Healthy Nutrition Essay Examples and Topics

Nutrition: Childhood Obesity’s Adverse Effects

Modern mass media often pay much attention to Ebola, swine influenza, and other virulent diseases. Admittedly, their dangers should not be disregarded by the community. However, there is a far greater threat that is often overlooked by different stakeholders. In particular, I would like to speak about childhood obesity and the effects that it produces. […]

Determining Protein Concentration using Kjeldahl Method and Fat Content using Bligh and Dyer and Soxhlet Methods

Abstract This study sought to determine protein concentration in different food samples using the Kjeldahl method. The study also determined fat content in the same food samples using the Bligh and Dyer method and the Soxhlet method. The protein content values obtained were approximately the same as the NIP content of 27%. The Bligh and […]

The Causes of Obesity and Its Effects on Fertility

Obesity is one of the problems that medical workers pay attention to since it leads to various health complications such cardiovascular disease, sleep apnea, or diabetes (Ryan 42). Furthermore, this disorder can significantly impair the quality of a person’s life. This paper is aimed at discussing the causes of this disorder and its effects on […]

Prevalence of Obesity among the Poor

Introduction In the past, being overweight was seen as a sign as wealth and affluence since the condition is caused by overindulgence in foods. This is not the case in modern day where obesity afflicts all sections of the society. An interesting trend in modern society has been the increase in obesity cases among the […]

Obesity in Western Culture

Introduction Western society at the present is experiencing an epidemic of obesity where the poor, for the first time in history, are proportionately the most obese sector of the population. Evidence of this can be seen in the work of Cloake (2013) wherein his study shows that “nearly 33% of adults within the U.S. and […]

The Obesity Epidemic in the USA

In the book Essentials of Healthcare Financing, the author cleverly comes up with a basis through which organizations dealing with healthcare should take into account. He gives ways in which these healthcare organizations can achieve financial control. In this article, I am going to discuss the U.S.A as the healthcare provider in regard to obesity. […]

Vegetarianism and Health

Vegetarian diets have become a trend in the 21ST century. People from all over the world follow the lead of organic eating movement since no-meat nutrition is beneficial for human health. One should, however, note that this type of diet poses some substantial risks as well. First, the health problem in vegetarians often starts with […]

“Different Paths from Powerlessness to Empowerment” by Leda Cooks and David Descutner

The study called “Different Paths from Powerlessness to Empowerment: A Dramatistic Analysis of Two Eating Disorder Therapies” was written by Leda Cooks and David Descutner. The authors employ dramatistic analysis to explore the rhetorical elements of therapies for eating disorders experienced by women. The researchers found out that the therapies have seemingly similar main terms […]

Australian Public Health Practitioners

Introduction Obesity has been a central concern for Australian public health practitioners due to the rapid increase in overweight and obesity in Australian population over the last 30 years (Preventive Health Taskforce 2009). The level of obesity for both males and females in Australia is around 60 percent (Hawley & Dustan 2008). The primary prevention […]

Childhood Obesity as a Serious Health Problem of the World

Childhood obesity is a serious health condition that affects the wellbeing of children. It is a condition characterized by excess fats in the body. The condition is an issue of international concern because it affects children in various parts of the world. The condition poses serious challenges to families, the society, and the global economy. […]

Childhood Obesity

Statement of the Problem Childhood obesity has been on a steady increase in the US resulting in a decline in child health since children who are obese are at increased risk of physical as well as psychosocial health consequences. Dehghan, Danesh and Merchant observe that childhood obesity has reached catastrophic levels in the US with […]

Obesity in Adolescents from Low Income Communities

Introduction Obesity is a nutritional disease that results from accumulation of fats in the body to a level such that it becomes harmful to an individual. Modern lifestyle is the major cause of obesity. In adults and adolescents body mass index is used to measure obesity; it relates to both height and weight that one […]

Childhood obesity and advertising

Introduction Obesity in children has become a major concern in most parts of the world. This escalation in the rate at which the young generation is being affected by the scourge has prompted the urge of answering questions concerning the causes of obesity and its possible preventive measures. While this is the case, some theorists […]

Argument Against Protein Supplement Use by Athletes

Introduction Athletes make use of dietary supplements with the aim of enhancing their performance. Proteins are some of the most popular “performance-enhancing” supplements used by amateur and professional athletes. Norbert et al. report that at least 40% of athletes make use of protein supplements because they feel that an ordinary diet is unable to provide […]

Childhood Obesity in Developing Countries – a Global Health Issue

Childhood obesity is a health problem of global character. It began to demonstrate speedy growth several decades ago. As a result, over the last thirty years, the number of children suffering from obesity globally has doubled, and the number of obese adolescents has increased by four times (CDC 2015). Previously, the focus of attention of […]

The dangers of energy drinks

Introduction The article, written in the New York Times and dated 1 February 2011, expounds on the dangers of energy drinks to children and presents scientists’ concern about the high content of caffeine in the energy drinks (Maisto et al, 2010). These scientists question whether these drinks are fit for human consumption, especially teenagers (Nix, […]


Introduction The term “vegetarianism” may be understood differently among different people. However, the vegetarian diet generally does not include the consumption of meat. There exist various types of vegetarian practices; ranging from the most strict to the less strict one. The most restrict group consists of vegans. This group consumes only those foods that come […]

Food additives: Artificial sweeteners

Introduction Food is considered one of the basic needs that a human being can not do without. The foods that are eaten all over the world are known to be made up of different chemicals, some of which are harmful and others are not. According to Birch (1999), it is these chemicals which occur naturally […]

Risk Cluster Linked To Child Obesity

With the increase in scientific inquiries, knowledge in science has become unavoidable (National Science Education Standards observe 1996). Nowadays, humans rely on scientific knowledge to tackle their everyday challenges. In this essay, a 5th grade instructional project applying scientific methods and principles to assess a selected problem is presented. The problem selected is risk cluster […]

Childhood Obesity

The report begins by presenting the historical background of childhood obesity and highlights the roots cause of this health condition in Arabian Gulf and the Saudi Arabia. The next section of the report will embark on the understanding childhood obesity and its various causes that are in the environment such as lifestyle and the diet […]

Food Ethics

Introduction Food ethics has gained relevance in the recent past, especially following the increase in food-related health problems. We have a responsibility to various stakeholders, other than ourselves, to be healthy. Government spends a lot of money in the health sector, especially due to the rise in lifestyle diseases. Cardiovascular diseases and diabetes account for […]

Sugar and Its Role in Overweight/Obesity Development or Treatment

High Fructose Corn Syrup Researchers present different visions in relation to the dependence of the issue of obesity on the consumption of high fructose corn syrup. Stanhope discusses the relationship of the metabolic syndrome and consumption of fructose. It is found that increases in the consumption of high fructose corn syrup can provoke the dyslipidemia […]

Vegetarian Lifestyle

Every year a great number of people make a conscious decision to transit from omnivore to vegetarian lifestyle. Their motivation for making the transition ranges from extreme dissatisfaction with killing and eating animals to beliefs that meat is an unhealthy product that is detrimental to their health. The relationship between the vegetarian diet and person’s […]

Problem of Obesity in Modern Society

Obesity and its importance Obesity refers to a health condition that is characterized by the accumulation of excessive fat in the body due to an imbalance between the intake and spending of energy (Murphy, 2011, p.15). The availability of food laden with high calorie levels and lack of enough physical activity are major factors that […]

The Sentinel Site for Obesity Prevention

Introduction Obesity is a condition which is characterized by excess body fats in a human body, resulting to multiple health problems. Obesity has in general reduced people’s life expectation and caused deaths worldwide. Such statistics became the reason for the creation of The Sentinel Site for Obesity Prevention. Founded in Australia, it was formed as […]

Correlation between Poverty and Obesity

Introduction Over the last few years, there has been a concern about the rising cases of obesity in the United Kingdom (UK). It is worrying that obesity may soon become an epidemic in the country. In the UK and other Western nations, the poor are now, for the first time in history, proportionately the most […]

Benefits of Vegetarianism

Introduction Food is an integral part of the human experience and human beings must eat in order to survive. Human beings are omnivores by nature, which means that they can consume both meat and vegetables. However, there exists a subgroup that abstains from eating animal or fish flesh. This people are called vegetarians and their […]

The Weight Loss Science and the Recommended Procedures

Introduction Weight loss is the act of engaging in a number of activities, including body exercises and dieting, in a bid to reduce body mass. This is normally done by obese people whose weight causes a lot of discomfort. Obesity may at times result to detrimental diseases like heart illnesses. This paper is aimed at […]

Importance of Red Wine to Human Health

Background Wine drinking is an old Egyptian practice dating back to more than 2200 years when it was used as medicine for various ailments. According to Barbara Gardner (2008) some of the most ancient uses of red wine include pain relieving during birth and treating bites and wounds. However, the spread of Christianity and the […]

Eating disorders

Introduction Genes and the environment are powerful forces in building the brain during the development of a child. They help in ensuring normal brain functioning. These powerful forces can also be the root causes of psychological problems. The way in which brain architecture is built before birth and in childhood determines how susceptible we are […]

Eating Disorders Among Teenage Girls

Introduction (clarification on the purpose of the study) An eating disorder is a type of illness that causes severe disturbances to the everyday diet : an individual can consume to much food, or, on the contrary, eat very little; consequently, it causes distress or concern about boy weight. Common eating disorders include Anorexia, Nervosa, Bulimia […]

Obesity Epidemic in the USA

Defining Obesity Obesity is a medical condition characterized by excess fats in the body and can have greater effect on a person’s health. The condition reduces the life expectancy of a person and can increase health complications. Although obesity results in more weight, increased body fat in the body is not the same as being […]

The Socio Economic Implications of Childhood Obesity and Control Strategies

Obesity in children is a major public health concern despite continued silence of teachers and parents. It is a well known fact that obesity is responsible for numerous deaths among adults and many other health problems. In public discussion forums and elsewhere childhood obesity goes unnoticed very often. In children, obesity can lead to health […]

Obese in the Society

Introduction It is no doubt that obesity is one of the biggest challenges of the modern times. It is ironical that so much is known about the obesity especially the health hazard of the condition but yet more and more people are witnessed growing obese with every dawn. It is not a secret that a […]

The ‘Obesity Epidemic’ and the Analytic Model of Bio-power

Introduction Childhood obesity is a term used to refer to children who are overweight by virtue of having excessive body fat, which can negatively affect their health and wellbeing. In light of the increasing number of children who are overweight and the embedding risk of young people developing complicated health problems, obesity in children has […]

Role of the Teacher in Obesity Prevention

Introduction Obesity is a health condition that affects a person causing them to gain a lot of weight and body mass and subsequently causing a health risk in the individual due to related health implications. Research has proven that the risk of obesity has continued to increase especially for the younger generation in the society. […]

Healthy Lifestyles in the Context of Anorexia and Obesity

Introduction Unhealthy lifestyles have been associated with high levels of obesity and anorexia. Lifestyle changes are believed to have a significant effect in reducing people’s risk to anorexia and obesity. Anorexia has mainly been due to media’s obsession with very thin fashion models. Obesity on the other hand is the opposite of anorexia. It is […]

Childhood Obesity as Big Problem in the Contemporary Society

Introduction Obesity refers to a health state in which surplus body fat accumulates such that it may pose unfavorable consequences on wellbeing of an individual. It is determined using the body mass index, commonly referred to as BMI, and further analyzed by fat dispersion through the waist-hip quotient and overall blood vessel threat features. The […]

Childhood Obesity’ and Poor Health Indicators’ Relationship

Childhood obesity has become an important health and social problem in the 21st century. Today, there are many children experiencing obesity-related complications, than ever before in the history of mankind (Kopelman, 2005, p. 493). In America for example, it is estimated that, the prevalence of childhood obesity has tripled over the past two decades, with […]

Fat Ethics – Obesity and Society

In recent years, there have been raging debates in the public arena regarding the effects of obesity in the developed world. These protracted debates can offer certainty and authority in this area of research. However, these debates may also rule out the possibility of such certainties. Debates on obesity have given rise to various forms […]

Cold Virus Strain Linked To Childhood Obesity

Medical experts have carried out studies on the causes of obesity in children and their results indicate that exposure to a cold virus causes more children to be overweight. The virus is called adenovirus 36 (AD36) and it manifests itself through frequent colds and bowel difficulties. According to Philips (2010), children who are exposed to […]

What are the benefits of organic foods?

Introduction The controversial debate as to whether organic foods are healthier for human consumption has taken centre stage for the past six decades. The proponents of organic foods believe that organic foods have greater benefits as compared to conventional foods, while the opponents believe they have are unsafe. Under such circumstances, consumer research is paramount, […]

Helping obesity in our schools

Purpose Statement The purpose of this study shall be to better understand the factors that contribute to obesity in high schools. High prevalence rates of obesity particularly among the high school age children in Florida schools is a cause for alarm and direct attention is needed to come up with effective strategies and programs to […]

Weight loss systems

Introduction Obesity is one of the major health problems in the world. This problem occurs due to a variety of reasons, one of them being the diet of the affected person. Although a balance of a check on the causes of obesity is required for a person to lose weight, this paper focuses on the […]

Obesity cases among youths

Introduction There is an alarming increase in the cases of overweight and obesity across the ages in the United States. My research studies focused on the obesity among the youths of the Clark County, Vancouver, WA, which has recorded high prevalence rates of obesity and become a great challenge to the public health. The purpose […]

The Problem with Calorie Restrictive Diets

Summary This article focuses on the current trend in calorie restrictive diets wherein people think that the weight they lose when dieting is fat when in reality it is mostly muscle and water weight. The type of myth I chose to utilize this article is that dieting (i.e. drastic calorie deficiency) helps in long term […]

Mom’s Teaching Chart

Introduction Deciding the right feeding plan (between breastfeeding and formula-feeding) for babies is one of the critical resolutions expectant mothers can make. Presently, many health organizations such as the World Health Organization (WHO), the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and the American Dietetic Association (ADA) advocate for breastfeeding of babies up to (but not limited […]

Anorexia Nervosa: Signs, Effects and Therapies

Introduction Anorexia nervosa is a nutritional disorder depicted by excessive food constraint, unfounded phobia of weight gain and negative physical self-perception (Brown & Isaacs, 2008). It involves extreme loss of weight and is more prevalent in females than in males. People with this disorder often limit their intake of food resulting in acute hormonal as […]

Nutritional Assessment and Dietary Profile

Introduction Adequacy of nutrients in an elderly person’s diet is important for sustaining mental and physical health. Maintaining a balanced diet enables people to stay healthy as their lifestyles and bodies transform. This paper examines the dietary status and requirements of an older adult. Dietary Status of the Respondent The respondent is a seventy-year old […]

Heart Disease: Nutrition

Introduction Heart diseases such as heart failure are a growing epidemic in the modern world, with a heavy presence in the developed world. A large number of people in the modern times live with the condition, which means that intervention protocols are necessary. With the number growing every year, nursing profession has become an important […]

Fat-and Water-Soluble Vitamins

Overall, the classification of vitamins is based on such a criterion as their solvability. One can distinguish two broad groups, in particular, fat-soluble vitamins such as A or E and water-soluble vitamins like folate or biotin (Grosvenor & Smolin, 2012). Certainly, these organic compounds can be divided into other classes; for example, one can use […]

Mineral and Water Function

Minerals and water play vital roles in the body. Lack of minerals and water in the human diet may result into serious health problems. According to Grosvenor and Smolin (2012), the body depends on the food taken in order to obtain minerals. Water is always obtained when one drinks water or from the foods taken. […]

Problem with body weight

Many people are concerned with maintaining their health, as well as that of their loved ones. However, the main issue is whether body weight is the only cause of poor health. There is a false perception among members of society that overweight is a sign of unhealthy condition while underweight is a confirmation that an […]

Blood Pressure and Obesity Solution

Obesity that Causes High Blood Pressure Obesity is associated with excess body weight than what is deemed normal for a given height. Presently, millions of youngsters and adults are suffering from obesity. It is notable that obese people are more likely to suffer specific health problems such as heart diseases, high blood pressure (HBD), and […]

A Calorie is a Calorie

A calorie is a measure of energy producing potential in food. If not consumed, the energy is converted to fats that the body stores. Excess stored fat results in obesity. This is a major source of contention with some people arguing that limiting the amount of food intake regardless of calorie content can result in […]

Diagnosis and Reasons of the Bulimia Nervosa

Introduction Bulimia nervosa is an eating disorder common among young women and adolescent girls. According to the medical encyclopedia, binge and purge eating portray bulimia. It involves regular overeating and a sudden feeling of loss of control. This results in induced vomiting as well as the abuse of laxatives to stimulate weight loss. The American […]

UAE Obesity Problem

The modern world is a rapidly developing place in all spheres of humanity and production of fast food and access to take-out combined with little exercise, have raised very many health concerns. Obesity is becoming a growing problem and United Arab Emirates has not been excluded from a number of countries where overweight population is […]

Why are poor people more likely to be obese?

Introduction Obesity is a health condition that results from accumulation of fat in the body that has adverse effects on health of victims. It is caused by excessive intake of high-energy foods, genetic makeup of individuals, and lack of adequate physical exercise (Wolin 34). It reduces life expectancy and predisposes individuals to other health problems […]

Effects of obesity

Maintaining good body weight is highly recommended by medical doctors as a way of promoting a healthy status of the body. This is to say that there is allowed body weight, which a person is supposed to maintain. Extreme deviations from this weight expose a person to several health complications. While being underweight is not […]

Childhood Obesity: Causes/Solutions

Thesis Statement Childhood obesity is one of the biggest developing health problems associated with the things such as types of foods that children consume, genetic factors, addiction to highly pleasurable foods, and diminished physical activities. Therefore, failure of the government to take precautionary measures such as controlling the foods served to children, introduction of BMI […]

Eating Disorders: Assessment & Misconceptions

Introduction Eating disorders (EDs), including anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, and eating disorders not otherwise specified (EDNOS), are serious mental illnesses associated with significant psychosocial and physiological morbidity, as well as a broad range of medical and psychiatric problems such as enhanced risk of mortality and poor health. Indeed, it has been demonstrated through research that […]

Human Digestion

Introduction Digestive system is one of the most important systems of any organism. It enables the organism get nutrients which are important for functioning. The most important organs of the human digestive system are mouth, salivary glands, pharynx, oesophagus, stomach, liver, pancreas, gallbladder, small intestine, large intestine and anus (Grosvenor & Smolin, 2012). Food travels […]

Definitions of Obesity and Criteria for Diagnosing It

The attention of mass media and policy-makers is usually attracted to such health problems as cancer, AIDS, or smoking. Certainly, one cannot deny that they pose a significant threat to people. However, there are other risks that one should not overlook, and one of them is obesity. Its effects can be much more serious than […]

Obesity Could Be Catching

This article by Emma Woollacott entitled Obesity Could Be Catching, is a medical related article. This article tries to find obesity related issues leading to the infection of liver diseases. Briefly, the article clearly seeks to illustrate reasons behind the occurrences of obesity and its side effects, for instance infections. Moreover, the article points out the way Yale […]

White Wines vs. Red Wines

Usually people who love wine prefer white or red. Although both of them are produced by grape, there are several differences between those two noble beverages. According to a number of researchers, red wine contains elements good for heart; therefore, red wine is more helpful for health due to its capability to prevent heart diseases […]

Increased nutrition regulations on fast food restaurants

Introduction While eating at a fast food chain like McDonalds or Burger King, we just wonder what food eating would have been if fast food were not available. Well, one thing is for sure, there would have been fewer incidences of obesity. Change in the eating habit and food consumption pattern of Americans has increased […]

Emerging Health Issues: Child Obesity in America

Thesis Statement Obesity in children is on the increase making it to be termed as a public health issue. Health is a critical issue in the life of individuals and thus the need to maintain it to the highest level possible. Obesity is a serious disease due to the effects it has on a victim’s […]

Problems and Solutions of Child Obesity

Introduction Childhood obesity is a condition, which negatively affects a child’s health and wellbeing due to the excess body fats. The prevalence of obesity in most children makes it a serious health concern. This is evident from the fact that it has many adverse health effects to the children. In the United States, an estimation […]

The Childhood Obesity in Toledo, Ohio: Problem and Possible Solutions

Introduction Childhood obesity has been on the increase in the United States with negative implications on the health of children. Toledo, Ohio has not been spared of this obesity crisis and rates of obesity continue to rise in the region. The high prevalence rate of obesity among children in Toledo is a cause for alarm […]

Childhood Obesity in the Contemporary American Society

According to American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry report of 2008, obesity is an increased body mass resulting from fat accumulation in a child’s body, which may cause health dangers to the child. Recent living conditions have resulted to an increase in malnutrition disease. Among the children, obesity is one of health condition that […]

Matter of Childhood Obesity

Introduction The matter of childhood obesity and poor nutrition are some of the catastrophic issues that bedevil the American society today and who should take the responsibility in eradicating it has been the subject of debate since governments, parents, schools and the media carry substantial blame. Statistics in America indicate that the cases of children […]

Causes and Solutions of Childhood Obesity

Causes of Childhood obesity A number of factors can be blamed for the occurrence of obesity in children; there is no one single thing that can be blamed on an individual; however in most cases, the condition appear when two or more such factors play their role, the following are the main factors: Lifestyle adopted […]

The Obesity Impact on a Community

Assessment Various measures have been used to assess obesity and its health impact on a community. In the same regard, various measures are used to describe the status and needs of a community in assessing the dangers of obesity. One basic measure of assessment is the prevalence levels across different age groups, to determine which […]

The Problem of Obesity in Childhood

Obesity is a serious disorder that must be prevented since prevention is better than cure. This is one of the most prevalent diseases in children in the U.S. and Saudi Arabia. In prevention of this disorder, physical exercises should be enhanced in small children. In both countries, seriousness in controlling this devastating calamity should be […]

The United States Government Efforts to Combat with Obesity

Background Over the last fifty years, there has been a growth in obesity in the United States of America, children are the most affected; according to U.S. Department of Health & Human Services report of 2007, over 25% of American children are obese, while more than, 60% of the population was either overweight or obese. […]

Obesity: Health or Feminist Issue?

Obesity is one of the urgent problems of the modern society. These days, this problem bothers minds of almost all women around the world. There are many issues related to the problem of overweight, the discussions are spreading far behind the health problems related to obesity, they reach cultural, social and psychological dimensions. When it […]

Running to Fat and Back: Health Care System and Obesity

Introduction: Who’s Fat?! Being obese is a challenge. Since the modern society worships slim built, obese people are bound to be the outcasts of the modern world. However, where being overweight s a norm, another problem appears: the state of people’s health is growing increasingly endangered. Because of the increase in the obesity rates among […]

Organic Foods and the Endocrine System

Introduction The general population is always trying to get means to better their lives by ensuring good health and a suitable environment. Organic foods seem to provide amicable solutions to these two issues. The organic food production makes a huge contribution to supplementing of diets. An interesting fact is that organic farming is also proving […]

The Prevalence of Eating Disorders

Introduction Eating disorders are among many medical conditions that affect human beings and greatly interfere with their health. There are described as disturbances in eating behavior and are usually marked by two extremes such that a person may be taking extremely small or large quantities of food (National Institute of Mental Health, 2009). They are […]

Childhood Obesity and Cold Virus

The recent study published in the journal Pediatrics on 20, September 2010 has established the relationship between adenovirus 36 (AD36) which is associated with the common cold and childhood obesity. Gabbert et al (2010) concluded that the higher body weight in children can be associated with the presence of neutralizing antibodies to AD36 (p. 726). […]

Vegetarian or carnivorous diet

Such phrases such as “we are what we eat” has gained prominence today as people engage in debate on the best eating habits that we need to embrace. Everything that we eat has consequences in as far as our overall health is concerned. It is therefore our responsibility to make informed choices when it comes […]

Fitness for life

An obese person is one who has accumulated excess body fat that affects their health negatively. This condition prompted Lincoln University to introduce a ‘Fitness for life Program’, which endeavors to, peg physical fitness of students to academic merit in the attainment of diplomas. It entails obese students taking 3 extra hours per week to […]

Obesity in Childhood

Introduction Childhood obesity is considered as one of the top ten global health issues, due to the fact that childhood obesity prevalence is on a dramatic increase. Basically, the short-term problems of childhood obesity include respiratory morbidities and elevated cardiovascular risk factors. According to the World Health Organization, obesity is defined as “abnormal or excessive […]

Child Obesity in the United States

Introduction Child obesity is a significant health predicament dogging children and adolescents in the US. Investigations indicate that close to 17% of juveniles in the country are obese (CDC). This state has significantly been on the rise as illustrated by statistics collected within the past three decades. However, since 1999 the numbers have remained fairly […]

Childhood Obesity Problem

Summary This paper is a research proposal comparing childhood obesity in United States of America and Saudi Arabia. The paper starts by defining the purpose statement of the research which is to establish on the rate of obesity between US and Saudi Arabia, the causes and how to overcome the disease. Then there is the […]

Transportation and Public Health Issues

It has been proven from a study carried out by journal pediatrics that, in the event mothers’ breastfeed their newborns in the first six months approximately, 900 lives and billions of dollars could be saved. Similarly, it was determined that many deaths can be prevented through breastfeeding. The study evaluated 10 frequent illnesses that occur […]

Obese Children in America

Abstract Obesity is accumulation of body fat and weight to a point that it can cause danger in the life of human being. According to American Medical Association (AMA), the increase in health related diseases and illnesses have been caused by the increase in obesity and overweight rates. When the body has excess fat deposits […]

Eating Disorders: Anorexia, Bulimia and Compulsive Overeating

Introduction An eating disorder is a condition in which an individual develops abnormal eating habits. An affected person experiences extreme reduction or increase in food intake. Another major experience is the great anxiety about one’s body mass and/or shape. Eating disorders may develop when a person simply starts eating smaller or larger amounts of food […]

Schools and Good Diet

Obesity is one of the common health complications in most school going children, a fact attributed to the poor eating habits adopted by most children and the fact that most school programs have failed to provide students with adequate knowledge on correct eating habits. Most obese children have other health complications, which include high blood […]

Obesity and How Society views it

Throughout the human history, weight gain and fat storage have been seen the signs of fertility and prosperity. Currently, due to the rise of living standards, excess weight and obesity are posing a growing threat to health in many countries around the world. Obesity is a chronic disease that prevails in both developed and developing […]

Comparison of Good and Bad Pizza

Pizza is one of the most common and probably the most popular dish in America and Europe. Arguments about what a good pizza or bad pizza is are almost ambiguous as people base their arguments on totally different issues. Some argue on health facts while others base their arguments on how juicy or delicious the […]

The Junk Food’s Risks

Junk food refers to foods that have a high content of in sugar, salt and fat. Such foods usually contain little nutrients and some lack any nutritional value. Junk food is also called fast food and many people prefer them especially in the contemporary society. Joints dealing with fast foods such as MacDonald have recorded […]

Ensuring of Nutritional Needs for Elders

The normal nutritional needs for maintaining constant state of good health remain throughout the life of an individual although his/her nutritional needs of growth disappear (Wylie, & Copeman, 2009, p.377). Proper nutrition is critical to good heath of elderly individuals. Evidence has shown that good nutrition can help older people to remain independent, alert and […]

Childhood Obesity: A major Concern for Children’s Health in the United States

Childhood obesity has been on a steady increase in the US resulting in a decline in child health since children who are obese are at increased risk of physical as well as psychosocial health consequences. Ogden, Carroll and Flegal (2008) reveal that by 2008, the prevalence of childhood obesity had risen to a shocking 19.6% […]

Weight Loss: Balanced Diet and Proper Exercise

Unlike in the past, many people the world over have become conscious of their body weight and now they are going to great extents to keep healthy and keep off the extra calories. This is perhaps in the last couple of years; many people have been dying as a result of what has come to […]

Weight Loss Alternatives

Introduction Since the onset of this century, one of the most prevalent problems that has afflicted the society, especially in the developed countries, is that of obesity. Hendrick asserts that up to 63.1% of adults in America are suffering from this health anomaly (Hendrick, 2010). This figure implies that two out of every three American adults are obese. This finding […]

School Nutrition and Physical Education

Introduction Not only is obesity a problem among adults, but it also affects children. The adolescents, teenagers, and even preschoolers are increasingly manifesting symptoms of obesity. In 2000, 15% of children and 16% of teenagers were obese. These figures were higher than those reported in the 1970s by approximately four folds. Further, an extra 15% […]

Importance of Nutrition during the Infancy and Toddler-Hood Period

As Woody (2007, pp.6-7) argues, occurrences in a child’s early stages of life are primary determinants of developments in a child’s later stages of life. That is, because of the developments and refinement of abilities associated with childhood, occurrences in a child’s early stages of life are primary determinants of later life bodily developments hence, […]