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Nursing Essay Examples and Topics

Priority Patient Safety Issues

In the background, the review examines national healthcare quality initiatives and medical error statistics to support the need for the study. It clearly justifies the need for research on the perspectives of the nurses on [...]

Recognizing the Ordinary as Extraordinary

The study found that the nurse's role in the recovery of medical errors follows the near-miss model, thus stressing the importance of both organizational and human factors in preventing adverse patient outcomes.

Personal Leadership Style in Nursing

Her ability to balance between the democratic and democratic styles of leadership is inspiring because neither of those leadership styles is entirely suitable for emergencies and events that frequently occur in medical surgical units.

Nursing Education Degrees in the United States

The first possible degree leading to the status of a Registered Nurse is the Associate's Degree in Nursing. The purpose of this research paper is to analyze various types of nursing degrees, their implications for [...]

National Patient Safety Goals in Nursing Practice

One of the goals to increase medication safety as established through the National Patient Safety Goals requires that the drugs and other solutions are appropriately labeled in the perioperative area and during other procedures.

Presence of Family Members during Resuscitation

Fell relates a personal experience in the significance of the presence of family in the resuscitation process. Fell recommends the involvement of the family in the resuscitation process and designation of a family facilitator.

Professional Identities for Nurses

Here the selfishness of his identity is disclosed: knowing that McIntosh is a writer, he asks him not to demonstrate his work in order for Bolotowsky to sustain the reputation of his own.

Nursing Care Plan for Mental Health

Unilateral neglect Impaired environmental interpretation syndrome Acute confusion Chronic confusion Ineffective impulse control Impaired memory Impaired verbal communication Hopelessness Risk for compromised human dignity

Clinical Wisdom and Nursing Expertise

Expertise and clinical wisdom in the practice of other nurses can be promoted through exposing these professionals to experiences that enhance their critical reflection, critical reasoning, as well as judgment.

Nurse 240 Course and Its Learning Objectives

When a nurse is confronted by an ethical dilemma, employing accountability and responsibility will introduce the elements of rationale and moral judgment within the laws to ensure that the action taken is in the best [...]

Nosocomial Bloodstream Infections: Interventions

Although addressing the issue on the level of inventory management is crucial for the control of the procedures and the facilitation of patients' safety, the framework that will help prevent and handle the CLABSI issues, [...]

Nursing Informatics: Relational Schema

The current paper discusses the concept of relational tables and dwells on the conceptual development of a database. The author of the paper specifies the unique names of the relational tables, attributes, and data characteristics.

Nursing Database: Terms and Nomenclature

Therefore, standardized terms used in planning and documenting nursing care allowed providers to reduce confusion introduced by various terminology and, therefore, improve the quality of care. The main goal of nursing terms is to aid [...]

US Healthcare Institutions Merger and Nursing

The contribution of the project to the nursing profession is in accentuating the necessity of developing preceptorship programs in healthcare organizations in order to guarantee the continuous education of nurses and the improvement of their [...]

Nursing Bedside Shift Reports Transfer

A practice change from recorded shift reports to bedside shift reports is required to improve the quality of patient care. The nurses opt to complete the shift reports at their nurse stations after the shift.

Nursing Education, Its Planning and Experiences

The first step in the implementation of the proposed training program will involve the development of learning outcomes and objectives. Nurse educators will be encouraged to indicate their professional development needs in the context of [...]

Teamwork Role in Patient Safety Promotion

According to Manser, some of the most important considerations that either promote or hinder patient safety include the perceived quality of teamwork between professional groups, the quality of relational coordination and communication between team members, [...]

Certified Nurse Practitioners and Their Roles

Within the clinical environment, the primary responsibility of certified nurse practitioners is to provide persons and groups with direct care according to the level of their educational training and national certification.

Transcultural Nursing Theory in Practice

The theory is applicable in different settings to support the needs of many patients with psychological issues. Her competencies in social and cultural anthropology played a significant role in the development of the Transcultural Nursing [...]

Nursing Career Management and Its Steps

It is a continuous procedure in which the nurse incessantly learns about his or her individuality and the nursing career. From that moment, all of the interactions assist the nurse in learning more about himself [...]

Nurse-Physician Interprofessional Collaboration

In the light of modern developments, changes in patient expectation, and the advancements in healthcare sector, there is need to optimize the benefits that accrue in the aftermath of implementing inter-professional collaboration.

Leadership in Nursing: Statements of Intent

Therefore, the following objectives must be attained: Promoting active and efficient communication supported by the use of IT innovations and social networks as the means of disseminating data fast and efficiently; Encouraging the target population [...]

Nursing Preceptorship Preparation Program

The solution to the problem of the lack of knowledge and practical skills in nurses who plan to become preceptors is a preceptorship preparation class that is organized in a facility in the context of [...]

Nursing Preceptor Orientation Program

In spite of the determined challenges and barriers, it is possible to propose the change and develop the preceptor orientation program that is most efficient in terms of the required resources and potential outcomes for [...]

Health Policy: Advanced Practice Nurses

The report suggests that "nurses should be empowered to practice to the extent of their training or education". Several strategies can be used to deal with the limited practice of APNs.

Nursing Future: Leading Change, Advancing Health

A review of nursing scholarship on the "Future of Nursing" report shows that it is anchored on four key messages, namely facilitating nurses to practice to their full extent of their education and training, encouraging [...]

Hand Hygiene as an Evidence-Based Practice

The structure of the paper includes a critical analysis of the identified everyday practice, interpretation of the types of knowledge informing the issue, and recommendations for future practice.

Family Nurse Practitioners: Self Assessment Plan

This analysis will outline the areas that should be improved and opportunities that can support the plan. This practice will help the professional to identify the unique gaps and achievements that define his or her [...]

Advanced Practice Nurse: Roles, Pros and Cons

While a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist is responsible for the administration of anesthetics to patients, Nurse Practitioners help in the examination and treatment of acute and chronic illnesses in and outside the medical facilities.

Reflective Learning and Nursing Burnout

The purpose of this evidence-based project is to evaluate the impact of the adaptation of reflective learning on nursing burnout in managing cardiac patients in a coronary care unit of King Fahad Medical City in [...]

Advancing Workforce Intra-Communication

The former employee is likely to become a member of the in-group, while the latter would, as a part of the out-group from the point of view of the character and quality of their relationship [...]

Post-Discharge Follow-Up Calls Implementation Plan

The pre-implementation stage of the project lasts four weeks and includes the development of a post-discharge procedure, assignment of RNs, MDs, NPs, and surgical patients, improvement of schedules, development of assessment tools, and integration of [...]

Post-Discharge Follow-Up Calls Change Model

The purpose of this paper is to discuss the change model that is effective to organize a process of implementing the intervention and evaluate the effectiveness of the proposed model in the chosen context.

Research and Evaluation in Nursing Informatics

The example of nurses' research and evaluation activity is the extensive use of the Internet as the source: many nurses and other specialists tend to take advantage of the possibilities that Google Scholar and Google [...]

Family Nurse Practitioner: Functions and Role

The modern healthcare sector is focused on the provision of high-quality medical services to the population trying to reform the general state of the sphere and guarantee the significant improvement of the quality of life.

Nursing Informatics Practitioner Interview: Jincy Chacko

To gain knowledge about nursing informatics and day-to-date realities associated with it, the interview with Jincy Chacko, a clinical informatics specialist at the Northwell Health system, was conducted by telephone. In this respect, formal and [...]

Nursing Preceptor Orientation and Its Importance

In this literature review, it is necessary to discuss the recent evidence-based literature on the problem of organizing preceptor orientation programs and classes, focus on the application of this literature to the current project, and [...]

Disaster Preparedness: Core Competencies for Nurses

To this end, the American Nurses Association and the American Association of Colleges of Nursing suggested initiation of programs for basic education and continued education that would regulate the training of nurse professionals.

Disaster Nursing: Preparedness and Response

The issues of nursing competencies are of significant interest in the modern research literature, and the investigation of the professional competencies in the area of disaster medicine has both practical and theoretical implications as it [...]

Care’s Critical Problems and Nurse’s Roles

Here are some new components that have been added to the role of nurse practitioners in connection to increased readmission rates: Nurse practitioners have to perform a comprehensive analysis to understand which groups of patients [...]

Nursing Workplace: Leader-Member Exchange

According to Xerri, "the quality of the social exchanges" between supervisors and employees would determine if a superior-quality or low-quality LMX relationship is produced in the workplace.

King Fahad Medical City: Burnout Among Nurses

The purpose of this evidence-based project is to evaluate the impact of the adaptation of reflective learning on nursing burnout in managing cardiac patients in a coronary care unit of King Fahad Medical City in [...]

Self-Service Deficit Theory

That is why the paper at hand is aimed to provide a detailed analysis of the chosen nursing theory. In 1939, Orem earned a B.S.in Nursing Education at the Catholic University of America.

Schizophrenia and Self-Management Programs

In order to collect the data for further analysis that will help to answer the defined research question, it will be necessary to conduct the study allowing the researchers to track changes in behavior and [...]

Education and Nursing: IT Opportunities

The use of IT opportunities as the means of promoting patient education about palliative care in nursing and the enhancement of the communication process between nurses, patients, and the community is the topic of the [...]

Patient Length of Stay in Emergency Department

The problem of the significant patient length of stay in ED is also observed in Lincoln Medical & Mental Health Center, and it can be addressed with the help of applying the appropriate handoff protocols [...]

Nursing Career, Scholarship and Practice

In this context, the education and the developed skills in research influenced my progress in the Capstone Project directly as I was able to organize the work on the project effectively, search relevant resources, and [...]