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Secrets of a Powerful Obesity Essay

Writing an obesity essay is a great opportunity for you to explore a prominent public health problem and learn more about a healthy lifestyle.

To write a powerful essay on obesity, you need to think about content, structure, and flow of the paper. Here are some secrets that will make your paper stand out:

  • Follow the instructions carefully. Start by reading all the materials sent by your tutor, including obesity essay titles, sample papers, and the grading rubric. Highlight the key parts of the instructions and reread them while writing to ensure that your piece is relevant and fulfills the requirements. This step is instrumental as it will help you to avoid losing marks for mistakes that can be prevented easily.
  • Write down the title of your essay first. This will help you to remain focused on the content while also allowing you to find relevant resources to support your arguments. If you can’t think of any good ones, search obesity essay topics to see if that gives you any inspiration. Return to your title before beginning each paragraph to make sure that there are no gaps or deviations from the main subject.
  • Create a detailed outline to help with the structure. An outline is an excellent tool because it helps you plan the sequence of points, thus establishing a logical flow. For most essay topics, the outline includes an introduction, several central paragraphs, and a conclusion. Write out the key points that you’ve gathered from research and see how they can be organized in the main body. For a great obesity essay conclusion, simply restate your main argument and demonstrate how the rest of the paper supports it.
  • Use reliable sources as the foundation for your essay. Examples of good sources are peer-reviewed scholarly articles and books by credible authors. Avoid using Wikipedia and other online encyclopedias. Even though they contain a lot of information on obesity, they are not reliable, and tutors may take away marks for such sources. Luckily for you, there is a tremendous amount of research on obesity, child obesity, fast food, and similar topics.
  • Use the power of statistics. People care about obesity because they know how many people are affected by it. Hence, providing official statistics on obesity among different populations and age groups will make your essay more influential. Stating the percentage of adults who have obesity and the rate at which this figure grows would make an excellent obesity essay hook!
  • Consider the topic in depth to achieve a high mark. Obesity is a complex phenomenon which relates to social, environmental, economic, and cultural trends. Acknowledging this in your essay will show that you understand the subject. Moreover, researching various aspects of obesity may give you ideas on improving your arguments. For example, you could consider how the popularity of junk food is related to economic stability or why members of a low-income family would have a greater risk of obesity than people from a more affluent background. If you can’t find enough information in research, use your critical thinking to draw conclusions from various reports and articles.

The secrets in this post will assist you in achieving an excellent mark on your next paper on obesity! Our website contains more helpful materials, so check other posts for essay titles, writing advice, and structure tips.

Childhood Obesity

Statement of the Problem Childhood obesity has been on a steady increase in the US resulting in a decline in child health since children who are obese are at increased risk of physical as well as psychosocial health consequences. Dehghan, Danesh and Merchant observe that childhood obesity has reached catastrophic levels in the US with […]

Childhood obesity and advertising

Introduction Obesity in children has become a major concern in most parts of the world. This escalation in the rate at which the young generation is being affected by the scourge has prompted the urge of answering questions concerning the causes of obesity and its possible preventive measures. While this is the case, some theorists […]

Childhood Obesity in Developing Countries – a Global Health Issue

Childhood obesity is a health problem of global character. It began to demonstrate speedy growth several decades ago. As a result, over the last thirty years, the number of children suffering from obesity globally has doubled, and the number of obese adolescents has increased by four times (CDC 2015). Previously, the focus of attention of […]

Obesity, Diabetes and Heart Disease

Introduction Junk food in the form of chips, dips, burgers, fries, sodas, candies and ice cream have become such a part of America’s culture that the most prevalent cultural distinction for American today is that of the “Junk Food” culture. In nearly every town, city and state groceries, shopping malls and fast food restaurants carry […]

Risk Cluster Linked To Child Obesity

With the increase in scientific inquiries, knowledge in science has become unavoidable (National Science Education Standards observe 1996). Nowadays, humans rely on scientific knowledge to tackle their everyday challenges. In this essay, a 5th grade instructional project applying scientific methods and principles to assess a selected problem is presented. The problem selected is risk cluster […]

Childhood Obesity

The report begins by presenting the historical background of childhood obesity and highlights the roots cause of this health condition in Arabian Gulf and the Saudi Arabia. The next section of the report will embark on the understanding childhood obesity and its various causes that are in the environment such as lifestyle and the diet […]

Sugar and Its Role in Overweight/Obesity Development or Treatment

High Fructose Corn Syrup Researchers present different visions in relation to the dependence of the issue of obesity on the consumption of high fructose corn syrup. Stanhope discusses the relationship of the metabolic syndrome and consumption of fructose. It is found that increases in the consumption of high fructose corn syrup can provoke the dyslipidemia […]

Problem of Obesity in Modern Society

Obesity and its importance Obesity refers to a health condition that is characterized by the accumulation of excessive fat in the body due to an imbalance between the intake and spending of energy (Murphy, 2011, p.15). The availability of food laden with high calorie levels and lack of enough physical activity are major factors that […]

The Sentinel Site for Obesity Prevention

Introduction Obesity is a condition which is characterized by excess body fats in a human body, resulting to multiple health problems. Obesity has in general reduced people’s life expectation and caused deaths worldwide. Such statistics became the reason for the creation of The Sentinel Site for Obesity Prevention. Founded in Australia, it was formed as […]

Childhood SES and Obesity

Introduction The main aim of this article is to examine the relationship between socio-economic status and obesity. Extensive research work has been carried out to study the various socio-economic status (SES) indicators and their association with the disease. From the research, the general pattern of association for both genders to the various socio-economic indicators displayed […]

Obesity and Healthy Eating

Introduction Obesity has been on a steady increase in the US resulting in a decline in the individual’s health since people who are obese are at increased risk of physical as well as psychosocial health consequences. The high prevalence rates of obesity particularly among children and adolescents have caused alarm. Calls have been made for […]

Obesity Epidemic in the USA

Defining Obesity Obesity is a medical condition characterized by excess fats in the body and can have greater effect on a person’s health. The condition reduces the life expectancy of a person and can increase health complications. Although obesity results in more weight, increased body fat in the body is not the same as being […]

Healthy Foods and Obesity

America seems to be fighting a loosing battle against obesity. This is reflected in the lasts statistics indicating that despite the latest efforts by the government as well as nutritionist against obesity, the rate of obesity is increasing and currently it is at an all time high. This is ironical bearing in mind the amount […]

Does healthy food prevent obesity?

Obesity has been a problem in the United States for some decades; it affects the population across all ages, and income: according to a report by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention 34 percent of American adults and 17 percent of American children are believed to be obese; the report further states that the condition […]

The Socio Economic Implications of Childhood Obesity and Control Strategies

Obesity in children is a major public health concern despite continued silence of teachers and parents. It is a well known fact that obesity is responsible for numerous deaths among adults and many other health problems. In public discussion forums and elsewhere childhood obesity goes unnoticed very often. In children, obesity can lead to health […]

Public Policy: Obesity and Aging Society

Introduction In the aging societies of the United States, obesity has undergone a dramatic increase in recent years. People attribute this to many factors ranging from the excessive intake of energy food through lack of proper physical exercises to genetic susceptibility. They further estimate that approximately one-third of adults in the United States are obese, […]

The ‘Obesity Epidemic’ and the Analytic Model of Bio-power

Introduction Childhood obesity is a term used to refer to children who are overweight by virtue of having excessive body fat, which can negatively affect their health and wellbeing. In light of the increasing number of children who are overweight and the embedding risk of young people developing complicated health problems, obesity in children has […]

Childhood Obesity as Big Problem in the Contemporary Society

Introduction Obesity refers to a health state in which surplus body fat accumulates such that it may pose unfavorable consequences on wellbeing of an individual. It is determined using the body mass index, commonly referred to as BMI, and further analyzed by fat dispersion through the waist-hip quotient and overall blood vessel threat features. The […]

Childhood Obesity’ and Poor Health Indicators’ Relationship

Childhood obesity has become an important health and social problem in the 21st century. Today, there are many children experiencing obesity-related complications, than ever before in the history of mankind (Kopelman, 2005, p. 493). In America for example, it is estimated that, the prevalence of childhood obesity has tripled over the past two decades, with […]

Fat Ethics – Obesity and Society

In recent years, there have been raging debates in the public arena regarding the effects of obesity in the developed world. These protracted debates can offer certainty and authority in this area of research. However, these debates may also rule out the possibility of such certainties. Debates on obesity have given rise to various forms […]

Designing an Intervention for Obesity in US

Introduction In the evolution of mankind the process of acquiring food often entailed the exertion of physical energy and ensured the population always received adequate exercise. As times progressed to modern society there have emerged societies where the population has access excessive amounts of food with relatively little or no exercise. The result of this […]

Helping obesity in our schools

Purpose Statement The purpose of this study shall be to better understand the factors that contribute to obesity in high schools. High prevalence rates of obesity particularly among the high school age children in Florida schools is a cause for alarm and direct attention is needed to come up with effective strategies and programs to […]

UAE Obesity Problem

The modern world is a rapidly developing place in all spheres of humanity and production of fast food and access to take-out combined with little exercise, have raised very many health concerns. Obesity is becoming a growing problem and United Arab Emirates has not been excluded from a number of countries where overweight population is […]

Effects of obesity

Maintaining good body weight is highly recommended by medical doctors as a way of promoting a healthy status of the body. This is to say that there is allowed body weight, which a person is supposed to maintain. Extreme deviations from this weight expose a person to several health complications. While being underweight is not […]

Childhood Obesity: Causes/Solutions

Thesis Statement Childhood obesity is one of the biggest developing health problems associated with the things such as types of foods that children consume, genetic factors, addiction to highly pleasurable foods, and diminished physical activities. Therefore, failure of the government to take precautionary measures such as controlling the foods served to children, introduction of BMI […]

Obesity Could Be Catching

This article by Emma Woollacott entitled Obesity Could Be Catching, is a medical related article. This article tries to find obesity related issues leading to the infection of liver diseases. Briefly, the article clearly seeks to illustrate reasons behind the occurrences of obesity and its side effects, for instance infections. Moreover, the article points out the way Yale […]

Problems and Solutions of Child Obesity

Introduction Childhood obesity is a condition, which negatively affects a child’s health and wellbeing due to the excess body fats. The prevalence of obesity in most children makes it a serious health concern. This is evident from the fact that it has many adverse health effects to the children. In the United States, an estimation […]

Matter of Childhood Obesity

Introduction The matter of childhood obesity and poor nutrition are some of the catastrophic issues that bedevil the American society today and who should take the responsibility in eradicating it has been the subject of debate since governments, parents, schools and the media carry substantial blame. Statistics in America indicate that the cases of children […]

The Obesity Impact on a Community

Assessment Various measures have been used to assess obesity and its health impact on a community. In the same regard, various measures are used to describe the status and needs of a community in assessing the dangers of obesity. One basic measure of assessment is the prevalence levels across different age groups, to determine which […]

Child obesity in the US and Saudi Arabia

Previous studies on child obesity have revealed serious prevalence of overweight as well as obesity among children in both countries. National Health and Nutrition Examination 2007-2008 data indicates that 16.9% of children in the US aged 2-19 years suffer from obesity. The data also shows that there was an increase of 6.5%-19.6% among children aged […]

Food culture and obesity

Introduction Food culture refers to “a constellation of socially produced values, attitudes, relationships, tastes, cuisines and practices exhibited through food” (Lang and Heasman 185). The American food culture is characterized by a fast food culture. Fast foods are easily available and a barrage of food advertisements. The Americans seem to have redefined the meaning of […]

The Problem of Obesity in Childhood

Obesity is a serious disorder that must be prevented since prevention is better than cure. This is one of the most prevalent diseases in children in the U.S. and Saudi Arabia. In prevention of this disorder, physical exercises should be enhanced in small children. In both countries, seriousness in controlling this devastating calamity should be […]

Obesity: Health or Feminist Issue?

Obesity is one of the urgent problems of the modern society. These days, this problem bothers minds of almost all women around the world. There are many issues related to the problem of overweight, the discussions are spreading far behind the health problems related to obesity, they reach cultural, social and psychological dimensions. When it […]

Obesity in America

Introduction America has an obesity problem that much is certain, nearly 33% of adults within the U.S. are obese which represents a 60% increase over a 20 year period with the rate for child obesity not far behind at nearly triple what it was 30 years ago (Chappell, 2010). What these figures represent is nearly […]

Childhood Obesity and Cold Virus

The recent study published in the journal Pediatrics on 20, September 2010 has established the relationship between adenovirus 36 (AD36) which is associated with the common cold and childhood obesity. Gabbert et al (2010) concluded that the higher body weight in children can be associated with the presence of neutralizing antibodies to AD36 (p. 726). […]

Obesity in Childhood

Introduction Childhood obesity is considered as one of the top ten global health issues, due to the fact that childhood obesity prevalence is on a dramatic increase. Basically, the short-term problems of childhood obesity include respiratory morbidities and elevated cardiovascular risk factors. According to the World Health Organization, obesity is defined as “abnormal or excessive […]

Child Obesity in the United States

Introduction Child obesity is a significant health predicament dogging children and adolescents in the US. Investigations indicate that close to 17% of juveniles in the country are obese (CDC). This state has significantly been on the rise as illustrated by statistics collected within the past three decades. However, since 1999 the numbers have remained fairly […]

Childhood Obesity Problem

Summary This paper is a research proposal comparing childhood obesity in United States of America and Saudi Arabia. The paper starts by defining the purpose statement of the research which is to establish on the rate of obesity between US and Saudi Arabia, the causes and how to overcome the disease. Then there is the […]

Obesity and How Society views it

Throughout the human history, weight gain and fat storage have been seen the signs of fertility and prosperity. Currently, due to the rise of living standards, excess weight and obesity are posing a growing threat to health in many countries around the world. Obesity is a chronic disease that prevails in both developed and developing […]

Roots of Obesity Problem in the United States

Although the U. S. government has recently introduces a great number of programs, the problem of excess weight is still on the current agenda in health care. Annually, the country spends over $ 150 billion to avert the obesity rates, but only Columbia district demonstrates the decline. In this respect, the health and educational programs […]

Obesity: Psychological/ Sociological

Obesity is a psychological issue as well as a social one. Both “psychological and behavioral issues play significant roles in both the development and consequences of obesity” (Collins and Bentz 126). Obesity is caused by eating disorders triggered by psychosocial, genetically and environmental parameters. Obesity is mainly associated with those people who suffer from psychological […]

School Nutrition and Physical Education

Introduction Not only is obesity a problem among adults, but it also affects children. The adolescents, teenagers, and even preschoolers are increasingly manifesting symptoms of obesity. In 2000, 15% of children and 16% of teenagers were obese. These figures were higher than those reported in the 1970s by approximately four folds. Further, an extra 15% […]