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Nursing Essay Examples and Topics

Post-Discharge Follow-Up Calls Implementation Plan

The pre-implementation stage of the project lasts four weeks and includes the development of a post-discharge procedure, assignment of RNs, MDs, NPs, and surgical patients, improvement of schedules, development of assessment tools, and integration of [...]

Post-Discharge Follow-Up Calls Change Model

The purpose of this paper is to discuss the change model that is effective to organize a process of implementing the intervention and evaluate the effectiveness of the proposed model in the chosen context.

Research and Evaluation in Nursing Informatics

The example of nurses' research and evaluation activity is the extensive use of the Internet as the source: many nurses and other specialists tend to take advantage of the possibilities that Google Scholar and Google [...]

Family Nurse Practitioner: Functions and Role

The modern healthcare sector is focused on the provision of high-quality medical services to the population trying to reform the general state of the sphere and guarantee the significant improvement of the quality of life.

Nursing Informatics Practitioner Interview: Jincy Chacko

To gain knowledge about nursing informatics and day-to-date realities associated with it, the interview with Jincy Chacko, a clinical informatics specialist at the Northwell Health system, was conducted by telephone. In this respect, formal and [...]

Nursing Preceptor Orientation and Its Importance

In this literature review, it is necessary to discuss the recent evidence-based literature on the problem of organizing preceptor orientation programs and classes, focus on the application of this literature to the current project, and [...]

Disaster Preparedness: Core Competencies for Nurses

To this end, the American Nurses Association and the American Association of Colleges of Nursing suggested initiation of programs for basic education and continued education that would regulate the training of nurse professionals.

Disaster Nursing: Preparedness and Response

The issues of nursing competencies are of significant interest in the modern research literature, and the investigation of the professional competencies in the area of disaster medicine has both practical and theoretical implications as it [...]

Care’s Critical Problems and Nurse’s Roles

Here are some new components that have been added to the role of nurse practitioners in connection to increased readmission rates: Nurse practitioners have to perform a comprehensive analysis to understand which groups of patients [...]

Nursing Workplace: Leader-Member Exchange

According to Xerri, "the quality of the social exchanges" between supervisors and employees would determine if a superior-quality or low-quality LMX relationship is produced in the workplace.

King Fahad Medical City: Burnout Among Nurses

The purpose of this evidence-based project is to evaluate the impact of the adaptation of reflective learning on nursing burnout in managing cardiac patients in a coronary care unit of King Fahad Medical City in [...]

Self-Service Deficit Theory

That is why the paper at hand is aimed to provide a detailed analysis of the chosen nursing theory. In 1939, Orem earned a B.S.in Nursing Education at the Catholic University of America.

Schizophrenia and Self-Management Programs

In order to collect the data for further analysis that will help to answer the defined research question, it will be necessary to conduct the study allowing the researchers to track changes in behavior and [...]

Education and Nursing: IT Opportunities

The use of IT opportunities as the means of promoting patient education about palliative care in nursing and the enhancement of the communication process between nurses, patients, and the community is the topic of the [...]

Patient Length of Stay in Emergency Department

The problem of the significant patient length of stay in ED is also observed in Lincoln Medical & Mental Health Center, and it can be addressed with the help of applying the appropriate handoff protocols [...]

Nursing Career, Scholarship and Practice

In this context, the education and the developed skills in research influenced my progress in the Capstone Project directly as I was able to organize the work on the project effectively, search relevant resources, and [...]

Nursing Terminologies: NANDA International

The "role of every nursing terminology is to achieve health promotion for different patients, communities, and groups". Every nursing activity focuses on the health needs of different patients and communities.

Emancipatory Knowing in Nursing

The complexity of the healthcare system is gradually impacting the overall wellbeing of patients. In other words, they can opt to communicate specific social issues that contravene the wellbeing of patients and their families.

Nursing as a Discipline and Profession

In my opinion, nursing is a profession that requires years of specialized training and then years of professional experience to make a successful expert, nursing deals with people's health; this is why it cannot be [...]

The Risk of Compassion Fatigue in Medicine

Through the practice of empathic engagement with the patients, caregivers share the patients' emotional and psychological burden to the issues affecting them, not mentioning the fact that the health professionals serves as witnesses to these [...]

The National Council of State Boards of Nursing

According to the recent report filed by the organization, despite the incorporation of new technology into the framework of the organization's operations, the process of receiving feedback from the patients and the organizations related to [...]

Pressure Ulcer Prevention in Health Facilities

The European Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel defines the term "pressure ulcer" as "a localized injury to the skin or the underlying tissue commonly over a boney prominence as a result of pressure or in combination [...]

Mental Health Nursing: Health and Illness

My definition of health therefore, is the spiritual well-being of an individual or a community whereas illness is the physical outcome or the manifestation of the spiritual poor being of the community or an individual [...]

Barriers of Evidence-based Practices

Some of the factors that Parahoo identified included inability of authority to change the existing practices, inadequate understandability of the research reports and less time to integrate new ideas in the nursing practices.

Nursing Expertise and Patient Outcomes

Education and expertise significantly affect nurses' clinical decisions and in turn, quality of care for patients and clinical outcomes. That is, a sound nurse education can assist in developing nursing skills and expertise through experience.

Emergency Preparedness and Future Career

It is necessary to note that my Leader Mentor has always stressed the importance of proper training and education as she claims novice nurses should be aware of a variety of emergency situations and be [...]

Nursing Development and Significance

The integration of informatics in the nursing profession has resulted in better provision of nursing care services. On the other hand, nursing informatics has led to the documentation of healthcare records.

Nursing Profession Concept

Nursing itself is often defined as "the protection, promotion, and optimization of health and abilities, prevention of illness and injury, alleviation of suffering through the diagnosis and treatment of human response, and advocacy in the [...]

Strategic HRM in Nursing

Some of the programs totaling to Registered Nurse threshold include Associate Degree in Nursing, Bachelors of Science in Nursing as well as a Diploma in Nursing.

Medical Office Management Profession

That being the case, I am looking forward to widening my skills and competencies so that I can be successful in my career. By so doing, I will be able to provide the best services [...]

Giving Back During National Nurses Week

Salem Hospital and its staff have been very effective in bettering the treatment of the community by increasing their care and availability of the necessary resources, financial help, and mutual cooperation between the staff and [...]

Nursing Science Philosophy

Although the theory of strings is too complicated to understand it fully, and it is rather controversial, the elements of the theory can be applied to the discussion of many issues related to philosophy of [...]

Nurse Scheduling Problem

This paper examines the literature research of nurse scheduling problem along with a general overview of some of the different techniques that have been used to address this complex issue of health care.

Philosophy of Nursing

The philosophy of nursing suggests that nurses have the obligation to use their knowledge for the well-being of patients. The concept of relativism has a direct impact to the philosophy of nursing.

Criteria for Personal Philosophy

For the sake of trying to bring philosophy back to sanity, the filmmaker of the Examined Life examined some famous philosophers in the public arena with the aim of relating philosophy to everyday living and [...]

Falsifiability in Nursing Science

The principle of falsifiability as advocated for by Popper, argues that there is always a possibility of disapproving any scientific theory. Therefore, to a certain extent the principle of falsifiability applies in the nursing science.

Human Being in Nursing Theory

The task of the medicine consists in resorting to the biological system, whereas the main scope of nursing is confined to focusing on the behavioral system.

Caring in Nursing

Recording the progress of the patient as a requirement for the caring process provides the doctor with the information needed to decide when to discharge a patient.

Addressing the Nurse Shortage

Focusing on the developed economies, the situation of recruitment and retention of healthcare workers, especially the nurses who are core to caring services in the healthcare, remains a contention in leading economies of the world.

Nursing Care and Management

Lastly, I will ensure that I empathize with residents and the care team by recognizing their individuality, their work environment and personal challenges that they may be facing. I will relate staff meetings and work-related [...]

The Examined Life

Because of the specific nature of the issue and a lot of aspects which the philosophy of nursing science involves, the definition is rather hard to provide.

Exploration Of Regulatory Agencies

To develop curricular and revised programs that respond to the quality of education and public demands, there is the need to regulate the process of curriculum development and revision.

Performing an EKG

According to Leshin et al one of the prevalent mistakes in the performance of an ECG is the switching of the right and left arms.

Hand washing

Importance of the problem Hand hygiene among nurses and other healthcare providers in a hospital center is important to the mitigation of infections. Nurses need to be guided to an awareness of the importance of [...]

The nursing profession

The clinical performance of students can assessed through the strategies set for clinical competency and evaluation to check the skills, knowledge and attitudes adopted by the students during training.

Nursing Competencies in Texas

The practice of Nursing in Texas runs with a range of practice scale based on learning and training from the Licensed Vocational Nurse to the doctoral trained and Registered Nurse.

Leading Change in Health Care Practice

The high levels of risks are attributed to the following factors, among others: physical appearance of the needles, the methods of disposal used by the medical practitioners, the level of education of the medical practitioners, [...]

Carnegie report discussion

To begin with, there is acknowledgement of outdated practices in nursing profession due to scarce funding. Following the downward trend of resource funding in nursing, integration of informatics into nursing will prove to be cumbersome.

Perioperative Nursing: Surgical Site Infection

Belton and Berter argue that since SSI is posing a severe threat to the efficiency of surgical procedures and recovery of patients, the healthcare system needs to equip perioperative nurses with appropriate technical interventions.

Trends and Issues in Nursing

Moreover, the scarcity of qualified nurses will continue as the aging workforce leave the profession and the failure for the education facilities to be sensitive about the nursing education.

Time management for nurses

It is important for healthcare professionals to find time for patients because of identifying their needs and to know what can be done to improve the situation.