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Disability in Modern Society Opinion Essay


Disability is a mental or physical condition that restricts a person’s activities, senses or movements. Modern societies have recognized the problems faced by these individuals and passed laws that ease their interactions.

Some people, therefore, believe that life for the disabled has become quite bearable. These changes are not sufficient to eliminate the hurdles associated with their conditions.

The life of a person with a disability today is just as difficult as it was in the past because of the stigma in social relations as well as economic, mobility and motivational issues associated with such a condition.

How disability is still an obstacle today

A person with a disability would live a hard life today owing to the emotional issues associated with the condition. His or her identity would revolve around his or her disability rather than anything else that the person can do.

It does not matter whether the individuals is handsome or talented, like Tom Cruise. At the end of the day, he will always be a disabled man. This attitude obscures one’s accomplishments and may even discourage some people from accomplishing anything.

Other able-bodied individuals would always categorize such a person as a second-class citizen. It would take a lot of will power and resolve to get past these labels and merely lives one’s life. Opponents of this argument would claim that some great inventors of modern society are disabled.

A case in point was Dr. Stephen Hawkings, whose mathematical inventions led to several breakthroughs in the field of cosmology (Larsen 87). While such accomplishments exist, they do not represent the majority.

Persons like Hawkings have to work harder because they have their handicaps to cope with alongside their other scientific work. A disabled scientist is more diligent than a normal one because he has two forms of hurdles to tackle.

It is not common to find such immense willpower in the general population. Therefore, disability leads to a tough life owing to its emotional demands on its subjects.

Modern life has created several technologies designed to simplify movement. For instance, modern cities have stairs, trains, cars, doors and elevators to achieve this. However, these technologies are not easy to use for disabled people.

Many of them find that they cannot climb stairs, drive cars or even access trains without help from someone else. Therefore, while the rest of the world is enjoying the benefits of technology, a disabled person would still have to overcome these challenges in order to move from place to place.

Some opponents of this assertion would claim that the life of a disabled person today is unproblematic because a lot of devices have been developed to facilitate movement and other interactions. For instance, a person with amputated legs can buy artificial limbs or use a wheelchair.

However, some of the best assistive technologies for the disabled are quite expensive, and average citizens cannot afford them.

Many of them would have to contend with difficult -to-use devices like wheelchairs, which may not always fit into certain spaces. They would also have to exert themselves in order to use those regular devices.

Social relations are a serious challenge for disabled people today. A number of them live isolated lives or only interact with persons who have the same condition. Social stigma is still rife today even though progress has been made.

Friends would simply be unwilling to dedicate much of their free time to help this disabled person move. Additionally, finding a life partner or marrying someone would also be a laborious process because of the physical and psychological implications.

If one’s handicap is physical, and affects their kinetics, then they would not engage in sexual activity.

Alternatively, psychical deformities may be off putting as many individuals find them sexually unattractive. These social stigmas can impede a disabled person’s ability to enjoy normal relationships with others.

Economic hurdles are also another cause of unfulfilled lives amongst the disabled. Some jobs do not require an investment in one’s image, so these would be tenable for the disabled. However, a number of positions take into account one’s physical image.

These include television anchoring, sports, politics, and even sales jobs. The practical demands of these jobs, such as sales and sports, would not allow a disabled person to engage in them meaningfully.

Alternatively, the positions may also place too much emphasis on physical appearance to the point of making disabled persons unsuitable for them. While the latter might seem like discrimination, it is a given fact that the world is increasingly becoming superficial.

Companies only want to focus on what sells, so they have little time to be proactive or fair. In essence, these attitudes close the door t many opportunities for the disabled as they pigeonhole them into passive professions.


Modern societies have not eradicated the obstacles that persons with disabilities face. This is evident in their attitudinal inclinations as most of them reduce a disabled person’s identity to their inability rather than their accomplishments.

Difficulties in mobility and use of technology among the disabled also testify to their hardships. Social stigma concerning their physical attractiveness and demands in friendships also limit their social relationships.

Finally, their economic prospects are neutralized by their mobility challenges as well as their physical image. All these hurdles indicate that disability causes its victims to live painstaking lives.

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