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Obesity in Adults: Issue Review Essay

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Obesity is a state in which the original energy preserve, kept in the fatty stratum of the human organism, goes above the permitted level. It is generally classified as a body mass index (weight divided by height squared) of 30 kg/m2 or higher.

Not taking into account the metabolic disorder, fatness is also associated with a diversity of other difficulties. For several of these grievances, it has not been distinctly stated to what degree they are reasoned unswervingly by corpulence itself, or have some other grounds (such as restricted implement) that originate obesity also.

  • Heart failure, enlarged heart
  • Menstrual disorders, and infertility
  • Fatty Liver Disease, and colorectal cancer
  • Erectile Dysfunction, urinary incontinence, breast cancer
  • Lymphedema, cellulitis,
  • Immobility, osteoarthritis
  • Headache, carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Sleep Apnea, asthma
  • Depression, low self-esteem, social stigmatization (Hardman, 2003)

Unluckily, the world now observes a harmful situation that originated because of socio-economic, political instabilities. The impact the substantial and cerebral personal fitness. Probably, one of the most obvious matters of the day appears to be fattiness. Once, regarded as a sign of prosperity and social position, corporeal prettiness, power, and fecundity by confident European societies, the western culture takes an unenthusiastic set on it. As a matter of fact, people with extra weight are generally regarded as physically unappealing and frequently negative stereotypes are applied.

To realize all the seriousness of the problem it is necessary to emphasize, that when the natural energy reserve of a mammal body, kept in the fatty stratum of the organism overwhelms a certain level, it may cause serious health outcomes and lead to death. It is regarded as a serious and increasing health matter which provides the impulse to the developing of other diseases like cardiovascular difficulties, diabetes mellitus type 2, sleep apnea, and osteoarthritis. (Wang, 2007)

The survey reveals, that there are more than a half (57%) inhabitants of the USA regards that America is not the No. 1 in the worldwide Obesity rankings in accordance to the survey held on March 12th at the entrance of the theater at the block and at the CSUF library. It seems preposterous that the US, the most prosperous state in the whole world has the largest amount of people suffering from obesity and overweight. It is the only difficulty that requires instant medication as the victims not only undergo corporeal afflict but also cerebral suffering. In the years to come, a considerable amount of American citizens could turn against themselves and the outcomes could originate the disaster and fatalities. It may look and sound upsetting. But there is sufficient confirmation to prove that the silent victims finish up taking their own beings due to societal difficulties and unwelcoming surroundings. (Hardman, Adrianne, 2003)

Dr. Vidrendra Desi, Ph.D argues on the matters of tactics to deal with the fake ascriptions about obesity and decrease the prejudice. He also stated that it is rather sad that the USA has the smallest financing of realistic dietary practices. Even fifteen or twenty years ago even the word obesity was not used so frequently, as the problem itself did not exist. With the up-to-date technology, changes in American diet and style of life, eating fast food, microwave lunches, and a diet of enclosed, processed, and purified foods, the American finds himself digging his own grave. People with willpower and a will to endure have thrived in being healthy again. The amount of such people is only a handful. It is predictable that processed food, fast foods, meat production, high sugar, and high sodium food have to be alternated by entire grains, vegetables, fruits, and legumes.

Here are the outlined tips for successful personal healthcare outlined.

  1. Eat breakfast daily
  2. Plan daily meals
  3. Pack a fruit snack for the commute
  4. Choose the smaller portion food entrée’s, if you eat out for lunch
  5. Eat a snack after getting home; tortillas with salsa
  6. Before grocery shopping, write a shopping list
  7. Plan and prepare fish and vegetable meals weekly
  8. Choose not to add fat to prepared foods
  9. Eat dinner every night before 7.30P.M
  10. Have a snack an hour or so before food. (Gard, 2004)

With the current technology, much has been attained, but the most significant has been misplaced. It stays the key nervousness that every American regard and replicates on one’s lifestyle to bring about an essential change in health. Avoidance and prevention are better than cure.

The researchers of the obesity problem come to the conclusion that:

  • More than a third of U.S. matures – over 72 million people – were overweight in 2005-2006. This comprises 33.3% of men and 35.3 % of women. The numbers show no statistically important alter from 2003-04 when 31.1% of men were overweight and 33.2 % of women were overweight.
  • Adults aged 40 to 59 had the uppermost obesity occurrence contrasted with other age collections. Roughly 40 % of men in this age group were overweight, contrasted with 28 % of men aged 20-39, and 32 % of men aged 60 and older. Among women, 41 % of those within 40-59 years were obese in comparison with 30.5% of women aged 20-39.
  • There great race-ethnic disparities in obesity occurrence among women appeared. About 53 %of non-Hispanic black women and 51% of Mexican-American women aged 40-59 were overweight in comparison to about 39 % of non-Hispanic white women of the same age. Among women 60 and older, 61% of non-Hispanic black women were overweight in contrast with 37 % of Mexican-American women and 32 % of non-Hispanic white women. (Frop, Kopelman, 2001)

Global in Scope

Obesity is not just an American problem; its occurrence is rising all through the world’s population. The World Health Organization (WHO) states that more than one billion grown-ups are obese and at least 300 million of them are clinical cases. Stages of obesity vary from below five percent in China, Japan, and positive African countries to over 75 % in Samoa.


There have been countless research papers, periodicals, and books written on this matter. Medical science has proceeded to such a point that it can offer medicine to almost all illnesses. Health is perhaps the only sphere where the person has to provide oneself before forthcoming his or her specialist on his quandary. The most significant issue appears to be willpower and self- guidance. Yet another fact is a modification in one’s lifestyle. The doctor is only an intermediate through which the individual can find an explanation for his sickness, but the critical cure lies in the hands of the patient.

A state can be judged the best by the excellence of its production, its advance on the socio-economic and political spheres, personal ability, and above all power. America places ahead of all the motherlands in the world. This matter has presumed a huge quantity which requires total teamwork to the reducing of its size. (Obesity Trends)

Survey Page

Survey took on March 12th at the entrance of the theater at the block and at the CSUF library.

Do you believe that the United States of America is No. 1 in the Obesity race?

Men Women
Yes No Yes No
18-21 4 1 4 1
22-30 3 2 2 3
31-40 1 4 4 1
41-50 2 3 3 2
51+ 5 0 1 4

Y 43%

N 57%

Interview Page

Who: – Dr. Vidrendra Desi, Ph.D

When: – 15 March 2008

Where: – At his Office

  1. How long have you been a doctor?
  2. What is Obesity?
  3. Whom do you consider Obsess?
  4. What is the limit of normal weight?
  5. What problem arises from obesity? What are some of them?
  6. What is the percentage of obsessing people in the UNITED STATES according to you?
  7. Is it the biggest problem that is rising at an alarming rate? Why?
  8. What obsess people should eat in their diet?
  9. What precisions should normal people take against obesity?
  10. Is United States of America No.1 in Obesity? Why?


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