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88 Asthma Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

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  1. Asthma’s Diagnosis and Treatment
    The complete occlusion of the airway can lead to growth of a distal at the atelectasis in the lung parenchyma. The level of AHR is connected to the signs of asthma and the urgency of […]
  2. Asthma Environmental Causes
    This essay discusses the measures that can be taken to mitigate environmental causes of asthma. In the US, the government has developed a comprehensive strategy to mitigate environmental causes of asthmatic conditions in children.
  3. Intubation and Mechanical Ventilation of the Asthmatic Patient in Respiratory
    The title of the article gives a clear idea of the research question to be investigated. The authors have detailed the processes of intubation and mechanical ventilation in patients with acute asthma.
  4. Healthcare: Childhood Asthma and the Risk Factors in Australia
    From the findings presented above, it is evident that childhood asthma remains a considerable burden in Australia due to socioeconomic, geographic, and health-related issues such as deprived neighbourhoods, decreasing sun exposure and increasing latitude, and […]
  5. Asthma: Causes and Mechanisms
    The enlargement of the dense oesinophilic line near the bronchus/airways causes the individual to wheeze and gasp for air. The drugs are mainly used in the rapid opening of the bronchus to enable airflow into […]
  6. Pregnant Woman’s Asthma Case
    The case mentions the decreased effectiveness of the fluticasone MDI that she uses which can also be a clue to her condition. Her patterns of MDI use in the last two months and the bronchospasm […]
  7. The Evaluation of Evidence Linking Asthma with Occupation
    Overall, the results of this study supported the initial argument of the authors in regard to the need for frequent updates and modifications of JEMs in order for them to reflect the most relevant and […]
  8. Asthma: Evidence-Based Pharmacological Treatment
    For instance, in children under 6, the development of the disease is typically preceded by the asthma-like symptoms that manifest themselves roughly at the age of three.
  9. Asthma, Its Diagnostics, Treatment and Prevention
    Hippocrates was the one who labeled the disease as asthma, a Greek word that was used to denote the idea of “wind or to blow”, perhaps an attempt to describe the wheezing sound produced by […]
  10. Asthma and Stepwise Management
    The stepwise approach to asthma treatment and management is a six-step approach, according to which the number and the dose of medications and frequency of management are increased as necessary when symptoms persist and then […]
  11. Chronic Asthma and Acute Asthma Exacerbation
    The consequences of the smooth muscles’ tightening can be aggravated by the thickening of the bronchial wall due to acute edema, cellular infiltration, and remodeling of the airways chronic hyperplasia of smooth muscles, vessels, and […]
  12. Obstructive Pulmonary Disease-Asthma Overlap
    The purpose of the research was to expand the current knowledge of the overlap syndrome in order to determine its prevalence and risk factors.
  13. Asthma Patient’s Examination and Care Plan
    HPI: Being discharged from the facility ten weeks ago, the patient reports having shortness of breath, severe wheezing, and coughing. To control symptoms, the patient takes HTCZ and Enalapril.
  14. Occupational Asthma: Michelle’s Case
    The first test is not prohibitively expensive, and the patient should be able to afford it if she can pay for the medications.
  15. Environmental Factors of Asthma in Abu Dhabi City
    A countrywide evaluation of the demises related to environmental pollution that takes a significant role in the rising cases of asthma shows UAE as the most affected nations since the discovery of oil in 1958 […]
  16. Asthma as Community Health Issue in the Bronx
    The rate of people, especially children, with asthma in this area is among the highest ones in the city. The issue of asthma in New York and the Bronx, in particular, is connected to multiple […]
  17. Asthma: Pathopharmacological Foundations for Advanced Nursing Practice
    Because of the high prevalence of asthma in the USA, mortality and morbidity rates in the country are also excessive. Asthma is one of the most common diseases in the USA, with high prevalence and […]
  18. Asthma Pathophysiology and Genetic Predisposition
    The pathophysiology of this disorder involves one’s response to an antigen and a subsequent reaction of the body in the form of inflammation, bronchospasm, and airway obstruction.
  19. Nursing Informatics. Asthma: Health Literacy
    In the United States of America, bronchial asthma is one of the most common chronic diseases in children with the prevalence rate ranging from 6% to 9%.
  20. The Anti-inflammatory Role of IL-26 in Uncontrolled Asthma
    Research findings suggest that the suppression of IL-26 secretion in the lungs would alleviate the anti-inflammatory response associated with uncontrolled asthma.
  21. Health, Culture, and Identity as Asthma Treatment Factors
    She is the guardian of Lanesha and, despite raising another grandson and caring for her elderly mother, she is responsible for the health of the girl.
  22. Clinical Management of Complex Cases in Dentistry: Case of Hypertension with Asthma
    Understanding the role of various drug interactions and the effect of various drugs on the medical conditions of the patients is of valuable assistance.
  23. Clinical Guidelines: Report on Asthma Guideline
    The guideline illustrates diagnostic procedures for assessment of severity and control of asthma based on presence of airway hypersensitiveness, reversibility of airflow, detailed medical history, respiratory tract, skin and chest examinations, spirometry to assess obstruction, […]
  24. Public & Community Health: Asthma in Staten Island
    There is borough of Bronx, which is considered to be the poorest, and the case with it has been stated here that asthma is the fate of the residents.
  25. Asthma in Pediatric and Occupational Therapy Treatment
    The flow peak is more than 80% of the child’s personal best, and less than 30% variability in the day-to-day flow of the peak measurements.
  26. Severe Asthma: The Alair Bronchial Thermoplasty System
    The article focuses on asthma and the treatment that could alleviate the condition. Most of asthma patients are used to having an inhaler with them and this way, there is not much new technology, except […]
  27. Asthma Investigation: Symptoms and Treatment
    In patients with asthma, the condition causes the inflammation of air passages that is followed by the significant narrowing of airways.
  28. Social Determinants of Health: Asthma Among Old People in Ballarat
    On the other hand, Melbourne is the capital city of the State of Victoria with a population of 4 million people, making it the second most populated city in Australia. This is a great challenge […]
  29. Dealing With Asthma: Controversial Methods
    Because of the enormous speed of the illness spread, dealing with asthma is becoming a burning issue of the modern medicine. This is due to the fact that the muscles of the broche lack the […]
  30. Asthma: Leading Chronic Illness among Children in the US
    Ample communication was to be provided to the family, Head Start personnel and the Child’s physician in relation to the asthma. A great reduction was seen in the asthma symptoms and emergency.
  31. Asthma Is a Chronic Inflammatory Disorder
    Hence the main purpose of the study is to investigate the association of smoking and secondhand smoke with level of asthma control, severity, and quality of life among adult asthmatics.
  32. How Emotions Spark Asthma Attack
    Although stress and emotions are known to start in a patient’s mind, asthma in itself is a physical disease that affects the patient’s lungs, and stress can create strong physiological reactions which may lead to […]
  33. Acute Asthma: Home and Community-Based Care For Patients
    It refers to the continuum of care extended to patients from the health facility to the community and homes. An asthma attack is fatal and patients should be encouraged to perform self-administration of medication.
  34. Asthma: Causes and Treatment
    Effects of asthma are more pronounced mostly at night and early in the morning and this results in lack of sleep.
  35. The Asthma and Emphysema Analysis
    According to Kinsella and others, etiology of emphysema is often associated with smocking, and this led to the hypothesis that emphysema develops with age whereas asthma is mostly prevalent in children.
  36. Treatment of Asthma in Australia
    The rapid-acting treatments are taken to quicken the process of reversing acute asthmatic attacks by causing the relaxation of the smooth muscles of the bronchial system. These preventers reduce the sensitivity of airways hence swelling […]
  37. The Management of Asthma
    According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the country has the highest prevalence of Asthma in the world. Quick-relief medications are used to manage symptoms that come with acute attacks of asthma-like coughing, tightening of […]

📌 Simple & Easy Asthma Essay Titles

  1. The Effects Of Asthma On Pregnant African Americans
  2. Urban Children and Asthma Care Barriers
  3. Asthma: Asthma and Nocturnal Asthma
  4. The Health Problem of Asthma in the United States of America
  5. Asthma: Chronic Inflamatory Obstructive Lung Disease
  6. Asthma and Food-Allergy Reactions
  7. Asthma And Exercise Asthmatic Asthmatics Breathing
  8. Automobile Emissions, Co And Asthma
  9. Asthma Control and Treatment in Racial and Ethnic Minorities
  10. Asthma Is The Most Common Chronic Disease Of The Airways
  11. Inflammatory Mediators Of Asthma And Histamines Biology
  12. The Impact of Asthma on the Respiratory System, Its Causes, and Treatment
  13. How Asthma Affects The Airway And Lungs
  14. Diet and Nutrition for Asthma in a Child
  15. Urban Asthma And The Neighborhood Environment
  16. Asthma And Its Pathophysiological Structure
  17. The Effects of Medication on the Increased Performance of Asthma Patients
  18. What Parents Need To Know About Asthma
  19. Employment Behaviors of Mothers Who have a Child with Asthma
  20. The Genetic and Environmental Components of Asthma
  21. The Influence of Asthma on the Lives of Students
  22. Children’s Elevated Risk of Asthma in Unmarried Families: Underlying Structural and Behavioral Mechanisms
  23. The Effects Of Environmental Tobacco Smoke Among Children With Asthma
  24. The Effects Of Air Pollution On Children ‘s Asthma Emergency
  25. Is Improper Use Of The Inhaler Related To Poor Asthma Control
  26. Asthma Symptoms, Diagnosis, Management & Treatment
  27. Limitations From Suffering Chronic Asthma

👍 Good Essay Topics on Asthma

  1. Causes And Effect Of Allergies And Asthma
  2. Describe The Main Limitations Suffered By Those With Chronic Asthma
  3. The Symptoms, Causes and Diagnosis of Asthma
  4. Negligent: Asthma and Nursing Interventions
  5. The Signs, Causes and What Triggers Asthma
  6. The Routine Care for Patients with Coronary Heart Disease, Asthma, Stroke, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Urinary Tract Infections, Diabetes, and Cervical Cancer
  7. The Role Of Nurse Management Asthma And School Health Program
  8. The Scope of Asthma in the General Population and on the Health Care System
  9. The Most Effective Treatment for an Asthma Exacerbation
  10. Pathophysiology Of Chronic Asthma And Acute Asthma
  11. The Use Of Vitamin D Asthmatic Children Effectiveness Of Vitamin Supplements In Childhood Asthma
  12. The Ways in Which the Symptoms of Asthma Can Be Reduced
  13. Measures to Minimize Environmental Causes of Asthma
  14. Inner City Adult Asthma Patients and Risk Factors
  15. Raising Awareness to Prevent the Rise of Asthma
  16. Planning and Intervention in the Disease Process of Childhood Asthma
  17. The Anatomy And Physiology Of Respiratory System And The Diagnosis Of Asthma
  18. The Causes and Effects of Asthma Sufferers
  19. The Application of Corticosteroids in the Management of Bronchial Asthma
  20. Salbutamol: History of Development in Asthma Drug Compounds
  21. Sensitization To Plant Food Allergens In Patients With Asthma
  22. The Diagnosis and Treatment of Otitis Media and Asthma
  23. The Discrepancy between Asthma Cases in Minority and White Communities
  24. The Chronic Illness in Children Known as Asthma

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