Oncology Essay Examples and Topics

Hepatocellular carcinoma

A 50-year-old married man with a family of three children presented chronic hepatitis C that developed to cirrhosis. Hepatitis C was linked to “intravenous drug used in 1960’s and trauma treatment involving several transfusion in 1975” (Schiff 2004, p. 183). Cirrhosis became complex due to “bleeding esophageal varice, but endoscopic banding intervention was successful in […]

Fertility Preservation in Female Pre-Pubertal Children

Introduction Fertility preservation refers to the method of enabling cancer patients to maintain their fertility. This is because chemotherapy, radiation and other treatment regimens destroy the reproductive system of the body by attacking reproductive cells such as sperms and ovas.While the loss of the reproductive ability maybe temporary in some patients, some never regain it. […]

Explanation of Cancer Disease

Cancer is the unrestrained increase in aberrant body cells. These anomalous cells divide faster than normal cells and form tumors that proliferate throughout the body. These uncharacteristic cells do not die easily. Different body organs or tissues can develop cancer. This leads to numerous types of cancers depending on the part of the body where […]

Support Services for Radiotherapy Patients

Introduction When patients are diagnosed with cancer, they are more often than not put under radiotherapy as one form of treatment. However, this does not mean that all patients with cancer are put under radiotherapy. There are those that are put under other forms of treatment such as chemotherapy. There are also other patients suffering […]

Gallbladder Cancer, its Causes and Rates

Gallbladder cancer is a rare form of cancer caused by the buildup of gallstones in the gall bladder (Rosenthal, Zenilman, & Katlic, 2001). One of the common risk factors of gallbladder cancer is age. It mainly affects older people because of their reduced body immunity. This is evident from the small number of cases reported […]

Guided Radiation Therapy for Cancerous Tumors

Introduction The medical sector has realized great developments over the recent due to technological innovations. Image guidance technology is in this case a special innovation which has transformed the medical sector. The invention of image guidance technologies has brought the world closer to realizing the goals of treating cancer among other diseases. This technology has […]

Employing Cancer Vulnerability Reduction in Ukraine

As requested by the Ukrainian Government, Veema Limited carried out an evaluative research study, on the incidences of thyroid cancer across the Ukrainian territory. This study was aimed at documenting the cancer incidences trend, with reference to the Chernobyl accident. The evaluative study carried out on the general population of Ukraine, showed that the incidences […]

Current Standing of Breast Cancer and its Effects on the Society

Abstract Being diagnosed with breast cancer is one of the most traumatizing experiences any person can undergo in life. The claim follows since such a diagnosis, for most people has a reverberating echo of ‘fatalism’ ringing in the background. The media and the health sector have tried to increase awareness of breast cancer, its symptoms, […]

Descriptive Epidemiology of Cancer in the UK

Age standardized cancer incidences have been on the rise in the past decade in the United Kingdom. The increase in the incidence for both men and women has been reported to occur at varying rates. For men, the incidence increased by 14% and for women, the incidence rose by 32% from 1976-1977 to 2007-2010. Better […]

Skin Cancer in Australia

Cancer is a deadly disease. Skin cancer is very prevalent in Australia. It is among the leading causes of deaths in the country. This is attributed to various factors. They include unfavourable climate, the composition of the skin of the people as well as proximity to the equator which is associated with high ultra violet […]

Neuroendocrine Tumor (NETs)

The human body organs have several neuroendocrine cells. These cells are mostly found in the lungs and digestive system. Neuroendocrine cells produce hormones in the endocrine glands – thyroid and adrenal glands (What is NET Cancer?, n.d.). At times, these organs can develop tumors from the neuroendocrine cells, and then multiply as it spread to […]

Breast Cancer Definition and Treatment

Definition of the Breasts Both men and women have breasts. Considering the case of females, the breasts consist of the milk glands. A milk gland is made up of lobules in which milk is formed and it also consists of ducts which are tubes that facilitate the movement of milk to the breast nipples. On […]

Breast Cancer Symptoms and Causes

Introduction Breast cancer affects mostly women, which results from the breast tissue found in the inner coating of the milk ducts or the lobules, which are charged with the task of supplying milk. A number of breast cancer varieties exist, including ductile carcinomas, which originate from the ducts and the lobular carcinomas, which originate from […]

Radiation Therapy for Testicular Cancer

Introduction Radiation therapy is common in treatment for cancerous tumors in their early stages of development. The action of the radiation beam focused on a tumor is effective in the locality of the specific tumor alone. The radiation kills cancerous cells in the specific area (Verville 2). If the tumor or cancerous cells have spread […]

Breast Cancer Incidence and Ethnicity

Introduction Breast cancer cases have shown an increasing trend over the last few decades. It is a disease that is common to women. However, some men have developed breast cancer but the rates of incidence of the disease are very low compared with that exhibited in women. In the US, breast cancer has been one […]

Breast Cancer Treatment

“Cancer is the uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells in the body” (Carlson et al., 2009). Cancerous cells are also referred to as malignant cells. “Cells act as the building blocks of organisms” (Carlson et al., 2009). Under normal circumstances, cells will undergo cell division depending on the body’s needs, and then die once their function […]

Waterproof Sunscreen Lotions

Introduction Vitamin D is one of the vital diet requirements which is absorbed through the skin and prevents the formation of rickets among human beings. Therefore, exposure to the sun is always very healthy. However, lately people have discovered that due to the depletion of the Ozone layer (due to addition of greenhouse gases), human […]

Malevolence of Cancer

Introduction Cancer can be defined as a set of diseases which are caused by uncontrolled growth of cells in the body. The abnormal cells in the body usually segregate uncontrollably and affect other body tissues as they are spread very fast through body fluids for instance the blood and the lymph. It is a condition […]

Risk factors, staging, and treatment of breast cancer

Introduction Breast cancer is a disease that originates from the breast tissue and the curative time of the patient is dependent on the level of spread and to what organs it has spread to. In the advent of new technology, computer models have been programmed and developed to help in the staging process and determine […]

Case Management for Breast Cancer Patients

Tumours are diseases that can be characterized with little percentage of preventive measures taken to forecast the condition of a patient or analyze the possibility of inherited genomes to provoke development of cancer tumours. In this respect, preventive measures should be taken in order to decrease the mortality rates all over the world in terms […]