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Benefits of Spending Time Outdoor Essay


Spending time outside the serenity one is used to have positive effects on the physical and the mental health. Research shows that spending leisure time in those activities not confined to your area improves both the physical and mental well-being.

Outdoor activities includes walking, fishing, running, playing, mountain hiking, biking, horseback riding, boating and fishing, kayaking, picnicking and swimming. It is also healthy to spend time in nature settings for example watching the rivers flowing, adventuring the forests and game parks (Sisson 1).

Research proves that engaging in outdoor activities is significant to the growth and development of the body and the mind. However, this can be achieved through other means like indoors, but with a lot of trouble and expenses (Komaroff 1)

Positive Effects of Spending Time Outdoor

Many people like serenity of spending leisure free time in nature so that they can reduce or eliminate the stress and fatigue of engaging in day-to-day activities. The natural scenery and fresh air outside have the positive effects for both adults and the kids. The overall quality of children’s life improves when they are actively engaged in outdoor activities.

Engaging in outdoor activities means that a person will get enough sunlight. Sunshine acts as a source of vitamin D. When the sunlight hits the skin, the process starts from the involvement of the liver and kidneys; this eventually results in the development of the biologically active form of the vitamin. Many other vitamins do not have powers to fight back the diseases as compared to the vitamin D that has been proved more powerful.

Research proves that vitamin D protects the body against serious diseases like cancer, heart failures, stroke and the diseases of the mind like depression more than other vitamins do. A good source of vitamin D is the exposure of the arms and legs to sunlight for ten to fifteen minutes. Age and the skin color affect the rate at which the skin receives Vitamin D from sunlight.

Older people above 65 years of age generate vitamin D four times the people in their twenties while the dark skinned people produce about half the levels of vitamin D in their blood compared to the white skinned people. Ultra Violet light is the one that generates vitamin D when in contact with the body. However, the UVB light might be blocked by the sunscreens (Komaroff 1).

Research shows that engaging in outdoor activities enables human beings especially children to get more exercise. Researchers from Britain argue that a child who engages in outdoor activities is double active than those engaging in indoor activities. This research was undertaken using machines that track the movement of 1,000 children throughout the day.

It is advisable that one engages in those activities that keep the body in motion for a good body exercise for example walking, hiking, biking, gardening, and cleaning up the yard among other vigorous activities. A good exercise is good for the growth and development of a child (Komaroff 2).

Research shows that human beings become happy if they exercise in outdoor activities. Natural light tends to boost people’s mood and the only place one can access natural light is by moving out of the enclosures. Physical activities relax and cheer up people. Spending time outdoors makes an individual more proactive, cheerful and initiates a happy mood.

Researchers call the practice of exercising the body in the presence of nature as the “green exercise”. Such exercises are significant to the growth and development of the mind. Researchers from England argue that engaging in a green exercise for at least five minutes improves self-esteem, enjoyment and mood (Komaroff 2). Outdoor activities have the mental benefits such as the overall stress reduction.

Thinking capacity also tends to improve through improvement of attention that enhances connectivity in the brain and allows people to have good focus. Workouts also give one an opportunity to be joyous (Sisson 2). Spending time outdoor improves concentration. Children with emotional and mental disorders tend to experience the feeling of depression, lack of concentration and are not hyperactive.

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder in children causes lack of concentration when they are subjected to too much work indoors. Research shows that such children will have better focus and improved concentration if subjected to the outdoor activities. Studies show that children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) perform better in examinations after a scenery walk through a park than after an indoor walk in the neighborhood.

Other studies show that outdoor exercises have positive effects on children with ADHD. Adults who have a shorter span of concentration also experience this condition and engaging in outdoor activities may solve this (Komaroff 3). Spending time in an open natural setting drastically decreases the symptoms of ADHD, mental and behavioral disorders in children.

Workouts in a natural environment offer an emotional and behavioral release for the people with depression while the challenges faced during the adventure in outdoor activities help in regaining trust, self-confidence and improved self-esteem (Sisson 2).

Researchers from the University of Pittsburgh showed that patients with spinal surgery might heal faster when exposed to the natural light. When they are under medication, they tend to experience pain and stress. Another study reported that when a patient views outside through the window it has a positive impact on the healing process. This is due to the fresh air coming in from the window (Komaroff 3).

Other studies have also shown that, spending leisure time in nature decreases prevalence to diseases such as blood pressure, heart failure, and sympathetic nerve activity. The anti-cancer protein and natural killer cells increase over time to prevent the infection and the growth of the cancer cells.

Body exercises done outdoors in green and blue natural, water like swimming enhance the growth of such body protective cells. Studies have also proved that engaging in outdoor activities increases body energy, more positive hyperactivity, less depression, anger reduction, less confusion, and reduced stress as compared to the indoor workouts (Sisson 1).


Spending time outdoor means going outside the enclosed setting to a natural space where one gets enough time to adventure what is new in the natural setting. Researches proof that engaging in outdoor activities is beneficial for the growth and development of the physical and mental wellbeing of an individual. In children, spending time outdoor prevents the emotional and behavioral disorders.

A lot of research has been done to counter the claims that indoor activities play the same role as those by the outdoor activities in the physical and mental health of an individual such as the cost and the trouble associated with indoors. For a healthy living, both the children and the adults must be engaged in the outdoor activities in the natural setting such as rivers, mountains and forests.

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