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Public Health Administrators Essay

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Updated: Nov 25th, 2019


Proper health is a very important aspect in life and people have always sought quality and affordable medical services when they are sick to ensure they are healthy. Health institutions are working hard to ensure they meet health requirements of the populations they serve.

Doctors and nurses have ensured all patients get timely treatment and preventive services to control and manage diseases. In addition, public health administrators have played significant roles in ensuring health services are provided to the population according to required regulations (Rowitz 2008). This paper highlights the role of public health administrators in healthcare institutions.


Public health administrators are professionals in charge of managing all affairs of health institutions. They supervise and coordinate the activities of health facilities and ensure there is a healthy relationship between patients and doctors.

This means that their role includes creating a favorable working environment that will ensure patients and nurses understand each other to promote efficiency in service delivery (Turnock 2011). Even though the roles of these administrators are not usually pronounced, they are very important in determining the future of health institutions.

The most important contributions of public health administrators to improving public health include bridging the gap between physicians and their patients (Rowitz 2008). This means that they have ensured there is a healthy relation among all healthcare stakeholders to promote efficiency, transparency and accountability in health facilities. Therefore, they have enabled health providers and patients to understand each other and this has strengthened their relationships.

In addition, they have ensured doctors and nurses have adequate equipment and facilities that will enable them to offer good services (Turnock 2011). They have pushed governments and health departments to provide the required tools and funds to health facilities. Lastly, they have addressed key issues like accommodation and other requirements that nurses need while providing inpatient and outpatient services.

Public health administration is a career worth pursuing since it is challenging and exposes learners to various health issues including disease prevention, management and treatment. Secondly, it accommodates all other careers including law, education, management and research, therefore, making it a dynamic career that widens an individual’s knowledge (Rowitz 2008).

Lastly, it ensures people protect life and advance its quality since health administrators offer their expertise and skills in serving their communities. Therefore, this is a career that ensures an individual enjoys serving other people by improving their health.

The expanded and new roles of public health administrators vary depending on states and the size of health institutions. However, most of them have general roles of ensuring that health facilities provide disease prevention, treatment and management services to the local population (Turnock 2011). This means that they must ensure these institutions have adequate funds and personnel to manage health related issues.

Poverty and chronic diseases have increased and this means that health administrators must develop different approaches in managing health complications (Rowitz 2008). For instance, they must ensure health facilities offer services that will promote affordable healthcare services since most people are poor and unable to fund their hospital bills. In addition, they must develop ways of managing chronic diseases that have increased due to poor diets.


Public health administrators play supportive roles to the services offered by physicians. These stakeholders should work together to ensure patients get good services and, at the same time, healthcare service providers enjoy their work.


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