

The article "Coronary Heart Disease Mortality and Hormone Therapy Before and After the Women's Health Initiative" offers new insights that can be used to prevent cardiovascular diseases in postmenopausal women. The HRT approach can be [...]

Severe Anxiety Disorder: Diagnosis and Treatment

The mental position of the patient explains why it was necessary to refer the patient to a psychiatrist. Family members should also "be equipped with appropriate communication skills in order to address the needs of [...]

Breast Condition, Its Diagnosis and Treatment

Documents containing the personal and health history of a patient act as a bridge of communication between the physician and the patient. Staying physically fit helps to maintain a healthy weight and in turn reduces [...]

Ovarian Cyst, Its Diagnosis and Treatment

The use of oral contraceptives was effective in reducing the incidence of functional cysts. Fritz and Speroff emphasize the importance of high-dose formulations of oral contraceptives to resolve ovarian cysts.

Economic Insecurity Concept and Its Effects

One of the fundamental means of a healthy mind is to avoid or limit the amount of stress. The main objective of this article is to find the relationship between economic insecurity and mental illness [...]

Does Economic Insecurity Cause Mental Illness?

To address the issue, the researchers develop eight alternative measures of economic insecurity and investigate the relationships with two measures of mental health, uses Australian panel data that is rich in items on financial expectations [...]

Oscar’s Treatment Plan

The purpose of this paper is to examine the symptoms characteristic for Oscar in order to determine whether it is necessary to conduct the psychiatric evaluation for the young man and propose the plan of [...]

Public Health Systems: England and Egypt

In the public health administration, centralization stands for the public health systems, where the government or the state employees and the leaders are responsible for monitoring, coordinating, and evaluating the activities and functions of the [...]

Physical Exercise and Good Health

The main advantage of physical exercise is lowering the risk of suffering from diseases and regulating fat in the body. Since one of the leading causes of colorectal cancer is the behavioral pattern that one [...]

GAH Organization Quality Control and Accreditation

GAH will ensure that it meets its core objective of providing safe and beneficial healthcare to the elderly. It will also conduct regular studies and use outcomes to improve safety and quality of care to [...]

The Effects of Sex Education in America

To enhance the usage of condoms in the prevention of the spread of STDs and prevention of unwanted pregnancies, the responsible stakeholders are supposed to transform the way sex education and condom usage promotions are [...]

Holistic Approach to Successful Aging

Based on the above statistics, it is apparent that the USA will experience an absolute aging society in the future. One of the great accomplishments of healthcare in the 21st century is an improvement in [...]

Critique of Health-Belief Model by R. Davidhizar

The primary objective of concept analysis is to examine the main idea critically to identify the themes of the design. The concept of health-related behavior is used in the field of breast cancer to enlighten [...]

Emancipatory Knowing in Nursing

The complexity of the healthcare system is gradually impacting the overall wellbeing of patients. In other words, they can opt to communicate specific social issues that contravene the wellbeing of patients and their families.

Nursing as a Discipline and Profession

In my opinion, nursing is a profession that requires years of specialized training and then years of professional experience to make a successful expert, nursing deals with people's health; this is why it cannot be [...]

Lorenzo Regional Care for Care Management

Probably, the civilization of people will initiate the desires and reasons for the services to the people. Therefore, the costs will reduce due to the economies of scale or the customers will be satisfied due [...]

The National Programme for IT in the NHS

According to Heldman, defining project control for this project is very important in enhancing the success of this project. The top management of the National Health Service should be responsible for the controls in this [...]

IT Programme and Lorenzo Patient Record Systems

This report focuses on the application of appropriate project methodologies and concepts for a critical review of the National IT Programme in the NHS. The project was initiated by the Department of Health, which was [...]

Lorenzo Software: National IT Programme in the NHS

The case study shows that challenges characterised the implementation of the National IT Programme by the NHS because of lack of adequate expertise on the project management knowledge areas. This situation indicated the existence of [...]

The Risk of Compassion Fatigue in Medicine

Through the practice of empathic engagement with the patients, caregivers share the patients' emotional and psychological burden to the issues affecting them, not mentioning the fact that the health professionals serves as witnesses to these [...]

Health Insurance in the UAE

In Dubai and Abu Dhabi, the policy started in 2014 and it is expected that the majority of people living in the UAE will have obtained the health insurance by 2016.

Repeated Measures in Healthcare Research

Since the ability of the body to regulate blood glucose level is subject to the age of individuals, the study sought to find out if the efficacy of a novel antihyperglycemic drug varies across the [...]

Mid Staff NHS: Governance and Leadership

As Wager and Lee assert, the amount of information available to the public and the relatively liberalised systems of oversight and reporting continue to check the management structures put in place by the private health [...]

Bioanthropology: Culture and Medicine

The importance of social and ethnic diversity in the United States today is very high, the awareness of this diversity is widely promoted, yet some culture-specific researches in the American medicine led to racial division [...]

Sunitinib Drug: Efficacy and Safety

The incremental cost-effectiveness ratio for the use of Sunitinib as a treatment option is the ratio of the change in the cost for administering this treatment compared to other treatment alternatives to the change in [...]

Healthy Diet

Various intrinsic and extrinsic factors influence the execution of brain in motivating a person to eat a healthy diet. The limbic structure is directly responsible for reward and motivation, a prerequisite factor for changing of [...]

Elderly Drivers in California

It needs to be said that it is understandable that the process of testing may be complicated and stressful for an individual, but it is a necessary measure.

Exertional Heat Stroke and Sudden Death

The heat leads to the malfunctioning of the Central Nervous System, which is manifested in the symptoms of EHS. According to the National Athletic Trainers' Association, it is vital for an athletic trainer to recognize [...]

Bartter’s Syndrome Concept

Among the many roles that the kidney plays in the body, the most critical one is the control of the composition and the fluid volume in the body.

Risk Management in Manitoba Province’s Health Sector

The approaches to deal with risks include shifting the risk to a different entity, steering clear of the risk, minimizing the unconstructive consequence of the risk, and agreeing to some or even the entire results [...]

Euthanasia Concept

In order to grasp the gist of the deliberations in this essay, it is important to first apprehend what the term euthanasia means and bring this meaning in the context of this essay.

Linear Programming in Healthcare Organisations

Provided that medical workers identify the type of services required by a patient, they will be able to estimate the amount of costs which will be needed. On the whole, this discussion shows that linear [...]