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Healthcare Research Essay Examples and Topics

The Medicinal Scam in the US

Similarly, companies involved in the medicine field should promote the best practices capable of maximizing the health outcomes of the members of the population.

Water Drinking Increasing Skin Moisture Balance

Should skin moisture levels increase during the second month of the experiment, the results would support a correlation between water consumption and skin moisture, thus proving the first hypothesis to be correct.

Emergency Prevention and Management in Abu Dhabi

The information regarding the observations, as well as the data regarding the EDM standards, the associated risks, and the performance management in the EDM Department, was retrieved with the help of reviewing the HAAD documentation [...]

Effective Healthcare Communication

However, healthcare communication is mainly relevant in the interaction between a patient, family, and the medical team, and also among the members of the medical team.

Occupational Health and Toxicology: Mercury Poisoning

As a result, the paper first elaborates the scientific details of the nature and effects of mercury, outlines the historical background of the problem in the workplace, identifies the sources of the problem, and assesses [...]

How to Get in Shape?

It is not surprising: the process of getting in shape is rather long and difficult, and one method is unlikely to fit every person.

The Inpatient or Outpatient Setting

Various trends are affecting both inpatient and outpatient care the most important of which is the rise of e-measures and increase of co-management arrangements.

“The Cure for AIDS” by Apoorva Mandavilli

It is correct to argue that there has been some achievement in fighting this disease, and the author of this article confirms that there has never been a positive development except for the invention of [...]

Suicide in Teenagers: Health Policy Research

Therefore, the evaluation of regulations and strategies and the factors that contribute to the positive outcomes in the administrative process is essential to the achievement of better policy effectiveness.

Alzheimer’s Disease in Medical Research

The existing data proposes that if the illness is distinguished before the commencement of evident warning signs, it is probable that the treatments founded on the facts of fundamental pathogenesis will be of assistance in [...]

Obesity and Major Depression Association

In the article, not much information is given about the team, just brief facts that they are a part of the Johns Hopkins University team from the departments of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, Mental Health, [...]

Post-Discharge Telephone Calls: Literature Review

Thus, to find the most relevant articles, it was important to use such keywords as 'surgery', 'surgical patients', 'follow-up', 'follow-up call', 'telephone', 'telephone follow-up', 'telephone call', 'post-discharge', 'post-discharge follow-up', and areadmission' in different combinations in [...]

Lab Report: the Detection of Antibodies

As such, the introduction of the gel card as well as the solid phase technology is considered an improvement in the process of detecting antibodies due to the techniques' high specificity and sensitivity as well [...]

Learning Process During the Lucid Dream State

Despite the fact that the process of dreaming is traditionally associated with inexplicably weird imagery that usually does not fit the context of objective reality by any existing standard, dreams, in fact, can be interpreted [...]

Type II Diabetes Susceptibility and Socioeconomic Status

As the focus is made on the correlation between socioeconomic status and susceptibility to type II diabetes, primary search requests were the following: socioeconomic status, causes of type II diabetes, socioeconomic status and diabetes mellitus, [...]

Physical Principles in the Modern Medicine

Finally, this knowledge is necessary for the creation of medical devices that can help patients rehabilitate, or at least adjust to the effects of a disease. For instance, it is possible to mention the properties [...]

Pain Alleviation in Suffering Patients

With the introduction of new approaches to pain management in suffering patients, a healthcare practitioner is likely to create the foundation for the successful management of the issue.

Chronic Back and Neck Pain in Pilots

Most of the articles discuss the prevalence of low back pain in aviators, with others looking at neck pain in different types of aircraft pilots. The results of the article review indicate a higher incidence [...]

Research Studies in the Operating Room

The research analysis is usually conducted to verify a particular theoretical prediction, and the conceptual content of the research study may be constructed only according to the principles interrelated with the ideas contained in a [...]

Solid Phase Red Cell Adherence

Particularly, the absence of the Kidd blood antigen in the patient's blood and the presence thereof in the blood that has been introduced to the patient's bloodstream causes the HTR reaction.

Exercise vs. Diet for Weight Loss

The starting point of their research is formulated in the following hypothesis: insufficient physical activity or lack thereof is not a contributor to the global problem of obesity.

Plasma Amyloid-Beta and Alzheimer’s Disease

The impact of AD on public health includes increased rates of informal care and the direct charges of communal care. The aim of this study is to find the precise relationship between plasma amyloid beta [...]

Cigarette Smoking and Parkinson’s Disease Risk

Therefore, given the knowledge that cigarette smoking protects against the disease, it is necessary to determine the validity of these observations by finding the precise relationship between nicotine and PD.

Cochlear Implants for Children in Saudi Arabia

This paper provides some statistics about children with hearing loss in Saudi Arabia, discusses the effects of cochlear implants on young children and considers their advantages and disadvantages, and elaborates how the use of cochlear [...]

Point-of-Care-Testing: Troponin Device

The targets of POC testing are to accomplish, to the highest degree conceivable, excellence in clinical testing, and execution by tending to the following goals: To guarantee that patient test outcomes are exact and complete; [...]

Bypass Surgery: Pulsatile and Nonpulsatile Perfusion

As part of the presented research, secondary analysis was conducted of patient data provided by NIS and HCUP with a range of variables for the purpose of establishing correlations between the perfusion modality applied in [...]

Readmission Rates in Australia

Can addressing the main causes of high readmission rates in Australia and the establishment of relevant mechanisms to improve this outcome make the country one of the healthiest globally by 2020?

Human Factors and Their Impact on Healthcare

To ensure its sufficient functioning, one could not underestimate paramount importance of Human Factors that aims at enhancing the quality of the provided services with the help of teamwork, tasks, workforce and its collaboration, culture, [...]

Biofilm Prevention After Cosmetic Injection

The concept of biofilm remains relatively new to dermatology, with few studies available on the formation of biofilm post-cosmetic injections; however, it is needed to explore the ways of preventing biofilm formation from reducing the [...]

Palliative Care for Cancer Patients: Search Strategies

In adult patients with cancer pain, what is the significance of receiving palliative care from the palliative care team when compared to conventional care practice in terms of pain intensity reduction and improved pain management [...]

Patients with Acute Respiratory Failure

The experimental character of the study can be proven by the following arguments: it involves an intervention; the impact of the intervention is the main focus of the study; the research is prospective; it tests [...]

Healthcare Research: Data Collection and Analysis Plan

Therefore, the information can be defined as data on the admission of the patients previously discharged from the hospital in question and admitted to the respective hospital with a complaint that corresponds to the condition [...]

Evidence-Based Clinical Intervention

The most prominent aggravating factor for the condition is obesity, and the respective alleviating factor is a healthy weight. The most reliable indicators of the diagnosis are the elevated levels of glycosylated hemoglobin and a [...]

Pain Alleviation and Peer Mentorship: Variables

To understand the effects that peer mentorship and self-management have on the process of alleviating pain among patients, one should consider the demographic characteristics of the target population as one of the factors that are [...]

Home Birth Risks and Reduction Program

All members of the group were responsible for creation of the purpose of the project. Each member of the group was in charge of a particular segment of the report.

Personal Health Assessment

The first thing that I need to work on is my social health since I consider it my weakest area as far as the six dimensions are concerned. Emotional health is the second dimension of [...]

Critique of Health-Belief Model by R. Davidhizar

The primary objective of concept analysis is to examine the main idea critically to identify the themes of the design. The concept of health-related behavior is used in the field of breast cancer to enlighten [...]

Repeated Measures in Healthcare Research

Since the ability of the body to regulate blood glucose level is subject to the age of individuals, the study sought to find out if the efficacy of a novel antihyperglycemic drug varies across the [...]

Bioanthropology: Culture and Medicine

The importance of social and ethnic diversity in the United States today is very high, the awareness of this diversity is widely promoted, yet some culture-specific researches in the American medicine led to racial division [...]

Linear Programming in Healthcare Organisations

Provided that medical workers identify the type of services required by a patient, they will be able to estimate the amount of costs which will be needed. On the whole, this discussion shows that linear [...]

Healthcare Services Aspects for Different Cultures

It should also be born in mind that the alterations in the patterns of disease symptoms make the process of diagnosing the patient extremely complicated. In other words, it is imperative that the patient should [...]

Physical Exercise and Cognitive Functioning Change

Therefore, this research paper will attempt to establish the link between exercise and cognitive functioning in terms of attention. The research question is; What is the relationship between exercise and cognitive functioning?

The Medical Applications of Thermoplastics

The use of synthetic materials in the medical field is not as rampant as in other fields such as construction, automobiles, and packaging. The second part will focus on the latest technological advancements in the [...]

Pre-analytical Errors in Laboratory

The primary objective of the diagnostic service is to obtain the correct results from the right patient and to deliver them to the concerned doctor without errors or delays.

Children as Human Research Subjects

Children are defined by human subjects' research regulation as persons who have not attained the legal age for consent to treatment or procedures involved in the research, under the applicable law of the jurisdiction in [...]

How Does Sexual Function Change in Older Adults?

Physical health and sexual functioning are related and therefore taking time to dig deep about sexual functioning for the later years to come is very helpful in terms of medication and biology. Sexual functioning is [...]

Medical Research: Mad Cow Disease in Human Form

This implies that in every 2,000 people, one person has the protein that is associated with the disease. However, research has not revealed the number of carriers that are likely to develop the disease.

Preventing the Proliferation Diabetes

As a company that deals in the provision of diabetes supplies to the general public, Salehiya Medical can be described as an institution that is well poised to assist the general public when it comes [...]

Women’s Health Issues: Prevention and Treatment

The article states that some of the nutritional health-related issues in women can be attributed to certain factors that put them at risk. The economic status of women is another factor that attributes to their [...]

Women Healthcare: Breast Cancer

Reducing the levels of myoferlin alters the breast cancer cells' mechanical properties, as it is evident from the fact that the shape and ability of breast cancer cells to spread is low with reduced production [...]

Prenatal Cocaine Issue in the USA

Another interesting thing is that when the author in his article is not able to find the differences in terms of effects between cocaine and other drugs such as nicotine on the unborn child.

Maine State Medical Mistakes

After declaring the need of a new system instead of upgrading the previous one, the state awarded the contract to CNSI for building a new high-end processing system for handling medical claims.