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Prevention of Disease Essay

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Updated: Dec 27th, 2018

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Health is very important to all people because it determines how a person can best enjoy his or her life. God created man to take care of His creations but man’s activities and aggressiveness are posing a great threat to his health. This paper discusses the prevention of breast cancer and diabetes. These two illnesses are currently curable depending on the intensity of infection but scientists have established methods of managing them. First let’s have a look at the causes and treatment of breast cancer.

Breast Cancer

Breast cancer just as its name suggests affects the mammary glands. It affects both men and women, but women are more prone than men. The first indicator of breast cancer is the presence of a lump that feels like a swollen matter that is not tender like the rest of the breast tissues. The lump can develop for a longtime without being realized but it can be identified by in early stages by using a mammogram.

Other visible symptoms are deformity in the appearance of the breast due to swelling and also the nipple turns upside down. Discharge may also ooze from the infected breast and it may be accompanied by a sharp pain. The breast also looks reddish and pale in complexion coupled with mild temperatures.

The chances of contracting cancer are determined by age, sex, financial status, hormonal level, race and diet. A woman who suffered from cancer in the recent past is more prone to breast cancer. This argument is based on the history of an individual. In some instances breast cancer has been found to be hereditary. Medew (2010) argues that if one member of a given family was diagnosed with breast cancer, the women of that lineage are more prone to breast cancer than any other.

Breast cancer can be detected by screening the patients using x-ray technology and also injecting a needle into the breast tissue to collect the fluid for cross evaluation. Self breast evaluations are also highly recommended and they are done by stroking one’s breasts to help identify any abnormal internal protrusions.

Breast cancer is normally treated by dissecting the infected breast in order to remove the affected part. Chemotherapy is also efficient in treating breast cancer and it is administered for 3 to 6 months with the aim of destroying the DNA of the cancerous cells hence deterring their growth.

Radiation is usually the last option after surgery and it’s considered expensive hence most patients can not afford it. Radiation is applied after the growth has been literary excavated from the breast. The area adjacent to the abnormal growth is radiated to kill any cancerous cells that might have detached themselves from the growth.

There are several ways that help to reduce chances of contracting breast cancer. First people must adopt responsible drinking behavior because alcohol is the major inducer of many kinds of cancer. Smokers are also at risk of contracting cancer including people who are subjected to secondary smoke. Actually, most governments have banned smoking in public places. Regular exercising and a balanced diet are strongly recommended for keeping weight at bay.


Diabetes is a metabolical disorder whereby the body is unable to make its own sugar or rather insulin. Diabetes is divided into two, namely type 1 and type 2. Type 1 diabetes is caused by lack of insulin in the pancreas and is common among health conscious adults. Diabetes is also transmissible. Type 2 diabetes is caused by failure of insulin because the available quantity is not satisfactory for metabolic reaction in the body. Most people suffer from this kind of diabetes.

Smokers are more prone to diabetes. Bad eating habits increase chances of contracting diabetes because the fats in junk food are attached to blood veins therefore increasing blood pressure which can cause heart attack. Idling also promotes diabetes because the body does not burn excess carbohydrates hence contribute to accumulation of cholesterol in blood veins. Stress is also known to induce diabetes. This is because stress causes a person’s blood pressure to increase abruptly.

According to Rother (2002), the immediate indicators of diabetes include increased rate of urinating in a short period. The person may also feel thirsty and hungry in most cases. Other indicators include nausea, abdominal pain, vomiting and regular breathing problems.

The treatment of diabetes is impossible but it can be managed by creating a balance in blood sugar. Experts argue that diabetes can be controlled by eating appropriate foods that have low fat content and also routine exercises to burn existing body fat. Patients are encouraged to avoid situations that might increase their blood pressure such as drinking alcohol, arguments and anger. There are also appropriate medicines that are used to control blood sugar such as aspirin.


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