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61 Vitamins Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

🏆 Best Vitamins Topic Ideas & Essay Examples

  1. The Relationship Between Loss of Bone Mass and Deficiency in Vitamin D After Hematopoietic SCT
    Bone mineral density was reduced before SCT in 49% of the patients. Pathologic bone mineral density values before SCT were mainly seen in patients with acute leukemia, 55% of the patients with acute leukemia had […]
  2. Fat- and Water-Soluble Vitamins
    In turn, its shortage of these chemical compounds can impair the development of a fetus. For example, the shortage of B vitamins can impair the functioning of the brain.
  3. Promotional Strategy of Swisse Vitamins Pty Ltd
    This study aims at critically analyzing the impact of the use of the ambassadors as a promotional strategy for this firm in creating awareness of the products of this company.
  4. The Role of Vitamin D for Tuberculosis Treatment
    This study investigates the use of vitamin D for the deterrence and cure of tuberculosis and other contagious infections. The unearthing of vitamin D as a therapeutic agent begins with the detection of rickets as […]
  5. Competition in Energy Drinks, Sports Drinks & Vitamin Enhanced Beverage
    The major strategy of the beverage companies has been to diversify and make enormous extension of their brands in the market.
  6. “Vitamin-Enriched” Bottled Water: PEST Analysis
    The new “vitamin-enriched” bottled water to be launched in the market requires a critical environmental analysis to guarantee its success in the realms of sales and market penetration. Recognition and ratification of technology is a […]
  7. Equine Nutrition: Calcium, Phosphorus and Vitamin D Importance
    Horses require calcium, phosphorus, and vitamin D as macronutrients that are important in the formation and the growth of bones. Hence, horses require calcium to speed the blood clotting process and promote healing of wounds […]
  8. The Impact of Health Supplements and Vitamins
    For instance, vitamin D and calcium can be included in the health supplements to keep the bones of the user stronger.
  9. Vitamin C Against Common Cold Incidence
    Based on the above issues, the findings of the EBP question will help in providing clarity regarding the efficacy of Vitamin C in reducing the symptoms of the common cold.
  10. Vitamin C Reducing the Incidence of Common Cold
    The purpose of this paper is to understand the effects of vitamin C supplements have on the frequency and incidence of the common cold.
  11. B12 Vitamin: Risks and Benefits
    Vitamin B12, also known as cobalamin, is a water-soluble vitamin that contributes to blood cell formation, the work of the nervous system, and metabolism.
  12. Vegetarian Diet and Proper Amount of Vitamins Issue
    This difference was accounted for by 14% lower zinc levels in the vegetarian diet and 21% less efficient absorption of zinc while eating it.
  13. Vitamin A: Description and Usage
    Vitamin A found in fruits and vegetable is referred to as Provitamin A carotenoids, these vitamins A are converted into retinol in the body where one molecule of beta carotene produces two molecule of Vitamin […]
  14. Vitamin C Test: Medical Analysis
    Thus, the concentration of vitamin C in each solution influences the number of iodine drops that are needed in order to change the color of the homogenate solution to black.
  15. Vitamins and Dietary Supplement
    But before this can be done there is a need to understand what the difference between vitamins and dietary supplements. The capsules taken in as dietary supplements are similar looking to the vitamins in capsule […]
  16. Nutritional Science: Vitamins C, E and D
    This post attempts to discuss the benefits, as well as the detriments, of using E and D vitamin supplements. First of all, it is important to note the positive effects vitamin D has on human […]
  17. Dietary Supplements: Vitamins
    Nowadays, there exists a great variety of medications aimed at treating a particular health issue. Due to their number, some of them have quite similar names that can potentially confuse both the patient and pharmacist (Levinthal, 2014). Sometimes, these drugs can be mistaken due to their common active substance, so they do not do serious […]
  18. The Vitamin Myth: Do We Need Supplements
    This revelation was a clear indication that the intake of vitamins was dangerous and capable of triggering the occurrence of cancer. The second interesting issue is the argument that vitamin supplements are dangerous and capable […]
  19. Vitamin D and Calcium Supplementation
    Intending to seek facts and evidence surrounding the health benefits of Ca and vitamin D, the research established research gaps like the high prevalence of vitamin D and Ca deficiencies among the study group regardless […]
  20. An Intervention to Address Vitamin A Deficiency in Ethiopia
    Irrespective of the definition adopted for vitamin A deficiency, vitamin A plays an important role in the functioning of the body.

📌 Most Interesting Vitamins Topics to Write about

  1. The Difference Between Natural and Synthetic Vitamins
  2. The Role and Importance of Vitamins, Nutrients and Minerals to Our Body
  3. The Importance Of Vitamins And Its Effects On Children
  4. What Are Vitamins And Why You Need Them
  5. What Else Are You Getting With Vitamins Supplements
  6. Vitamins How To Get The Most From Your Diet
  7. Food Tests to Determine the Presence of Sugar, Starch, Vitamins, and Other Nutrients
  8. What Circumstances Can Water Soluble Vitamins Be Toxic
  9. An Analysis of the Advertisement of Vitafusion’s Men’s Vitamins
  10. An Analysis of Essential Vitamins and Nutrients in Having a Healthy Lifestyle
  11. Vitamins and Minerals in Modern Society
  12. Whats The Importance Of Vitamins In Our Life
  13. The Need for Americans to Supplement Their Vitamins
  14. The Benefits Of Natural Vitamins And Supplements
  15. The Effect Of Vitamins On Health And Health
  16. Water and Fat Soluble Vitamins
  17. What Are The B Complex Vitamins
  18. Get A Better Health By Using Vitamins Supplements
  19. Using Vitamins Supplements As A Treatment
  20. The Ideas That Strict Diets and Vitamins Can Cure Your Childs Autism

👍 Good Research Topics about Vitamins

  1. Vitamins and Herbal Dietary Supplements Market
  2. Vitamins: Essential for Growth and Development
  3. Vitamins and Supplements Sector 2015: Market Numbers and Growth Projections
  4. The Use of Vitamins to Battle Acne
  5. We All Need These Vitamins Vitamin B12 And Folacin
  6. Vitamins vs. Chemotherapy and Radiation for Cancer Therapy
  7. The Essentials of Good Health and the Need for Supplementing Vitamins
  8. Vitamins: Vitamin and Red Blood Cells
  9. The Problem with Taking Too Many Vitamins
  10. Vitamins For Stress Beat Stress With Nutrition
  11. The Effect of Steaming Process on Fat Soluble Vitamins Content and Fatty Acid Profile in Bluefish and Rainbow Trout Fillets
  12. The Important Vitamins in the Prevention of the Heart Desease
  13. The Debate Over the Use of Natural vs. Synthetic Vitamins
  14. The Importance Of Gluten Free Vitamins To Health Care
  15. Vitamins and Coenzymes in Homocysteine Metabolism
  16. The Importance of Vitamins and Supplements in Maintaining a Healthy Body
  17. The Description of Vitamins and Their Importance in the Body
  18. When And How To Take Vitamins Supplements
  19. The Use Of Herbal Supplements, Vitamins, And Treatment
  20. Vitamins For Female Hair Loss Prevention
  21. Vitamins & Nutrient Supplements: History, Use, Effectiveness

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