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Needs Assessment for Reducing Health Problems

Individuals who use injection drugs are highly susceptible to the contraction and transmission of HIV infection since the misuse of the drugs can interfere with their cognitive ability to make sound judgments, hence poor handling [...]

Children with Cancer and Their Social Activities

Therefore, the main objective of the proposed research study is to find a relevant and accurate answer to the following research question: What is the connection between childhood cancer and the social activities of those [...]

Evidence-Based Protocol for Rural Health Services

Given that the growth and sustainability of organizations and sectors are largely dependent on the leadership process, it is paramount to understand the role healthcare leaders play in addressing the accessibility of health care services [...]

“Medicine in China” by Paul Unschuld

The most interesting part of the Chinese culture described in the text is the partially social nature of the illness. Because the dead were, according to the belief system, dependent on the living regarding their [...]

Gloucestershire Hospitals: Operations Management

The capacity management, which can be defined as the management of the production ability, is also closely connected to the workforce of GHNHS since the trust searches to improve its productivity by ensuring the attraction, [...]

The Provision of Evidence-Based Health Care

The main objective is to identify the best leadership and management theories that can support the performance of multidisciplinary teams. These concepts and skills are can guide healthcare leaders to address the needs of multidisciplinary [...]

State-Based Action Coalitions for Future Nursing

With the help of specialists from the organization, the report on the future of nursing was prepared; having analyzed the report and the positive changes that it has encouraged, one can understand that the proposed [...]

Primary and Collaborative Nursing Care Models

The article "The effects of primary nursing care model: A systematic review" shows conclusively that the use of the primary nursing care process has the potential to transform the outcomes of many patients.

Medicalization of Hyperhidrosis in Media

As for the particular factors that may be regarded as important when it comes to the medicalization of this condition, it is necessary to mention that a lot of people experiencing excessive sweating have increased [...]

Cancer Treatment Effects on Sexual Function

The purpose of the research is to discover the influence that cancer treatment has on sexual function. Hunter refers to the analysis of the influence of cervical cancer treatment on the sexual function and intimate [...]

Nursing Concepts in Presentation and Feedback

In this model, the role of nurses is explicitly important, as nurses get to connect the efforts of other health care team members and maintain the network of cooperation needed to address the needs of [...]

Brain and Speech Production in Neuroscience

The current literature review is dedicated to the mechanisms for speech production and their implications in the field of neuroscience. The authors note that the speech sound map performs three crucial functions: promoting the discrete [...]

Neuroma and Mucocele as Oral Pathology

However, in the majority of cases, the neuroma is defined as one of the possible differential diagnoses of mucocele. It is a salivary gland disorder that is observed in an oral cavity in the form [...]

Electronic Health Records in a Small Hospital

It has been proven by experience that the process of change is usually unpredictable and fluid; this implies that a nurse facilitator has to be flexible and sensitive to resistance since the success will largely [...]

Sepsis, Its Treatment, Intervention, and Mortality

Identifying whether the elderly are likely to obtain the most benefit from this intervention, it is significant to find out the possible ways of preventing sepsis, types of infection that may lead to it, the [...]

Modeling and Role-Modeling Theory in Nursing

Also, the theory addresses the concepts of leadership and suggests that successful nurse leaders should build trust in their followers and comply with a number of principles that promote the professional development of the followers.

Medical Marijuana Legalization Rebuttal

The claim of fact is that A.C.A.continues to be beneficial despite the arguments of Republican politicians and current challenges. The claim of policy is the appeal to Republicans and Democrats to work together on the [...]

Protein Diet, Telomere Length, and Cancer

Based on the premise that cancerous cells rely on the process of glycolysis in generating high energy, Ho et al.undertook a study to determine the effect of diets with low carbohydrate and high protein and [...]

Ebola Virus Disease in Uganda and Sierra Leone

The reason for this is that as the outbreak of the Ebola virus disease has shown, the continuation of the ongoing social and technological progress does not make humanity any less susceptible what can be [...]

Healthcare Quality Measurement and Evaluation

Farmer, Black, and Bonow argue that "quality healthcare is the ability to offer the right care for the right client and at the right time". The discussion will examine the challenges associated with the use [...]

Ebola Global Control and Its Evaluation

Affecting large swaths of territory to the northern and southern parts of the country, the civil war led to the collapse of the nation's health infrastructure and the breakdown of health services in the country.

Health, Illness and Optimal Aging

The skin is known to show the most noticeable signs of aging in people. The skin consists of three layers namely the epidermis, the dermis, and the subcutaneous fat.

Parkinsonism: Future Clinical Modalities and Drugs

Since the cases of Parkinsonism symptoms development as a result of using some medications are numerous, scientists are constantly working on the improvement of the techniques employed in the treatment of Parkinsonism and Parkinson's disease.

Lillian Wald Contribution to the Healthcare System

Public consciousness of that time directed the development of the most important Wald's projects: "the invention of public health nursing itself, the establishment of a nationwide system of insurance payments for home-based care, and the [...]

Health Service for Australian Indigenous Population

The Northern Territory of Australia is home to the largest segment of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander populations in regard to their ratio to the other groups as the indigenous people represent over one-quarter of [...]

RWJBarnabas Health Facility’s Communication Issues

The purpose of this paper is twofold: to prove that RWJBarnabas has communication problems in the Medical-Surgical Unit and to identify the recommendations that may be given to improve the work of the chosen healthcare [...]

Fall Prevention Among Elderly Americans

For instance, contributors of one article stress that it is essential for old people to be aware of their health issues and discuss their vision biases with professionals who might offer adequate medical procedures to [...]

Ethics in Evidence-Based Practice Implementation

From the ethical perspective, a practitioner should commit to the organizational policy; however, the principle of following evidence-based practice also suggests that the intervention should be provided to meet the needs of targets.

Glomerulonephritis in Paramedic Pharmacology

A recent clinical trial involving a comparison of Rituximab and IV cyclophosphamide initiation in patients with severe symptoms found that the former has fewer side effects but comparable efficacy to the latter.

Psychopathy Development in Children

Most studies do not even have a satisfactory resolution to the inquiry of whether children become psychopaths as a result of nature or environmental impacts in the course of upbringing.

Hypertension Care Plan for a Young Woman

The patient may come up with the following goal: to avoid hypertension to prevent health complications and feel better. The paramount issue is that it is the patient who is responsible for all the above [...]

New Orleans’ Central Emergency Care and Strategy

New Orleans' Central Emergency Care is a healthcare facility that serves the population of the Central Business District with the general purpose to treat critically ill patients, avoiding complications and reaching positive health outcomes.

Healthy Children Through Community Effort

As the environment has been shown to have a significant influence on children's health and well-being, it is worth discussing the role of outside-school facilities in promoting a healthy lifestyle among children.