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Healthcare Research Essay Examples and Topics

Postnatal Care and Evidence-Based Nursing

The problems in postnatal care could be explained by poorly trained nurses and midwives, and the inabilities to clarify what kind of help should be offered to the families with newborns.

Assessment of Adolescents with Chronic Illnesses

The objective of the article is to examine the transition process and the experiences of patients and to identify the factors that could contribute to the successful development of the process with the help of [...]

Transition from Pediatric to Adult Diabetes Care

Such a project should help to clarify the evaluations and assessments to be performed in the future to improve the transition process and meet the needs and expectations of the patients and their families.

Preoperative Screening as an Evidence-Based Practice

The target population is the orthopedic surgical population; thus, only studies that have tested the efficacy of the MRSA screening protocol will be included in this review. Nonetheless, two nurses will be used in the [...]

Exercise Blood Pressure Research Analysis

They point to the gap in the studies concerning potassium and magnesium supplementation and address the effects of the new approach without emphasizing the expected outcomes.

Environmental Factors of Asthma in Abu Dhabi City

A countrywide evaluation of the demises related to environmental pollution that takes a significant role in the rising cases of asthma shows UAE as the most affected nations since the discovery of oil in 1958 [...]

Female HIV-Positive Patients’ Medication Adherence

The author presents the results of the study concerning barriers to medical help-seeking behavior objectively and proves that the results are reliable. Finally, the limitations and implications are remarkable.

Patients’ Depression and Practitioners’ Suggestions

A questionnaire with 20 survey questions was designed to measure the degree of depression among patients with depression in two treatment groups with a view of establishing the influence of practitioners' suggestions on the level [...]

Mental Health Patients in the Post-Anaesthesia Care Unit

The vulnerability of the subjects was factored in the research design, and this affected the approach to this research. The study variables were clearly defined, and it was clear from the design of the research [...]

Reasons for Choosing Medical Studies

Furthermore, pursuing medical studies will equip me with vital skills that are needed to meet the needs of different people in society.

Placebo Effect Issues

It is obvious, that studies of this kind can be very useful and help people, however, no one has the right to risk the health of participants.

The Tuskegee Syphilis Analysis

The main purpose of the following study was "to record the natural history of syphilis in Blacks". First of all, it was called unethical as all participants were not informed about the conditions of the [...]

Experimental Health Care Study

Are there differences in satisfaction levels of adolescents suffering from type1 diabetes and receiving usual care and those suffering from the same condition but receiving systematic HRQoL intervention?

Healthcare Systems Aspects

The neglect of some facilities, to the extent of leaving them to market forces has also influenced the state of care in the state.

Healthcare Systems: Rethinking the Consultation Process

Primary care physicians and medical consultants need to share information to ensure patients receive high-quality care. They propose the Shift Outpatient Model, which guides consultants and physicians to cooperate to attain positive outcomes in their [...]

“The Wellness Tree”: Philosophy of Health

This, nonetheless, was my first introduction to the idea that health was not unvarying, and was, thus my first, immature philosophy of health. I need to be conscious of my health more of the time.

Multi-Disciplinary Research in Nursing

In today's world, research is a fundamental segment when it comes to nursing as well as expanding the nurses' roles. From what I learnt, nurses nowadays want to conduct thorough research on as many problems [...]

Nosocomial Infections Study in Skilled Nursing Facility

The research is aimed at considering the nosocomial infections transmitted by all staff within the Skilled Nursing Facility with the help of quantitative research after the consideration of the medical journals and some sources on [...]

Nurse Retention in General Surgical Floor

The ideas can be tested with the help of surveys made of questionnaires, as well as experiments consisting of introducing a new position into the hospital a psychologist who will take care of nurses' concerns [...]

Depression Studies and Online Research Sources

This is one of the issues that should not be overlooked. This argument is particularly relevant if one speaks about the precautions that should be taken by patients to overcome the effects of this disorder.

Probability Sampling Plan in Nursing Research

The sampling plan dictates the other outcomes of the research beyond the sampling study. This makes the method to have outcomes in the estimation of population totals during the research that make the research effective [...]

Operational or Conceptual Definition in Research

On the other hand, the operational definition describes the operations undertaken to measure the concept or terms in the conceptual definition. The two methods of definition thus cannot complement each other in research work.

Experimental Research in Nursing

The level of bias, control, and manipulation differ with the descriptive research being been more prone to bias and manipulation and less prone in control while quasi-experimental and experimental are less prone to bias and [...]

Alcohol & Substance Abuse and Medication Treatment

In the case of descriptive research, the research findings and recommendations are expected to be congruent with the researcher's hypotheses coupled with proving and adding knowledge to the question.

Holistic Care for Patient with Pressure Ulcer

I used the internet to search for databases that contain information on life sciences and the holistic care. The relevant care outcome for Helen will be a healing process that takes care of body, mind [...]

International Healthcare System

The promotion of medical tourism may motivate the distribution of public resources to the private sector in order to support medical tourism.

Caregiving and Health Behaviors

On the other hand, the alternative to the sacrifice of caring for a loved one, that of abandoning the dependent person to the care of strangers, can cause worry in the short term and guilt [...]

Recovery Time After Concussion: Study Methods

The sufficient sample size for the study will be 100 participants, of which half will be first-time concussion patients, and the other half will be those who had a concussion before.

Depression in Adolescents and Cognitive Therapy

According to Bhatia and Bhatia, up to 15 percent of children and adolescents display symptoms of depression, five percent of adolescents qualify for the major depressive disorder, and three percent suffer from the dysthymic disorder. [...]

Diabetes Pain Questionnaire and Patient Feedback

Over time and depending on the severity of a particular case of diabetes, a form of nerve damage called neuropathy can actually occur resulting in either chronic pain in the toes, arms, legs, feet, or [...]

“Handling Digital Brains” by Morana Alac

Alac refers to the practitioners' observation as multi-modal because she notes that the researchers are not passive and actively involve themselves in laboratory practices.

Anemia in Pregnant Women: Research Findings

However, there is room for the sample to be representative of the accessible and target populations although this is not guaranteed like in random or probability sampling technique.

Impact of Foreign Health Aid to Health Targets

The proposed research will attempt to establish a quantifiable relationship between foreign aid and the effectiveness of healthcare programs in different developing countries.

Labor Shortages Counterstrategies in US Hospitals

The interview data will be transcribed, and narratives will be coded to identify recurrent themes and determine strategies that are used by healthcare administrators to address labor shortages in their facilities.

Breastfeeding Counseling for Low-Income Latino Population

The purpose of the study was to evaluate the effectiveness of the breastfeeding peer counseling program that is currently used in the United States for improving breastfeeding rates among low-income young women from a predominantly [...]

Female Genital Mutilation: Health Impacts

Thus, the purpose of this paper is to examine the health consequences of FGM and evaluate interventions that are currently used to prevent the practice and respond to the needs of its victims.

Patient Handoffs in Healthcare

The fact is that when a person does not have a regular doctor or a nurse and is forced to receive assistance from different specialists, the quality of treatment will be lower compared to that [...]

Effects of Marijuana on Memory of Long-Term Users

The pivotal aim of the proposed study is to evaluate the impact of marijuana use on long-term memory of respondents. The adverse impact of marijuana after the abstinent syndrome refers to significant changes in prefrontal [...]

Implications of Hepatitis C Virus Infection

The paper offers the analysis of the research methodology, variables, and the study design. The hypothesis of the study has been that HCV influences the central nervous system "in a subset of infected individuals".

Capnography Usage During Patients Resuscitation

10 Strategic Points Broad Topic Area “Use of Capnography during Resuscitation of Patients in CCU” The topic area of this Direct Practice Involvement (DPI) Project includes any improvements that can be made in the coronary care unit (CCU) on the basis of capnography being one of the possible methods to monitor the well-being of patients. […]

The Importance of Customer Service in Healthcare

The location of the training was the Brooklyn Hospital Center, and the presenter was the Nurse Educator. Since the professional background of the audience was nursing, the subject was clinically relevant, and the nurses could [...]

Multiple Chronic Conditions

The "Living Well with Chronic Illness" report by the IOM indicates that the current disease activities in the United States cannot address the predicament of multiple chronic conditions.

Addictions in Cultural Groups: Study Challenges

One of the ways to solve this problem is by accepting that people with substance abuse issues can function normally. Consequently, people with substance misuse issues will become part of the research team because they [...]

Health Services for Drug and Alcohol Treatment

The history of the development of these institutions is discussed in the article; however, the primary scope of the paper is the observation of future perspectives in the sphere of health services research.

Robot-Assisted Rehabilitation Analysis

The information about the groups of participants was available to clinicians and study personnel since the only post-stroke individual in the sample needed special procedures to participate.

Medical Practice and the Phenomenon of Patient Dignity

Conceptual Background (30%) Phenomenon Purpose The source by Papastavrou, Efstathiou, and Andreou (2016) is devoted to the phenomenon of patient dignity. In the introduction section, the topic is discussed concerning its history, the dimensions of dignity in nursing, and its subjective nature. Moreover, introducing the notion of patient dignity, the researchers review the arguments of […]

Case-Control Studies in Healthcare

The growing costs of health care are largely unsustainable for the U.S.economy and, in the long term, far outweigh the benefits of improvement and innovation that they may bring.

Baby Boomers Population

The third one is that volunteer care will become relevant in an attempt to address the unique needs of this population.

Cholesterol Management Using ATP IV Guidelines

Major recommendations for blood cholesterol management presented in the ATP IV guidelines include: Initiation and continuation of statin therapy of appropriate intensity with limitations to patient's diagnosis and age

Environmental Health Perspectives

According to the World Health Organization, it defines the environment as it relates to health as, "all the physical, chemical, and biological factors external to a person, and all the related behaviors".

Nicotine Addiction Research and Assessment

The present paper offers a review of measures to assess nicotine dependence and provides five questions that are crucial to ask and five questions to avoid during the intake process Nicotine addiction is historically associated [...]

Vitamin C Against Common Cold Incidence

Based on the above issues, the findings of the EBP question will help in providing clarity regarding the efficacy of Vitamin C in reducing the symptoms of the common cold.

Electronic Health Records for Nursing Services

The choice of qualitative analysis was informed by the need to properly facilitate understanding of attributes related to the use of Electronic health records to improve on the efficiency of service delivery among nurses.

Artificial Intelligence for Diabetes: Project Experiences

At the end of this reflective practice report, I plan to recognize my strengths and weaknesses in terms of team-working on the project about AI in diabetic retinopathy detection and want to determine my future [...]

Epidemiological Evaluation of Public Health Study

There can be criticism of the confidence interval when there is a misinterpretation of p-value, such as equating the value with the probability that the p-value is real. This is to mean that it is [...]

Patient Fall Prevention as a Clinical Project

Therefore, it is necessary to address the issue by identifying the ways of reducing the current rate of falls among patients in the rehabilitation setting and ensure the longevity of the improvement by incorporating the [...]

Analytical Designs in Epidemiological Studies

It is also important to mention that observational studies are rather universal, they can be used in different spheres, including physical and social ones. It is also difficult to control the personal bias of a [...]

Foot Orthoses in Plantar Fasciitis Treatment

Evaluation of the methodological quality of the study, using specified criteria The bias that can potentially impact the RCT. All things considered, is the study of sufficient quality to warrant its use to inform practice? [...]

Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy in Retired NFL Players

In this cross-sectional study, a sample of participants will be randomly obtained among the retired NFL players. Also, the data would demonstrate how the retired NFL players' cases of concussion and ECT differ from the [...]

Children with Cancer and Their Social Activities

Therefore, the main objective of the proposed research study is to find a relevant and accurate answer to the following research question: What is the connection between childhood cancer and the social activities of those [...]

Nursing Schedule and Patient Mortality Study Critique

Overall, the title communicates the gist of the research in a clear and succinct manner to the reader. The results of the research and a brief discussion that highlights the effect of nurse schedules on [...]

Acupuncture as the Best Labor Analgesia

The main problem is the theoretical justification for the effectiveness of acupuncture and the absence of harm of such a procedure for a pregnant woman.

Lillian Wald Contribution to the Healthcare System

Public consciousness of that time directed the development of the most important Wald's projects: "the invention of public health nursing itself, the establishment of a nationwide system of insurance payments for home-based care, and the [...]

Behavior Models in Healthcare Research and Practice

During this stage, students were actively engaged in the activity for six months or more and tried to maintain the pace; their objective was supported by friends who participated in the activity as well.

Healthcare Root Cause Analysis

In the case scenario, the collaboration included a description of the difficulties in the work of the nurse and the pharmacist that might lead to a medication error.

Healthcare Cohort Study

This approach to study design is a form of iatric investigation, and it is frequently utilized to designate the reason for the ailment, especially in the detection of bursts of contagious sicknesses or in the [...]

Intrapartum Hypnosis’ Analysis

The review was organized logically and supported the need for the study, with background information presented at the beginning to lead to the research's conclusion that there was a need in analyzing a sizeable nationally-representative [...]

Medical Conditions: Background Information

Although the patient was above the average age of 48 years as asserted by Kim, et al, it is vital to note that the symptoms were triggered by a hysterectomy done to address hypermenorrhea. Also, [...]

Infant Mortality Rate in the UAE

The evaluation of the value of the country depends on the average income of every person in the nation. The total health expenditure of UAE in 2014 is 3.6.

Medicine Wheel Pedagogy

In this regard, the Medicine Wheel pedagogy becomes a critical aspect of reconciliation as it helps to perform a comprehensive investigation of relations between Aboriginal people and other individuals who want to establish trustful relations [...]

Intensive Care Unit Patients Therapy Differences

The meta-analysis study explored the differences between burn ICU and general ICU patients. The differences are brought about by the fact that the injuries of burn patients are both external and internal.

PTSD as the Primary Factor Causing Infant Death

The lack of studies on the issue of expecting mothers and their subgroups needs to be mentioned among the primary issues that hamper the process of addressing the problem concerning high infant death rates.

High Staff Turnover in Healthcare Institutions

Due to the complexity of the phenomenon, becoming a sustainable organization is impossible without developing a comprehensive plan of actions paying special attention to the most critical elements of the system.

Pocket Guide for Alcohol Screening

Guideline for Alcohol and Substance Use Screening, Brief Intervention, Referral to Treatment was used to gather information, and the client falls into the Harmful Use category.

Infant Feeding in Developing Countries

Gibson, Ferguson, and Lehrfeld carried out this research in developing nations with the view of assessing the nutrient and energy sufficiency in various complementary foods given to children during winning period.

Stem Cell Treatment, Its Benefits and Efficiency

Stem cell treatment is a method that uses the transplantation of cells to facilitate the process of cell regeneration. In conclusion, stem cell therapy is expected to provide a breakthrough in the treatment of adverse [...]

Skin Aging Process

This essay discusses some of the methods that are applicable in the endeavors to delay the skin aging process. Fourth, enough sleep is essential in the skin developmental and aging processes.

The Health Impact of Amazon Company

In the end, the conclusions are drawn to summarize the primary findings of the paper while referring them to the possible positive contribution of Amazon to the healthcare industry and determining the firm's contribution to [...]

Health Impacts of Transnational Corporations

This was exemplified in the 2010 controversy about Amazon selling the book "The Pedophile's Guide to Love and Pleasure: a Child-lover's Code of Conduct" Another example of Amazon's policies that allude to the damage it [...]

Hypertension Control Among African Americans

A randomized control trial and the presence of a control group with traditional blood pressure monitoring were established as the inclusion criteria for the initial search.

Healthcare Quality Importance

In contrast, the free-market system delivers quality and affordable packages to patients. The business case for healthcare quality relates to an improvement in clinical outcomes and associated incentives.

Health-Teaching Project: Women With Hypertension

The high necessity of detecting hypertension is associated with the fact that it is a condition that does not show clear symptoms; thus, women should be vigilant about being in control of their pressure to [...]

Stress as a Risk Factor for Inflammation

In their article "Proinflammatory cytokines and DHEA-S in women with fibromyalgia: Impact of psychological distress and menopausal status," Sturgeon et al.evaluate the role of salient patient characteristics such as psychological stress and menopause on the [...]

Olfaction and Autism Spectrum Disorder Relationship

These findings reveal that the sniff test can reveal both the presence and severity of ASD in young children. The link between ASD and olfaction can be used in diagnosing young children with autism.
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