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Public Health Essay Examples and Topics

Global Health Diseases in Africa

The prevalence of tuberculosis and HIV across the globe is greatest in Sub-Saharan Africa. The diagnosis and treatment of tuberculosis in children present significant difficulties in the epoch of the HIV epidemic.

Health Behavior Change and Its Patterns

The health behavior targeted was the improper diet patterns kept, as a result of her busy schedule, in an attempt to meet her daily chores, in meeting the needs of the children, her homestead, and [...]

Epidemiologist’s Role in Public Policy Development

As the reduction of adverse health influences caused by outdoor pollution cannot be controlled by the population itself, the public health sector and its authorities are to develop and implement policies aimed to improve this [...]

Safe Driving Among American Youth as Health Issue

It reviews the organization's perspective on the issue and the strategies it proposes to reduce the risks of car accidents. The paper concentrates on safe driving for young people, summarizing the National Safety Council's position [...]

Obesity in Children and Preventive Measures

The disease has been considered in the health sector as one of the essential health epidemics in the current times. These measures have been noted to have little impact on the rise of obesity among [...]

Patient Empowerment: Education and Counseling

In the age of technologies, the Internet, social media, and the extensive use of electronic health records, patients are presented with opportunities to take their health under control and become more active in choosing, implementing, [...]

HIV Rates Among African American Women

For instance, the CDC introduced the HIV Surveillance and Prevention Funding program aimed to promote HIV testing among people of all ages and ethnicities, and expansion of access to HIV testing services.

Healthy Lifestyle Education Program for Children

Therefore, the objective of the physical education is to enable children and families to understand the essence of physical activity in preventing and controlling chronic diseases such as obesity, heart diseases, and diabetes.

Cross-Cultural Healthcare Importance

A variety of cultural values should not predetermine the quality of healthcare services, and there are two cases that help to clarify the importance of cross-cultural healthcare.

Medicare and Medicaid Programs in the US

Co-pays and deductibles also amount to the out-of-pocket costs for medical services. For instance, the quantity and quality of services delivered to different patients is something that should be taken seriously.

The Future of Patient-Centered Care

In short, after watching the video, I came to an understanding that the purpose of a doctor is not to improve the immediate conditions of a patient, but to initialize a change in behavior through [...]

Community Health Profile: Baltimore City

The history of the town includes various policies that prohibited Black people from moving into "white neighborhoods," and the effects of such segregation are still present in the mapping of the city to this day.

Healthy People 2020-2030 Plan for the UAE

The availability of high-quality, comprehensive, and timely hospital services promotes the health outcomes of the greatest number of people. The presence of these attributes will meet the medical needs of the greatest number of people [...]

HIV Prevention Among Young Adults in Chicago

The present paper aims at evaluating the skills and abilities needed for the public health professional in order to eliminate the negative impact of some health issues on the health of the target population.

Sex Workers’ Health Promotion Program

The fact that the nature of issues associated with sexual health is very sensitive also prevents the broad discussion of the issue and the identification of viable solutions.

Tobacco-Free Simon Fraser University Campaign

The goal of the program is the adoption of a Tobacco-Free Campus policy, which would ensure that tobacco companies have no effect on the actions of the faculty, students, or any policymakers that may have [...]

Cultural Diversity Issues in Healthcare

The goals should be approved both by the family members and a counselor. Alden et al.state that it is of great importance to understand the extent to which cultural values affect the family decisions and [...]

HIV Prevention in Youth: Public Health Campaign

Interprofessional collaboration is reported to have a positive impact on HIV prevention, to promote the spread of data, and to support the efforts of the public health professionals in the process of work with the [...]

Personal Patient Health Information Loss

The case of the Henry Ford Health System breach shows that employees of health organizations are usually the weakest links in protecting patient data, pointing to a need to raise awareness of the problem and [...]

Public Health Fundamentals and Governance

The paper will include the reflection on Master of Public Health foundational competencies, Chamberlain University MPH concentration competencies, and the application of public health assurance and system management essentials to public health practice.

Behavior Change Intervention for Youth in Florida

The fact young men and women are usually not aware of the consequences such activity may lead to, brings another evidence to the statement that a serious intervention is required to change health behaviors of [...]

Needs Assessment for Reducing Health Problems

Individuals who use injection drugs are highly susceptible to the contraction and transmission of HIV infection since the misuse of the drugs can interfere with their cognitive ability to make sound judgments, hence poor handling [...]

Evidence-Based Protocol for Rural Health Services

Given that the growth and sustainability of organizations and sectors are largely dependent on the leadership process, it is paramount to understand the role healthcare leaders play in addressing the accessibility of health care services [...]

Medical Marijuana Legalization Rebuttal

The claim of fact is that A.C.A.continues to be beneficial despite the arguments of Republican politicians and current challenges. The claim of policy is the appeal to Republicans and Democrats to work together on the [...]

Health Service for Australian Indigenous Population

The Northern Territory of Australia is home to the largest segment of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander populations in regard to their ratio to the other groups as the indigenous people represent over one-quarter of [...]

Healthy Children Through Community Effort

As the environment has been shown to have a significant influence on children's health and well-being, it is worth discussing the role of outside-school facilities in promoting a healthy lifestyle among children.

Public Health: Newark Community’s Windshield Survey

It includes the general introduction, windshield survey findings, definition of the vulnerable population and its problem, the determinants of the vulnerable status of the population group, and the opportunities that the community provides for this [...]

School-Based Obesity Prevention Plan for 2017-19

As for the factors that cause the given problem, it needs to be said that the primary sources of growing obesity rates are the following: lack of education related to healthy eating decreased physical activity [...]

Determinants of Health Outcomes

As can be seen, it is a major disease present in all races that are highly dangerous and requires the education of patients to improve disease prevention.

Illness and Quality Health Care

The third explanation is that the treatment of diseases is a positive indicator of a sustainable health sector. This is the case because some diseases are unknown in terms of pathophysiology and etiology.

Cultural Differences and Healthcare Provision

First, one needs to understand the characteristics of Mexicans who come to the United States in search of the American dream, and secondly, one also needs to understand the issue of health literacy within the [...]

Healthcare, Human Services and Foster Care in the US

Particularly, it is essential to enhance the importance of the caretakers' role in both the provision of the necessary healthcare assistance to their foster children after the people in question become legal guardians of the [...]

Public Health Informatics and Vaccination Coverage

Public health informatics is the field that optimizes the utilization of information with the purpose of improving individual and community health, health policy, health and biomedical services, and public health practices.

Medical Resources and Life Expectancy in Sudan

The recent study by Chetty et al.shows the increasing gap in the standard of living of the poorest and richest residents of the United States, while the high income increases the life expectancy of the [...]

The Smoking Ban: Arguments Comparison

The first argument against banning smoking employs the idea that smoking in specially designated areas cannot do harm to the health of non-smokers as the latter are supposed to avoid these areas.

Population Health and Education in the USA

In this regard, the purpose of this paper is to examine the role of education in the population's health in the US, focusing on both positive and negative aspects and considering various links between the [...]

Traffic Incident on the South Market Street

One of the children remains in critical condition and unconscious. One of the patients required surgery, whereas three of the children acquired fractures and other tissue injuries as a result of the incident.

Global Health Governance and Poverty

The aim of this paper is to outline the importance of health in global governance and discuss the issue of poverty in less-developed nations as a significant challenge to the global health system.

Obesity: Physical and Psychological Consequences

Some researchers claim that environment is one of the major factors contributing to the development of obesity as people may be unaware of the hazards associated with the food they consume, and add that stricter [...]

Emergency Medical Treatment and Preparedness

Therefore, there is a need to reevaluate the facility's preparedness in the event of the occurrence of the looming security threat, which may lead to increased emergency traffic to the facility.