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  1. Case Management for Breast Cancer Patients
    In this respect, preventive measures should be taken in order to decrease the mortality rates all over the world in terms of cancer illness and breast cancer in particular.
  2. Risk factors, staging, and treatment of breast cancer
    This is so because huge amounts of resources have been used in the research and the development of the breast cancer drugs that in effect help the body to combat the cancer by providing additional […]
  3. Malevolence of Cancer
    Administration of new and advanced drugs that are effective in killing cancer cells is also a step towards improving the treatment of cancer.
  4. Healthcare Demographics of Prostate Cancer in the US
    Cancer in the United States is quite prevalent among the citizens and the disease mainly affects the minority groups, in comparison with the majority in the population.
  5. Cancer treatment by Nanotechnology
    Nanotechnology will offer several advantages to the diagnosis, treatment and care of cancer patients in Saudi Arabia. Since nanotechnology is more efficient and fast in treating cancer, the future of cancer treatment in Saudi Arabia […]
  6. Breast Cancer Treatment
    This type of breast cancer manifests itself in the tubes/ducts which form the channel for transporting milk from the breast to the nipple.”Lobular carcinoma: this type of cancer usually begins in the milk producing regions […]
  7. Breast Cancer Incidence and Ethnicity
    This paper explores the different rates of breast cancer incidence as far as the different ethnic groups in the US are concerned as well as the most probable way of reducing the rates of incidence […]
  8. Radiation Therapy for Testicular Cancer
    The manner in which radiation is used to treat testicular cancer depends on the level of development of the cancerous tissue.
  9. Breast Cancer Symptoms and Causes
    The mammogram is the first indication of breast cancer, even though other indications such as the presence of the lymph nodes in the armpits are also the early indications of breast cancer.
  10. Breast Cancer Definition and Treatment
    In the case where “the cells which appear like breast cancer are still confined to the ducts or lobules of the breast, it is called pre-invasive breast cancer”.”The most widespread pre-invasive type of breast cancer […]
  11. Prostate Cancer Treatment
    It is with such concerns that the issue of sexual treatment after prostate surgery has become meaningful and significant in the field of the psychology of sexuality.
  12. Health Outcome of Tobacco Use: Lung Cancer
    Tobacco smoking takes so many lives each day, and the most terrible point with regard to this situation is that people are aware of that horrible statistics, but still, continue smoking; lung cancer, caused by […]
  13. Skin Cancer in Australia
    Generally the issue of skin cancer in Australia is widely known to people despite the fact that the cases have not been mitigated appropriately.
  14. Asbestos and Rising Of Cancer
    The first category is made up of asbestos that is white in colour while the second is made up of asbestos that is blue in colour.
  15. Medical Marijuana use for Terminal Colon Cancer
    The author hopes to use this paper to highlight the uses of marijuana in management of colon cancer at its terminal stage.
  16. American Cancer Society
    Its main duty is to ensure there is a reduction of the number of patients suffering from cancer and eradication of the disease as one of the major health problem faced by many Americans today.
  17. International Expansion Strategy of Australia Cancer Care Hospital.
    Due to the high quality facilities in the hospital, the Australian market has proved not to be substantial; hence the need to expand and target other markets in the world so as to accomplish their […]
  18. Descriptive Epidemiology of Cancer in the UK
    The figure below shows the number of newly diagnosed cancer cases in men and women in the United Kingdom, 2010. Figure 2 shows the standardized incidence and mortality rate of cancer cases in the United […]
  19. Current Standing of Breast Cancer and its Effects on the Society
    It then places particular focus on the testing and treatment of breast cancer, the effects and conditions associated with it, from a financial point of view, and the possible improvements worth making in service or […]
  20. Employing Cancer Vulnerability Reduction in Ukraine
    Identifying the younger groups from the older groups, who are more vulnerable In the area of identifying the young from the older generations, with reference to cancer vulnerability in Ukraine, it should be clearly understood […]
  21. Stem Cell Therapy in Colorectal Cancer
    The novel therapeutic methods used against colorectal cancer stem cells ranges from antibodies and antibody constructs to engineered nanoparticles that target cancerous stem cells in the colon.
  22. Health Information Seeking and Breast Cancer Diagnosis
    Emotional support is also concerned with the kind of information given to patients and how the information is conveyed. It is equally significant to underscore the role of information in handling breast cancer patients immediately […]
  23. Gallbladder Cancer, its Causes and Rates
    Age escalates the progression of gallstones into gallbladder cancer because of the time it takes for symptoms of the latter to appear.
  24. Explanation of Cancer Disease
    This leads to numerous types of cancers depending on the part of the body where they form. Indicators of cancers depend on the location of the malignant cells.
  25. Technologies: Improving the MD Anderson Cancer Center Website
    When implementing SEO in the Google search, it is necessary to revise the algorithms constantly for the search result of the MD Anderson Cancer Center website to remain at the top.
  26. Breast Cancer Public Relations Campaign
    Audiences It is clear that the breast cancer campaign will target at women in their 30-40s as this is one of the most vulnerable categories of women as they often pay little attention to the […]
  27. Lung Cancer Disease and Prevention Methods
    Lung cancer is a common and deadly form of cancer characterized by the development of cancerous cells in the lungs of the individual. Lung cancer is the type of cancer characterized by the development of […]
  28. Prevention of Cancer: Good Nutrition and Positive Behavior
    The reason why nutrition has been associated with the risk of cancer is because of the various studies that show variation in cancer incidences based on time and place.
  29. Skin Cancer: Types and Cells of Origin
    Skin cancer is very often considered a disease connected with the cell cycle, although it is not actually the case, as cancer cells can easily grow and divide.
  30. Women Healthcare: Breast Cancer
    Reducing the levels of myoferlin alters the breast cancer cells’ mechanical properties, as it is evident from the fact that the shape and ability of breast cancer cells to spread is low with reduced production […]

👍 Good Essay Topics on Cancer

  1. The Effectiveness of Music for Cancer Patients
    The first group enjoyed a 15 minutes’ music session before commencement of the treatment while the other group never enjoyed such music and the patients were only left to rest waiting for the treatment.
  2. Breast Cancer Understanding
    Depending on the site of occurrence, breast cancer can form ductal carcinomas and lobular carcinomas if they occur in the ducts and lobules of the breast, respectively. Breast cancer and treatment methods have significant effects […]
  3. American Cancer Society’ Social Media Networks Usage
    The report will provide information on how ACS has utilized Facebook and Twitter services to communicate to its stakeholders. This has led to considerable communication between the stakeholders and the organization.
  4. The Internet Use at MD Anderson Cancer Hospital
    As explained in the previous section, the hospital’s website provides access to a lot of information about its services and activities.
  5. Cancer Patient’s Autonomy and Medical Ethics
    However, there is the need to distinguish between the right of access to treatment and the respect of autonomy to reject treatment.
  6. Healthcare Research: Bladder Cancer Independent Variables
    Thus, the dependent variable for the study was bladder cancer, while the independent variables were age category, alcohol consumption, and level of income.
  7. Breast Cancer Screening Among Non-Adherent Women
    This is one of the aspects that can be identified. This is one of the short-comings that can be singled out, and this particular model may not be fully appropriate in this context.
  8. Cancer Disease and Its Impact
    The symptoms of the disease vary greatly, depending on the size of the tumor, location of the tumor, and the manner in which the tumor spreads.
  9. Breast Cancer Awareness Among African Americans
    There are reasons that motivate women to seek mammography for example the belief that early detection will enable them treat the cancer in early stages, and their trust for the safety of mammogram. Social marketing […]
  10. Cancer Patients’ Financial Status and Life Quality
    The article’s main issue is the existence of financial strains, which affect the quality of life amongst the aged people dying with cancer.
  11. Jordanian Breast Cancer Survival Rates in 1997-2002
    This objective came from the realization that the best way to test the efficacy of breast cancer treatment and to uncover intervening factors influencing the efficacy of these treatments was to investigate the rates of […]
  12. Peptic Ulcer Disease and Stomach Cancer Diagnostics
    The main idea of this paper is to dwell upon peptic ulcer disease and stomach cancer, the causes of the diseases, signs and symptoms, and how the diseases are diagnosed.
  13. Breast Cancer Patients’ Functions and Suitable Jobs
    The key symptom of breast cancer is the occurrence of a protuberance in the breast. A screening mammography, scrutiny of the patient’s family history and a breast examination help in the diagnosis of breast cancer.
  14. Palliative Care for Adult Patients with Cancer
    Because of the frequent painful experiences of the target population, it is crucial to develop a homogenous approach that will lead to the long-awaited relief and help improve the quality of the patients’ life.
  15. Palliative Care for Adult Cancer Patients
    Therefore, the fact that the key variables of the study will have to be compared needs to be brought up. As the table below shows, it will be crucial to spend a large amount of […]
  16. Palliative Care for Cancer Patients: Search Strategies
    In adult patients with cancer pain, what is the significance of receiving palliative care from the palliative care team when compared to conventional care practice in terms of pain intensity reduction and improved pain management […]
  17. Obesity as a Risk Factor for Uterine Cancer
    The number of obese people in the United States is on the rise. This is the case because the current trends in obesity have led to more cases of cancer.
  18. Breast Cancer Patients’ Life Quality and Wellbeing
    The article “Complementary Exercise and Quality of Life in Patients with Breast Cancer” examines the role of complementary exercises towards improving the lives of women with breast cancer.
  19. Skin Cancer in Australia and Health Campaign
    According to the International Agency for Research on Cancer, the incidence of skin cancer in Australia is the highest in the world.
  20. Prostate Cancer Symptoms and Laboratory Tests
    First, the size of the prostate and second the consistency of the prostate. Prostate cancer sets in as a result of benign enlargement of the prostate.
  21. Cervical Cancer, Its Nature and Symptoms
    However, the incidence rate has reduced by half in the last three decades owing to the extensive endorsement of the Papanicolaou test and the removal of precancerous cells.
  22. Colorectal Cancer, Diagnosis and Treatment Plan
    The role of the colon is to absorb nutrients and water from the stool before it is excreted from the body.
  23. Cancer Epidemiology Among Chinese Americans
    The scholars argue that the Chinese Americans as well as other represantatives of the Asian nations living in the United States are prone to cancer due to the mix of the internal and external factors. […]
  24. Prostate Cancer, Its Genetics and Prevention Methods
    Prostate cancer is a type of cancer that develops in men and that affects the prostate. It is not possible to prevent genetics from initiating the development of prostate cancer because mutations occur in genes […]
  25. Organic Foods Consumption and Cancer Prevention
    It should also be stressed that the potential impact of the proposed research will contribute to the field of nutrition in disease prevention.
  26. Testicular Cancer: Diagnosis and Treatment
    It develops in the testicles, and its symptoms include painless lumps or swellings in the testicles, fluid buildup in the scrotum, pain around the groin area, and discomfort in the scrotum. Several methods and approaches […]
  27. Cervical Cancer: Medical Imaging and Radiotherapy
    Understanding the role of imaging and radiation therapy in the diagnosis and treatment of cervical cancer is important, especially for effective prevention and management.
  28. Annual Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign
    It may also need more time to be implemented as the development of the advertisement, and all visuals will take time.
  29. Cervical Cancer and Risk Factors
    The development of the illness can be provoked by the background diseases which lead to the transformation of the vaginal part of the cervix: polyps, papillomas, cervicitis, erosions and others.
  30. Gastric Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment
    Gastric cancer or cancer of the stomach occurs when normal cells of the stomach change to become cancerous cells. This type of gastric cancer is usually as a result of problems that are caused by […]

📌 Most Interesting Cancer Topics to Write about

  1. Gua Sha in Cancer Therapy Against Myalgia
    Despite the fact that the use of convenience sampling may have contributed to the creation of research biases, the choice of the Laser Doppler imaging as the means of retrieving the relevant data along with […]
  2. Prostate Cancer and Age-Related Risk Factors
    Prostate cancer is one of the types of cancer that have various treatment options. The prognosis for prostate cancer is dependent on the grade group and stage of development.
  3. Prostate Cancer: Causes, Symptoms, Treatment
    As the name suggests, the condition attacks the prostate, which is a gland found in the male reproductive system. It will change the misperception that prostate cancer is a disease of the elderly.
  4. Cancer and Women’s and Men’s Health
    Statistics from the American Cancer Society indicate that the number of women and men suffering from breast and prostate cancer respectively, is rising.
  5. The Role of Epigenetics in Cancer
    The methyl groups used in the study were based on human genome motifs and were previously shown to be associated with the silencing of genes and methylation in the development of humans [3].
  6. Screening for Breast Cancer
    The main goal of this paper is to describe the specific set of clinical circumstances under which the application of screening is the most beneficial for women aged 40 to 74 years.
  7. Epigenetics and Its Role in Cancer
    Epigenetics is a branch of biology which is concerned with studying the changes in the expression of genes that occur not due to the changes in the DNA itself, but because of the conditions in […]
  8. Children with Cancer and Schooling Challenges
    The rationale for the study was to identify what society has done to meet the social needs of children with cancer.
  9. Nursing for Metastatic Pancreatic Cancer Patient
    It also discusses the appropriateness of hospice care for the patient and the skills needed to assist the patient and the family in handling the situation.
  10. Community-Based Participatory Research on Cancer
    CBPR is a joint study of a particular problem where all the members of the partnership program work on analyzing the progress of all the stages of the research process.
  11. Protein Diet, Telomere Length, and Cancer
    Based on the premise that cancerous cells rely on the process of glycolysis in generating high energy, Ho et al.undertook a study to determine the effect of diets with low carbohydrate and high protein and […]
  12. Cancer Treatment Effects on Sexual Function
    The purpose of the research is to discover the influence that cancer treatment has on sexual function. Hunter refers to the analysis of the influence of cervical cancer treatment on the sexual function and intimate […]
  13. Children with Cancer and Their Social Activities
    Therefore, the main objective of the proposed research study is to find a relevant and accurate answer to the following research question: What is the connection between childhood cancer and the social activities of those […]
  14. Cervical Cancer Prevention and Treatment Plan
    Cervical cancer is a type of cancer that affects the lower part of the uterus known as the cervix. The presence of these cells in the cervix is an indication that a woman may be […]
  15. Air Pollution as a Factor for Renal Cancer
    Therefore, to prevent renal cancer, it is crucial to examine the primary causes and look for better strategies to curb the issue.
  16. Cancer Epidemiology for American Population
    That was meant to determine if the disease occurred in groups and the abnormality in the environment with higher rates of occurrences.
  17. Cancer Screening in Lesbians, Gays, Transgenders
    Moreover, one of the diseases that are the burden of American society as a whole and the LGBT population, in particular, is cancer.
  18. Depression and Cancer in Caucasian Female Patient
    HEENT/neurology: no eyesight problems, tension headache from time to time, no nose/ear pain, mild tooth pain, slow speech, no significant changes related to senses Cardiovascular/respiratory: no chest pain, PND, SOB, or abnormal cough.
  19. Hexokinase 2 Enzyme in Cancer Treatment
    This enzyme is involved in the first stage of glucose metabolism to catalyze the phosphorylation of glucose to glucose-6-phosphate through the addition of an ATP molecule.
  20. Prostate Cancer Among African American Men in New York
    An article “Study of the Relationship Between Black Men, Culture and Prostate Cancer Beliefs” written by Machirori, Patch, and Metcalfe and published in Cogent Medicine explores the ideas that Black men have about prostate cancer.
  21. Prostate Cancer Among African Americans in NYC
    For this reason, the research is supported by the literature review to improve the understanding of the issue and outline the basic aspects of prostate cancer among African Americans.
  22. Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for Cancer Patients
    First of all, one should remark that the exploration of the HBOT’s effects on cancer patients is not a recent addition to cancer-related research.
  23. Breast Cancer Screening in Young American Women
    It is proud to be at the forefront of widespread public health initiatives to improve the education and lives of young women.
  24. Colorectal Cancer Screening in the USA
    It is possible to calculate the incidence for both genders and the relative risk of contracting CRC: Im = 70,223 x 100,000 / 148,640,424 = 47.
  25. Thyroid Cancer Chemotherapy
    Thyroid cancer is a malignancy that occurs following the aberrant growth of cells that make up the thyroid gland. The origin of follicular thyroid cancer is the follicular cells.
  26. Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia and Prostate Cancer
    Also, according to Sweeney et al, prostate cancer is the cause of the death of a large number of men who are “both the elderly and less than seventy-five”.
  27. Skin Cancer: Diagnosis and Treatment
    In order to prevent the incidence of skin cancer, the patients are recommended to undergo regular cancer screenings. Thus, following the suggested recommendations is expected to reduce the incidence of skin cancer among patients.
  28. Cancer and Tumor Suppressor Genes
    The upshots of uncontrolled -catenin activity with respect to tumorigenesis is linked to the direct prompting of cellular growth and propagation in addition to the disturbance of differentiation schedules.
  29. Reverse Mutation Concept in Cancer Biology
    The hybridization of phage and the Alu probe will point to the presence of the human mutagen in the cell. Particularly, the application of the KIF2C protein will have to be considered to identify the […]
  30. Blood Test and Cancer Spread in Children
    The use of a blood test as the most successful tool for defining the speed and severity of cancer metastasis should be viewed as the most promising option seeing that it isolates the biomarkers that […]

💡 Good Research Topics about Cancer

  1. Trinity Community Hospital’s Cancer Service Line
    The hospital is committed to the provision of quality healthcare to the members of the community while enhancing the skills of the staff members.
  2. Lung Cancer and Cystic Fibrosis: Diagnosis and Care
    In Germany From 2000 to 2005, the incidence of lung cancer in men and women are decreasing and increasing respectively. The interruption of this chloride ion exporter reduces the osmotic potential across the cell membrane […]
  3. Cancer Alley: Environmental Justice Analysis
    The name “Cancer Alley” was created, due to the exceptionally high number of industrial and toxic facilities that are located in this area.”The seven-parish industrial corridor has the highest density of petrochemical industries in the […]
  4. Cancer Behavior in the Elderly: Cognitive-Affective Analysis
    The authors believe that in spite of the fact that it is impossible to thwart the occurrence of breast cancer, there is a possibility of minimizing the mortality rate.
  5. Establishing a Cancer Treatment Unit in a Hospital
    Using such theoretical concepts such as the Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and cost-benefit analysis, it is clear that building a cancer treatment unit in the community will not be in the best interests of the […]
  6. Ovarian Cancer
    Some of the signs and symptoms of the disease include pains in the abdomen and pelvic area. In order to confirm the presence of cancer, it is necessary to perform surgery and analyze samples of […]
  7. Decision-Making in Cancer MDT
    The healthcare industry in the UK has integrated the concept of MDT in an effort to lower the rate of mortality as a result of cancer. The decision to incorporate the concept of MDT in […]
  8. Alcohol and Smoking Impact on Cancer Risk
    The research question is to determine the quantity of the impact that different levels of alcohol ingestion combined with smoking behavioral patterns make on men and women in terms of the risks of cancer.
  9. Complementary and Alternative Medicine for Women With Breast Cancer
    The treatment of breast CA has developed over the past 20 years, and many treatment centers offer a variety of modalities and holistic treatment options in addition to medical management.
  10. Cancer: Psychological Effects and Coping Strategies
    Cancer is one of the most serious illnesses that cause a lot of suffering to people diagnosed with this disease. Pain is the most disturbing symptom that leads to the development of other psychological issues.
  11. Body pH and Cancer Occurrence Correlation
    At the same time, the link between pH and cancer should not be ignored because the process of low oxygenation can promote toxins in cells making them cancerous.
  12. Cancer, Its Nature and Gene Therapy
    On closer inspection of the problem of cancer as a result of a genetic mutation, one will realize that the mechanism of the disorder in most cases is launched at an unspecified point in time […]
  13. Oncology: Innovative Solutions to Fight Cancer
    Thus, the universal cure for all types of cancer would enable people to combat the disease in a highly reliable and effective manner.
  14. Keytruda as an Innovative Cancer Control Tool
    Cancer is the most dangerous enemy of human health, and in terms of mortality in the world, it ranks second only to cardiovascular diseases.
  15. Pain Assessment for Cancer Patients: Literature Search
    The search in the Joanna Briggs Institute EBP Database yielded 2 results for critically appraised topics, and the studies were not close to the examined question.
  16. “Preferences for Photographic Art Among Hospitalized Patients with Cancer” by Hanson et al.
    The opinions of stakeholders, who are patients and nursing staff, as well as the outcomes of treatment, are factors that influence the response to the research question.
  17. Registered Nurses and Cancer Patients
    It is an interesting idea that, in addition to personal liability and accountability in the context of delegation of RNs’ tasks, the nature of interactions between nurses and assistive personnel should be taken into account.
  18. Cancer Epidemiology in the United States
    Firstly, it is necessary to understand the meaning of the term and the alterations that occur in one’s body due to inflammation.
  19. Biology of Cancer
    A carcinoma in situ is a type of tumor that may develop in cancer. In the management of a carcinoma in situ, both watchful waiting and an operative intervention can be used.
  20. Best Practices in Breast Cancer Care
    Based on this, the final stage of therapy should include comprehensive support for patients with breast cancer as one of the main health care practices within the framework of current treatment guidelines.
  21. Cancer Epidemic Research and Expectations
    According to the majority of them, cancer research is a powerful model or link in the management and treatment of this epidemic.
  22. Colorectal Cancer Patient’s Discharge Planning
    It is critical to document the patient’s condition and care history and share the information among all the interdisciplinary caregivers and referrals like surgeons and medical or radiation oncologists.
  23. Breast Cancer: Health Psychology Plan
    The goal of the plan is to identify the psychological issues and health priorities of the subject and propose a strategy for addressing them.
  24. Cannabis and Cancer Pain Management
    CBD that is selected as the intervention for the proposed study interacts with the cannabinoid cell receptors on its surface to activate and enhance the response of the nervous system.
  25. Complex Fibroadenoma and Breast Cancer Risk
    Furthermore, KB decided that she did not need to remove the lump surgically she was advised to document changes after regular breast exams and return to the clinic in case of new concerns.
  26. Cervical Cancer and Women’s Health
    Worldwide, cervical cancer remains to be one of the most common types of cancer in women. According to the latest findings of the US Preventive Services Task Force, these tests can lower the mortality of […]
  27. Hormone Receptor-Positive Breast Cancer Pathophysiology
    The contemporary understanding of the etiopathogenesis of breast cancer addresses the origin of invasive cancer through a substantive number of molecular alterations at the cellular level.
  28. Breast Cancer: Women’s Health Initiative & Practices
    The new standard of care shows evidence that a low-fat diet, deemed insignificant by the WHI study, is beneficial to women for preventing or improving their risks of breast cancer.
  29. Lung Cancer Stages, Complications and Support
    The purpose of this paper is to describe the diagnosis and staging of cancer, outline its complications, identify the support available to patients, and explain how a background in science and liberal arts is contributing […]
  30. Pain Reduction Metods for Cancer Patients
    However, it is also important to make sure that the project’s duration is sufficient for the occurrence of major outcomes of the suggested treatment.
  31. Chronic Diseases: Heart Failure and Cancer
    The first article examines the role of genetic testing of molecular markers that determine the occurrence and progression of cancer in individuals. The article recommends oncology nurses to keep abreast of advances in genomics for […]

⭐ Simple & Easy Cancer Essay Titles

  1. Cancer and Chemotherapy Effects on Patients
    In case of disturbing side effects, starvation is viewed as a safe and effective measure to reduce the negative consequences of chemotherapy for cancer survivors.
  2. Viruses as a Cause of Cancer
    This is done by switching on a dormant cancer gene when it enters the cell’s DNA of the host. Some practices like smoking and drinking increase the risk of developing cancer as they work together […]
  3. The American Cancer Society’s Website Evaluation
    The American Cancer Society or the ACS is the “The American Cancer Society is a nationwide, community-based voluntary health organization. The goal of the American Cancer Society is the impediment of cancer thereby saving the […]
  4. Monoclonal Antibodies in Treating Breast Cancer
    The most important function of the lymph glands is that their tissue fluid carries the cancer cells that have been detached from the tumour to the closely located lymph gland.
  5. Penectomy Challenges in Cancer Patients
    The main reason for its late diagnosis lies in the late presentation of the patient to the clinician, and even if it takes place, the treatment is largely symptomatic at the beginning.
  6. Colorectal Cancer Care Coordination
    The treatment plan is a comprehensive outline of the health status of the patient and the strategies to undertake to improve their health status.
  7. Human Papillomavirus Infection and Cervical Cancer
    Besides a description of HPV pathogenesis and epigenetics, the paper provides an overview of the global incidence and prevalence rates pertaining to infection and cervical cancer. HPV and HPV genotypes 16 and 18, in particular, […]
  8. The History of Cervical Cancer: Treatment and Care
    Such success has come from the unraveling of the etiology of the disease and an understanding of the epidemiology of the diseases on one side and the advances made by science and technology on the […]
  9. Digestive Cancer. Complementary & Alternative Treatment
    Therefore, complementary and alternative medicine should only be used as a supplement to reduce the side effects of a standard treatment of cancer.
  10. Integumentary System Diseases. Skin Cancer and Eczema
    However, in some cases, cancer leisure can form on the parts of the skin that are not exposed to the sun suggesting the existence of additional factors contributing to the issue.
  11. Breast Cancer: Causes and Treatment
    According to Iversen et al this situation is comparable to the finding of abnormal cells on the surface of the cervix, curable by excision or vaporization of the tissue.
  12. Cancer Pathophysiology and Nursing Management
    Nurses play an important role in the treatment of cancer patients through the nursing process which consists of various stages and utilizes educational background and knowledge regarding the disease.
  13. Genetic Predisposition to Breast Cancer
    Their choice to have their first baby later in life and hormonal treatment for symptoms of menopause further increase the risk of breast cancer in women.
  14. Motivational Interviewing as a Smoking Cessation Intervention for Patients with Cancer
    The dependent variable is the cessation of smoking in 3 months of the interventions. The study is based on the author’s belief that cessation of smoking influences cancer-treated patients by improving the efficacy of treatment.
  15. When the Smoke Clears: The Story About the Lung Cancer
    It identified variation in the same region of the long arm of chromosome15 as the top hit for genomic association with lung cancer.
  16. Risk Factors for Cervical Cancer
    It has also been realized that the disease tends to age away in most of the cases studied in the United States.
  17. Postmenopause Hormone Therapy and Endometrial Cancer
    Purpose of the study: to enhance understanding of HRT and to verify the potential role of progesterone in reducing the effects of unopposed estrogens on the endometrium.
  18. J. Overcash on Older Adults With Cancer
    The problem defined in the article has great significance for nursing as the result of the study can contribute heavily towards the service of the nurses.
  19. Breast Cancer and the Effects of Diet
    The information in noted clause is only a part of results of the researches spent in the field of the analysis of influence of a diet on a risk level of disease in cancer.
  20. The Three Most Common Types of Cancer in America
    But, irrespective, of the kind of cancer, this illness is terrible and people need to find the cure for it in order not to let cancer become a fatal disease for the whole of mankind.

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