Healthcare Research Essay Examples and Topics

Lung Cancer Disease and Prevention Methods

Introduction Lung cancer is a common and deadly form of cancer characterized by the development of cancerous cells in the lungs of the individual. This disease is associated with many negative health and social outcomes for the patient. There is no cure for lung cancer, although treatment can be offered to improve the patient’s quality […]

Rotavirus in Urban and Rural Areas of Niger

The article of choice is “Rotavirus Surveillance in Urban and Rural Areas of Niger, April 2010-March 2012” by Page et al. (2014). This article indicates that severe gastroenteritis and more than 450,000 deaths among children less than 5years of age in less developed countries are attributed to rotavirus. There are four predominant genotypes of rotavirus: […]

Non-Vaccine Movement

This is an argumentative essay on the misguided ideas that vaccines are likely to cause serious health problems to people. Vaccination is a chemical procedure which entails the introduction of antigenic substances in the body to make the immune system develop adaptive immunity to specific diseases. The primary function of vaccination is to safeguard our […]

Lupus – Skin Disease (Discoid)

The human body is comprised of an array of organs and organ systems. All these organs need to work optimally to give the body ample functionality. The skin is a part of these organs. Similar to other organs of the human body, the skin’s functionality is liable for impairment by diseases. A case in point […]

Gastroduodenal Artery Pseudoaneurysms

Introduction Pancreatic pseudoaneurysms are uncommon complications of acute or chronic pancreatitis (7). They form from pseudocyst that erodes the adjacent arteries. Pseudoaneurysm formation is the commonest of these vascular accidents in the middle age population with the male to female ratio of 4.5:1. Pseudoaneurysms affect the arterial wall, the medial and intimal layers, and their […]

The Pathology of Acne

The Enemy – Microbes Acne vulgaris is a widespread skin condition that affects a significant fraction of adolescents as well as some adults (Cordain et al. 2002). The condition is caused by the overgrowth of the Gram-positive anaerobic bacteria known as Propionibacterium acnes. Propionibacterium acnes are normal microflora that reside on the surface of the […]

Healthcare: High Blood Pressure

In the United States, one person in every three adults has high blood pressure, and it is almost impossible to notice the problem in time (What is High Blood Pressure?, 2012). However, the problem exists, and high blood pressure can damage the heart and blood vessels during a long period of time without any symptoms […]

Medicine: Spatial Targeting Method in Disease Ecology

Introduction Controlling infectious disease is one of the primary goals of disease ecology, according to the existing definition (Verity et al. 1). However, because of a comparatively rapid pace of new strain of viruses’ development, the necessity to come up with new approaches towards disease control emerges. Though being a very challenging task the process […]

Disease Ecology Definition

Introduction In past times diseases were one of the main mortality factors among population. People knew few information about progress of disease, its symptoms and main agents. Without knowledge of these factors, doctors of the past were not able to treat their patients and they died. Fortunately, nowadays things have changed and humanity knows a […]

The Ribonucleic Acid Revolution

The article written by Christine Gorman and Dina Maron throws light on the way in which scientific discoveries about the role of ribonucleic acid (RNA) contributed to the development of new medical treatments. These drugs can potentially benefit a great number of people, especially patients suffering from various chronic diseases. In should be noted that […]

Hand Hygiene Practices

Abstract Hand hygiene has been with us for ages. This notwithstanding, its application in the medical sector has remained quite low. For the idea to be fully embraced, it is imperative to create avenues through which health care practitioners can be educated and sensitized on the importance of hand hygiene practices. This paper examines six […]

Healthcare: Lyme Disease and Black-legged Tick

On our planet, there are several insects potentially dangerous for humans and animals. Some species of invertebrates can serve as the vectors of viruses and bacteria which cause different diseases. Among such vectors, there are mosquitoes, ticks, flies, flea, bed bugs, and lice. The diseases they may cause are malaria, typhus, plague, encephalitis, yellow fever […]

The Asian Traditional Medicine

Introduction It would be appropriate for a health care provider in western medicine to embrace the existence of different cultural views on medicine. The western methods of disease diagnosis and treatment provide immediate support and care to patients. As well, the Asian traditional medicine has a significant role in health care today (University of California […]

Healthcare: Childhood Asthma in Australia

Introduction Asthma is a chronic inflammatory disease of the airways and a major health risk in childhood not only in Australia, but also in other developed and developing countries across the world (Calogero et al 2009). Although the risk factors for childhood asthma include smoking during pregnancy, familial record of asthma, young maternal age at […]

Healthcare: Excessive Alcohol Consumption Among Adults

Background Information Alcoholism represents a major social problem for the adult population in the United States not only in terms of consequent addictions and financial dependence due to loss of productivity and absenteeism, but also in enhancing neighborhood crime, traffic accidents due to drunk driving, incarceration rates of offenders, family-related violence, and social costs related […]

Medicine Issues: Emphysema’ Disease

The increasing dilemma of dealing with chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases (COPD), as an empirical research asserts, is the major challenge that the primary care physicians and their counterparts, medical specialists currently face. COPD refer to the two lung complications, that is, emphysema and chronic bronchitis. This is asserted because both diseases are characterized by obstructing […]

Future Technology in Pneumonia Treatment

Introduction Childhood pneumonia is a disease that still claims many lives, especially in developing countries. This paper will discuss how technology can be used in the future to improve the diagnosis of pneumonia hence enabling parents to take their children to healthcare centers before the disease gets to a critical stage. The paper will also […]

Medical Issues: HIV in the U.S.

Abstract People with HIV in the U.S. have limited access to private healthcare insurance or are subject to extreme abuses in their monthly payments. This is due to their association as being “high risk” clients due to the various health complications that arise as a result of HIV. In fact, studies such as those in […]

Healthcare: Bias in Epidemiological Studies

There are several factors that can significantly affect the design of epidemiological studies. Among them, one can distinguish the so-called recall bias. This phenomenon can be partly explained by the fact under some circumstances; people tend to focus on some specific events. Moreover, this problem can be attributed to the inaccuracies of the respondents’ recollections. […]

Evidence-Based Public Health Policy

Tools for Integrating the Best Information The inclusion of evidence-based approaches into health systems and communities can result in better medical outcomes. Several tools can help caregivers “integrate the best information with public health policy and practice” (Fielding and Briss 976). The first tool is the Health Impact Assessment (HIA). HIS makes it easier for […]

Healthcare: Sedative Drugs “Krokodil Tears”

Desomorphine is a type of drug that is normally used for sedative or analgesic purposes due to its calming and pain relief effect. Generally, it is normally a fast-acting drug, but its effect wars of very quickly as well, thus tending to be less effective for persistent pains. However, its prolonged use may lead to […]

Healthcare Issue in the Book “The Hidden Brain” by Shankar Vedantam

The book by Vedantam explores the peculiarities of people’s brain and the way they act. The author notes that a lot of features of character are determined by people’s unconscious minds. Individuals make decisions based on their unconsciousness, and these decisions shape numerous spheres of people’s life. Healthcare is one of the most important spheres […]

Healthcare in the Book “Uninsured in America” by S. Sered

What the Author Means by her Book’s Subtitle The author uses the subtitle “Life and Death in the Land of Opportunity” to discuss the challenges affecting more than 40 million citizens in the United States. Most of these people continue to suffer the upshots of inadequate health and medical care. The author uses the subtitle […]

Decreasing Health Disparities Among African Americans

Introduction The United States still remains the most powerful country in the world in this 21st century. According to the research by Sagar (2012), this country has the highest number of immigrants making it a country with almost all the ethnic groups from all over the world. One such immigrant group that came to this […]

Blood Donation Advantages and Disadvantages

Blood donation involves blood extraction by medical practitithe oners from individuals without compensation. Blood donation is acceptable because the human body possesses the ability to replenish blood levels (Hillier, 2007). However, an individual must fulfill certain requirements to donate blood. These requirements inthe clude good health and recommended body weight. Blood donation has many advantages […]

Double Coated Dogs

There are many different types of dogs, and they all have a unique coat or fur. Not only has there been natural breeding, but professional shows and dog enthusiasts have also increased the numbers even further. The coats of today’s dogs differ in length, colors, and make-up that are distinct and attributed to the origins […]

Caregiving for Aboriginal Peoples

Pain management in end-of-life care for Aboriginal peoples Research problem McGrath (2006) argues that there is a lack of data on pain management when it comes to Australian Aboriginal peoples. Notably, the author claims that there is enough data on end-of-life care for Caucasians, which has led to the development of effective techniques in this […]

Private Health Care Economic

The subject of health provision in lots of states is at all times at the top of the political plan. The overheads of administering the National Health Service (NHS) add up to many billions each year; the chief overheads being the labor overheads with the funds spent on drugs and professional equipment. As a result, […]

Health Disparities in the United States

Though there is a great improvement in health status in the US, health disparities are challenges causing a higher rate of mortality among the racial minorities. This article will discuss health disparities in the US and gives suggestions on how the issue can be addressed. Health Disparities in the US: the US has been experiencing health […]

Participation in Clinical Trials by African Americans

Introduction and Background African Americans comprise 13 percent of the overall population. However, they account for a disproportionate percentage of heart disease, breast cancer, and other health-related problems. Based on the drug trials that have been done on Caucasian populations, the outcomes often prove ineffective for the highly vulnerable African American category. Very few studies […]

Automated Dispensing Systems in Health Institutions

From their inception in the early 1990s, automated dispensing systems continue to assist health institutions to manage their operating costs and enhance patient safety by providing increased control over controlled substances and floor stock medications in patient-centered settings. The systems have also been noted to not only increase productivity and sustain competitiveness, but also improve […]

Clinical Information System

Medical professionals experience varied information needs when dealing with patients in the process of making informed diagnoses and treatment decisions. As a direct consequence, identifying information which is important to clinicians at the point of care and identifying a framework through which such information can be accurately and efficiently provided to clinicians has assumed critical […]

Clinical and Personnel Databases

The convergence of technology in the 21st century has enabled many healthcare organizations to adopt technology products that avail informational resources, patient-related information, employee information and terms, decision support tools and other features that are important to the delivery of safe and efficient healthcare (Rada, 2008). This paper reports the findings of an interview conducted […]

Medicine Issues: Dengue Fever in Central America

Dengue fever is one of the most debilitating and painful diseases caused by a virus of genus Flavivirus. Reports from the Center for Disease Control (CDC) indicate that the illness is a major cause of death and is caused by mosquito bites. Of particular importance in this paper is Central America where the Pan American […]

Medical Issues: The Importance of Vaccination

Introduction Historically, vaccination has been used to deal with numerous health challenges. Ordinarily, humans take various precautions to ensure that they are safe in various aspects of their lives. The importance of seat belts in cars or car seats specifically designed to guarantee the safety of small children while on transit cannot be overemphasized. Similarly, […]

Tuberculosis Global Issue

Introduction Tuberculosis is an extremely widespread infectious disease that has caused pain, suffering, and deaths to thousands of people around the world. The health sector has already accorded Tuberculosis a high priority status because it remains a major public health concern. The strain of bacteria that causes tuberculosis is known as Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Although the […]

Reducing Maternal Deaths

Introduction Maternal deaths are on the increase around the world with the recent statistic standing at 99% in developing countries. In the United States, more than 1.7 million women lose their lives while giving births due to pregnancy complications (Smith 2). Maternal deaths are mostly attributed to lack of proper medical attention of a skilled […]

Clinical Decision Making

Physicians undergo training to acquire knowledge and understanding of various diseases and illnesses and how to treat them. It is worth mentioning that the healing or curing of illness depends entirely on the diagnosis, which involves an interaction of the physician with the patient for the physician to accurately understand what the patient is suffering […]

Healthcare for Asian Americans

The main assertions in the essay on the Asian American Culture are that cultural differences between Asian and American ways of life affect how Asian Americans interact with health services. The essay mentions three issues in particular. The first one is a preference of herbal remedies for minor ailments by Asian Americans. Secondly, the essay […]

Arteriosclerosis’ Causes, Signs and Diagnosis

Causes of arteriosclerosis Arteriosclerosis is a condition where fatty materials, calcium deposits, cholesterol, and other impurities accumulate in the arteries forming a hard block that hampers blood flow (Buzzle, 2012). The impacts of blood blockage are fatal since it can lead to a heart attack, stroke, and other peripheral vascular diseases (Buzzle, 2012). Arteriosclerosis is […]

Benefits of Spending Time Outdoor

Introduction Spending time outside the serenity one is used to have positive effects on the physical and the mental health. Research shows that spending leisure time in those activities not confined to your area improves both the physical and mental well-being. Outdoor activities includes walking, fishing, running, playing, mountain hiking, biking, horseback riding, boating and […]

Alcohol and Drugs Effects on High School Students

Introduction Drug abuse and illegal drug trade have become common vices in society. In the USA, the issue of substance abuse has been a major concern, especially, in high schools. Many individuals have adopted various perspectives on how the drug issue should be handled. For instance, some individuals contend that drug legalization is the only […]

Radiation Dose Reduction Strategies in Cardiac CT Angiography

Introduction With great advancements in technology especially in the field of medicine, computed tomography (CT) has developed to become a very important clinical tool (Smith-Bindman et al. 2009). The use of CT examinations has also substantially increased. In the U.S., for example, the number increased from 3 million from the 80s to about 70 million […]

Differences in Diabetic Related Cases in African-Americans and Whites

Introduction The research study examines the diabetes epidemic among African-Americans based on the various range of risk as well as structural factors contributing to the prevalence of the disease amongst women. The study mainly emphasizes possible avenues which could be exploited to ensure equal application as well as implementation of the various health care interventions […]

Analysis of Qualitative Nursing Research Study

Problem addressed by the study The study recognizes that patients with breast cancer lack of information on chemotherapy and cognitive changes. The study therefore, aims to help breast cancer patients by providing information on crucial issues related with the condition. The problem addressed by the study is very imperative for nursing to study to ensure […]

Ethics and clinical trials

One of the main questions discussed by scholars is related to the ethical and safety standards established for clinical trials. The main task is to ensure the safety of patients and obtain scientifically rigorous findings. In some cases, these priorities cannot be easily reconciled. This paper is aimed at discussing two articles written by Marcia […]

Patient Anxiety from MRI Scans

Abstract The paper seeks to determine whether there is a relationship between gender, age and level of education in patient anxiety from MRI scans. This is however done by conducting interviews on patients at King Abdul Aziz Medical City in Riyadh. The main causes of anxiety were seen to be the physical surrounding of the […]

Introduction to Nursing Research

Introduction Infant mortality remains a problem of major concern. Deaths resulting from sudden infant syndrome remain a disturbing problem. Infant’s deaths resulting from sudden infant death syndrome are controversial since the causes of the death cannot be explained (Timby & Smith, 2004). Since the causes of the sudden infant death syndrome are unexplainable, eliminating the […]

Treatment of Sexual Dysfunction

Design and Methods Used In the Study A study by Aversa et al. to establish the effects of the drug vardenafil on obese men with sexual dysfunction uses all male obese subjects attending the outpatient unit of the health facility (2012). Exclusion criteria for participants include patients on certain medications such as antidiabetic, cardiovascular, statin, […]

Descriptive Method Design – Sample Population

Introduction The issue of sexual dysfunction is very sensitive and not every individual will report his problem. The number of male individuals with sexual dysfunction may therefore be small. The best place to get this population is in a clinical setting due to the sensitivity of the condition. The sample population of this study therefore […]

Experimental Method Design of Research on the Premature Ejaculation

Expected Outcomes Various forms of sexual dysfunction such as premature ejaculation can be explained by different factors. It is believed that they can be physiological and psychological (Durand & Barlow, 2009, p. 361). Therefore, different forms of therapy can be of some use patients who have to cope with this disorder (Durand & Barlow, 2009, […]

Medicine Issues: Epidemiology Study Designs

Choosing the most appropriate study design is a fundamental step in an epidemiological study (Aschengrau and Seage, 2008). According to Aschengrau and Seage (2008), epidemiologists use different epidemiological study designs to answer research questions. This paper highlights epidemiological study designs most commonly used during epidemiological research. Experimental studies According to Aschengrau and Seage (2008), investigators […]

The High Infant and Perinatal Mortality Rates in Chicago

Purpose of the study The objective of the current study is to describe how the application of qualitative methods and internet-based methods can be used encourage community outreach workers to participate in community-based research in the assessment of public health intervention (Peacock et al, 2011, p. 2275). Research hypothesis Outreach workers are also able t […]

Different Types of Diabetes Found in Different Countries

Abstract This paper will discuss the different types of diabetes found in different countries, the rate of growth of diabetes and how the new product helped in achieving all the above objectives. This group work will develop a short term market objective for the company products using the simple, measurable, attainable, realistic and timing method. […]

A Nurse-Led Email Reminder Program

The responsibilities of the registered nurses include a wide variety of activities among which there are the performance of physical exams, the management of health histories, the administration of medications, the collaboration with other medical professionals, the interactions with the patients concerning their knowledge of their diseases and conditions (American Nurse Association, n. d.). When […]

“Some Effects of Lead Contamination on Liver and Gallbladder Bile”

Article Summary Lead poisoning is one of the common health problems affecting mankind today (Bhagwat, Patil, & Sontakkem, 2008). The article “Some Effects of Lead Contamination on Liver and Gallbladder Bile” explores the toxic effects of lead on the human liver. According to the article, lead “results in weight loss, poor liver functioning, and abdominal […]

Differentiation of Renal Progenitor Cells

The differentiation of renal progenitor cells is a task which is critical for many researchers and medical workers who need to help patients whose kidneys are irreversibly damaged. The study carried out by Minyong Kang and Yong-Mahn Han (2014) is aimed at showing how human induced pluripotent stem cells (HIPSCs) can be differentiated in nephron […]

Efficacy of Antibiotic Therapy and Appendectomy

Validity It is necessary to note that choosing the most appropriate research method can be a challenging task but the validity of the research depends on this choice and, hence, evaluation of a research plays an important role (Picardi and Masick 10). The article in question dwells upon the efficacy of antibiotic therapy and appendectomy […]

Why Qualitative Method Was Chosen for Diabetes Program Evaluation

When a program is started, it is important to evaluate it after some time in order to determine the performance. By evaluating a program, those who are in charge are able to determine whether the program is implemented well and what changes should be made. The Center for Disease and Control (CDC) has been launching […]

Article Critique of Bisphenol A

Introduction For over a long period Bisphenol A (BPA), which is a chemical product, has been used in the industrial manufacture of plastics. The plastics include polycarbonates and epoxy resins. This compound is usually produced in large amounts. Polycarbonates are used in very many ways. The uses include making the bottles that are used in […]

Do Alcoholic People Interact Differently?

Alcoholic people spend most of their time in pubs, nightclubs, casinos and other entertainment joints that sell alcohol. The atmosphere in these places is very noisy as a result of loud music that is normally played as well as the noise made by those taking alcohol. Some alcoholics are always noisy in the course of […]

Causes of Noise-induced Hearing Loss

Introduction Hearing loss may be classified differently. The most common classification is based on the pathology where the disease may be conductive or sensorineural. Another classification is based on the cause of the hearing loss, which may be age-related (presbycusis) or in noise-induced cases as discussed below. In conductive hearing loss, the transmission of sound […]

The Effect of Health and Wellbeing on Australian Youth

Introduction Health and wellbeing among youth are important not only for individual happiness but the growth and development of the society and the nation as well (AIHW, 2011). Research and studies note that health and wellbeing of young people results in them becoming responsible citizens of society due to better educational outcomes, healthy lifestyles in […]

Stem Cell Therapy in Colorectal Cancer

Introduction Stem cells constitute a primary target of biomedical research. Research evidence links these undifferentiated cells to different cancers, including colorectal cancer. The crypts (compartments) in the colorectal tissues contain stem cells at their bases that proliferate into new cells to supplant damaged cells lining the colon (Reza et al. 69). This process is usually […]

The Problem Statement: Nursing

Modern day management of diseases is a complex task for health care professionals at various clinical settings. However, with the interference of nursing strategies, the job is under control and it is a relief for patients too who are in need of great care of nursing. Research in nursing involves several aspects right from the […]

Critical Analysis of Published Articles: Autism

Introduction There are four major elements when it comes to designing research. These four elements are enumerated as follows: epistemology; theoretical perspective; methodology; methods (Gray, 2009, p.12). These four elements will be used to critically analyse two published research in the study of autism. After the analysis, the proponent of this study would compare the […]

President Reagan’s thoughts on abortion

The abortion debate has raged on for a long time generating controversy after controversy. Abortion revolves around the sensitive issue regarding the life of the unborn. So acrimonious is the debate, that it has attracted the attention of popular figures such as the former United States President Ronald Reagan. In his opinion, Reagan states that […]

The Barriers for conducting epidemiological studies on chronic diseases

Epidemiological are studies concerned with the causes of the health occurrences, their patterns and consistency in the wellbeing of the population. This is usually done in a predetermined population under a specified environment. The purpose is to influence public policy decisions through the consideration of; disease spread, risk aspects and preventive measures to be taken. […]

Article Critique: “The cost-effectiveness of screening mammography beyond age 65-years: a systematic review of the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force” by Mandelblatt et al.

The Mandelblatt et al.(2003) article examined the cost effectiveness of screening patients 65 years and older on the basis that such tests were warranted given the potential for sufficient treatments to be applied so as to prevent the spread of cancer and ensures that the patient live a longer life. Such a position goes against […]

Health Needs Assessment

Purpose of the study The analysis of the article will seek to provide a critical review of the article titled “Community health needs assessment with precede-proceed model: a mixed methods study” by Ying Li, Jia Cao Hui Lin, Daikun Li, Yang Wang and Jia He (2009). The purpose of the study was to evaluate the […]

Proposal for improved Healthcare Research that is based on the modern technologies at AHRQ

Introduction The Agency for Healthcare Research Quality is a federal agency under the United States Department of Health and Human Services that has the responsibility of ensuring that there is improved superiority, safety, competence and efficacy in the delivery of healthcare services and medical research. This is in accordance with the mission of the organization. […]

Using embryonic stem cells to grow body parts

Abstract Embryonic stem cells have been used over the years to treat or reduce chronic diseases such as diabetes, cancer, and cardiac ailments. Stem cells have the potential to save millions of lives by using them to grow body parts for people in need. However, its use has stirred ethical debates with many arguing that […]

Neuroimaging Experiments and Memory Loss Studies

Neuroimaging experiments are applicable in the study of memory loss. Brain imaging is very crucial. This is because it enables the examination of the cognitive and affective processes. The “functional Magnetic Resonance imaging,” (fMRI) may also be applicable in the examination of memory loss. It facilitates the gathering of images related to various neural actions. […]

Article Critique: “Timing of preoperative patient teaching”

Introduction The article, “Timing of preoperative patient teaching” by Lepczyk, Hunt, and Rowley is a research paper that seeks to investigate the effects of timing of preoperative patient teaching on pre admission and post admission anxiety as well as knowledge levels. The researchers start by justifying the purpose of the research. This justification lies in […]

Researching Health: Research Proposal for Bissertation

Research Methodology Justification of the research topic Radiation therapy is a critical medical procedure that requires a lot of attention ranging from the medical practitioners, the patient’s commitment and in some cases excessive financial burdens. Radiotherapy in itself does not serve as a preventive approach to the curing of diseases rather than therapeutic (Hall 2002). […]

Analysis of Autism Disorder

Introduction Autism is a disorder that affects children at the very tender age of their lives especially within the first three years. This disorder affects the brain of the child during growth so that it does not develop in the right way thus affecting the social and communication skills of the child. A child suffering […]

Significance of neural plasticity on visual perception

Introduction Purpose Neural plasticity as concept describes the process through which the brain adapts itself and rewires to the environment. Such a process is manifested in both the physical and chemical nature. Against traditional psychologists who previously opined that the brain is developed fully in the infancy period, the contemporary psychologists have demonstrated that the […]

The Effects of Energy Drinks and Alcohol on Neuropsychological Functioning

The article by Curry and Stasio (2009, pp. 473-481) acts as a literary source of information when a clinician intends to gather data on a clinical trial. However, a critical review of this article reveals that there are several issues that the authors fail to adhere to. The evaluation carried out in the current paper […]

Smoking of Hookah

Introduction Hookah refers to an oriental tobacco pipe with a long flexible tube connected to a container where smoke cools by passing through water (Miller, 2006). Hookah often applies in smoldering flavored tobacco known as Shisha. A physician from Persia used water in a bowl to purify and cool smoke, thus inventing hookah. The physician […]

Article Analysis: “Barriers of research utilization from the perspective of nurses in Eastern Turkey” by Tan, Sahin and Ozdemir

Introduction Despite access to research findings, nurses do not utilize these research findings as required. This is caused by lack of support from senior managers and other health officers. Another barrier in the utilization and implementation of research findings is that some health articles are not written in English. Lack of implementation is also as […]

Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy

Implications and limitations The sample in the research was a proposed study in the National Football players’ league. The players interviewed suffered from head injuries, causing the Chromic Traumatic Encephalopathy. The sample for the research is the players with head injuries. In a research, the proposed sample should reflect coverage of the represented population. There […]

MDMA Abuse’s Problems

The introduction The effect of MDMA on people’s brain When speaking about neurobiology of MDMA (3,4 meythylenedioxymethamphetamine) abuse, it is necessary to highlight some fundamentals concerning the effect of one of the major drugs on people’s brain. First of all, it should be pointed out that ecstasy impacts on dopaminergic and serotonergic neurons. However, one […]

Ecstasy and Memory Impairment Neurological Correlation

Introduction The three articles chosen for analysis focus on the neurological correlation between ecstasy and memory impairment; one by Simon and Mattick (2001) assessed the relationship between ecstasy use and memory impairment. The second one by Zakzanis & Young (2001) dwelt on memory impairment in abstinent MDMA users over one year. Lastly, a study done […]

Head Injuries and Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy

Methodology The focus of the proposed study is on patients suffering from head injuries and chronic traumatic encephalopathy, (CTE). Case control methodology is appropriate for this study. To enhance efficiency, the case control methodology must assume a retrospective approach. This is because the proposed study involves examination of the existing cases of head injuries in […]

Nutrition Challenges in UAE

This paper gives a summary of the findings of five articles carried out in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), relating to various health challenges. The first article involves a study conducted by Laleye et al. (2011) which assessed the intake of vitamin D and vitamin A by female students at the UAE University, based on […]

The contribution of medical, social and diet changes on heart attacks in middle aged men

Sample This study targets 500 men aged above 45, who are the respondents that this survey seeks to gather information from. The respondents will be requested to share information willingly and to make the results credible, their identities will not be revealed in the study. The targeted respondents will mainly share their experiences regarding the […]

Research Proposal /Autism

Qualitative research design was chosen as the survey design appropriate for the study on autism. According to Strauss and Corbin (1990), qualitative research refers to as every type of study whose result is not based on any statistical approach or any other quantification method. According to (Patton, 2002, p.39), qualitative research produces findings arrived at […]

Human Fine Body Hair Enhances Ectoparasites Detection, by Dean and Shiva-Jothy

Introduction In this research article, Dean and Shiva-Jothy experimentally tested the relationship between the defensive action of human hair and the activities of ectoparasites. In the study the co-researchers have used experiential design to compare a parasite search times on the shaved and unshaved arm of the same host and the ability of the host […]

Autism Spectrum Disorder

As human beings grow up, they are bound to develop various behaviors that they carry on with, even in their adulthood. The behaviors could be of any type ranging from deviance to anti-social dispositions. Parents become worried when they realize that their children have any of these abnormalities. To some parents, they may realize the […]

Public Policy: Obesity and Aging Society

Introduction In the aging societies of the United States, obesity has undergone a dramatic increase in recent years. People attribute this to many factors ranging from the excessive intake of energy food through lack of proper physical exercises to genetic susceptibility. They further estimate that approximately one-third of adults in the United States are obese, […]

Drugs Usage in Sports

Introduction During a 30- minute interview, I sat down with a former coach of mine and discussed drug usage among high school athletes. The coach touched upon a few issues concerning drug testing policies, drug education and awareness programs for coaches and athletes used at high schools in Mississippi. INTERVIEWER: Are the incidents of drug […]

Upton Sinclair’s “Living and Dying in Packingtown, Chicago”

Introduction The article “living and dying in Packingtown, Chicago” is a representative story about life in a town that is much characterized by intense suffering of families and abuse of responsibility by the industries that are established there. This paper seeks to write a summary of the article. The paper will look into the major […]

The Rate of Smoking Among HIV Positive Cases.

Proposed Title of the Research Study The efficacy of use of work groups in reducing the rate of smoking among HIV positive cases. Summary of the Proposed Study In summary this project intends to investigate the efficacy that group work among HIV positive smokers has in reducing their rate of smoking behavior and thereby inform […]

The Qualitative and Quantitative Research Strategies: Drug Addiction

There are lots of different ways to conduct proper social science research, and there are several crucial steps, which cannot be ignored and have to be taken anyway. These steps are the following: picking out a proper research topic, evaluation of possible research strategies, and making clear and strong conclusions. In this paper, quantitative and […]

Diagnosis and Management of Acute Otitis Media

The article under consideration is titled Diagnosis and Management of Acute Otitis Media and it is written by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) (2004). The article “provides guidelines for primary care clinicians in managing children with uncomplicated acute otitis media (AOM) who are aged between two months […]

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Presentation Aids in Group Presentations

Introduction Presentations are an integral part of communicating in a group setting. In making presentations, the use of presentation aids has been seen to contribute to the effectiveness of the presentation process. Owing to their great success in enhancing the presentation efforts, presentation aids have become so prevalent that sometimes they are seen to be […]

An overview of heroin trends in New York City

At the time of writing this article, the author was the Chief Executive Officer at the Bureau of Applied studies in New York State Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services (OASAS). Published in ‘The Mount Sinai Journal of Medicine’, the article aims at describing the state of heroin use and abuse in New York. […]

Adding Latinos to Health Rolls

The article entitled States Struggle to Add Latinos to Health Rolls is written by Jennifer Medina and Abby Goodnough. The article is based on the data revealing slow rate at which Latinos are registering for public funded health care services. The authors name specific states that have so far registered low numbers of applicants though […]

The Extent of Drug Abuse Among People in America

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Said He Lied about Crack Cocaine Use Because He Was Embarrassed Mayor lied about the use of crack cocaine The article titled “Toronto Mayor Rob Ford said he lied about crack cocaine use because he was embarrassed” talks about the use of cocaine by a public figure. It was published on […]

Molly Drug Usage in the American Society

Article summary James McKinley article in The New York Times discusses overdose of an ecstasy drug called Molly, and death resulting from the same. Molly is a new ecstasy drug sold to the youth in the United States. To be precise, Molly is a street name for a drug referred as MDMA (3, 4 methylenedioxymethamphetamine). […]