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Smoking: Effects, Reasons and Solutions Essay

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Updated: Nov 20th, 2019


Smoking is the inhalation and exhalation of substances or fumes that come from burning tobacco. In the past, smoking was believed to be risk-free, but medical studies have recently reported that tobacco smoking has about 4000 chemical elements. These chemical elements contain toxic components. This presentation provides harmful health effects of smoking, reasons for smoking, and solutions to smoking.

Reasons for Smoking

  1. Advertising causes mainly young people to smoke. Cigarette smoking is advertised several times more than any commodity apart from cars. Several tobacco advertisements are carried out in attractive and amusing places. For young people to be part of these gorgeous places, they might consider the necessity to buy that product.
  2. Another reason is the “everybody’s doing it” attitude, where during adolescent stage, teenagers are urgently attempting to squeeze in and be cool.
  3. For some young people, smoking might signify independence or freedom. One key development role of teenage stage is to declare independence from their parents or guardians through building personal identity.
  4. Weight control is a significant concern among adolescent girls and is demonstrated in cigarette adverts and posters. Adolescents are not at all shown what cigarette smoking does to teenagers’ lungs and heart.
  5. Adults smoke for certain motives. They may have numerous stress and pressure cases due to financial and private difficulties.
  6. Finally, most lifetime smokers state that they love smoking. Smoking offers them enjoyment and only makes smokers have a sense of happiness.

Harmful Health Effects of Smoking

  1. Thousands of tobacco users die around the world annually due to smoke-related illness.
  2. Some tobacco users are reported to die due to their habit, where most deaths occur in middle age.
  3. The combination of carbon dioxide and nicotine substances in all cigarettes that are being smoked momentarily raises blood pressure and heart rate. This damages the blood vessels.
  4. Smoking can result in stroke and heart attacks since it hinders blood flow, interrupting oxygen to various parts of the body, such as feet and hands.
  5. Introduction of cigarettes with low tar does not reduce these effects since smokers often prefer deeper puffs and hold the smoke in lungs for a long period. This smoking practice draws the tar deeper into the deeper parts of the lungs.
  6. Carbon dioxide takes away oxygen from muscles, body, and brain tissues, this process makes entire body, particularly the heart, work extra hard. Eventually, the airways puff up and allow inadequate air, especially oxygen, into the lungs.
  7. Tobacco usage during pregnancy raises the possibility of low birth weight, unplanned abortion, prematurity, and prenatal mortality in women. This has been considered by medical practitioners a fetal cigarette smoking disorder.

Solution to Smoking

  1. Nicotine substitute substances are accessible through medical professions and health clinics, which comprise doses, nasal sprays, and transdermal. Most smokers believe that smoking is more economical to relieve desires while they concentrate on taking away the psychological position of the addiction.
  2. Mentally organizing yourself to give up smoking allows the smoker to adapt to the concept of becoming a nonsmoker. Smokers should take some time to cope with the concept rather than making instant decision in quitting smoking.
  3. NRT raises the success rate for smokers under cessation sessions since every form of NRT has been reported to be efficient. They have minimal or no severe side effects to smokers.
  4. Combination therapy that engages the drug Zyban, the concurrent using of NRT (bubble gum) and counseling of smokers under smoking cessation program appear to be an efficient solution for most tobacco users.
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