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85 Breast Cancer Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

🏆 Best Breast Cancer Topic Ideas & Essay Examples

  1. Case Management for Breast Cancer Patients
    In this respect, preventive measures should be taken in order to decrease the mortality rates all over the world in terms of cancer illness and breast cancer in particular.
  2. Risk factors, staging, and treatment of breast cancer
    This is so because huge amounts of resources have been used in the research and the development of the breast cancer drugs that in effect help the body to combat the cancer by providing additional […]
  3. Treatment Options for Breast Cancer
    This type of breast cancer manifests itself in the tubes/ducts which form the channel for transporting milk from the breast to the nipple.”Lobular carcinoma: this type of cancer usually begins in the milk producing regions […]
  4. Breast Cancer Incidence and Ethnicity
    This paper explores the different rates of breast cancer incidence as far as the different ethnic groups in the US are concerned as well as the most probable way of reducing the rates of incidence […]
  5. Breast Cancer Symptoms and Causes
    The mammogram is the first indication of breast cancer, even though other indications such as the presence of the lymph nodes in the armpits are also the early indications of breast cancer.
  6. Breast Cancer Definition and Treatment
    In the case where “the cells which appear like breast cancer are still confined to the ducts or lobules of the breast, it is called pre-invasive breast cancer”.”The most widespread pre-invasive type of breast cancer […]
  7. Current Standing of Breast Cancer and its Effects on the Society
    It then places particular focus on the testing and treatment of breast cancer, the effects and conditions associated with it, from a financial point of view, and the possible improvements worth making in service or […]
  8. Health Information Seeking and Breast Cancer Diagnosis
    Emotional support is also concerned with the kind of information given to patients and how the information is conveyed. It is equally significant to underscore the role of information in handling breast cancer patients immediately […]
  9. Breast Cancer Public Relations Campaign
    Audiences It is clear that the breast cancer campaign will target at women in their 30-40s as this is one of the most vulnerable categories of women as they often pay little attention to the […]
  10. Women Healthcare: Breast Cancer
    Reducing the levels of myoferlin alters the breast cancer cells’ mechanical properties, as it is evident from the fact that the shape and ability of breast cancer cells to spread is low with reduced production […]
  11. Breast Cancer: Treatment and Rehabilitation Options
    Depending on the site of occurrence, breast cancer can form ductal carcinomas and lobular carcinomas if they occur in the ducts and lobules of the breast, respectively. Breast cancer and treatment methods have significant effects […]
  12. Breast Cancer Screening Among Non-Adherent Women
    This is one of the aspects that can be identified. This is one of the short-comings that can be singled out, and this particular model may not be fully appropriate in this context.
  13. Breast Cancer Awareness Among African Americans
    There are reasons that motivate women to seek mammography for example the belief that early detection will enable them treat the cancer in early stages, and their trust for the safety of mammogram. Social marketing […]
  14. Jordanian Breast Cancer Survival Rates in 1997-2002
    This objective came from the realization that the best way to test the efficacy of breast cancer treatment and to uncover intervening factors influencing the efficacy of these treatments was to investigate the rates of […]
  15. Breast Cancer Patients’ Functions and Suitable Jobs
    The key symptom of breast cancer is the occurrence of a protuberance in the breast. A screening mammography, scrutiny of the patient’s family history and a breast examination help in the diagnosis of breast cancer.
  16. Breast Cancer Patients’ Life Quality and Wellbeing
    The article “Complementary Exercise and Quality of Life in Patients with Breast Cancer” examines the role of complementary exercises towards improving the lives of women with breast cancer.
  17. Annual Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign
    It may also need more time to be implemented as the development of the advertisement, and all visuals will take time.
  18. Screening for Breast Cancer
    The main goal of this paper is to describe the specific set of clinical circumstances under which the application of screening is the most beneficial for women aged 40 to 74 years.
  19. Breast Cancer Screening in Young American Women
    It is proud to be at the forefront of widespread public health initiatives to improve the education and lives of young women.
  20. Complementary and Alternative Medicine for Women With Breast Cancer
    The treatment of breast CA has developed over the past 20 years, and many treatment centers offer a variety of modalities and holistic treatment options in addition to medical management.

💡 Most Interesting Breast Cancer Topics to Write about

  1. Best Practices in Breast Cancer Care
    Based on this, the final stage of therapy should include comprehensive support for patients with breast cancer as one of the main health care practices within the framework of current treatment guidelines.
  2. Breast Cancer: Health Psychology Plan
    The goal of the plan is to identify the psychological issues and health priorities of the subject and propose a strategy for addressing them.
  3. Complex Fibroadenoma and Breast Cancer Risk
    Furthermore, KB decided that she did not need to remove the lump surgically she was advised to document changes after regular breast exams and return to the clinic in case of new concerns.
  4. Hormone Receptor-Positive Breast Cancer Pathophysiology
    The contemporary understanding of the etiopathogenesis of breast cancer addresses the origin of invasive cancer through a substantive number of molecular alterations at the cellular level.
  5. Breast Cancer: Women’s Health Initiative & Practices
    The new standard of care shows evidence that a low-fat diet, deemed insignificant by the WHI study, is beneficial to women for preventing or improving their risks of breast cancer.
  6. Monoclonal Antibodies in Treating Breast Cancer
    The most important function of the lymph glands is that their tissue fluid carries the cancer cells that have been detached from the tumour to the closely located lymph gland.
  7. Breast Cancer: Causes and Treatment
    According to Iversen et al this situation is comparable to the finding of abnormal cells on the surface of the cervix, curable by excision or vaporization of the tissue.
  8. Genetic Predisposition to Breast Cancer: Genetic Testing
    Their choice to have their first baby later in life and hormonal treatment for symptoms of menopause further increase the risk of breast cancer in women.
  9. Breast Cancer and the Effects of Diet
    The information in noted clause is only a part of results of the researches spent in the field of the analysis of influence of a diet on a risk level of disease in cancer.
  10. Breast Cancer Diagnosis Procedure in Saudi Arabia
    The fact is that, the health care program in this geographic area is associated with the encouragement of all the women in the area to be subjected to the examination for the breast cancer, as […]
  11. Breast Cancer: The Case of Anne H.
    For this reason, even females with a high level of health literacy and awareness of breast cancer, such as Anne H, might still belong to the group risk and discover the issue at its late […]
  12. Breast Cancer Genetics & Chromosomal Analysis
    In this paper, the chromosomal analysis of breast cancer will be assessed, and the causes of the disorder will be detailed.
  13. Breast Cancer Risk Factors: Genetic and Nutritional Influences
    However, the problems of genetics contribute to the identification of this disease, since the essence of the problem requires constant monitoring of the state of the mammary glands to detect cancer at an early stage.
  14. Breast Cancer and AIDS: Significant Issues in the United States in the Late 20th Century
    Thus, the given paper is going to explain why these activists challenged regulatory and scientific authorities and what they demanded. That is why the enthusiasts challenged their practices and made specific demands to improve the […]
  15. Breast Cancer: Moral and Medical Aspects
    In addition to the question of the surgery, there is an ethical problem associated with the genetic characteristics of the disease.
  16. Breast Cancer: At-Risk Population, Barriers, and Improvement
    Thus, the principal purpose of Part Two is to explain why older women face a higher risk of getting breast cancer, what barriers lead to this adverse state of affairs, and how to improve the […]
  17. Breast Cancer: Crucial Issues
    The textbook also notes the significant racial differences in survival rates, mainly attributed to socioeconomic and cultural factors, including lack of available specialized care. Medical professionals and local communities highly appreciate the value of early […]
  18. Breast Cancer Assessment in London
    In light of these developments, it is therefore important that an evaluation of breast cancer amongst women in London be carried out, in order to explore strategies and policy formulations that could be implemented, with […]
  19. Breast Cancer in Afro- and Euro-Americans
    It is seen that in the age group of more than 50 years, EA was more at risk of contracting cancer, as compared to AA.
  20. New Screening Guidelines for Breast Cancer
    On the whole, the Task Force reports that a 15% reduction in breast cancer mortality that can be ascribed to the use of mammograms seems decidedly low compared to the risks and harm which tend […]

📌 Simple & Easy Breast Cancer Essay Titles

  1. The Second Leading Cause of Death is the Breast Cancer
  2. The Benefits and Effects of Exercise on Post-Treatment Breast Cancer Patients
  3. Women’s Experiences Undergoing Reconstructive Surgery After Mastectomy Due To Breast Cancer
  4. Advanced Technology Of The Treatment Of Breast Cancer
  5. Using Genetic Testing For Breast Cancer
  6. The role of Perivascular Macrophages in Breast Cancer Metastasis
  7. The Psychological Aspect Of Coping With Breast Cancer
  8. An Analysis of an Alternative Prevention in Breast Cancer for Young Women in America
  9. The Complicated Biology of Breast Cancer
  10. The Impact Of Tamoxifen Adjuvant Therapy On Breast Cancer
  11. The Prevalence Of Breast Cancer Among Black Women
  12. The Embodiment Theoroy, Holistic Approach And Breast Cancer In The South African Context
  13. The Long-Term Evolution of Quality of Life for Breast Cancer Treated Patients
  14. The Signs and Early Prevention of Breast Cancer
  15. The Effect of Fast Food In Developing Breast Cancer among Saudi Populations
  16. The Effect Of Breastfeeding On Ovarian And Breast Cancer
  17. The Best Method Of Medicine For The Treatment Of Breast Cancer: Cam Or Drugs
  18. The Causes of Breast Cancer – Genetically or Environmentally Influenced
  19. The Symptoms, Causes and Treatment of Breast Cancer, a Malignant Disease
  20. The Risks, Characteristics and Symptoms of Breast Cancer, a Malignant Disease
  21. The Most Common Cancer In The Uk: Breast Cancer
  22. Types Of Preventive Services For A Higher Risk Of Breast Cancer
  23. The Effect of Raloxifene on Risk of Breast Cancer in Postmenopausal Women
  24. The Impact of Culture and Location on Breast Cancer Around the World

👍 Good Essay Topics on Breast Cancer

  1. Understanding Breast Cancer, Its Triggers and Treatment Options
  2. The Risk, Development, Diagnosis, and Treatment of Breast Cancer in Women
  3. The Pathophysiology of Breast Cancer
  4. The Effects Of DNA Methylation On Breast Cancer
  5. The Treatment and Managment Options for Breast Cancer Patients
  6. Alternative Forms Of Medicine For Breast Cancer Rates
  7. The Impact of Nutrition on Breast Cancer and Cervical Cancer
  8. The Economic Evaluation of Screening for Breast Cancer: A Tentative Methodology
  9. The Etymology of Breast Cancer, Types, Risk Factors, Early Detection Methods, and Demographics
  10. What Are The Symptoms And Treatments For Breast Cancer
  11. Treatments And Treatment Of Breast Cancer Therapy
  12. The Various Views and Approaches in the Treatment and Management of Breast Cancer
  13. The Growing Health Problem of Breast Cancer in the United States
  14. The Importance of Considering Breast Cancer Prevention Aside from Treatment
  15. The Different Ways That Can Reduce the Risk of Having Breast Cancer
  16. The Use of Radiation for Detection and Treatment of Breast Cancer
  17. The Condition Of Breast Cancer And Its Relevant Treatment
  18. The Relationship between a High-Dairy Diet and Breast Cancer in Women
  19. Treatment of Solid Tumors including Metastatic Breast Cancer
  20. Which Is More Effective In Reducing Arm Lymphoedema For Breast Cancer Patients
  21. The Use Of Telomerase In Diagnosis, Prognosis, And Treatment Of Cancer: With A Special Look At Breast Cancer

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