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Nursing Essay Examples and Topics

Psychiatric Nursing: Biopsychosocial Assessment

M's relationship with his parents, especially the mother; and helping J.M.to improve his academic performances. In this case, I explained to J.M.about the possibility that his mother might fail to be home on Thanksgiving Day.J.

King Abdul-Aziz Senior House: Communication Project

Proper communication supports the recurrent desire for success and realization of organizational goals, which define the overall essence of favorable relationships within and without organizational entities.

Advanced Practice Nursing

Throughout the article, I found the concept of the microsystem useful to my understanding of how to provide health care in a complex environment characterized by multiple forces, including, but not limited to, culture, technology, [...]

Advanced Practice Nursing: Essential Knowledge

S health care delivery system were interesting to my understanding of the country's health care sector because they provided a holistic overview of how the health care system works, including the main issues affecting it [...]

The Nursing Informatics Implementation

The first priority would be given to the instances that cause immediate threat to the safety of their unit: it can differ from what the users have requested help with, and it can be more [...]

Leadership and Advocacy in Nursing

The study suggests that the main reasons for the support group's positive dynamics are based on the practices of building long-term relationships with patients and their families.

The Language of Disasters Nursing

It is difficult to underestimate the significance of the development of the International Classification for Nursing Practice by the International Council of Nurses [ICN].

E-Folio for 2 Separate Nursing Courses

Essential II: Basic Organizational and Systems Leadership for Quality Care and Patient Safety discusses the role of leadership skills in improving the quality of the provided care and focuses on the issue of patient safety [...]

Advanced Pharmacology Nursing Course Outcomes

Clinical-patient communication is a crucial aspect even in Advanced Pharmacology because it helps to gather enough information and educate patients and their families on how to use drugs and follow the prescriptions given. It is [...]

Nurse-to-Patient Ratio

So nurse to patient staffing ratio is said to be crucial for health facilities to provide the patients with high-quality services and bring positive outcomes.

Reflective Experience in the Residential Care

I found that I had to use personal skills in relating to the people in the residential care. In this respect, I engaged established nurses in the residential care to learn.

Nursing: Personal Expectations and Academic Experiences

From this point, the semester at college helped me realize my real desires and professional intentions, and the complex of such factors as my initial expectations, the real academic experiences, challenges, and successes can be [...]

Berala Park: Job Reflective Journal

Berala on the Park is dedicated towards ensuring the provision of exceptional and compassionate care services to the aging members of the society.

Mentoring for Nursing Students, Its Stages and History

Judging the quality of a student's practice turns out to be a relevant component of preparing future specialists since the mentor's evaluation of the practitioner's progress allows educational establishments to take a more objective approach [...]

Labor Relations in Nursing: Pozgar’s Book

Some of the conditions contained in insurance policies include notice of the occurrence, notice of claim, assignments, subrogation, changes, cancellations, and assistance of the insured.

Nursing Handover and Verbal Communication

The purpose of this paper is to develop a handover communication process analysis, evaluate the worth of nursing communication in the emergency department, identify the main elements of nursing handover, and introduce possible improvements of [...]

Acute Low Back Pain Relief and Prevention

The effective acute care of the person requires the use of a plan that would include recommendations for healthcare specialists and the patient helping to reduce the manifestation of the acute pain and prevent future [...]

Patient-to-Nurse Ratio and Poor Performance

Because of the rapid rise in the workload levels and, therefore, the increase in the number of workplace burnouts, one must consider the existing situation concerning the rise in the patient-to-nurse ratio a significant threat [...]

Nurse-to-Patient Ratio Increasing Means

The issue concerning the lack of qualified nurses and the low NPR levels needs to be viewed from the perspective of the Six Standards of Quality suggested by the Institute of Medicine.

Education Program for Emergency Unit Nurses

By the end of the program, all the nurses will report improved preparedness to and confidence in managing the issues related to the three topics as evidenced by the self-reported preparedness element of the final [...]

Wisdom Concept Applied to Nursing Practice

The purpose of the research, however, was to identify the use of the word "wisdom" as something designating a particular concept, which is why authors and articles were addressed that used the concept of wisdom [...]

Curriculum Development for Australian Nurses

While the class setting will establish the theoretical foundation set of skills and knowledge, the practical environment will foster the actual implementation of the class-acquired skills and knowledge by way of watching, active involvement, and [...]

Advanced Care Planning: Ethical and Legal Issues

The authors conclude that advanced care planning is the most effective strategy to ensure lower levels of discomfort and distress for both nursing professionals and relatives. It is also important to add that legal issues [...]

Pathopharmacology for Advanced Nursing Practice

This regulatory system involved in controlling body weight and food intake is a subject of scientific investigation. An example of this protein is leptin, which is linked to lipid mass in the body.

Psychiatric Nursing and Training in Canada

The paper also addresses specialty training for psychiatric nurses in Canada and suggests the communication strategies and capacities caregivers should develop to provide high-quality care and reduce the risk of acute psychotic episodes in patients.

Intensive Care Unit Nurses’ Education Needs

The reason for choosing this target group is the affiliation of the researcher: since the researcher is a nurse who works in the ICU of KFH, the analysis of the educational needs of the nurses [...]

Patients’ Self-Care for Long-Term Conditions

Using this disease as the background for the research, the paper aims to examine how patients attitude, beliefs, and perception of illness impact their lifestyles and ways in which they struggle against the problem.

Nursing Care Course and Core Competencies

In terms of this course, I get an opportunity to realize that the master's prepared nurse has to be ready to take many responsibilities, as well as to act and demonstrate a desire to be [...]

Nursing Profession, Duties and Legislations

In respect to the patient profile, location of care, and the type of service offered by the nurse, the scope of nursing practice is not only diverse but also varied in nature.

Nursing Inquiry Methods and Their Problems

The introduction of the presentation consists of two slides that clearly describe the purpose of the further analysis and determine the nursing problem which should be addressed using the selected methods of nursing inquiry.

Family Nurse Practitioner

Therefore, the main goal of healthcare professionals is to prevent addiction by appointing appropriate treatment and varying the time of opioid drug consumption according to the psychological characteristics of a patient.

Ohio’s Board of Nursing

This is the case because NPs in the state are not permitted to practice independently. The role of Ohio's Board of Nursing is to govern and dictate the practice of licensed nurses.

Nursing and Healthcare Issues

One of the central ideas of the modern healthcare sector is the cultivation of the improved quality of a patients life and the provision of safe, compassionate, and competent care to individuals who might need [...]

Nurse-to-Patient Ratio and Six Sigma Model

It is expected that the DMAIC framework as a part of the Six Sigma philosophy will lead to a massive rise in the quality of the services and the following improvement in patient outcomes.

Adult-Gerontology Primary Care Nurse Practitioner Plan

To design an adult-gerontology primary care nurse practitioner plan of care, it is necessary to recommend appropriate interventions, to explore potential and actual considerations from the perspectives of ethics, law, and culture, and to describe [...]

Resistance Techniques of Nurses

The willingness and ability of the managers to share power with the staff nurses transformed the quality and safety of care services available to the targeted patients.

Work Conditions for Ethnic Groups

However, it is necessary to remember the cultural and ethical aspects of help that can be offered by nurses, healthcare providers, and other medical staff involved in humanitarian action.

Nursing Practice Models

Topic Supervisory Practice Supervisory Practice Supervisory Practice List the name of a State that is representative of each regulatory model. The states characterized by this approach include Texas, Virginia, South, and North Carolina, Missouri, Oklahoma, California, Florida, etc. (American Association of Nurse Practitioners [AANP], 2017). This model is used in Pennsylvania, New York, Alabama, Arkansas, […]

Abdomen Pain in Nursing Assessment

A colonoscopy is another option for the given patient to examine the abnormal pain in the abdomen to be biopsied. The initial diagnosis, pancreatic cancer, seems to be approved in the course of the examination [...]

Teaching Philosophy in the Nursing

To establish the effective process of interaction with students and organise a good study course, it is necessary to consider such aspects as a personal teaching philosophy, a curriculum development course, an activity assessment strategy, [...]

Threats to Patient Safety and Nursing Shortage

According to the case study conducted by Ireland, Kirkpatrick, Boblin, and Robertson, the shortage of staff lead to the inability of the practitioners to effectively implement and maintain the necessary level of compliance with the [...]

Nursing and Professional Policy Agenda

The American Association of Critical-Care Nurses is one of the leading organizations that take numerous actions and initiatives to transform the quality of health services available to different patients.

Fostering the Concept of Interdisciplinary Cooperation

Hence, there is a necessity to incorporate the focus on multidisciplinary communication in a nursing setting into the curriculum to encourage students to acquire the skills that are critical to address the issues faced in [...]

Concept of Instructional Strategies in Nursing

Since the learning strategies that nurses will have to follow will embrace the ideas of working under significant pressure, it will be critical to introduce the delivery strategies that will focus on promoting the acquisition [...]

Carper’s Patterns of Knowing

The purpose of the established team was to offer evidence-based and holistic care to the patient. The underlying reason for the above situation was the fact that I had failed to embrace the team nursing [...]

Effective Communication for Advanced Practice Nurses

The key players and stakeholders to be involved throughout the communication process are identified in the plan. The first outstanding importance of an effective plan is that it outlines the communication expectations of the project.

The Role of Nurses in Managing Mental Health Issues

Therefore, this reflection is not just the evaluation of my nursing skills and practical achievements, it is a story of my personal growth as a medical worker and the peculiarities of recovery process among young [...]

The Concept of Caring in Nursing

This paper addresses the concept of caring, which is regarded as the core of nursing services. According to Ma et al, the complex nature of the idea of caring explains Leininger's hypothesis of cultural care [...]

Nurse Education: Shaping Learning and Improving Outcomes

For instance, the emphasis on the psychosocial development of EPs will be crucial since it will prompt the acquisition of skills such as emotional intelligence, empathy, and readiness to build rapport with a patient.

Curriculum and Instruction in Nursing Education

In particular, an educational course for expatriate nurses should correspond with the skills and abilities of a particular group of students in order for the interaction process in the classroom to be as fruitful as [...]

Nursing Service Administration

The professional competencies of the junior medical staff are formed by meeting a number of conditions, and the effective application of all required work standards is the key to the successful outcomes of care.

Primary Health Nurse Practitioner Program

With the delivery of comprehensive care to long-term patients as my main motivation, acquiring competencies in NP-PHC will be crucial to holistically managing chronic conditions for diverse patients of different ages, backgrounds, and needs. As [...]

Evidence Based Practice’ Impact on Nursing

The selected article offers meaningful insights that can empower nursing educationists and practitioners to embrace the power of evidence-based practice. This article describes the meaning of EBP and how it can be implemented in nursing [...]

Watson’s Caring Theory for Nurse Practitioners

Watson's caring theory offers meaningful incentives and concepts that can be used to support practitioners' philosophies. The major assumptions outlined in this model include: Caring is practiced interpersonally Curative factors deliver positive health results Caregivers [...]

The Future of Nursing

This discussion analyzes one of the key messages presented in the report, a major barrier and the best strategy to deal with it, and how the proposed issues will affect practice.

Interdisciplinary Cooperation in Nursing

In the course of the evaluation, the measures on the merit of which the participants will be evaluated will include the ability to cooperate in a nursing setting, the skill of managing interdisciplinary conflicts, and [...]

Teaching Beliefs in Nursing Education

He was a staunch traditionalist in terms of the purpose of education, the role of the teacher in it, and the effectiveness of drills and other methods of teaching.

Nursing Research: Clinical Performance

Nurses are confronted with ethical challenges, and since it may be strenuous for an individual to provide moral judgment, the Code of Ethics was created to guide nurses in the decision-making process. It is necessary [...]

Nursing Leadership in the Field of Healthcare

In particular, the leadership qualities of employees, which are manifested in the process of solving certain tasks and fulfilling the instructions of the senior management, may allow changing patient outcomes for the better.

Nurse Practitioners: Decision-Making and Standards

Xu indicates that the concept of change is a powerful tool that leaders in nursing can consider to improve existing processes and empower their followers to deliver exemplary medical services.

Nurse-to-Patient Ratio and Evidence-Based Change

There is a strong possibility that, with the creation of a compelling approach toward a high NPR, one will be able to reduce the threats to which both patients and nurses are exposed in the [...]

Change Resistance as Nurse Leaders’ Issue

The discussion below examines the relevance of the topic "Resistance to Change" to nurse leaders. NLs can use their competencies to tackle any form of resistance and support the intended change.

Nursing Practicum Based on Gibbs’ Framework

Because of the specifics of the content, the session could not avoid using lecture elements, but the employment of the AL elements helped to make the session learner-centred and engaging. The topic and the content [...]

Concept of Kind in Nursing Practice

Thus, the evolution of the concept of "kind" and kindness in nursing has affected the process of shaping crucial ethical values and the philosophy that currently defines the process of care.

Kitasato University’s Program of Exchange

I will be able to contrast and compare the educational practices used in my homeland to those of Japan in order to synthesize them and benefit from both worlds.

The Nursing Metaparadigm in Human Caring Theory

The core concepts of the framework include a relational caring for oneself and others, creating a meaningful human-to-human transaction, practicing consciousness and reflection, as well as kindness and equanimity, and inclusive and circular care. In [...]

Primary Care Nursing Shortage and Its Implications

The facility has competent managers and practitioners to address the diverse needs of the targeted patients. The current problem is that many practitioners are unable to meet the health needs of different children due to [...]

Cultural Competence in Nurse Practitioners

Harkess and Kaddoura define "cultural competence" as the ability to develop appropriate thoughts, environments, and values and use them efficiently to deliver high-quality services to more individuals from diverse backgrounds.

Nursing Professional Development Plan

Therefore, a personal development plan is needed to create the framework for the continuous improvement that I will have to accept as a part of my professional philosophy and ethics.

Nursing Role in Equitable Healthcare System Fostering

The tenet of justice encompasses the equal distribution of resources while fidelity expects nurses to maintain loyalty and dedication to their patients. The use of restraint and seclusion may be necessary to guarantee the safety [...]

Key Learnings for Nursing Leadership

A SMART goal that can be formulated based on this key learning is to find specific examples of the ways to address and improve all KSAs that exist in my workplace. Therefore, the performance of [...]

Harm Reduction and Professional Burnout in Nurse Practice

These ideologies imply the creation and maintenance of specific ideas, vision, mission, and goals that are to be achieved in medical institutions, especially those paying precise attention to substance abuse prevention and decreasing the treatment [...]

Gender and Bullying Issues in Nursing

A lack of tolerance for workplace harassment and bullying is likely to lead to the deterioration of the situation and further misunderstanding and tension in an organization.

Ethical Issues of Advanced Practice Nurses

Therefore, helping patients to end their life is a major moral and ethical dilemma the resolution to which is complicated even more by the absence of legal regulations in the state of New Jersey.

Concept of Nursing Management Changes

The practice of changes in the healthcare system is the natural process of transition from obsolete methods to the newer and modern principles of medical care.

Healthy Workplace Toolkit

For this reason, different specific toolkits provide both employees and employers with an opportunity to assess the current state of the working environment and find areas that should be altered to ensure the increased efficiency [...]

Nursing: Harm Reduction

As can be seen, a gender-biased understanding of healthcare problems prevents various populations from having free access to care, and profound changes in the latter are necessary.

Malpractice Insurance for Nurse Practitioners

The author goes further to indicate that NPs should be willing to analyze the role of license insurance coverage. Studies should also be undertaken to analyze the nature of different malpractices and liabilities associated with [...]

Emergency Room Head Nurse in Saudi Arabia

The present paper considers the role of an Emergency Room Head Nurse, which combines leadership and managerial responsibilities, specifically within the settings of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

National Nursing Practice Problem

The issue of patient safety compels nurse practitioners and medical professionals to implement powerful strategies to reduce medication errors, falls, and pressure ulcers.

Chronic Kidney Disease Morbidity Initiative

The primary goal of the initiative is to lower the morbidity of CKD in the state of Maryland. The secondary goal is to reduce the progression of CKD in patients with the disease.

Home and Community-Based Services vs. Nursing Facilities

The purpose of this brief is to highlight the evidence in favor of expanding access to home and community-based treatments for the disabled and elderly patients as opposed to 1915 waivers and nursing treatments.

Depression and Cancer in Caucasian Female Patient

HEENT/neurology: no eyesight problems, tension headache from time to time, no nose/ear pain, mild tooth pain, slow speech, no significant changes related to senses Cardiovascular/respiratory: no chest pain, PND, SOB, or abnormal cough.

Conflict Management in Nursing Decision-Making

The key objective of this work is to assess conflict management styles as the basic mechanisms for resolving controversial situations in the decision-making process in nursing communities.

Cross-Training in Intensive Care Unit

The students who took this course will exhibit the mastery of: Assessment of the need for care under time constraints and in adverse conditions; Provision of assistance to critically ill individuals with precision, speed, and [...]

Nursing Emergency Room Training Program

The course is intended for new nurses, who will be operating in the emergency department. Students will be able to: Design and implement nursing strategies adequate for emergency department patients;
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