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63 Diabetes Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

🏆 Best Diabetes Topic Ideas & Essay Examples

  1. Age Influence on Physical Activity: Exercise and Diabetes
    Under the IV, the behavior that will be measured is the response of the participant to blood sugar levels while engaging in physical activities through exercise.
  2. Human Body Organ Systems Disorders: Diabetes
    Diabetes is of three main types-type 1, type 2, and gestational diabetes. Ten percent of people that are affected by diabetes in the US have type 1 diabetes.
  3. Type I Diabetes
    This makes it difficult for the transfer of sugar into the cells of those suffering from type 1 diabetes due to absence of insulin.
  4. Type 2 diabetes
    Some adopt regular exercise and good diet as a measure to keep blood sugar low in order to avoid the need of taking medicines.
  5. Type 2 Diabetes
    The two major types of diabetes are type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes. Doctor: The first step in the treatment of type 2 diabetes is consumption of healthy diet.
  6. Cause and Diagnosis of Type 2 diabetes
    Recently, it was reported that Insulin resistance is the sole factor and could play important role in the development of type 2 diabetes mellitus.
  7. Volunteering in Diabetes
    Finally, after these special performances, there will be distribution of fliers with information on diabetes and encouragement to get tested for diabetes and thus reach the climax of the event.
  8. Obesity, Diabetes and Heart Disease
    Chronic diseases such as obesity, diabetes and heart disease have become endemic and as such calls into question what processes can be implemented among members of the local population so as to prevent the spread […]
  9. Diabetes mellitus Education and hemoglobin A1C level
    In relation to the identification of the diabetic population and educating them based on Wojcik et al recommendation, another study was conducted to evaluate the efficacy of education on hemoglobin A1C level. The focus of […]
  10. Humanistic Image of Managing Diabetes
    Thus, this paper’s objective is to analyze the interdisciplinary nature of the application of holistic medical treatment, to study traditional and modern methods of implementation of the mind-body medicine to diabetes, and investigate the techniques […]
  11. Why Qualitative Method Was Chosen for Diabetes Program Evaluation
    Generally, the CDC chose to use qualitative methods in order to obtain quality and accurate information about the diabetes eradication program.
  12. Micro and Macro-Cosmos in Medicine and Care Models for Prevention of Diabetes
    While the mentioned care models pay much attention to the microcosm of a human body, they lack precision in reflecting the specifics of the macrocosm of the environment.
  13. The Effect of Physical, Social, and Health Variables on Diabetes
    The p-values for salary, height, weight, BMI, family history of diabetes, and family history of allergies showed the variables were related to diabetes.
  14. Analysis of Program “Prevent Diabetes Live Life Well”
    Analysis of Live Life Well indicates that it is an effective program in the prevention and delay of type II diabetes among Australian adults because it employs both primary and secondary preventive strategies.
  15. Different Types of Diabetes Found in Different Countries
    After inventing a new and effective instrument that could easily and quickly detect the quantity of insulin and glucose in the body, the group decided to choose a company that symbolizes the instrument.
  16. Ecological Models to Deal with Diabetes in Medicine
    Perceived benefits The objective is to analyze the perceptions of the community members in relation to the avoidance of the risk factors.
  17. Diabetes and Cardiovascular Diseases in Medicine
    The aim is to enhance the impact of this intervention on individuals and on the society at large. General Concepts and Key Elements of the Program The planned strategy is a comprehensive undertaking in the […]
  18. Diabetes Mellitus Diseases
    As a consequence, the amount of sugar in the blood is made to rise and this cause discomfort for the affected individuals.
  19. Preventing the Proliferation Diabetes
    As a company that deals in the provision of diabetes supplies to the general public, Salehiya Medical can be described as an institution that is well poised to assist the general public when it comes […]
  20. Diet and Nutrition: European Diabetes
    Also, it is tough to maintain a diet regiment, and it is one of the most significant issues that are present.
  21. Diabetes Mellitus’ New Treatment: Principles and Process
    Destruction of beta cells in the islets is the cause of a decrease in the volume of insulin released from the pancreas.
  22. Diabetes Care: Leadership and Strategy Plan
    Secondly, it can be because the cells of the body are not responding well to insulin. As a result, it will lead to decrease of the development of diabetes.
  23. Diabetes Treatment and Funding in Fulton County
    The allocation of the financial resources available, however, leaves much to be desired, as the programs aimed at spreading awareness concerning the threats of diabetes, as well as the factors that enhance its development, do […]
  24. Education for African Americans with Type 2 Diabetes
    The topic of the research is the influence of education on the life and patient care of African Americans with type 2 diabetes.
  25. Diabetes Disease in the USA Adults
    The disease has become a burden to the city of Baltimore in the state of Maryland. The city has to reallocate billions of money to control the disease.
  26. Socioeconomic Status and Susceptibility to Type II Diabetes
    According to the findings of the World Health Organization, type II diabetes affects the lives of around 8 percent of adults around the globe. What are the primary causes of type II diabetes that are […]
  27. Strongyloides Stercoralis Infection and Type 2 Diabetes
    The main focus of this study is not to prove the possibility of the relationship between the infection and the diagnosis, but rather to explain this relationship and facilitate a discussion to see if there […]
  28. Obesity and Hypertension in Type 2 Diabetes Patients
    We should consider the body mass as a feature that plays one of the key roles in the deterrence and treatment of type 2 diabetes.
  29. Diabetes Mellitus Type 2: Pathophysiology and Treatment
    The primary etiologies linked to the patient’s T2DM condition include morbid obesity and family history. The genetic factors implicated in T2DM pathogenesis relate to a family history of the disease.
  30. Type II Diabetes Susceptibility and Socioeconomic Status
    As the focus is made on the correlation between socioeconomic status and susceptibility to type II diabetes, primary search requests were the following: socioeconomic status, causes of type II diabetes, socioeconomic status and diabetes mellitus, […]

⭐ Most Interesting Diabetes Topics to Write about

  1. Stem Cell Therapy and Diabetes Medical Research
    This type of diabetes is less common and only occurs during the early stage when the immune system of the body attacks and destroys cells that produce insulin in the pancreas.
  2. Stem Cell Therapy as a Potential Cure for Diabetes
    The results of a specialized study by Chhabra and Brayman on the treatment of diabetes type 2, which makes 90% to 95% of the cases known globally, has shown that it is viable to treat […]
  3. Cure for Diabetes: The Impossible Takes a Little Longer
    The synthesis of the existing information about the available options for diabetes treatment is crucial to a better understanding of the problem and the identification of the most promising routes that the further studies should […]
  4. Pathophysiology of Mellitus and Insipidus Diabetes
    In case of diabetes mellitus, the hormone insulin is involved. Urine in the case of diabetes mellitus is of normal concentration although it is very dilute in diabetes insipidus.
  5. Diabetes: Treatment Technology and Billing
    For instance, Kennedy, Runge, and Brown state that existing and future devices give patients an opportunity to send the gathered information to their smartphones and computers, which then can be shown to physicians and medical […]
  6. Epidemiology of Type 1 Diabetes
    It is the reason Type 1 is known as juvenile diabetes, and it can affect the life of a growing child quite a bit and in many ways.
  7. Future Technologies: Diabetes Treatment and Care
    Also, when it comes to the emotional and psychological needs of diabetic patients, these are the requirements that are beyond the capabilities of computers and robots.
  8. Diabetes Among British Adults and Children
    Important to note, diabetes is one of the long-term conditions that have put the older population in the UK under the end of life care.
  9. Chronic Care Model for Diabetes Patients in the UAE
    The purpose of this essay is to reflect on the use of the model by Mallow et al.and to evaluate the possibility of applying the same approach to review the implementation of mHealth to improve […]
  10. Diabetes Patients’ Long-Term Care and Life Quality
    Since insulin resistance can be lowered through weight reduction which, in turn, decreases the severity of the condition, it is also often incorporated into the long-term care of patients with Type 2 diabetes.
  11. Artificial Intelligence for Diabetes: Project Experiences
    At the end of this reflective practice report, I plan to recognize my strengths and weaknesses in terms of team-working on the project about AI in diabetic retinopathy detection and want to determine my future […]
  12. Diabetes Care Advice by Food and Drug Administration
    This paper aims to discuss FDA recommendations, the role of money in health care, and the significance of family involvement in diagnosing and treating diabetes along with the laboratory studies and tests currently available and […]
  13. Diabetes Investigation in Space Flight Research
    Collaboration with the Chinese space station program is a good way to facilitate experiments and research that were conducted as part of other space programs.
  14. Diabetes in the US: Cost Effectiveness Analysis
    The paper is devoted to the investigation of the central features of the cost-effectiveness analysis on the background of the suggested case revolving around diabetes among the population of the USA.
  15. Diabetes Mellitus and Problems at Work
    As such, the purpose of this essay is to identify and address the particular factors that would have to be considered in the course of an evaluation of Ms.G.’s work capabilities.
  16. Clinical Studies of Diabetes Mellitus
    The purpose of the study is to determine the impact of group medical visits compared to individual medical visits on HbA1c levels among African Americans with type 2 diabetes mellitus.
  17. Perception of Diabetes in the Hispanic Population
    Diabetes is also defined as one of the leading causes of death among the citizens of the United States. Despite the possibility to create certain measurements of this nursing research project, it is also required […]
  18. Diabetes Pain Questionnaire and Patient Feedback
    Over time and depending on the severity of a particular case of diabetes, a form of nerve damage called neuropathy can actually occur resulting in either chronic pain in the toes, arms, legs, feet, or […]
  19. Diabetes: Disease Control and Investigation
    The second type of diabetes is Type 2 diabetes. This is a condition that leads to the development of type 1 diabetes.
  20. Diabetes Awareness Program and Strategic Planning
    One of the major strengths of the program will be a decrease in the development of the disorder as people will be able to pay close attention to their lifestyle, their health, and possible symptoms.
  21. Transition from Pediatric to Adult Diabetes Care
    Such a project should help to clarify the evaluations and assessments to be performed in the future to improve the transition process and meet the needs and expectations of the patients and their families.
  22. Diabetes Treatment
    Chwastiak et al.state that the collaborative care model is a better option for patients with schizophrenia and diabetes when compared to usual care.
  23. Diabetes Management Plan
    The purpose of this paper is to analyze the provided subjective and objective information to diagnose and develop a management plan for the patient in the case study.
  24. Diabetes as Community Health Issue in the Bronx
    The community of the Bronx is diverse, and people living in the area have many health-related issues that need to be addressed. The prevalence of the Black population in the Bronx is higher than that […]
  25. Ambition Diabetes and Diet on Macbeths’ Example
    The man kills his kinsman, Duncan, because he wants to be a king but understands that he is suspected of this crime.
  26. Cardiovascular Care in Type 2 Diabetes Patients
    The cardiovascular benefits of GLP-1 receptor agonists can be identified in order to support more T2DM patients and make it easier for them to achieve their potential.
  27. Type 2 Diabetes in Bronx Project for Social Change
    The present paper will discuss the contribution of the project to social justice and social change, as well as the health scholar-practitioners’ role in promoting positive change in healthcare.
  28. Type 2 Diabetes in Bronx: Evidence-Based Practice
    A program that promotes health through dietary change should address the socioeconomic specificities of communities in the Bronx by offering educational classes that provide affordable alternatives to unhealthy but cheap foods.
  29. Type 2 Diabetes from Cultural and Genetic Aspects
    Adults in the age range from 45 to 64 years are one of the most affected populations because the possibility of developing type 2 diabetes increases significantly after the age of 45.
  30. Type 2 Diabetes in the Afro-American Bronx Community
    Currently, the problem of type 2 diabetes is considered to be an epidemic in the United States, and this issue has a significant impact on the African American community of the Bronx.
  31. Type 2 Diabetes as a Public Health Issue
    In recent years, a steady increase in the incidence and prevalence of diabetes is observed in almost all countries of the world.
  32. Diabetes in Australia: Analysis
    Australia is one of the countries where the rates of diabetes are among the highest, with the number of patients having reached 159,000,000 in 2017 and continuing to grow at an alarming 15% rate.
  33. Diabetes in Urban Cities of United States
    Diabetes mellitus is one of the common metabolic disorders affecting many citizens in the United States and across the globe. Another possible explanation for the increasing levels of diabetes in urban areas is the absence […]

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