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Nephrology Essay Examples and Topics

Renal Colic Assessment and Management

The results of the physical examination of the patient suggest that the reason for emergency department presentation is renal/uretric colic, which is "the clinical syndrome of acute flank pain with a cyclical intensity which may [...]

Chronic Kidney Disease Patients

The clinic question is whether the consistent checkups, close monitoring, and nursing interventions improve the outcomes in the CKD patients compared to the patients who are just being evaluated regularly.

Nephrolithiasis: Differential Diagnosis

In contrast, Urolithiasis is the condition that implies the accumulation of stones in the urinary tract. In case the patient requires more drugs, his symptoms must be assessed once again.

Bartter’s Syndrome Concept

Among the many roles that the kidney plays in the body, the most critical one is the control of the composition and the fluid volume in the body.

The Polycystic Kidney Disease’ Etiology

As stated earlier on this is the most common version of PKD and as suggested by the name, the disease is so serious such that in a family where one parent suffers from the disease [...]

Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD)

This paper assesses the magnitude of CKD, develops a program, and sets objectives on how the program can be used to achieve the aim of the Healthy People 2020 in relation to CKD.

Dialysis an Alternative Lifestyle

The most common form of treatment that substitutes the lost functions of the kidney is kidney transplant. The blood of the patients is made to flow into the dialyzer.