Health & Medicine Essay Examples and Topics

Nutrition: Childhood Obesity’s Adverse Effects

Modern mass media often pay much attention to Ebola, swine influenza, and other virulent diseases. Admittedly, their dangers should not be disregarded by the community. However, there is a far greater threat that is often overlooked by different stakeholders. In particular, I would like to speak about childhood obesity and the effects that it produces. […]

Current Level of National Healthcare Spending

Currently, the national healthcare spending is estimated to be about $3130.2 billion (Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services, 2014). The spending has risen by 7.4% compared with the previous year. The increased spending is primarily due to healthcare coverage expansion because of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). In fact, the ACA has caused a sharp […]

Healthcare: the Ways to Address the Ebola Menace

Nowadays, the world is experiencing the most widespread and influential Ebola outbreak since the first outbreak of the disease observed in 1976. The whole global community is involved in discussing the problem because of the active spread of the virus among continents. The problem is in the fact that at the current stage, the global […]

Theobromine Poisoning in Animals

Theobromine is a chemical substance naturally occurring in cocoa beans, tea plant leaves, and kola nuts (Gans, Korson, Cater & Ackerly 481). It belongs to a family of chemicals called methylxanthines. It has been consumed by humans for centuries. Cocoa bean husks are added to animal feeds in cocoa producing regions. Theobromine poisoning can occur […]

Socioeconomic Status of People in the United States and Access to Health Care

The assurance of affordable and equal access to health care is the overriding priority of every civilized nation. Nevertheless, issues related to health care disparities emerge in both developed and developing countries due to influences exerted by socioeconomic conditions (Braveman & Gottlieb, 2014; Griffith, Evans, & Bor, 2017). Similar trends are observed in the United […]

Oral Care Protocol and Feedback Systems and Nursing Compliance in Performing Oral Care

Critically ill people, who may be unconscious or sedated while they are treated in intensive care units, are often provided with breathing assistance devices. The use of these medical ventilators may result in some complications, first in such as ventilator-associated pneumonia (VAP), which is a potentially severe state for all categories of patients. The outcomes […]

Competence, Compassion, and Fairness as Cornerstones of Nursing

Although some people might consider nurses to be less critical or qualified than doctors, nursing professionals play an essential role in any healthcare system, since they help to implement medical treatment and facilitate the healing process through providing their patients with psychological support. Considering the need to establish and maintain personal contact with sick people, […]

GMO Production: Reasons and Potential Effects

The genetic modification of organisms is an ancient practice that currently became highly essential and controversial at the same time. Despite the apparent benefits of GMOs, the interference into genes has its oppositionists, and no countries develop a suitable framework to regulate GMO production and analyze its potential risks. The purpose of this essay is […]

Genetically Modified Foods: Should They Be Consumed?

The consumption of genetically modified foods has been a subject of heated debate among scientists, policy-makers, journalists, and consumers. At present, many people express concerns about the safety of these products, especially long-term effects on human health. In particular, one can mention such possible threats as horizontal gene transfer and allergenicity. Apart from that, it […]

Psychiatric Illness: Trisomy 18 or Edwards Syndrome

Introduction Trisomy 18 (also referred to as Edwards Syndrome) is a rare genetic disorder (Gilmore, 2009). It occurs when part of an individual’s chromosome 18 is duplicated. This causes the development of a third copy of chromosome 18. This genetic error usually occurs as a result of nondisjunction during the meiotic stage. As the name […]

Addressing the Issues of Childhood Obesity

Introduction Childhood obesity is a medical condition affecting young children and adolescents, whereby the person’s weight does not conform to what is deemed normal at his/her age. According to research by Hirsch, one in every five children in the United States is obese. This population, however, grows day by day, backed by the fact that […]

Leadership and Nursing Care Management

Abstract To perform efficiently, it is imperative for organizations to be led by a powerful, focused team. Unlike managers, leaders are able to challenge the status quo and to urge members of an organization on to greater performance. Considering the differences that exist between leaders and managers, it does not automatically follow that a good […]

Euthanasia, “Physician-assisted death”

Can you shoot a bullet at one of your family member because she/he is suffering from a pain? Have you ever seen one of your beloved dying? And thought that it would be easier to him/her to die instead of suffering from the pain but you do not have the strength to do it or […]

Organ Donation: Importance Information

Organ transplant is a form of surgery in which an injured, diseased, or damaged body organ is removed from a patient and replaced with a healthy organ, which has been donated (Elgert 4). This concept emerged in the 19th century and has been practiced for a long time now (about 50 years now). Majorly, several […]

Patient Classification System

Applying to Patient Classification System in a Practical Setting Managing and controlling costs is indispensible to regulating profits and expenses at the healthcare organization. Therefore, it is crucial to select an appropriate model for handling input and output operations within the hospital. Having a rich experience in monitoring the flow of patients, along with the […]

Abortion: Theories and Moral Issues

Introduction There are two opposing views on the question of abortion and these are the pro-life and the pro-choice. The pro-life argues that abortion is immoral and in fact constitutes murder because a fetus is already a human being from the time it is conceived. The pro-choice, on the other hand, advocates that a woman […]

Adoption, childlessness or reproductive technology

Children are considered to be a blessing for couples. Many long lasting relationships are usually characterized by couples having plans of getting children during their relationship. Thus, couples always seek to have children to ensure that they are a complete family in line with what the society expects of them. Children are usually achieved through […]

The effect of methamphetamines on prenatal and postnatal development

Biophysical Information: Biophysical Strengths and Hazards The case study on Kim gives a clear information on the effect of methamphetamines on prenatal and postnatal development. The case study shows that the use of Methamphetamines (Meth) by mothers during the prenatal stage may have serious physical effects during the process of giving birth. Although there is […]

Nurse Scheduling Problem

Nurse scheduling refers to the process of assigning working schedules or programmes to nursing practitioners in their places of work. The process entails giving different working schedules to a certain number of nursing practitioners who possess varied skills and qualifications, while at the same time conforming to important aspects that needs to be addressed such […]

Implementation of Electronic Medical Records

Introduction Information technology has recently become one of the most reliable technologies in efficient service delivery. Implementation of the system within health sector is viewed as a move in reducing medical errors, hence promoting patient safety as well as reducing costs. However, implementation of the new models requires variety of measurable elements capable of creating […]

Radiation Dose Reduction Strategies in Cardiac CT Angiography

Introduction With great advancements in technology especially in the field of medicine, computed tomography (CT) has developed to become a very important clinical tool (Smith-Bindman et al. 2009). The use of CT examinations has also substantially increased. In the U.S., for example, the number increased from 3 million from the 80s to about 70 million […]

Public Health Perspectives on Tobacco Control: The Framework Convention

In 2003, the World Health Organization (WHO) member states successfully negotiated the organization’s first ever framework convention on tobacco control. The aim of negotiating this particular framework was with a view to ensuring global accountability in public health. This means that the Public Health Perspective on Tobacco Control is recognized and certified by the World […]

Epidemiological studies of tuberculosis

Introduction Tuberculosis is a contagious disease, which mainly affects pulmonary system, but can affect kidneys, brain, and bones. The causative agent of tuberculosis is a bacterium called Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Tuberculosis is among the leading causes of deaths globally because it is an infectious disease, which spreads through the air. Epidemiological studies have revealed that tuberculosis […]

Anti- and Pro-abortion Arguments

Disagreement on the status of abortion is an old debate dating back to probably nineteenth century. In many countries like the US and Germany, abortion is considered illegal. However, a social movement through the last seven decades has distinctly divided two groups of anti- and pro-abortion advocates. These two divisions are the pro-life and the […]

Teams and Communication in Healthcare

Introduction The article, titled “Importance of Good Teamwork in Urgent Care Services”, makes reference to a case study to investigate the topics of teamwork and communication in a London emergency department (ED) resuscitation unit, and also to draw conclusions regarding the factors that might inhibit and encourage effective communication, leadership, interaction and collaboration among team […]

Differences in Diabetic Related Cases in African-Americans and Whites

Introduction The research study examines the diabetes epidemic among African-Americans based on the various range of risk as well as structural factors contributing to the prevalence of the disease amongst women. The study mainly emphasizes possible avenues which could be exploited to ensure equal application as well as implementation of the various health care interventions […]

Pandemic Flu Planning

Recommended epidemic control steps A flu pandemic can be controlled through four steps that would be aimed at reducing the rate of spread of the disease and reducing its impact on the community. The steps are useful if an outbreak is detected early before it could have explosive growth (Interim Pre-pandemic Planning Guidance, 2007). If […]

Leadership and Healthcare

Leadership is often associated with the business world. However, it has been acknowledged that it is crucial in any field and in any aspect of people’s lives. Healthcare is one of the fields where leadership is essential, as it has a positive impact on patients’ healing process (Laschinger, Wong, Cummings and Grau, 2014). It is […]

Global Strategies for The “Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Corona-Virus”

Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary Prevention Strategies The “Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Corona-Virus (MERS-CoV) is a single-stranded RNA novel species of the genus Betacoronavirus” (Al-Tawfiq & Memish, 2014, p. 283). This virus causes a respiratory illness known as Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS). The disease was first reported in 2012 in the Middle East. The disease […]

Impact of Technology on Healthcare Services

Introduction This is a position paper based on the given topic. It contains the author’s opinion on the impact of technology on healthcare services. The paper also discusses how technology has changed the education and labor requirements for the healthcare sector. Health care is among the sectors that lack sufficiency pertaining to adoption of technology […]

Diabetic Education Program

Introduction Cimon states that “diabetes is a disease where one has high concentration of blood sugar either because the cells are not responding to the insulin produced or because the pancreas is not producing enough insulin (p, 12). It is a metabolism disorder because from metabolism, digested food is broken down to glucose which is […]

Training programs for semiliterate and illiterate populations in Swaziland

Introduction Health communication focuses on the solution of health issues through the dissemination of selected messages to communities [1]. Most organisations apply various means to spread health messages, including the use of social media and personal interactions with target audiences. Although communication plays a central role in th the study of health communication as an […]

Conflict Management in the healthcare sector

Introduction The healthcare sector experiences frequent changes due to the emergence of new diseases, medical technologies and research (Burns, 2012). In a bid to ensure that medical practitioners are able to treat and adapt to new changes in healthcare, change must take place. In this regard, the adoption of postmodern and complex science strategies becomes […]

Injury Prevention Intervention (Driving injury in young people)

Introduction Studies indicate that the major victims of road driving are the young people. In fact, age, gender and inexperience are among the factors putting at higher risks of driving injuries. For instance, due to the age, young people are incapable of effectively estimating their capabilities and often test their limits above other individuals. Dodge […]

Investigative Report on Health IT

Introduction Over the years, the recognition of health IT as an essential requirement for improved delivery of health care services has continued to grow quite hysterically. Also referred to as health information systems, health IT has so much to offer as far as patient health care provision is considered (IOM, 2012). It is thus imperative […]

Memory and Age

Introduction Human memory varies according to the age of an individual as growth and development of an individual is subject to age. As children grow and their brains develop, they begin to understand what is taking place in their environment. Since humans use common sense when interpreting what is in their environment, the sensitivity and […]

Anatomy of the Human Chest

Introduction The chest is a cavity in the upper region of the body located between the neck and the waist or the abdomen. In human beings, it is commonly known as the thoraxic cavity. The chest’s major function is to protect the major organs in the body found in the thorax. The heart and lungs […]

Nurse as a Team Builder Sentence Outline

Abstract This paper will discuss teambuilding in nursing and how it affects the way nurses perform their roles in different healthcare settings. The journal article to be reviewed in this discussion uncovers more information about effective strategies that nurses need to use to network and share information with other healthcare professionals. The article also reveals […]

Measures of Disease Frequency

According to Aschengrau and Seage (2008), measures of disease frequency are the “building blocks” employed by epidemiologists to evaluate effects of a disease on humans (2008, p.59). When measures of disease frequency are compared, they consolidate building blocks in a constructive manner and permits one to define the correlation between characteristics and a disorder. It […]

Analysis of Qualitative Nursing Research Study

Problem addressed by the study The study recognizes that patients with breast cancer lack of information on chemotherapy and cognitive changes. The study therefore, aims to help breast cancer patients by providing information on crucial issues related with the condition. The problem addressed by the study is very imperative for nursing to study to ensure […]

Healing Meditation

Introduction Meditation is a process of a determined focus on a sound, thing, movement or just attention to enhance awareness of the current moment, decrease anxiety, boost recreation and uphold personal and spiritual advancement (Seaward, 2012, pp. 67-74). Even if meditation is a significant religious endeavor in some religions and customs, it could be carried […]

Music as a Relaxation Technique

Abstract In this paper, I outline the effect of music as a natural laxative and explore studies that have been done to examine the effect of music on our health. Though Dr. Seaward’s work on stress management is extensive, I have taken the liberty to explore a number of other, equally authoritative studies on music […]

How Technology Is Changing the Health Care Field

New to Health Care What do you already know about technology in health care? Over the centuries, technology in health care has modified the face of healthcare. The health sector has at all times merged the best and cleverest in communities to assist those requiring medical attention. From curing cancer and handling heart diseases to […]

Effects of Massage Therapy

Introduction Massage has been in practice for many centuries and refers to manipulation of external and deep-seated levels of muscle and adjoining tissue through different methods in order to improve their function, quicken a healing process, reduce reflex activity in tendons, prevent motor-neuron vehemence, and enhance relaxation and general well-being as well as a pastime. […]

Autism: Health Disorder

Introduction Autism is a health disorder which has gained much publicity in healthcare. Autism affects the neural development of a person. It is characterized by weakened communication, increases recurring behavior and undermines social interaction. Autism primarily affects the flow of information processing in the brain (Heidgerken et al., 2005). It achieves this by altering the […]

Hypoxia and Air Accidents

Introduction Hypoxia is defined as a deficiency of oxygen in the body tissues or simply oxygen starvation. Hypoxia can occur due to a variety of reasons. Normally this condition is preceded by low levels of oxygen in the blood system-a condition normally known as hypocalcaemia. Nonetheless, it is important to note that hypoxia can occur […]

Intubation and Mechanical Ventilation of the Asthmatic Patient in Respiratory

Abstract The title of the article gives a clear idea of the research question to be investigated. It is clearly and meaningfully worded to give readers a clear picture of the study. The first author works in the Emergency Department of Case Western Reserve School of Medicine, Cleveland, Ohio. The second author works in the […]

Hepatocellular carcinoma

A 50-year-old married man with a family of three children presented chronic hepatitis C that developed to cirrhosis. Hepatitis C was linked to “intravenous drug used in 1960’s and trauma treatment involving several transfusion in 1975” (Schiff 2004, p. 183). Cirrhosis became complex due to “bleeding esophageal varice, but endoscopic banding intervention was successful in […]

Health Evaluation Plan for the ARTreach Health Promotion program

Summary The ARTReach is a communal project that was established specifically to give women aged between sixteen and twenty-five years a chance to explore their potentials in arts through developing life skills in therapy techniques. Through the project, women have an opportunity to express what is deemed significant in their daily lives. They are able […]

Brain Maturation in Infants

The brain of an infant undergoes various changes after birth. In particular, one can mention that at the beginning, it weighs approximately 400 grams; however, it can grow by more than 200 percent within the next 12 months (Ashford, 2012, p. 80). At this stage, the connections between neurons are very weak, and they are […]

Evidence for the Safety and Efficacy of Metal-on-Metal Hip Prosthesis: Sufficient or Insufficient?

Introduction The development of joint replacement surgery was a major milestone in orthopedic surgery. Hip replacement is often the only viable solution for patients with advanced joint deterioration. Total hip arthroplasty is usually the last recourse for patients whose condition cannot be resolved clinically. Successful hip replacement usually leads to a better quality of life […]

Discovery and advancement of the hip replacement technique

Introduction The 20th and 21st centuries are a landmark epoch in the evolution of the field of medicine including the discovery and advancement of the hip replacement technique. Hip replacement stands out as a great breakthrough in the treatment of hip complications that can no longer respond to other normal therapy. When the hip deteriorates, […]

Road Traffic Accidents: Epidemiology of an Injury

Introduction: Epidemiology, Statistics and Other Related Issues Road accidents will always happen (Bartley, 2008). No matter how well people might learn the basic principles of road regulations and the rules of pedestrian safety, due to the notorious human factor, accidents are practically unavoidable (Cacciabue, 2004). As a result, road injuries will never cease to occur, […]

Determining Protein Concentration using Kjeldahl Method and Fat Content using Bligh and Dyer and Soxhlet Methods

Abstract This study sought to determine protein concentration in different food samples using the Kjeldahl method. The study also determined fat content in the same food samples using the Bligh and Dyer method and the Soxhlet method. The protein content values obtained were approximately the same as the NIP content of 27%. The Bligh and […]

Blood donation advertisement, causes and effects

Blood donation has been around for many years and has increased most recently. Many lives have been saved thanks to donors who have voluntarily provided blood when it was low in supply. An important aspect of blood donation is the knowledge that people have about the process and its reasons. As a result, blood donation […]

The Causes of Obesity and Its Effects on Fertility

Obesity is one of the problems that medical workers pay attention to since it leads to various health complications such cardiovascular disease, sleep apnea, or diabetes (Ryan 42). Furthermore, this disorder can significantly impair the quality of a person’s life. This paper is aimed at discussing the causes of this disorder and its effects on […]

Women and reproductive health

Introduction Various health issues tend to affect women across the globe. In the last few decades, these issues have gradually proved to be very important given that they not only affect women, but also affect men and the entire society. However, even with concerted efforts, insecure abortion and childbirth still lead to the death of […]

Women’s Health and Feminism Theory

Introduction Women have several health challenges that affect their normal lives in society. They often face problems that impede their role-playing. One of the health issues that women go through is associated with reproduction (Maruccio, Loving, Bennett & Hayes 2003, p. 29). Studies show that a strong society would be created through supporting a healthy […]

Ethics and clinical trials

One of the main questions discussed by scholars is related to the ethical and safety standards established for clinical trials. The main task is to ensure the safety of patients and obtain scientifically rigorous findings. In some cases, these priorities cannot be easily reconciled. This paper is aimed at discussing two articles written by Marcia […]

Health Remoteness in Tumby bay region in Australia

Introduction Healthcare services are fundamental especially in the current world since they define the level of performance in various settings. This is evident because they influence individual’s productivity levels and wellbeing. Indeed, stakeholders in the health sector in various jurisdictions should develop viable modalities to foster the provision of quality Medicare to local members. This […]

Disability in Modern Society

Introduction Disability is a mental or physical condition that restricts a person’s activities, senses or movements. Modern societies have recognized the problems faced by these individuals and passed laws that ease their interactions. Some people, therefore, believe that life for the disabled has become quite bearable. These changes are not sufficient to eliminate the hurdles […]

Prevalence of Obesity among the Poor

Introduction In the past, being overweight was seen as a sign as wealth and affluence since the condition is caused by overindulgence in foods. This is not the case in modern day where obesity afflicts all sections of the society. An interesting trend in modern society has been the increase in obesity cases among the […]

Gun Laws and Psychiatric Disorders

Introduction It is assumed that all psychological and behavioral processes, whether normal or abnormal, are a result of improper brain function. A rational corollary is that all psychiatric disorders are due to abnormal brain functioning. Psychiatric disorders caused by known organic causes are called the mental organic disorders. These are behavioral or psychological disorders associated […]

Policy Analysis Report on Improvement in the coordination of services in the health sector

Introduction Healthcare services are essential services that require proper coordination and improved systems of operation that are set under innovative ideals. This is because the services are instrumental in enhancing individuals’ wellness and physical stability that promotes their productivity levels. The services also ensure the development of healthy societies through effective mitigation of severe diseases […]

Patient Anxiety from MRI Scans

Abstract The paper seeks to determine whether there is a relationship between gender, age and level of education in patient anxiety from MRI scans. This is however done by conducting interviews on patients at King Abdul Aziz Medical City in Riyadh. The main causes of anxiety were seen to be the physical surrounding of the […]

Nursing Shortage Problem

Introduction Nursing shortage is a problem that is encountered by most of the healthcare providing institutions in many nations. It refers to a state where nursing professionals’ demand is higher than the number that is supplied to an institution. The role of nurses in health institutions is vital and cannot be assumed. This is because […]

Electronic Cigarettes: Could they Help University Students Give Smoking Up?

The Habit of Smoking Reasons why University Students Smoke University students use smoking to alleviate stress from constant studying and the constant pressures in their social lives. Others start smoking due to the peer pressure from their friends. Students, especially those who suffer from low self esteem, are the most likely to start smoking in […]

The Real Causes of Autism

At present, the causes of autism have not been accurately determined. This question still remains a subject of many studies. However, there are many stereotypes and misconceptions about this issue. In particular, one should discuss the belief that vaccination leads to this neural disorder. On the whole, it is possible to argue that this concern […]

Pseudoscience and Alternative Medicine

Health is considered to be one of the most important human possessions and people have been using the healing power of nature since the beginning of time. Modern science and medical advancements have largely developed drug treatment, thus complementary and alternative medicine is thought to be ineffective and is distrusted by doctors and patients. The […]

Obesity in Western Culture

Introduction Western society at the present is experiencing an epidemic of obesity where the poor, for the first time in history, are proportionately the most obese sector of the population. Evidence of this can be seen in the work of Cloake (2013) wherein his study shows that “nearly 33% of adults within the U.S. and […]

Preventing Hotels from Norwalk Virus

The Norwalk viruses are one of the dangerous contagious viruses of gastrointestinal track. The signs and symptoms of these viruses appear in 24 to 48 hours after the virus attack. Abdominal pain, diarrhea, vomiting, and headache are the symptoms of the viral presence in the human body. One of the interesting facts about this virus […]

Philosophy of Nursing Science Associated with Hemodialysis and Cardiac Issues

Introduction The unexpected demise of a patient in the course of hemodialysis is an unusual happening. The occurrence of cardiac arrest in the course of dialysis is approximated to be seven people out of one-hundred thousand sessions of hemodialysis. Out of the cases of cardiac arrests that emerge, about 13 per cent of them end […]

Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome

Introduction During this millennium, SARS has been identified as the first novel infectious disease. The disease came from Southern China in the late 2002. It is worth noting that the disease has an exceptionally high morbidity and mortality rate. After originating, the disease affected close to eight thousand people within a period of six months. […]

Nursing Community: Planning, Prioritizing & Implementing Healthcare Programs

In the face of limited financial and manpower resources, nursing practitioners are expected to prioritize health needs in the planning and implementation of healthcare initiatives (Hodges & Videto, 2010). Nurses have a key role in planning and implementing healthcare programs by identifying the most immediate needs and increasingly assuming responsibility to plan, manage, control, and […]

Medical Marijuana California:

Medical Marijuana Program was established by the Medical Marijuana California to provide a voluntary medical identification card and register qualified patients and caregivers. The web based program allows the law enforcers to access and verify the validity of the patients possessing the registered card. These cards allow qualified patients and caretakers to be in possession […]

Journal for Behavioral Intervention Project

Introduction And Summary I chose exercising and dieting for weight loss as my behavioral intervention project. I selected this option to help me reduce and sustain healthy body weight. The theory utilized in my project was the theory of planned behavior. The decision to use this theory came from the assumption that the theory establishes […]

Estimating the Healthy People 2020 Initiative

Healthy life is the key to successful existence in a social medium. Indeed, sport activities do not only ensure physical health, but also widen individual’s opportunities for expanding their knowledge. Therefore, coordination of schools, local communities, and federal agencies can provide a viable solution to the problem of population health. In order to promote health […]

The Change of my Smoking Behavior

Human beings develop behavior in the process of socialization; sometimes what begins as a habit ends up in being an anti-social behavior and/or addiction. Some antisocial behaviors that are developed from socialization and peer pressure include smoking, alcoholism, and substance abuse. I was born and brought up in a God fearing family, where my parents […]

Philosophy of Nursing

Introduction The philosophy of nursing suggests that nurses have the obligation to use their knowledge for the well-being of patients. This paper seeks to show the effect of relativism, obscurantism and nihilism on this philosophy. Moreover, it will focus on the benefits of prejudices to personal philosophy. Relativism The concept of relativism suggests that the […]

Organizational Assessment of Queens Hospital Center

Introduction to Queens Hospital Center Queen’s hospital Center was established in 1935 to serve the community and provide affordable health care to people from all walks of life. This is a nonprofit making organization aimed at reaching all members of the community with health care services whether they are able to pay or not. This […]

Heritage Healthcare Agency

This paper will focus on Heritage Healthcare Agency, which is located in New Mexico. The core business activity of this organization is to provide medical services to patients in their homes. The organization’s target market is the adult and geriatric populations that live in New Mexico and Arizona (Heritage Home Healthcare and Hospice, 2013). The […]

Healthcare Systems Analysis and Design

Executive Summary Business environment and the way business is carried out in the modern world are changing at faster rate. Globalization and other factors have been identified to be the key agents to these changes. These changes have not isolated the health care industry, where today, for efficiency and productive health care delivery, there is […]

Criteria for Personal Philosophy

Personal conception of nursing Several nursing theories serve as basics of nursing as a practice to make it a success. Through these theories, there exists fundamental guidance and stipulated directions in structuring the profession coupled with research on nursing and education. Moreover, through these theories, one can easily put a clear cut between nursing and […]

Falsifiability in Nursing Science

The principle of falsifiability as advocated for by Popper, argues that there is always a possibility of disapproving any scientific theory. Popper argues that empirical experiments give results that can be disapproved by conducting the experiments continuously (Dahnke & Dreher, 2011). If a given experiment or theory cannot be falsified, then that theory cannot be […]

Innovation In Health Care

Introduction Health care providers are under pressure to improve the safety and quality of the services offered to patients. Health care institutions are striving to cut on costs, reduce patient cycle times in hospitals, improve laboratory and post care services. Change and innovation do not fail because the new strategies and goals are inappropriate but […]

Catholic Healthcare Partner and Trinity Health Leadership Academy Approaches Comparison

For any organization to thrive and achieve its set goals, appropriate leadership strategies should be applied. Leadership principles are applicable in all organizations including healthcare institutions. In the healthcare industry, leaders work under pressure to implement certain changes to deliver the highest quality and cost-effective services (Roussel, Swansburg & Swansburg, 2006). This paper compares some […]

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Principles and Types

Post traumatic stress disorder as the name suggests is a syndrome of processes which are dynamically related in psychobiological manner (Erica, 2011).The affected areas of the body include the nervous system, the brain and hormonal system. Changes thus occur in the manner in which one behaves afterwards and in the manner in which one perceives […]

Osteoporosis Treatment. Case Study

Being that the patient is 60 years old, she is past menopause. Menopause is a time when women lose their bone density very fast. This leaves them at risk of developing osteoporosis within 5 years of reaching menopause. The best advice after bone density tests is to encourage the patient to take up care for […]

Introduction to Nursing Research

Introduction Infant mortality remains a problem of major concern. Deaths resulting from sudden infant syndrome remain a disturbing problem. Infant’s deaths resulting from sudden infant death syndrome are controversial since the causes of the death cannot be explained (Timby & Smith, 2004). Since the causes of the sudden infant death syndrome are unexplainable, eliminating the […]

Human Being in Nursing Theory

Introduction. Concept Statement: Human Being in Nursing Theory Human beings are regarded as open energy fields, possessing unique experiences. They could be placed in broader contexts and, therefore, they differ from the unity of their parts that are impossible to predict based on knowledge of separate parts. As holistic beings, humans are represented as sentient, dynamic, […]

Electronic Medical Records: One Size does not fit all

Introduction: Electronic Medical Records Overview of Electronic Medical Records Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) can be described as a digitized version of a patient’s medical history, prescribed type of care to be implemented as well as other health related information that a doctor or medical practitioner might need to efficiently and effectively diagnose and treat a […]

Caring in Nursing

Definition of Term Caring is a service offered by health care professionals to a patient. There are many definitions of the concept caring as understood by different scholars, However, the real meaning of caring is hard to be captured but its effect on a patient can be assessed (Geissler, 1990). In an attempt to define […]

Ethical Aspects of Neural Prostheses

Introduction The use of neural prostheses in clinical settings to aid in the repair of the nervous system is increasingly being practiced. These neural prostheses interact directly with the nervous system, facilitating the restoration of neural function damaged by injuries and disorders such as Parkinson’s disease. The loss of neuronal motor signal frequently causes partial […]

Treatment of Sexual Dysfunction

Design and Methods Used In the Study A study by Aversa et al. to establish the effects of the drug vardenafil on obese men with sexual dysfunction uses all male obese subjects attending the outpatient unit of the health facility (2012). Exclusion criteria for participants include patients on certain medications such as antidiabetic, cardiovascular, statin, […]

Treating Psychotic Disorders

Schizophrenia belongs to the category of mental illnesses, and it is characterized by hallucinations, delusions, and problems with behaviour. Typical and atypical (newer) antipsychotic medications are used to treat the cases of schizophrenia. Antipsychotic drugs are prescribed to prevent the recurring symptoms and relieve the patient’s state. It is more common today to prescribe atypical […]

Ethical Issues in Treating Obstructive Sleep Apnea with Exercise Independently

Introduction Obstructive sleep apnea (OSAS) is a disease that exposes individuals to immense psychological, mental and physical disorders. The disease is increasingly becoming prevalent in most settings with health officials asserting the need for its eradication. This is would be vital in ensuring that its effects do not render most individuals redundant and unproductive economically […]

Post Modernism and Nursing Science

Gone are the days when people took any point as being true as was told. Nowadays, people question how a given statement can be true. This is due the fact that people have learnt that under different conditions, even scientifically proven truth can change. People have embraced the idea that nothing is static, not even […]

Clinical Concierge Services

Introduction The art of communication is effective when conducted clearly within the organization’s encode and decode channels. Organizations function best when this system is perfected. Therefore, successful organizations manage information continuously. The practice of information management involves the science of processing information to facilitate informed decision making among managers (Sloman, 2005). In order for an […]

Addressing the Nurse Shortage

Introduction The global healthcare system is gradually receiving substantial international concern, with the need to improve services to meet human healthcare demands augmenting. Despite having great developments in its current healthcare provision, challenges facing the systems have become eminent with the public becoming heavily concerned with issues affecting these systems. Service improvement has always depended […]

Increasing Effective Communication in Healthcare

Abstract Efficient communication is necessary in the healthcare sector. Health practitioners are working collaboratively in order to enhance their success in handling vital medical matters. This paper critically analyzes the provisions of communication in providing quality patient-centred healthcare services. This occurs with reference to existing literatures, government policies, various publications, released reports, and other relevant […]