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85 Flu Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

🏆 Best Flu Topic Ideas & Essay Examples

  1. Steps by the Local and Military Officials to Prevent the Spread of Avian Flu in Okiwan
    The local and military officials have laid down policies that are aimed at controlling the spread of the disease and lessening the economic, health, security, and communal impacts.
  2. Swine Flu Vaccination
    A blend consisting of the virus and a standard virus from the laboratory is made to form a hybrid that is later planted in chicken eggs.
  3. An Avian Flu’s Emergency Scenario in the State of Illinois
    The parties in command of the response to the outbreak, as well as the coordination of activities of the various state and local agencies are some of the issues addressed in this scenario.
  4. The Stages of Production of the H1N1 Influenza Vaccine
    The hybrid contains the outer components of the influenza virus and inner components of the other virus strain. When people fail to get vaccinated, they contract diseases that were eradicated by the use of vaccines.
  5. Flu Pandemic Control Steps
    A flu pandemic can be controlled through four steps that would be aimed at reducing the rate of spread of the disease and reducing its impact on the community.
  6. Medicine: Influenza, Its Causes and Impact on the People
    Virus type A is mainly hosted by the aquatic birds, and their transmission might result in devastating epidemics among the poultry, thus increasing the vulnerability of the people to the infection.
  7. Mandatory Influenza Vaccination in the US
    This aspect has been cited as the key reason why most healthcare workers are opposed to the vaccine despite the tireless efforts by the government to increase the uptake of the vaccine.
  8. Managing an Influenza Pandemic: Ethical Issues Resolving
    It is important to involve all leaders from healthcare facilities and communities to discuss current and emerging issues based on the altered state of care.
  9. Hospital-Acquired Influenza Among the US Children
    The spread of the epidemic of influenza is primarily promoted by a decrease in the immunity of the children of large cities.
  10. Healthcare Policy Analysis: Outbreak of Flu in Illinois
    The seriousness of the problem is obvious, and it is necessary to work on the prevention of such statistics in the future.
  11. Influenza Outbreaks and the Need to Manage Them
    Therefore, the article by Jit, Newall, and Beutels in which the authors analyze vaccination strategies and their cost-effectiveness is a significant contribution to the development of the policy aimed at decreasing flu outbreak. Jit et […]
  12. The H1N1 Pandemic Analysis
    The 2009 Novel Influenza A pandemic brought to the forefront the critical issues of disaster preparedness and planning. The health administrators in Tennessee understood the value of cooperation by deploying the services of the Tennessee […]
  13. Disaster Preparedness for Influenza Prevention
    Influenza pandemic lead to calamitous consequences Employees may contract influenza from residents Friends and relatives of the residents are also at risk Imperative to educate all parties Vaccination of all parties is fundamental Help […]
  14. Pandemic Flu: Health Literacy
    The higher the readability score, the easier it is to percept the ideas reflected in the text. The higher this score, the better the understanding of a document by the reader is.
  15. Education on Influenza Vaccine
    The main purpose of this study is to determine the performance of a short face-to-face educational session between the doctor and the patient.
  16. Common and Differences in Cold and Influenza
    On the other hand, the common cold can be caused by more than two-hundred types of viruses, and the attack of the virus is more concentrated in the nose.
  17. World Vision: Influenza Pandemic Preparedness Plan
    In cases when the employees need to go to other countries, immediate visas and permission would have to be obtained. WV needs to gather the employees and volunteers who would be implementing the plan.
  18. Social Problems Which Appeared in the Society With Swine Flu Appearance
    The article gives the information about the condition in the society and provides us with the statistics about the disease cases in the United States and all over the world.
  19. Environmental Health Project: Swine Flu
    According to the article of Genevive Kieger, the symptoms of the H1N1 virus are identical to the symptoms of normal flu.
  20. Influenza: A Seasonal Virus or a Pandemic Threat
    One of the viruses is the influenza virus which is not dangerous by itself, but the complications after the illness can cause different kinds of complications and even death.
  21. Pandemic Influenza: Spanish Flu and Swine Flu
    The origins of the Spanish flu were initially believed to lie in China and arrive at the rest of the world as a result of a rare mutation in a common flu virus; but later […]

💡 Most Interesting Flu Topics to Write about

  1. “Disease in the News: “”Bird Flu: If or When?”” by Sellwood”
    Concerning that, the author claims that since this subtype of influenza is the cause of many deaths in poultry, then it will be the most likely cause of the human pandemic.
  2. Influenza Vaccination Campaigns: Is an Ounce of Prevention Worth a Pound of Cure?
    The research conducted by Ward evaluated the total impacts and influences of externalities in respect to the vaccination of influenza as it developed its spread to the patients targeted.
  3. Live-Duck Movement Networks and Transmission of Avian Influenza
    As a result of mutations, avian influenza viruses sharply change their biological properties and acquire the ability to overcome the host barrier with direct infection of people bypassing the intermediate host.
  4. The Spanish Influenza 1918-1920: Devastating for Public Health
    In 1918, the world saw the spread of one of the deadliest global pandemics in history known as the Spanish Influenza.
  5. Influenza Vaccination of People 65 Years and Older
    The research is based on the latest reviews and scientific articles considering the effectiveness and the safety of the vaccine and the causes of pneumonia for older patients.
  6. More People Die by Guillain-Barre Disease Than by Swine Flu
    The purpose of this paper is to analyze the Guillain-Barre Disease and the swine flu epidemic of 1976-77, to discuss their causes and outcomes, and to find out why the Guillain-Barre Disease was deadlier than […]
  7. Compulsory Immunization Against Influenza Unethical Nature
    Later, the Society for Healthcare Epidemiology stated that unless the workers have contradictions to the vaccine, they are to receive it.
  8. The Spanish Flu Versus COVID-19: A Critical Comparison of Two Pandemics
    The US and other world governments adopted similar containment measures to both the 1918 influenza and COVID-19, as the two diseases share a major characteristic of being contagious.
  9. The Flu Vaccinations for Healthcare Staff: Theories, Principles, and Evidence
    The highly affected group by the disease are the health care workers. The vaccination method will manage to protect the health care personnel against the attack and the spread of the disease.
  10. ”H1N1 Shots to Be Rolled Out Faster” by Mclean & Dale
    The article affirms a death caused by the deadly virus making people reconsider their health issues in terms of vaccination against the H1N1 virus.
  11. Influenza in Australia: Are We Ready to Fight With It?
    The main objective of the National Action Plan for Human Influenza Pandemic is to protect Australia against the threat of an influenza pandemic and to support the Australian community should one occur.
  12. The Swine Influenza A Virus (H1N1): Symptoms and Treatment
    Prevention may include early detection so that its spread is controlled, killing and avoiding of infected pigs, quarantining of infected persons until they are declared safe to mingle with others, and use of face masks […]
  13. Influenza, Swine Flu, SARS and Immunity
    The US and the Northern countries are getting ready for a second wave of the H1N1 infections that could affect many people and lead to many more being hospitalized, thousands dead and closure of businesses […]
  14. MDCK Cells in Production of Influenza Vaccine
    One of the main ways to create the flu vaccine in the United States of America remains the production of the vaccine from the embryonated chicken eggs.
  15. Influenza: Six Stages and Three Periods From the Time a Virus Is Shown Signs
    In this phase, emphasis is placed on preventing the spread of the virus to humans. In this phase, the virus is not fully communicable.
  16. The Benefits of the Influenza Vaccine
    Some people have a higher risk of infecting influenza and the people who are supposed to take vaccine each year are children whose age is from 6 months to 18 years, children who have a […]
  17. A Synopsis of H1N1 Infection for Better Prevention and Prophylaxis Strategies
    The H1N1 virus responsible for the pandemic of 1918 is believed to have emerged concurrently from birds to swine and humans.
  18. Infection of Pigs With Human-Like H1N1 Influenza Viruses In China
    In the study by Hai Yu et al, various molecular virology methods were used for understanding the molecular epidemiology of the influenza virus and unraveling the dynamics of the of the influenza zoonosis.

📌 Simple & Easy Flu Essay Titles

  1. The Effect of H1N1 (Swine Flu) Media Coverage on Agricultural Commodity Markets
  2. Tracking Epidemics With Google Flu Trends Data and a State-Space SEIR Model
  3. Short on Shots: Are Calls on Cooperative Restraint Effective in Managing a Flu Vaccines Shortage
  4. Learning by Suffering? Patterns in Flu Shot Take-up
  5. Possibility of a Future Avian Flu Pandemic
  6. World Warned To Prepare For Bird Flu
  7. The Flu Shot Should Not Be Mandatory
  8. Implementing Flu Vaccinations in Schools
  9. Spanish Flu And Disease Prevention
  10. Solution Prevention And Treatment Of Bird Flu Types
  11. International Marketing Plan for Blackmore’s Cold and Flu
  12. The Idea Behind the Taking of Flu Vaccine Based on the PICO Format PICOT
  13. Pandemic Flu Impact on Ethics in Nursing Practice
  14. Social Problems Facing the Contemporary United States Flu Vaccine
  15. Swine Flu and The Effect of Compulsory Class Attendance on Academic Performance
  16. Preparing Your Business For A Bird Flu Pandemic
  17. Red, Blue, and the Flu: Media Self-Selection and Partisan Gaps in Swine Flu Vaccinations
  18. Utilizing Six Sigma Principles to Improve the Flu Shot Clinic for Rural School Age Children in Hawaii
  19. The Methods Used to Stop the Flu Virus in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe
  20. The Impact of Bird Flu on the Economy: CGE Model Approach
  21. Utah Offers Vaccine Of Serenity For Bird Flu
  22. Social and Ethical Implications of the Avian Flu and Japanese Biotechnology

👍 Good Essay Topics on Flu

  1. Is Europe Doing a Better Job at Distributing the Swine Flu Vaccine
  2. The Controversial New Policy of Kootenai Medical Center That Requires Employees to Get Flu Shot or Get Fired
  3. Who Takes Up Free Flu Shots? Examining the Effects of an Expansion in Coverage
  4. Who Takes Advantage of Free Flu Shots? Examining the Effects of an Expansion in Coverage
  5. The Misconceptions Surrounding Immunization for Influenza (Flu)
  6. The History of Swine Flu and the Current Worldwide Outbreak of This Virus
  7. The Interventions to Stop the Flu Virus in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe
  8. The Bird Flu Crisis in Hong Kong
  9. Why We Should Be Worried About The Bird Flu
  10. The Symptoms, Treatment and History of the Major Flu Pandemics
  11. The Flu Vaccination Increase Compliance
  12. Swine Flu Causes History Effect Affect Deadly
  13. Ignorance Portrayed in the Georgia Flu Disaster in Station Eleven, a Novel by Emily St. John Mandel
  14. Where Are The Greatest Risk Area For Bird Flu
  15. Japanese Biotechnology and Avian Flu: Ethical and Societal Implications
  16. Simple Steps Can Keep Families Healthy During Cold And Flu
  17. The Potential Effects of a Modern Spanish Flu
  18. Impact of BSE and Bird Flu on Consumers f Meat Demand in Japan
  19. Using Twitter for Insights into the 2009 Swine Flu and 2014 Ebola Outbreaks
  20. The Ban on Thai Chicken Imports as Boys Catch Avian Flu
  21. Understanding the Impact of the 1918 Spanish Flu Epidemic
  22. The Relationship Between ‘Spanish Flu’ and the Experience of the First World War
  23. Symptoms And Symptoms Of The Flu Virus
  24. The Symptoms and Types of Influenca, Better Known as the Flu

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