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Healthy Nutrition Essay Examples and Topics

Early Enteral Nutrition and Its Benefits

The timing of enteral feeding is also important for defining the practice as early, and it is associated with better patient outcomes in comparison to delayed enteral nutrition.

The Metabolic Syndrome Concept

As people advance in age, most of the weight is located around the waist, thus the body become resistant to insulin and this result in high glucose level in the blood.

Obesity as a Lifespan Problem

To reduce the risk of obesity during all life periods, social and health workers should focus on the same types of interventions, including changes in eating patterns and increased physical activity, but there can be [...]

Differential Diagnosis: Anorexia Patient Case

The first step is to avoid malingering and make sure that a patient is not pretending to be sick. Julia's and the roommate's stories are not contradictory; hence, it is safe to say that Julia [...]

Childhood Obesity: the Precede-Proceed Model

Obesity is a rather common health concern in the US, and both scholars and healthcare practitioners have dedicated many efforts to identifying the causes of the disease and finding solutions to it.

Mental and Physical Wellness in Dubai

The third initiative of the sustainable city project implies the promotion of a healthy lifestyle, which includes the development of both physical and mental health with the help of such practices as yoga, meditation, exercises [...]

Jamaica Queens Community Nutrition Program

The program aims to provide the community residents with both dietetic and nutritional skills required in community nutrition. Provide the community members with interventional skills in regard to obesity.

Fructose and Its Importance for Human Body

The deficiency of fructose in the human body is usually expressed in apathy, irritability, and sadness for no apparent reason that may lead to depression and the decrease of natural energy.

Preventing Young Children Overweight

Alongside the increased rates of overweight and obesity among school-going children in Hong Kong, there is a rising infiltration of western world's fast food culture.

Child Obesity in Australia

Despite a subtle positive tendency evidenced in the statistics in Graph 1, the situation requires an immediate response from both the government and the society: Among the crucial pathogenic causes of childhood, obesity implies a [...]

Obesity in America: Multimedia Education Program

Therefore, in the recommended school-based education program, only positive messages must be transmitted to avoid adverse impacts on the psychological state of overweight students and school culture as a whole.

Nutrition, Its Clinical and Psychological Factors

For ensuring the development of healthy nutritional intake that contributes to the improvement of well-being, the balance in requirements, and adherence to counseling, psychological factors should be identified, assessed, and addressed.

Prevention and Detection of Obesity

In this regard, electronic tools for obesity may be executed by health professionals in the scope of medical backgrounds to improve the diagnosis and management of obesity.

Digestive System

In the end, this group of organs related to the process of digestion includes pancreas that can be also called the pancreatic gland; the latter is the organ that is located in the left part [...]

Nutrition During Pregnancy and Childbirth

In the book, the authors are concentrated on demonstrating that nutrition during pregnancy and lactation is extremely important with the focus on nutritional requirements, the physiology and phycology of pregnancy, and factors that affect the [...]

American Health and Diet Improvement

Content analysis and the description of American food literacy may create a solid basis for future research in terms of which it is possible to develop new interventions for the population and helpful healthy eating [...]

Healthy Food: Lesson Plan

The first part of the lesson is to inform the students of the difference between nutritious and bad food. They will be graded based on their choice of products and answers to the questions asked [...]

Obesity in the US Population

Based on the effects that obesity has on the individuals and governments, the paper reveals that the solution to the menace of obesity lies in making certain adjustments both at the personal and national level, [...]

Childhood Obesity Policy Actions

While I support public health programs for reducing childhood obesity, I do not find the idea of the government assuming a stewardship role in the childhood obesity policy to be appropriate.

Nutrition Knowledge in Educational Presentation

In this study, the researcher will be looking at the benefits of educational presentation as a way of increasing knowledge of nutrition and the benefits of exercise among obese African American teenagers.

Overeating’s Causes and Problems

Heart problem, type 2 diabetes, and obesity are the imminent consequences of overeating, and in a bid to prevent them in children, parents should be mindful of the eating habits of their children.

Healthy Diet

Various intrinsic and extrinsic factors influence the execution of brain in motivating a person to eat a healthy diet. The limbic structure is directly responsible for reward and motivation, a prerequisite factor for changing of [...]

Overweight Children: Causes and Management

In the research conducted by Kipping, & Lawlor, it has been noted that there are several factors that contribute to the causes of overweight in children such as lack of exercise, unhealthy eating and genetic [...]

Healthy Lifestyle and Eating

Such a lifestyle is achievable by eating the right food and adhering to all the requirements of healthy living. Apart from choosing the best foods for the body, it is also advisable that people should [...]

Caffeine: Carriers, Addiction and Diseases

When caffeine is taken in, the body absorbs and then gets rid of it fast. But, generally, it creates no threat to the physical and social aspects of health, like the addictive drugs do, though [...]

Food Poisoning

Two days to the expiry date of any foodstuff in the fridge, the device would raise an alarm and alert anyone who opens the fridge.

Nutritional Deficiencies

The prevalence of ID and ID anemia has become fundamental sources of concern among low-income people. With the widespread of ID in most countries, it is necessary for health policymakers to focus on ID in [...]

Nutrition Process Importance

The purpose of this paper is to encourage people to stay healthy by eating healthy foods. The paper intends to explain to people some of the critical areas of nutrition they need to be aware [...]

Healthy Consequences of Fast Foods

Most fast foods consist of high-calorie foods as well as foods that are rich in cholesterol. It is believed that most of the foods that are served in fast food restaurants are mainly preserved as [...]

Food Production, Sharing, and Consumption

In fact, the idea of food security has attracted the world's attention where various governments and organizations have enacted policies to ensure food security. Undeniably, multinational corporations play a significant role in the production, sharing [...]

Fast Food vs Home Cooking

The good thing with this business is that the food was from natural products hence healthy, a fact that has since changed Many people are very busy for the better part of the day and [...]

Vegetarianism Benefits

These are the vegans, the lacto vegetarians, and the Lacto-ovo vegetarians. Apart from the explained contributions to health, vegetarian diets are also instrumental in checking blood pressure, aiding digestion, removal of body toxins and betterment [...]

Controlling Eating Disorders

It is important to manage these problems as they compromise the physical health of the individual. The individuals are usually disturbed by the size and shape of their body.

Eating Insects Advantages

The author of the article explores the advantages of the addition of insect-based products into the diet of contemporary Americans. In conclusion, I chose this article because the subject of using insects and food source [...]

Recent and Promising Food Allergy Treatments

Generally, the effect of the two allergies is the same, and the treatment may also be similar. In the United States, the amount of money allocated to study food allergies and how to control their [...]

Food Allergies

Food allergies have become a menace in contemporary society, but the unfortunate thing is that there is no known underlying cause for this upsurge of the food allergies.

Food Safety Research

The realization that low temperatures slow down the growth of microbes and the process of food spoilage led to the invention of refrigeration.

Obesity Among Children, Adults, and the Elderly

This paper discusses the causes, problems, and solutions to obesity among children, adults, and the elderly. Causes One of the major factors the lead to obesity is the increased energy gap among children.

Chickpea’s Importance in the World

According to the Department of Agriculture and Food, the susceptibility of chickpea to ascochyta blight infection varies depending on the crop's variety and the level of fungicide protection applied.

Eating Problems among Women by Thompson

Joselyn had to meet the social standards set by her father to survive in the white neighborhood where every woman is 'thin.' In summary, Thompson's position on the causes of eating disorders among women is [...]

Should Fast Food Qualify As ‘Food’?

Nowadays, it became a commonplace practice among many people to suggest that fast food cannot be considered areal.' This, of course, implies that the consumption of fast food can hardly be considered beneficial to the [...]

Problem of Society Health: Eating

The problem of the health of society is very actual in terms of its survival. That is why it is vital to direct all forces to the investigation of this problem and try to find [...]

Nutrition: Do You Know What You Eat?

It is possible to note that the differences in the articles can be explained by the changes that have taken place in the world of fast food and people's attitude towards them.

Athletes Nutrition

The knowledge of foods, which provide various nutrients, facilitates the planning of meals and preparation of safe and nutritious foods. The change in the body's biochemical adaptations due to exercises can influence the rate of [...]

Nutrition: Sushi in Canada

It is important to contend that the waves of immigration that were witnessed in the country in the 19th and 20th centuries were instrumental in changing the regional distribution of food substances in the nation.

Health Sector Challenges: Obesity

The effects of obesity are worse than the effects of smoking and drinking. Prices of fruits and vegetables compared to other foods are a contributing factor to the caloric intake of an individual.

Fast Food Industry and Its Impacts

The experiment made in the film shows how consuming of the fast food influences the human body, presents a visual demonstration of the processes happening in our inside organs under the influence of chemicals contained [...]

Food Labels and Food Security

It is imperative that food companies display the real food ingredients on the back of the food package because food safety is a serious problem in today's society.

Prevalence of Obesity among the Poor

The lack of money has also contributed to the consumption of cheap fast foods among the poor in Saudi Arabia. In Saudi Arabia, a poor culture among the low-income members of the society predisposes this [...]

Obesity in Western Culture

Through the study of Datar and Nicosia which examined the food choice predilections of the poor, the middle class and the upper class, it was seen that the junk food, in the form of burgers, [...]

The Obesity Epidemic in the USA

There is an obesity epidemic in the USA which is expected to cost the nation if the situation is not looked into. The increasing spending in healthcare in the USA is expected to reach about [...]

Vegetarianism and Health

The doctors claim that vegetarian diets pose a threat to the health of women since they inflict menstrual disruption as well as infertility.

Australian Public Health Practitioners

Aim: To increase breastfeeding among women and aim to reduce the associated risk of obesity in children. For example, television programmes can target women and educate them on the benefits of breastfeeding their children in [...]

Childhood Obesity

Owing to the fact that obesity reduces the quality of life and shortens the lifespan of the person, it is of importance that solutions be developed to deal with this problem in children.

Obesity in Adolescents from Low Income Communities

What the Government Should do to Ensure that Organic Foods are Available to Customers The government has a duty to ensure that both the farmers and consumers are satisfied in the production and consumption of [...]