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Volunteering in Diabetes Essay

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Updated: Jan 14th, 2020

Diabetes is one of the leading causes of death in the world today. It is imperative to note that it is a metabolic disorder that results from partial or absolute pancreatic failure in production of glucose-breaking hormone- insulin. Besides, individuals diagnosed with this condition do experience high levels of glucose in their blood streams.

Usually, it is classified into two categories and has been found to affect diverse age groups (Colwell, 2003). For instance, type 2 diabetes involves partial production of glucose-breaking hormone while type 1 which is normally considered to be the most severe, results from permanent failure in production of this hormone.

These two types are generally perceived to last for a lifetime of an individual. While this disorder is easily diagnosed and sometimes treatable especially if identified early enough, many victims hardly know whether they are diabetic or not. Statistical evidence released a couple of years ago suggests that approximately six million people in United States alone do not know their statuses as far as diabetes is concerned.

In addition, almost eighteen million people are diagnosed annually with some sixty million having pre-diabetes without their knowledge. Moreover, gender statistics indicate that men are more likely to have diabetes than women. However, the margin might just be slight.

The same statistics also point out that the rate of infection is higher for those older than 20 years implying that there may be higher adult infection rates than among young people (Diabetes Forecast, 2011).

These statistical evidences point out the need for adequate information on diabetes. Many people are unaware that they may have hidden signs and symptoms of diabetes and those with this condition do not take strict caring measures in order to contain their conditions (Moran & Merriman, 2004).

Since majority of diabetic victims are bright working and potential individuals needed for national growth and development, there is need for some collective responsibility that will overly involve communities and individuals in combating the severe nature of diabetes. In fact, the latter reason explains why I chose to involve myself in diabetes sensitization and research support program.

“Illuminate Diabetes” Event

‘Illuminate Diabetes’ is an event aimed at providing the public with sufficient information regarding diabetes. Important information focuses on diabetes causes, symptoms, cure and current research, with emphasis in getting tested for surety purposes. This event thus aims at providing the public with enough information for health measures against diabetes and thus leads to voluntary testing of the condition.

Aims and objectives of the event

This event is purposely prepared for reasons of passing information on diabetes and its current status in the country with emphasis on diagnosis.

Since the main concern of the event will be delivery of prioritized information alongside encouraging voluntary testing, major emphasis will be laid on current and future trends of diabetes. It is quite vital to note that the aforementioned facts led to drafting of the following aims and objectives to be used in the campaign program.

  • To provide statistics on current rates of diabetes
  • To provide data and figures on the most affected groups
  • To provide statistical estimates of undiagnosed victims of diabetes
  • To educate the vulnerable groups on the importance of early diagnosis

How to get involved

Involvement in campaigns against diabetes has been considered as one of the most challenging activity, positively influencing today’s healthy living. In this regard, every individual is entitled to enjoy healthy living and thus collective responsibility is imperative in achieving this endeavor. Thus the chosen dimension of involvement is through social events that people love attending.

Choosing a concert event as highlighted above would prove very effective in dispersion of desired information. Raising awareness on this event will have to be simplified in order to pas the crucial information to affected population (Leslie & Robbins, 2008).

Due to numerous social media tools available for reaching large number of people in diverse locations, advertising will utilize these tools for raising awareness and occurrence of this event, which is very critical in materializing it.

To begin with, according to Health Canada (2010), information will be posted on several tools such as Facebook, twitter, banners, You Tube, RSS feeds and mobile phone application codes. Indeed, use of social interactive sites such as those mentioned will assist in speedy delivery of information to both affected victims as well as those who may not have been screened for diabetes.

These social media tools have been projected as the most influential in information dissemination. By accessing these sites, people will gather enough information to understand of event implementation. To understand public reaction as regards the event, a Facebook account for “Illuminate Diabetes” will be created.

After that, creation of a group of attendants with details of venue and the main activities of the day with recognition of special guests. A corresponding twitter account will also be created for well wishers and organizations to chip in through follow-ups. Creation of videos with information on diabetes is imperative in reaching people with immense interest in watching videos online on You Tube community.

These are some of the low cost social media platforms that are available for immediate publication and awareness of the anti-diabetes campaign. After thorough advertising, there will be need for scheduling of the final plan on the activities of the day (Team Diabetes, 2010).

Agenda of the event

This event is aimed at providing sufficient information to the general on diabetes

  1. Introduction of the listing of the guests and special programming
  2. Initiation of the program through first item
  3. Performance from our special guest
  4. Information dissemination, introduction to diabetes with regard to definition, causes and symptoms
  5. Performance from second special guest
  6. Statistical information on current trends of diabetes and treatment.
  7. Performance from the third special guest
  8. Return of the medics who are illuminating measures against diabetes
  9. Emphasis on getting tested to know one’s status
  10. Final performance with distribution of fliers

Organization and funding

From researches on public interests, it has been clearly identified that people undergo immense influence of learning through some well known social events like music concerts. Lots of researches have also indicated that nowadays, music and sport events have raised immense curiosities of the public and as such, have been preferred by various event organizers in presenting their views to the public.

There will be solicitation of funds from various NGOs and the government for this event and more funds shall be raised through selling of T-shirts during event day.

Attendance is open to the public during a weekend for maximum turnout since most people work for fewer hours during this time and thus might spare their free time in joining our members on the event. Chosen guests of the day will involve the entertainers and medical professionals.

Main activities of the event

The event will commence with an opening performance from one of our special guests. As performances progress from one presentation to another, successful introduction of next items and unleashing of vital information for combating the spread of diabetes will done with a sole intent of getting the masses to respond towards fighting diabetes.

Promotional T-shirts will also be sold at the arena bearing artistic messages which will be emphasizing the need for positive living with Diabetes and getting tested. This will assist in passing campaign messages to the targeted groups and consequently assist in achieving the preset objectives.

Since this activity seeks to focus on enlightening victims against diabetes, doctors who will be among the visitors and other medical professionals will be given the chance to offer relevant in information.

Hence, after the first performance from guests, introduction of medical experts will follow with spotlight on detailed information about diabetes. Specific emphasis regarding causes, symptoms and treatment will be delivered systematically.

For example, definition of diabetic condition and its causes will be captured at this stage of the concert. Then another invited guest performer will be invited to the platform to entertain attendants.

Thereafter, the program will focus on return of medical experts to continue illuminating on treatment and preventive measures against diabetes. This will articulate the purpose of the event to using a thematic approach.

Given enough information on diabetes, the progress of the event will be directed to another special guest performer who will give special performance in order to maintain the attention of the attendants on the event. Thematic approach is imperative such that special each performer should observe and include this theme in their performance.

Finally, after these special performances, there will be distribution of fliers with information on diabetes and encouragement to get tested for diabetes and thus reach the climax of the event. Testing is intended to create awareness among members of the public and thus increase cases of known diabetes. In this way, measures on combating this terminal health condition will be drafted since diabetic status is known.

Reduced cases of progression to stage 1 will occur and thus many lives will be saved through this event. Event conclusion will follow afterwards with emphasis on spreading the information acquired during the event to the wider public. This will be ensured by informing attendants to spread this to their immediate friends and relatives who were absent from the event.


In summing up, it is imperative to note that statistical substantiations that were provided a couple of years ago suggest that estimated six million people in United States alone do not know their statuses in regards to diabetes. Besides, another eighteen million people are diagnosed annually with diabetes with more than sixty million having pre-diabetes condition without their understanding.

On the same note, gender statistics indicate that men are more likely to have diabetes than women though on a slight margin. Hence, there is need for sufficient information the development of diabetes hence an informative campaign against this disorder. Through social gatherings that people like attending, creation of performance events will prove to be very effective in disseminating desired information.


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