Community Service Essay, Research Paper Examples

Participation by Voluntary Sector Organisations in Public Service Delivery presents Major Challenges to the Organisations

Introduction Voluntary organisations engage in the delivery of public services for various reasons in different nations across the globe. One such reason is to ensure that services are brought closer to the communities. Communities and voluntary sector organisations are critical since they help in “reforming public services and reinvigorating civic life” (Ponikiewski 2002, p.91). This […]

Addressing the Impacts of Undergraduates’ Engagement in Community Service on Stakeholders

Introduction Background Information Community service as a concept has gained popularity throughout the world for various reasons. Perold & Rahmat (1997:14) are of the view that this concept is gaining popularity in discourses taking place throughout the world. This is especially the case in community development discussions. Bryant & West (2011) views community service as […]

Volunteering in Diabetes

Diabetes is one of the leading causes of death in the world today. It is imperative to note that it is a metabolic disorder that results from partial or absolute pancreatic failure in production of glucose-breaking hormone- insulin. Besides, individuals diagnosed with this condition do experience high levels of glucose in their blood streams. Usually, […]

Hampton-Newport News Community Services Board

Introduction The Hampton-Newport Community Services Board (HNNCSB) offers a broad range of mental well-being and drug abuse services and care for people with mental and developmental disorders (Hampton-Newport News Community Services Board, 2013). These services are available to people of all ages in Hampton and Newport News. The agency’s vision is to create a community […]

Volunteering in leisure sector

Abstract It is an activity that is becoming a common practice by many individuals. Many institutions are also taking the opportunity of volunteers in order to save on costs while realizing their goals. This paper seeks to determine the factors that motivate volunteers in the leisure sector. It also aims at providing some of the […]

Volunteering for Horizon House: Homeless Neighbours’ Motivation to Find Jobs

Horizon House is the specific full-service day center which is located in Indianapolis. The non-profit center is organized to provide the necessary assistance to homeless neighbours in order to improve the conditions of their life. The mission of Horizon House is to help homeless neighbours in Indianapolis receive the necessary assistance and support along with […]

Conceptualization of the Aspect of Community Service

Community service is an important aspect of giving back to the society since it enhances the existing relationship between parties involved. Community service is basically a voluntary exercise that involves touching lives of special members of the society. Among the special group includes orphans, old, physically challenged among others. The process is interactive and involves […]

Community service should be required by most citizens of a country

It is pretty amazing how community service has continued to develop and become an issue of debate in our schools and the community. It is quite agreeable that all students have come from different backgrounds. Socioeconomic backgrounds, family backgrounds and cultural backgrounds differ from student to student. Ideological intertwinement between networks of students will lend […]

Community Service: Mandatory or Voluntary?

Introduction The issue regarding the importance of participating in community service has for long time generated intense debate among behaviorists. According to anthropologists, sociologists and other behaviorists in different fields, doing charity work or helping others fundamentally changes something in our behavior and ability to understand others. Behaviorists argue that once you have worked on […]