Public Health Essay Examples and Topics

Injury Prevention Intervention (Driving injury in young people)

Introduction Studies indicate that the major victims of road driving are the young people. In fact, age, gender and inexperience are among the factors putting at higher risks of driving injuries. For instance, due to the age, young people are incapable of effectively estimating their capabilities and often test their limits above other individuals. Dodge […]

Health Evaluation Plan for the ARTreach Health Promotion program

Summary The ARTReach is a communal project that was established specifically to give women aged between sixteen and twenty-five years a chance to explore their potentials in arts through developing life skills in therapy techniques. Through the project, women have an opportunity to express what is deemed significant in their daily lives. They are able […]

Road Traffic Accidents: Epidemiology of an Injury

Introduction: Epidemiology, Statistics and Other Related Issues Road accidents will always happen (Bartley, 2008). No matter how well people might learn the basic principles of road regulations and the rules of pedestrian safety, due to the notorious human factor, accidents are practically unavoidable (Cacciabue, 2004). As a result, road injuries will never cease to occur, […]

Blood donation advertisement, causes and effects

Blood donation has been around for many years and has increased most recently. Many lives have been saved thanks to donors who have voluntarily provided blood when it was low in supply. An important aspect of blood donation is the knowledge that people have about the process and its reasons. As a result, blood donation […]

Women’s Health and Feminism Theory

Introduction Women have several health challenges that affect their normal lives in society. They often face problems that impede their role-playing. One of the health issues that women go through is associated with reproduction (Maruccio, Loving, Bennett & Hayes 2003, p. 29). Studies show that a strong society would be created through supporting a healthy […]

Health Remoteness in Tumby bay region in Australia

Introduction Healthcare services are fundamental especially in the current world since they define the level of performance in various settings. This is evident because they influence individual’s productivity levels and wellbeing. Indeed, stakeholders in the health sector in various jurisdictions should develop viable modalities to foster the provision of quality Medicare to local members. This […]

Disability in Modern Society

Introduction Disability is a mental or physical condition that restricts a person’s activities, senses or movements. Modern societies have recognized the problems faced by these individuals and passed laws that ease their interactions. Some people, therefore, believe that life for the disabled has become quite bearable. These changes are not sufficient to eliminate the hurdles […]

Electronic Cigarettes: Could they Help University Students Give Smoking Up?

The Habit of Smoking Reasons why University Students Smoke University students use smoking to alleviate stress from constant studying and the constant pressures in their social lives. Others start smoking due to the peer pressure from their friends. Students, especially those who suffer from low self esteem, are the most likely to start smoking in […]

Journal for Behavioral Intervention Project

Introduction And Summary I chose exercising and dieting for weight loss as my behavioral intervention project. I selected this option to help me reduce and sustain healthy body weight. The theory utilized in my project was the theory of planned behavior. The decision to use this theory came from the assumption that the theory establishes […]

Estimating the Healthy People 2020 Initiative

Healthy life is the key to successful existence in a social medium. Indeed, sport activities do not only ensure physical health, but also widen individual’s opportunities for expanding their knowledge. Therefore, coordination of schools, local communities, and federal agencies can provide a viable solution to the problem of population health. In order to promote health […]

The Change of my Smoking Behavior

Human beings develop behavior in the process of socialization; sometimes what begins as a habit ends up in being an anti-social behavior and/or addiction. Some antisocial behaviors that are developed from socialization and peer pressure include smoking, alcoholism, and substance abuse. I was born and brought up in a God fearing family, where my parents […]

Understanding How the Medical and Social Model of Disability Supports People With Disability

Introduction Disability is a term that is used to described people who are not able to independently live, achieve their livelihood, attain mobility, speak, learn, take care of themselves among other problems. Most of these are developmental problems and others can occur as a result of accidents. Other disabilities are congenital, that is, a disability […]

Managing Occupational Health and Safety: A Multidisciplinary Approach

This article reviews the importance of managing occupational safety and health. It specifically presents the problems or costs associated with poor management of occupational health and safety. The main findings show that failure to observe safety and health of workers may result into unnecessary costs like payments for sick employees, administrative, insurance as well as […]

Paul Farmer, Partner to the Poor

The text highlights detailed health issues relating to epidemiology. Many diseases have been mentioned by the author. The causes of such diseases are also mentioned. Many people have certain beliefs regarding particular diseases. For instance, sorcery has often been confused by some societies as been the cause of some particular diseases. On the contrary, scientists […]

Biodiversity and Health

Biodiversity is essential for survival of many living organisms on the earth (Duffy 438). Disturbance of the ecosystems on the earth results in many changes, some of which could contribute to human diseases. Pathogens and disease vectors are the major causes of infectious diseases in human beings. Diseases lead to poor health outcomes and unhealthy […]

Analysis of Program “Prevent Diabetes Live Life Well”

Introduction Live Life Well program is a health program that New South Wales Ministry of Health uses in preventing or delaying the onset of type II diabetes mellitus among adults. Since the incidences of diabetes in Australia are very high, it necessitates health promotion program, which helps people to prevent and manage their diabetic conditions […]

Occupation as Ends and Means

Though explored quite deeply in the present-day healthcare and nursing environment, the significance of occupational therapy (OT) still needs major enhancement. Despite the fact that the field in question was established quite long ago, it still lacks consistent strategies, as the analysis of the article by Gray (1998) shows. While the article under analysis represents […]

The Unequal Distribution of the Ill-health Burden

Introduction Despite nations across the world seeking solutions to the international health care problems to ensure a universal access to health care, the unequal distribution of the ill health burden continues to affect the medical sector. The high cost of medical care, the increasing disease complexities, and the unequal distribution of wealth due to the […]

Teaching Preventative Measures in Chronic Diseases

Teaching preventative measures and healthy lifestyle changes will be a key area in the management of global chronic diseases. Generally, disease prevention starts with the likelihood of a risk to health that emanates from a disease or an ecological peril with the aim of protecting people from potential health threats that may degenerate into chronic diseases. […]

Global Misconceptions in The WHO Video

Introduction The WHO video on chronic illness acts as a revelation, for the reason that it provides the audience with a view of the chronic health conditions in the developing countries. It serves to dispel numerous myths and misconceptions about the suffering of people in the third world countries from what have traditionally been viewed […]

Medical, Dental, and Vision Coverage

Medical Coverage We are focused on supporting the well-being of our employees. Therefore, the employees in We In Need are covered according to the UnitedHealthcare insurance plan for employees. In order to guarantee the employees’ well-being and satisfaction, the high productivity, and the effective performance while avoiding exhaustion and severe health problems, 100% of the […]

Structured Individual-based Lifestyle Programs

Discussion Patients need a structured group education program when they are newly diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Evidence from research showed that such structured programs are able to limit the patients’ weight loss and smoking incidences, which are helpful in managing the diabetes conditions. At the same time, the structured education program is beneficial because […]

Employee Health and Safety at Goliath Gold Mine

Introduction Mining is an income generating activity that sees many countries scale the heights of power and economic success. Mineral rich countries in the world include West African states, Canada, Australia, and Russia among others. While the list remains endless, some countries continue to discover lead, gold, fluorspar, diamond, and alumina among other minerals (Cam, […]

The Program on Smoking Cessation for Employees

Introduction There are a number of programs on smoking cessation design for employees that are premised on various data analysis techniques. Despite the diversity of data collection methods, all the programs are aimed at improving employees’ lifestyles and creating new incentives for increasing employees’ productivity and performance. Moreover, there is a growing trend in evaluating […]

Creating a Healthy Work Environment

Abstract Creating a healthy work environment is a process that requires careful planning and implementation. It also requires the combined efforts of both leaders and employees. A healthy work environment caters for physical, social and psychological or mental health of all personnel in an organization. The sensitization process caters for both the psychological and social […]

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Epicondylitis at the Workplace

Abstract Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Epicondylitis are some of the most pronounced workplace injuries that limit the efficiency of workers. This paper offers a consummate discourse regarding the concept of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Epicondylitis at the workplace. It addresses the prevalence of the conditions at the workplace and their management as a way of […]

Substance Abuse: Media Representation of Drug Abusers

The war on drugs is not over yet and it is unlikely to be finished in the recent future. Americans are bombarded by messages about negative effects of substance abuse. Media provide a variety of stories about violent crimes associated with drug abuse. Officials keep talking about the necessity to launch programs aimed at promulgating […]

You Can’t Smoke Before 18

Whether to smoke or not is a debatable question that seems to never end. Since medical experts determined that lung cancers, along with other diseases, is caused by smoking; non smokers have campaigned against smoking, while smokers have clung to this habit. Many teenage smokers think that smoking with help them become accepted by the […]

The Program to Quit Smoking

The main goal of the program consists in introducing incentives for employees to quit smoking and reduce costs in health care insurance. Moreover, the program can significantly improve the physical and mental wellbeing of the employees. Integrating healthy lifestyles to the hospital reduces employees’ costs as well (Posavac & Carey, 1997a, p. 244). Therefore, the […]

Diet and Exercise Controversies

Both good diet and regular exercises are important for individuals to stay healthy. However, there are many controversies that surround exercises and diet. Some people argue that particular foods are better than others. With regard to exercises, some individuals think that they have negative effects while others argue that it is important to exercise regularly. […]

Barriers to Health Care

Even though the black African Americans face myriads of health barriers, most of them often find it difficult to consult their physicians and provide confidential information that can assist towards their medication. In the case whereby they need urgent treatment amid barriers to existing healthcare facilities, most of the black African Americans usually seek God’s […]

Accreditation to Improve Public Health Capacity and Services

The government, government agencies, and local authorities have a duty to ensure that public facilities maintain trust with respect to health, safety, and other human aspects. Government agencies have a duty to ensure that public health facilities maintain their trust in health, compliance, and safety while offering their services to the community. Ideally, the public […]

Drugs and Their Effects

Drugs and substance abuse can lead both to physical and psychological dependency. As a result, drug-addicted patients can experience various side effects depending on the frequency and amount of drugs taken at a time. Investigating patterns of behavior of alcohol and drug-addicted individuals is important because it allows a drug addictions counselor to predict possible […]

NIHL: Impact and Prevention

Noise induced hearing loss (NIHL) affects millions of worldwide. As an almost entirely preventable occupational injury, it deserves attention from employers, employees, the medical community, and occupational safety policy makers. The long term effects of hearing loss can impact the career prospects of a victim, as well as limit their quality of life personally. There […]

Public Health in Culturally Diverse Population

The indigenous Australian people have been facing myriads of health-related challenges for a long time. Generally, their health standard is quite dismal. According to Murray, the indigenous people of Australia are generally a sick population (1586). This paper offers brief discussion of the health issues affecting the Australian indigenous people who are known as the […]

Social Perspectives in Population Health

Introduction The current problems facing population or public health are increasingly being attributed to human behaviour. At an individual level, there have been notable problems that have arisen with regards to developing effective models to deal with health promotion programs that encourage healthy living and nutritional lifestyles. At the society level, there have been notable […]

Occupational Therapist: The World through a Different Lens

A comparatively old practice, occupational therapy roots way back into the B. C. era; however, even in the modern epoch, there are still questions to be answered in the given field, theories to be proven and approaches to be practiced. Demanding specific qualities and even a specific temper, the profession of an occupational therapist poses […]

Human Security and Health

Human security Human security is a diverse concept that cannot be defined or determined by one scholastic view. The fact that people every day are exposed to different vulnerabilities and threats calls for many forms of human security. According to the UNDP human security includes adequate protection of all human beings from threats such as […]

St. John`s Home of the Handicapped

Introduction The main aim of this assignment was to interact with individual with disabilities. To achieve this goal, I volunteered at the St. Johns Home of the Handicapped. St. Johns mainly deals with helping individuals who have physical disabilities to live their lives on a positive note. Like in many other help centers, this is […]

Health Review and Report on Australian Aboriginal people

Aborigines are native inhabitants in Australia who amount to about 2% of the total population (Anderson et al., 2006). From a careful review of literature, there exists overwhelming evidence that the aborigines have been suffering from prolonged health crisis. Unlike other countries in the world where the standards of health for the entire population are […]

Reviewing and Critiquing Broad Wellbeing Programs in Specific Organisations

Introduction Sickness leaves and increased medical expenses incurred by organisations on their employees have called for the need to look at workforce health and wellbeing. Corporate organisations have appeared at the fore in funding research into workforce health challenges. Linley, Harrington and Garcea (2010) assert that management theories are interested in facilitating the growth of […]

American Businesses Motivated to offer Healthcare

Why businesses were motivated to offer healthcare American businesses were motivated to offer healthcare for their employees because of various factors. Healthcare for employees was not given the seriousness that it deserved because many organizations were not keen on this. As much as this situation started changing slowly, there are certain aspects that made it […]

Impact of health and wellness programs on performance of employees

Introduction Health is viewed as a motivating factor and is required in any organization that is considering success. Incorporating health and wellness into the organizational corporate culture is one of the most influential strategies for the promotion of more productivity of employees (Riedel et al., 2001). It is also important when an organization is seeking […]

Disparities in health outcomes in homeless people

Introduction Throughout history, homelessness has been an aggravating factor of health disparities in the world (Smedley, Syme, 2000). Recent studies show considerable difference health outcomes between homeless populations and people with homes (Davis, Cook & Cohe, 2005; (Adler & Newma, 2001). In this paper explores some of the social, cultural, and political factors that propel […]

Drug Abuse: Age, Gender and Addictive Susceptibility

How categorizing addiction as a biological disease affects the way it is treated Notably, addiction is a critical condition of the body’s systems. This is described by the biological theory and other relevant theories endeavoring to explain this phenomenon. Categorizing the condition as a biological disease dictates the remedial, counseling, and therapeutic measures that can […]

Drug abuse prevention programs

Introduction Evidently, it is important for specialists dealing with drug abuse prevention programs to assess a community’s readiness before implementation. This can help in prospecting the outcomes of such programs. There are various reasons behind this phenomenon ranging from its viability to the enhancement of positive results as well as ethical provisions. This is a […]

Health Planning Services

Introduction Health and wellbeing holds a very critical importance in each of us. This importance is only recognisable when we face threat of a potential loss of wellbeing, mobility, or life itself. The ‘rule of rescue’ that we place on our family members, and the community at large means that there is a moral imperative […]

Life Care Plan

Introduction Medical and physical treatment of Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) cannot fully stand alone in restoration of a patient’s health in many cases. An additional program based on cognitive behaviour is also required for mental and emotional stability. Both programs, however, are only aimed at restoring the patient into their maximum achievable potential rather than […]

Article Critique: “The community action model: A community-driven model designed to address disparities in health” by Lavery S.

The article entitled The community action model: A community-driven model designed to address disparities in health outlines the steps a community can put in place in order to build and raise its capacity to address numerous health issues (Lavery et al., 2005). It also outlines the fundamental steps that can be taken in order to […]

Chronic Disease-Racial Ethnic Disparity

Evidently, it is crucial to understand critical racial/ethnic disparities in the context of their viability and contributions to health. Racial differences among Hispanics, blacks, Latin Americans, and whites among other races have posed critical disparities when considered in the health perspective. One of the chronic diseases considerable in this context is breast cancer among the […]

Obesity, Diabetes and Heart Disease

Introduction Junk food in the form of chips, dips, burgers, fries, sodas, candies and ice cream have become such a part of America’s culture that the most prevalent cultural distinction for American today is that of the “Junk Food” culture. In nearly every town, city and state groceries, shopping malls and fast food restaurants carry […]

STD/HIV Health Promotion Evaluation Plan

Evaluation questions Process evaluation Evaluation questions form the basis on which a health promotion program is driven (Issel, 2009). The following questions have been refined to ensure they provide significant feedback on the program’s quality, utility and impact on the target population Process evaluation examines the delivery of a program to its target population (Nutbeam, […]

Health Care Planner

Pre-existing condition is a health situation characterized by unstable health before application of a health cover policy. In this regard, health planners have been reluctant to take up the responsibility of advising such individuals. In case people with pre-existing conditions are covered, they are usually charged high premiums. Pre-existing conditions may include illnesses such as […]

Health Practice and Its Most Important Aspects: Living Long and Happily Ever After

Since one of the most important issues on the agenda of the mankind is the state of people’s health, the issue of health promotion is important as ever. With help of efficient reflective practice, the modern medicine and health care system will be likely to change the situation. Therefore, the issues concerning the reflective practice […]

Effectiveness of prophylaxis

Introduction Prophylaxis refers to therapeutic or community healthiness procedures carried out with the aim of putting off, as opposed to offering treatment or restoration to health of an existing condition (Community-Based Prophylaxis, 3). Prophylaxis is as well a means to curb an outbreak of infection, or reduce the signs of a person who has had […]

Health inequalities

Introduction Understanding what is meant by health inequalities is the first step in addressing the issue. Two central and separate UK health inquiries; one from Acheson and the other from the black report, helped to develop extensive debate regarding health inequalities. Subsequently, they triggered the need for policy and action in addressing the issue. Different […]

Core functions of Public Health in the context of smoking and heart disease

Public health care is a sector of the governmental influence which is aimed at following the health of the nation and informing those about some specific issues which may harm them. Much attention is paid to the problems which exist in the society, and Public Health is also considered, still, not all issues in the […]

Police Trauma: Paying the Ultimate Price to Protect and Serve

Introduction Police Trauma Police officers usually encounter traumatic experiences in the course of their duties that usually predispose them to depression, suicide, alcoholism, and loss of family. Since many police officers are unaware of consequences of traumatic experiences, they find themselves in depression, battling with suicidal feelings, plunging into alcoholism and losing their families. According […]

The effects of radio frequency (MRI)

The effects of radio frequency (MRI) Introduction Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is a useful medical imaging application utilized by radiologists and clinicians to study anatomical and functional characteristics in healthy and disease states (Elman & Harth, 2011). Scanners used in MRI involve the use of powerful magnetic waves and radio waves that help to create […]

Health Effects of Electromagnetic Fields

Background Sources Mobile Phones According to the report conducted by Eurobarometer, mobile telephones are considered as mobile communication masts (65). About 59 % of respondents recognize that mobile handsets contribute to creating electromagnetic fields (EMF) (Eurobarometer 67). Specific threat constitutes mobile phones antenna and stations that expose radiation (Krawczyk 255). Power Lines Eurobarometer has fixed […]

The effects of electromagnetic fields on human health

Introduction Abbreviated as EMF or EM field, an electromagnetic field can be described as a physical field mainly generated when electrically charged objects are moved. It usually affects the behavior of all charged particles within the neighborhood of the field. In general, electromagnetic field exists indefinitely in space and denotes scientific electromagnetic interaction, which is […]

Smoking: pathophysiological effects

Pathophysiological Effects There are several pathophysiological effects that are associated with smoking and a majority of smokers are at risk of suffering from one of these effects or the other. Mobascher and Wintere (2008) point out that the pathophysiological effects of smoking are usually brought about by the many harmful chemicals that are contained in […]

Physical Inactivity

Physical inactivity is a current global issue that crosscuts various regions and age groups. The current prevalence indicates a high level of sedentary lifestyle; minimum recommendations for physical activity are not met by 31% of the world’s population. The global prevalence of physical inactivity is at 17% (Kohl 3rd et al., 2012). Physical inactivity is […]

How Cleaning Products Affect the Body and Skin

Cleaning products consist of household products and skin care products. Household cleaning products include glass cleaners, toilet cleaners, floor cleaners, shower sprays, laundry powders, dish washing detergents, fly sprays and oven cleaners, while skin care products include make-ups, shampoos, soaps and perfumes (Mcdermott, 2012). Our body and skin comes into contact with these products often […]

Asbestos and Rising Of Cancer

Introduction Asbestos refers to a mineral that is composed of fine fibres. Asbestos is classified into three main types. These include crocidolite asbestos, chrysotile asbestos and amosite asbestos. The first category is made up of asbestos that is white in colour while the second is made up of asbestos that is blue in colour. The […]

Tourism and Health

Executive summary Tourism is best described when people take expeditions to exotic destinations as a leisure activity. Tourists interact with different cultures and surroundings through travelling. It is impossible to separate health from tourism because tourists are exposed to various risks when they interact with the environment. Adjusting to the varying time zones will affect […]

Implementing a Wellness Program within an Industry

Executive Summary Workplaces apply as the most appropriate areas to promote healthy habits among individuals because of the ease of admittance, amount of time spent there, as well as availability of effective hold up systems. The main rationale behind corporate wellness programs is the endemic levels of obesity and other associated health challenges among workers. […]

Indoor Air Quality in Schools

Introduction Indoor air quality in schools has a significant effect on students’ health. Schools offer a key indoor environment for students away or besides their home environment since they spend over ten hours per day at school. Since students spend many hours in schools, the issue of indoor air quality is of great significance and […]

Do Air Pollution in Schools Influence Student Performance?

Abstract This paper set out to review the relationship between poor indoor air quality and student health. The paper begins by noting that schools are prone to indoor pollutants and thermal conditions due to the lack of proper funding for good building maintenance practices and the lack of government regulations on building IAQ standards. By […]

Racial/ Ethnic Disparities in Health and Health Care among U.S. Adolescents

This article is primarily a review of already existing data from a study carried out by the National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS). The NSCH offers national and state evaluations of a variety of behavioral, emotional, and physical health indicators. This is evident as the article depends upon or puts reliance on secondary data obtained […]

Explanation on how Singapore can brand itself as a medical tourism hub

Singapore Island is currently positioning itself as a hub for medical tourism. The country’s health care sector attracts approximately over two hundred thousand patients from other countries on an annual basis. The country is strategizing on how to serve one million patients by the near future since this would form crucial source of revenue to […]

Why Hookah is better than Cigarette?

Introduction Many bad habits become prevalent between people of different ages and social classes. Many of those who practice these habits are unaware of the negative consequences. The harm caused by these habits arises from the consequences of using them which range from sickness, addiction to even death. Nichols and Harlow note, “The tobacco epidemic, […]

Reach Reflection of Racial and Ethic Approaches to Community Health

The racial and ethnic approaches in community health targeted the African American women from the rural parts of Alabama. The study was carried out by the University of Alabama, which was charged with the responsibility of coordinating the Alabama REACH 2010 Breast and Cervical Cancer Coalition (ABCCC). The study was focused on addressing challenges caused […]

Exploring “I-Thou” through Concepts of Love, Response, Presence, and Grace

The “I-Thou” concepts can be widened in the context of hospitality. In particular, specific attention should be given to understanding the connection between personal identity, as well as challenges an individual faces while experiencing certain problems. The discussion of woundedness, therefore, sheds light on understanding broader sense of healing, which differs much from cure. In […]

Health Needs of Bourke NSW, Australia

Case study Assessment The following is an essay on a case study assessment. It is about the health needs of Bourke NSW, Australia and looks into the health services available in that community, the cultural groups and communities in the area as well as different health needs. It discusses the Social determinants of health and […]

Inequality in U.S Healthcare

Introduction The following is an argument in favor of the Americare. This medical plan is different from the current Medicare. The Medicare plan is a medical insurance plan that covers the older people who are in the United States. The other insurance is the Medicaid that covers the poor and the unemployed people. This medical […]

The Centre for Disease Control and Prevention

Introduction The Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (2012) explains that “each year, traumatic brain injuries contribute a substantial number of deaths and cases of permanent disability” (p. 1). There is a myriad of factors that cause traumatic brain injuries (TBI) but the main causes are violence and road traffic accidents. These incidents usually cause […]

Medical Coverage for Smoking Related Diseases

In the work place, some issues have been arising with the questions about whether the non-smoking employees should pay same medical insurance premium with the smoking employee. The argument is that smoking employees should pay a premium to cover their smoking related treatment. This issue has been a point of concern since the 1980s and […]

Concept and Problem of Drug Dependence in Society

Drug dependence is the same as substance addiction. It refers to the psychological and/or physical desire for drug substances. A person is described as drug dependent when a particular drug or drugs becomes the centre of his or her life. Such a person cannot function normally without taking the drugs (Colligan, 2010). In most cases, […]

Greater equality: the hidden key to better health and higher scores

Main arguments of the authors In their article, “Greater equality: the hidden key to better health and higher scores”, Wilkinson and Picket (2011) argue that equality in terms of income levels among the population is more important to better higher life expectancy and that the more egalitarian a society is, the healthier its population tends […]

Disabilities Different Kinds

When it comes to discussing what should account for our attitude towards disabled people, it is important to understand that there are two types of disabilities which can be generally referred to as ‘mechanic’ and ‘genetic’. Mechanic disabilities occur as a result of physical injuries. Genetic disabilities, on the other hand, come as a result […]

Being Obese as a Disabling Disability: Concerning the Obstacles for Challenged People

Even though it seems that being a disabled person is already a curse that cannot become more dreadful, recent researches show that obese disabled people suffer even worse than slimmer challenged people. Hence, it cannot be denied that even the objects that people are surrounded with are the manifestation of the discrimination towards the disabled […]

Drug use and misuse in western society: Effects of chronic marijuana use among young women and girls

Introduction It is certain that drug misuse and addiction is viewed as chronic diseases in western society. However, the views of drug use have taken a variety of forms over the centuries. Initially, the drug use was positively feted but this view changed gradually and drug use became condemned as evil. The reason for the […]

Drug Education and Prevention

The issue of drug abuse has been a threat to many economies of the world. This has propelled governments and other community organizations worldwide to formulate ways of curbing this menace from all corners. Among the methods that are used are frank, positive futures and the national drug strategy. While each of these has its […]

Banning the use of Tobacco

Introduction Tobacco is a product of a species of plant that has nicotine content. Harvested as leaves of that particular plant, tobacco can be used to control pests or even as medicine. It is however widely used as a drug through smoking, snuffing, chewing among others. This paper seeks to support the banning of the […]

Body Fitness and Health

Body shapes differ in body fat levels and muscle accumulation and are determined by genetics. People have different body shapes, with men having rectangular shape and women having hourglass shape. The society has focused on how people appear, but an individual’s view of his/her own appearance may not meet the society’s expectation. This paper focuses […]

Impact of culture on communication in a health setting

For as long as globalization is and has been taking place at alarming rate, cross cultural interactions are taking place in the different health settings. These have altered the main forms in which communication takes place, that is the verbal and the non-verbal. In addition to this, communication is very important between the medical professionals […]

Workplace Stress Problem

Stress Stress is the harmful and natural response that occurs when something unexpected happens that is against to the victim’s nature (Stress in the workplace, 2007). Workplace Stress Workplace is the physical and injurious reaction that happens as soon as there is a poor and destructive match between the job demands and your expertise, reserves, […]

Health Outcome of Tobacco Use: Lung Cancer

Nowadays, lots of people put their health under a terrible threat because of taking various harmful produces, and smoking is one of such terrible activities. In fact, tobacco use has already caused so many deaths, but people still cannot stop smoking and still try to make one of the most important decisions in their life […]

The Different Lifestyle Issues that Affect People’s Health

Introduction This essay discusses the different life style issues that affect people’s health. Many diseases and disorders result from lifestyle choices. Through life style changes, individuals can afford a life free from diseases. Physical exercise and proper relaxation have been identified as critical to avoiding stress, obesity and even other complicated conditions like cancer. By […]

The Influence on Health of Economic Inequality

The argument that economic inequality is bad to our health has absolute truth based on the reality in our society today. Individuals’ status in society determines the kind of lifestyle one leads, a factor that dictates the health conditions of a person. However, financial status determines an individual’s consumption pattern, living conditions, as well as […]

Fundamental Causality and Race

Background Information on Fundamental Causality The issue of fundamental causality continues to generate heated discourse among scholars and experts in contemporary society. They seek to determine and quantify how it affects quality and length of human life (Freese & Luftey 1326). Most studies in this area gear towards demystifying the connection between socio-economic status (SES) […]

Life Expectancy in the Developing World

Introduction Certain factors such as poverty, poor health conditions, rapid industrialization, and lack of food safety measures explain why life expectancy is too low in the developing world. Many people in the developing world do not have access to clean water or “uncontaminated” food. Rapid industrialization explains why many countries have a low life expectancy. […]

Stress at the Workplace for Correctional Officers

Executive Summary Stress at the workplace is a common phenomenon in many professions. However, unlike other professionals, correctional officers experience unique work dynamics that introduce new stress factors to their work experiences. Particularly, correctional officers have to manage and supervise the activities of people held by the state against their will. Furthermore, most inmates have […]

National Health Care System for Insurance Program in America

The American health care system has been regarded as a failure and one that does not meet the direct needs of ordinary American citizens. The ever increasing cost of health care is believed to have led to the existence of scores of uninsured Americans (Himmelstein and Woolhandler 1). Unlike most other nations, it is alleged […]

Detrimental Effects of Unemployment on People’s Health

Introduction It has been acknowledged that unemployment negatively affects people’s health in a number of ways. The issue of the correlation between unemployment and health is discussed in a recent article in The Australian (The Australian 2013). According to this article, scientists have found evidence that unemployment leads to faster genetic aging. It is necessary […]

Important Initiatives in the Promotion of Public Health

Introduction Health initiative programs are global phenomena. They are as old as humankind. Continued government support has shown that all-inclusive, sustained programs to address causes of key public health problems are an underlying denominator in the health status of any country (Garrett 2007). In Australia, a number of comprehensive programs addressing key health issues have […]

Public Health’ Social, Psychosocial and Economic Factors

Referring to the recent lectures and examined readings, I have learnt that there is a range of factors influencing the public health, and these factors are social, psychosocial, political, and economic ones; thus, the public health is affected by the fact of living in rural or urban environments, by climatic changes, and by differences in […]

Why marijuana should be illegalized

Introduction Since time before, the US government has been tabling debates with the sole aim of ascertaining the issues surrounding the use of Marijuana for medical related purposes. Sources indicate an escalation in number of States, which permit marijuana use, in treating some of the serious ailments reported to affect a larger fraction of the […]

Prevention of Disease

Health is very important to all people because it determines how a person can best enjoy his or her life. God created man to take care of His creations but man’s activities and aggressiveness are posing a great threat to his health. This paper discusses the prevention of breast cancer and diabetes. These two illnesses […]