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Disease Ecology Definition Essay


In past times diseases were one of the main mortality factors among population. People knew few information about progress of disease, its symptoms and main agents. Without knowledge of these factors, doctors of the past were not able to treat their patients and they died. Fortunately, nowadays things have changed and humanity knows a lot about diseases which threaten it.

This knowledge was obtained with the help of disease ecology. “Disease ecology is a rapidly growing interdisciplinary field that necessarily involves the disciplines of microbiology, ecology, genetics, geography, medicine, mathematics and epidemiology to better understand how climate and environment affects the interaction between hosts and pathogen” (“What is disease ecology?” para. 3). This fast developing science serves humanity to overcome illnesses and find some possible treatments for all diseases we know.

Disease Ecology Definition

To investigate all factors which influence the development of disease and its treatment, disease ecology has a great number of different methods. Disease diagnosis is one of them. It can be called one of the most ancient and most important methods. A doctor should know what makes his patient suffer and the process of this recognition was called diagnosis by ancient Greeks. (“Diagnosis” para.1). Treatment of any disease starts with the determination of symptoms. Doctors used different remedies to gather information better.

The first and obvious way was to examine the patient, looking for some visible signs of disease as it can tell a lot about its nature. It is one of the most available methods and even nowadays it is the first thing doctors do while having a new patient. However, doctors toolkit has significantly grown in last years and now healers use a great variety of different complicated instruments in order to make exact diagnosis.

Blood analysis is one of these methods. It can serve as an example of development of medical thought. It has been in usage for a long period of time. However, it has also been developing. Present blood test can show a doctor great range of different factors which influence the patient and help to make diagnosis. It even allows to notice some genetic defects and it was impossible in recent past.

Of course there is a great number of other methods and instruments which help doctors such as stethoscopes, microscopes and X-ray and ultrasound machines. However, the process of making a diagnosis still can deliver some troubles, giving double results which can be treated in different ways. It is very important to interpret the collected data in the right way in order to make a clear image of a disease.


Disease diagnosis method is usually used at the first stages of disease as it is very important to determine it in time. It is absolutely vital in some cases. “Early diagnosis of HIV infection is essential to ensuring that patients are referred promptly for evaluation, provided treatment (if indicated), and linked into counseling and related support services to help them reduce their risk for transmitting HIV to others” (“HIV Infection: Detection, Counseling, and Referral” para. 2).

The right and in time diagnostics of this terrible disease will provide the patent more chances to survive and even leave with it. It is also absolutely necessary for the people who surround him.

Disease ecology has a lot of different methods at its disposal, however the method of disease diagnosis remains one of the most important methods helping to save peoples lives.

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