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67 Tuberculosis Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

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  1. The Evolutionary Genetics of Mycobacterium Tuberculosis
    The aim of the study was to define the prevalence of the various genotypes, drug resistance isolates and cluster patterns of Mycobacterium tuberculosis in Taipei in order to present information on the possible methods and […]
  2. The Role of Vitamin D for Tuberculosis Treatment
    This study investigates the use of vitamin D for the deterrence and cure of tuberculosis and other contagious infections. The unearthing of vitamin D as a therapeutic agent begins with the detection of rickets as […]
  3. The Problem of Tuberculosis in the American Local Community
    The public health ministry is in charge of curtailing the effects of the disease, but it is reluctant to liaise with the community to resolve the issue.
  4. Control of Tuberculosis in Swaziland
    This is a programme plan for controlling the TB epidemic in Swaziland as one of the developing countries with highest prevalence of TB infections in the world.
  5. Prevention and Treatment of Tuberculosis
    Although a strong immune system can contain the pathogen, in an immunosuppressed individual, the MTB is capable of multiplying and rupturing the host’s macrophages, resulting in the destruction of the body’s primary line of defense […]
  6. Epidemiological studies of tuberculosis
    The United States The prevalence rate of tuberculosis in the United States is the lowest when compared to the prevalence rates in Sub-Saharan Africa and Asia.
  7. Tuberculosis as a Global Health Issue
    Over the years, the bacteria strain that causes tuberculosis has developed a lot of resistance mainly as a result of a lack of compliance to treatment on the part of the patient.
  8. Tuberculosis and Infectious Disease Slogan
    The level of awareness about sexually transmitted diseases among people is higher compared to that of tuberculosis, owing to the fact the risk factors of the latter are hard to identify. The risk population of […]
  9. Tuberculosis Statistics Among Cigarette Smokers
    The proposal outlines the statistical applications of one-way ANOVA, the study participants, the variables, study methods, expected results and biases, and the practical significance of the expected results.
  10. Tuberculosis: Community and National Response
    Most commonly, three or four antibiotics are taken during the initial months of the treatment, and the number is decreased to two for the rest of the process.
  11. Tuberculosis Outbreak Investigation
    When investigating whether a disease is a cluster, a researcher should gather adequate information, which will help him/her to make a conclusion. When investigating whether a disease is an outbreak, a good researcher should gather […]
  12. EFI Testing to Detect Drug Resistance of Tuberculosis
    The article that was selected for the review introduces the problem of antibiotics resistance and the causes of it in humans.
  13. Tuberculosis Epidemiology Worldwide in 2015
    Despite multiple attempts to eliminate the most dangerous diseases and improve the epidemiologic situation, there are many illnesses or other health issues that deteriorate the health of the nation and result in the appearance of […]
  14. Tuberculosis: Prevention, Diagnosis and Treatment
    In this case, it means that the incubation period will be counted from the introduction of the ‘causal’ microbe, as opposed to the initial infection.
  15. Tuberculosis and Human Immunodeficiency Coinfection
    Moreover, TB is a sensitive illness because the improper medication is dangerous as it can result in the illness becoming resistant to drugs to both the patient and the person to who the patient transmits […]
  16. Examining Chest X-Rays of a Tuberculosis Patient
    This microbial infection of the respiratory parts of the lung proceeds with the development of intraalveolar exudation and inflammatory infiltration of the pulmonary parenchyma, fever, and productive cough with mucopurulent sputum.
  17. Tuberculosis in Nigeria: Policy Brief
    Considering this, the present policy brief will discuss the nature of the infection, its risk factors and the populations it affects most, the scope of infection spread in Nigeria, and the consequences of the problem […]
  18. Descriptive and Analytical Epidemiology: Tuberculosis in Pennsylvania
    To obtain a comprehensive picture of the issue, it is necessary to identify the main categories of the population at risk.
  19. Descriptive and Analytical Epidemiology: Tuberculosis and HIV
    The establishment of trends in the epidemic process for the rapid introduction of adjustments helps optimize preventive and anti-epidemic measures alongside the evaluation of the effectiveness of the activities.
  20. Tuberculosis: Epidemiology and Health Statistics
    Nevertheless, access to health care and the quality of treatment are not the only factors contributing to the resurgence of TB. As compared to the worldwide statistics, the U.S.is not included in the list of […]
  21. Tuberculosis Employee Assistance Program
    As a part of them, TB tests, training for employees about tuberculosis and other infections, and HR policies should help to prevent such situations in the future.
  22. Tuberculosis and How to Prevent Its Dissemination
    Due to an easy way of spreading and the gravity of the consequences, it is necessary to prevent the dissemination of tuberculosis.
  23. Tuberculosis Treatment in Clinical Practice
    This paper briefly discusses the agent and environmental characteristics of the disease, its signs, symptoms, and treatment, providing a basis for the public health nurse’s clinical practice.
  24. Tuberculosis: The Symptoms, Pathogenesis, and Treatment
    The cell wall is however, due to the presence of concentration of lipids, thought to be the main contributor for the virulence of the bacterium.
  25. An Overview of Tuberculosis
    The coming into existence of deadly diseases and the escalation of the already existing epidemics, to name but a few, are some of the key characteristics of this century.

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  1. The Impact of Tuberculosis on the Work of Anton Chekhov
  2. The Second Greatest Cause of Death Due to a Single Infectious Agent: Tuberculosis
  3. Tuberculosis : The Most Common Bacterial Infection Worldwide
  4. The Differences and Similarities of Pneumonia and Tuberculosis
  5. Modern Methods Of Tuberculosis Diagnosis
  6. Prevention Of The Tuberculosis Epidemic
  7. Global Tuberculosis Testing Market Finds Encouragement in Growing Healthcare Efforts
  8. Risk-Based Disease Management in the Fight Against to Bovine Tuberculosis
  9. People Centered Tuberculosis Care Verses Standard Directly
  10. The Signs, Symptoms and Treatment of Tuberculosis
  11. The Diagnosis Of Cancer, Pulmonary Tuberculosis, And Hiv Aids
  12. Living In The Shadow Of Death Tuberculosis And The Social Experience Of Illness In American History
  13. The Pathogenesis of Mycobacterium Tuberculosis
  14. Tuberculosis: Most Lethal Bacterial Pathogen
  15. The Relationship Between Cystic Fibrosis And Tuberculosis
  16. Tuberculosis Vaccine May Help Stop Multiple Sclerosis Development
  17. The Role of Race and Economic Disadvantage in the Incidence of Tuberculosis
  18. Factors Influencing the Perceived Priority of Tuberculosis in India
  19. Why is Tuberculosis Coming Back with a Vengeance
  20. Immigrants and the Spread of Tuberculosis in the United States: A Hidden Cost of Immigration

👍 Good Essay Topics on Tuberculosis

  1. Innovation Dynamics in Tuberculosis Control in India: The Shift to New Partnerships
  2. Tuberculosis: Infectious Disease and Health Care Facilities
  3. What Is Tuberculosis, and How Serious Is This Disease
  4. The Background of Common Infection, Pulmonary Tuberculosis
  5. The Development Of The Tuberculosis Vaccine
  6. The Effects Of Tuberculosis On The Health And Lives Of Humans
  7. The Spread of Tuberculosis in Ancient Egypt and Europe
  8. The Success Of Mycobacterium Tuberculosis
  9. Ontology with SVM Based Diagnosis of Tuberculosis and Statistical Analysis
  10. The Causes and Treatment of the Disease of Tuberculosis
  11. Techniques Used For The Diagnostic Of Ancient Tuberculosis Remains
  12. Positive Tuberculosis Blood Test as a Predictor of Health Status Among HIV-Infected Persons
  13. The Incidence of Tuberculosis Among Low Income People
  14. The History of the Tuberculosis and Research on Its Vaccine
  15. Performance-Based Incentives for Health: A Way to Improve Tuberculosis Detection and Treatment Completion
  16. Historians Blamed Columbus for Spreading Tuberculosis to the World
  17. Tuberculosis : Causes, Symptoms, And Treatment
  18. MDR Tuberculosis in Georgia: Problem in Prevention and Control
  19. Evolution Of Drug Resistant Mycobacterium Tuberculosis
  20. Investigation of Bovine Tuberculosis in Rangpur Division of Bangladesh
  21. HPLC: Techniques Used For the Diagnostic of Ancient Tuberculosis Remains
  22. Impacts Of Tuberculosis And Aids On Society

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