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Physiology Essay Examples and Topics

The Opposite Sex Genitalia

The possession of the female genitalia is probably what makes women and girls be highly targeted by wicked men who just desire using them for sex, slavery, fun, and excitement to mention a few.

Articular and Muscular Systems

It is worth noting that the articular and muscular systems are the two most important parts of the human body due to the fact that they perform the functions of the musculoskeletal system.

Human Physiology and Exercise

In the case of athletes, a primary concern is the need to sustain the ability to perform physically demanding tasks, and in order to accomplish that goal, the athlete needs to consume the right types [...]

The Skeletal System

Movement is vital for all of you because it provides you with the opportunity to live your lives to the full. Your axial portion of skeleton is composed of "the skull, the vertebral column, and [...]

Phototransduction Process and Optical Imaging

In the dark, Na+ channels of the membranes of the external segments of rods and cones are open, and the electric current flows from the cytoplasm of the internal segments into the membranes of the [...]

Physicians, Their Roles and Responsibilities

The former pertains to the idea that patients' needs are of primary importance: all health care professionals, including physicians, are expected to be sympathetic, respectful, and responsive to their patients.

Tongue and Why It Is Unique

Recent studies indicate that the development of the tongue is closely associated with the development of the heart because the formation of the head and heart occurs at the early stages of the embryo growth, [...]

Lipid Catabolism and Anabolism

To give an example, triacylglycerols in the process of catabolism are broken down into two molecules of fatty acids and a molecule of monoacylglycerol in the presence of lipase. Lipids are created from fatty acids [...]

Physical Therapy Activities

The justification for conducting this particular research was premised on the fact that relatively few studies had attempted to evaluate and address the relationship between physical therapy treatments and outcomes by specifically investigating the individual [...]

Physiological Nature of Anaplastic Astrocytoma

The anaplastic astrocytoma is a tumor that develops in the brain whereby the nerve supportive cell develops the glioma. The diagnostic and therapeutic steps that can be taken to address anaplastic astrocytoma as well as [...]

Medicine Issues: Physical Therapy as a Profession

The aim of this essay is to discuss the profession of physical therapist explaining the role of women in this field."Physical therapy in the United States was originally an occupation composed almost entirely of women; [...]

Medical Recording Tools: EMRs and PMRs

EMRs assist in the reduction of medical errors by providing physicians with quick access to the patient's medical history and relevant medical information to assist in prescription.

Teratogens, Its Effects and Types

Other bacteria, more so those that cause dangerous infections can also impair the development of a fetus, and in extreme cases they can even cause premature and still births.

Hypoxia and Air Accidents

These factors include: the concentration of oxygen in the air inhaled; appropriate exchange of gases in the air circulation system; the amount of hemoglobin in the blood for oxygen transfer; functioning of the cardiovascular system; [...]

Respiratory System

This experiment examined the lung volume and capacities and the differences in vital capacities between genders. Firstly, tidal volume is the air that moves in and out of the lungs with each breath.

Microglandular Hyperplasia Cells

Pathology of microglandular hyperplasia occurs as a result of hormonal pregnancy changes in the ovarian cells resulting to pregnancy luteoma and large solitary luteinised follicular cysts pregnancy and puerperium.

Treatment of Fibromyalgia

In the course, nerve "impulses travel in peripheral nerves, with a first synapse in the dorsal horn and a second synapse in the thalamus, and end up in the cerebral cortex and other supraspinal structures.

Effects of Noise

The outer part of the year focuses the sound onto the eardrum. The ligament of the stapes of the ear protects the ear against noise but it is slower than sudden sound.

Open-loop controlled movements

The main difference between the ideas of open-loop controlled movements and closed-loop controlled movements is in the consideration of the further steps.

Effects of stress on physical health

When the body is subjected to stressful conditions, stress hormones such as cortisol hormones are released by the pituitary and adrenal glands so as to initiate the stress response in the body.

Real Facts of Yawning

In fact, the mechanism of yawning is initiated by the hypothalamus that is found in the rear part of the human brain. This proofs that yawning is a reflection of empathetic characteristic which lies in [...]

Cracking Knuckles

This paper looks at the causes of the popping sound generated when cracking knuckles, the benefits as well as health complications associated with the practice in response to my lab technician's behavior.

Atrophy of the Muscles

The major effect of the cast as indicated in this case is weakening of the leg muscles and reduced level of activity.

Teaching Fundamental Motor Skills

Children had to listen to the music and control the ball movements. In response, the coach was trying to react to each of the children's actions and improvements to make them sure that they were [...]

Mechanisms of Teratology

The level of defects mostly depends on the nature of the teratogenic agents, the way in which the cells are exposed to these agents and the level of placental transfer between the mother and the [...]

Importance of Body Exercise

Healthy body exercise helps in strengthening the heart and lungs thus increasing the efficiency of the heart muscle. Studies have also revealed that a healthy body exercise lowers the blood level of fats and unhealthy [...]

Analyze Movement Parts

The player's left leg that is opposite the arm that is throwing moves ahead to enlarge the distance though which the thrower uses force to throw the ball and to enable full rotation of the [...]

The Sperm and the Egg

The whole process of multiplication involves two elements, that is, Jack the sperm and Alice the Egg. Between Alice's house and the airport where Jack and his buddies alighted there is a big lake that [...]

The effects of body dehydration

The roles of this fluid in the body are mainly four: various forms of movement around the body, protection of various body organs, lubrication and body temperature regulation in order to fit to prevailing conditions. [...]

Why Do We Sweat?

During warm or hot days, the vessels carrying blood in our skin open up and the glands contract resulting in the sweat glands releasing the fluid through the sweat pores found on the surface of [...]

Human beings physical abilities

On the contrary, the mental abilities of human beings cannot be regarded in the same light as their physical capabilities. This goes a long way in proving that the lack of physical aptitude does not [...]