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Oncology Essay Examples and Topics

Breast Cancer Awareness Among African Americans

There are reasons that motivate women to seek mammography for example the belief that early detection will enable them treat the cancer in early stages, and their trust for the safety of mammogram. Social marketing [...]

Cancer Disease and Its Impact

The symptoms of the disease vary greatly, depending on the size of the tumor, location of the tumor, and the manner in which the tumor spreads.

HIV and AIDS in Kenya

As a result of the high prevalence, the country is reported to have the fourth highest HIV burden in the world.

Breast Cancer Understanding

Depending on the site of occurrence, breast cancer can form ductal carcinomas and lobular carcinomas if they occur in the ducts and lobules of the breast, respectively. Breast cancer and treatment methods have significant effects [...]

Histopathology: Epidermal Changes

Defined as the analysis of a tissue sample carried out with the help of a microscope to locate possible health issues, the field in question helps locate the factors that may possibly enhance the growth [...]

Hepatocellular carcinoma

Both falciform ligament and ligamentum teres connect the liver to the anterior section of the body while omentum joins the liver and the stomach as the coronary and triangular ligaments link the liver and the [...]

Explanation of Cancer Disease

This leads to numerous types of cancers depending on the part of the body where they form. Indicators of cancers depend on the location of the malignant cells.

Employing Cancer Vulnerability Reduction in Ukraine

Identifying the younger groups from the older groups, who are more vulnerable In the area of identifying the young from the older generations, with reference to cancer vulnerability in Ukraine, it should be clearly understood [...]

Descriptive Epidemiology of Cancer in the UK

The figure below shows the number of newly diagnosed cancer cases in men and women in the United Kingdom, 2010. Figure 2 shows the standardized incidence and mortality rate of cancer cases in the United [...]

Skin Cancer in Australia

Generally the issue of skin cancer in Australia is widely known to people despite the fact that the cases have not been mitigated appropriately.

Neuroendocrine Tumor (NETs)

In addition, massive weight loss, disturbance in balance of water in the body, and development of peptic ulcer disease are the consequences of NETs. This is due to the similarity that some of the NET's [...]

Breast Cancer Definition and Treatment

In the case where "the cells which appear like breast cancer are still confined to the ducts or lobules of the breast, it is called pre-invasive breast cancer"."The most widespread pre-invasive type of breast cancer [...]

Breast Cancer Symptoms and Causes

The mammogram is the first indication of breast cancer, even though other indications such as the presence of the lymph nodes in the armpits are also the early indications of breast cancer.

Breast Cancer Incidence and Ethnicity

This paper explores the different rates of breast cancer incidence as far as the different ethnic groups in the US are concerned as well as the most probable way of reducing the rates of incidence [...]

Breast Cancer Treatment

This type of breast cancer manifests itself in the tubes/ducts which form the channel for transporting milk from the breast to the nipple."Lobular carcinoma: this type of cancer usually begins in the milk producing regions [...]

Waterproof Sunscreen Lotions

However, this persuasiveness is lost when he informs the parent not to stop using the sunscreen they be just careful that it never find its way in their children eyes.

Malevolence of Cancer

Administration of new and advanced drugs that are effective in killing cancer cells is also a step towards improving the treatment of cancer.