Venereology Essay Examples and Topics

Chlamydia Campaign Proposal

Introduction Every year people get infected with some diseases and do not where the infection comes from. One of the ways to get infected is the sexual life that requires attention and methods of protection from both partners. Though the symptoms can be slight and not worth being noticed, people live with their infections and […]

Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Introduction Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) may be described as the type of diseases that are typically transmitted when an infected person engages in sexual intercourse with an uninfected person. A good and very common example is gonorrhea. It is caused by a bacterium, Neisseria gonorrheae, whose growth is favorable in the warm and humid parts […]

Healthy sexual relationships

Introduction Any study that is related to healthy sexual relationships and reproductive health is of paramount importance to continuity of humanity. The healthy sexual relationship implies that the parties to the relationship are mutually benefiting. Thus this should impact positively especially on improvement of self –worth of both partners. The reproductive health pertains the well […]

Healthy People 2010 Agenda and the Issue of Syphilis in Contemporary Society

Public Health and Healthy People 2010 Agenda Contemporary society faces the problem of sexually transmitted diseases and syphilis as one of such diseases. The Healthy People 2010 is the agenda designed by the national organization that provide the population with health care services and establishes effective strategies. This agenda includes sexually transmitted diseases and other […]