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Public Health Essay Examples and Topics

Paul Farmer, Partner to the Poor

This is to explain the many factors involved in the determination of the onset of some particular diseases. The dimension of the problem of HIV in Haiti is such that the prevalence of HIV in [...]

Biodiversity and Health

The disturbance of the ecosystem has some effects on the dynamics of vectors and infectious diseases. Change of climate is a contributing factor in the emergence of new species and infectious diseases.

Occupation as Ends and Means

While the article under analysis represents the necessary information in a cohesive and understandable manner, the fact that the article is quite old, as well as that the author puts a relatively small emphasis on [...]

Teaching Preventative Measures in Chronic Diseases

Given that attention to preventive measures and changes in lifestyle can significantly cause all these functions, the future health care may have to increase on skills aimed at assisting the patients to capitalize on their [...]

Global Misconceptions in The WHO Video

The WHO video on chronic illness acts as a revelation, for the reason that it provides the audience with a view of the chronic health conditions in the developing countries.

Medical, Dental, and Vision Coverage

Medical Coverage for a Spouse and Family Members Medical Coverage Spouse USD 190 per month Spouse + Child USD 350 per month Family USD 450 In order to contribute to the positive health outcomes for [...]

Structured Individual-based Lifestyle Programs

At the same time, the structured education program is beneficial because it is effective in improving the patients' beliefs about diabetes such that they become more responsive to treatment and other intervention programs.

The Program on Smoking Cessation for Employees

Due to the fact that the main purpose of the program on smoking cessation consisted in improving healthy lifestyles of their employees, the focus on cost reduction and insurance seems to be irrelevant.

Creating a Healthy Work Environment

The Impact of Policies and Practices that Promote Awareness on the Importance of Creating and Maintaining a Healthy Work Environment An ideal and healthy work environment is created by the organization's leaders through enactment of [...]

You Can’t Smoke Before 18

Early smoking means that it will be hard for the person to quit the habit which results in many smoking related deceases and early death because of the harm caused to the body.

The Program to Quit Smoking

The second stage of the evaluation proves revealed the benefits of the program for the hospital in terms of discount rates for employees, age categories involved in the program. This process consists in selection of [...]

Diet and Exercise Controversies

With regard to exercises, some individuals think that they have negative effects while others argue that it is important to exercise regularly.

Barriers to Health Care

The Hispanics are poorly served by healthcare services in the US in spite of the fact that they comprise the largest group among the ethnic minorities.

Drugs and Their Effects

Therefore, as a drug addictions counselor, I would rather take control of the alcohol-addicted patient and focus on the patterns of his behavior to avoid complications and risks to the patient's health.

NIHL: Impact and Prevention

The use of a Haddon diagram can assist in visualizing all the proactive and responsive actions that can be taken to prevent NIHL.

Public Health in Culturally Diverse Population

This paper offers brief discussion of the health issues affecting the Australian indigenous people who are known as the aborigines. It should be understood that this segment of the Australian population hardly receives the full [...]

Social Perspectives in Population Health

The World Health Organization defines public health as the art and science of preventing the occurrence or recurrence of diseases through the organized efforts of health care organizations, improving the health of societies and prolonging [...]

Human Security and Health

Dubois believes health is the ability of people to adapt to the dynamic environment and the social situations that characterize life.

St. John`s Home of the Handicapped

The ease of interaction with the people at the community center dispelled the fear that I had towards new relations. While at the center, I was able to interact with people from different cultures and [...]

Drug Abuse: Age, Gender and Addictive Susceptibility

This incorporates the aspects of gender where males and females possess varying biological constitutions that might affect the prescribed treatments in the realms of addiction. It is important to consider the rapidity and susceptibility of [...]

Drug abuse prevention programs

Additionally, it is possible to prospect the success of the program in case the required readiness from the community can be unveiled prior to the program execution.

Health Planning Services

Despite the important role of the health system, other sectors like education and employment are equally important and influence the status of a country's health and wellbeing.

Life Care Plan

However, cognitive therapies should be carried out in a home setting or familiar places to enable the patient to easily conceptualize with the aid of her environment. The patient care program should be carried out [...]

Chronic Disease-Racial Ethnic Disparity

Evidently, it is crucial to understand critical racial/ethnic disparities in the context of their viability and contributions to health. This indicates the mentioned racial disparity in health relative to breast cancer.

Obesity, Diabetes and Heart Disease

Chronic diseases such as obesity, diabetes and heart disease have become endemic and as such calls into question what processes can be implemented among members of the local population so as to prevent the spread [...]

STD/HIV Health Promotion Evaluation Plan

Process evaluation will emphasize on quality and suitability of the interventions and approaches of the program. A critical aspect of process evaluation will be to determine and track the areach' of the program.

Health Care Planner

In this case, care planners should determine the vulnerability of the client before advising on the premium to be paid. However, the truth of the matter is that care planners should encourage their clients to [...]

Effectiveness of prophylaxis

Mass prophylaxis refers to the capacity to save from harm the healthiness of the populace by means of administration and effective management of important interventions in reaction to a community health urgent situation in a [...]

Health inequalities

The key debates related to inequalities and health in the UK, are on the causes on these inequalities and how they can be resolved.

Health Effects of Electromagnetic Fields

In particular, morphological distortion of cellular structure of the organism is one of the effects of X-ray radiation. In particular, the devices introduced by EathCalm producer can be used to measure the intensity of electromagnetic [...]

The effects of electromagnetic fields on human health

In the understanding of electromagnetic fields, it is important to note that there are several generators of radiations at workplaces. As a result, people are likely to experience the impact of radiations variedly depending on [...]

Smoking: pathophysiological effects

In addition to the effects of smoking on the various body organs including the heart and lungs, smoking has also been shown to have adverse effects on the brain resulting to a compromise of the [...]

Physical Inactivity

Physical activity is recognized as the fourth factor that needs to be addressed in the prevention of non-communicable diseases. More political attention is required to reinforce the importance of physical activity through policies.

How Cleaning Products Affect the Body and Skin

This paper discusses the effects of cleaning products on the human's body and skin, the process in which these chemicals get absorbed into the body, diseases caused by cleaning products and how to prevent the [...]

Tourism and Health

The health organizations of the host countries play significant roles in identifying the health problems of travelers and providing guidance on how to evade the health risks.

Indoor Air Quality in Schools

The concentration of contaminants in the indoor air may lead to the occupants experiencing a range of health symptoms and discomfort. Numerous factors contribute to poor indoor air in the majority of the schools.

Why Hookah is better than Cigarette?

Most smokers start the habit as a joke due to peers' pressure during their tender age or in order to be included in the company and as a result spend the rest of their lives [...]

Inequality in U.S Healthcare

The other insurance is the Medicaid that covers the poor and the unemployed people. This means that the better option of insurance is a universal insurance plan that caters for everyone.

The Centre for Disease Control and Prevention

Socio-cultural factors Some of the most common socio-cultural factors influencing the recovery of TBI patients centre on the role of family and friends in the healing process, education and prevention programs, how the patients cope [...]

Disabilities Different Kinds

First, it can be questioned whether any form of physical or mental disability can be referred to as something that deserves to be 'celebrated', as the promoters of political correctness want us to believe.

Banning the use of Tobacco

A government's responsibility over the welfare of its citizens therefore calls for a step to control such cardiovascular complications and subsequent impacts and one of the primary ways to do this is by banning the [...]

Body Fitness and Health

Yuill and Barry argues that "both male and female do different types of exercises so that they can acquire their preferred body shapes and due to complex social relations, especially in the universities, females are [...]

Workplace Stress Problem

Reducing working hours The main reason of stress is to do work in the time limit. If a mind is relaxed, one can do more and more work in short period of time than a [...]

Health Outcome of Tobacco Use: Lung Cancer

Tobacco smoking takes so many lives each day, and the most terrible point with regard to this situation is that people are aware of that horrible statistics, but still, continue smoking; lung cancer, caused by [...]

Fundamental Causality and Race

Sociologists believe that racial dynamics have a role to play in recurrent propagation of ill health and high mortality in American society. Disparities in socio-economic status affect implementation and augmentation of efforts that seek to [...]

Stress at the Workplace for Correctional Officers

To do so, the present study strives to understand the predictors of occupational stress among correctional officers Research Aim To understand the predictors of occupational stress among correctional officers Research Objectives To investigate the impact [...]

Why marijuana should be illegalized

The greater part of the population believes that the sustained use of this product is beneficial in numerous ways. Therefore, it is clear that the negative effects of the drug outdo the constructive ones.

Prevention of Disease

The first indicator of breast cancer is the presence of a lump that feels like a swollen matter that is not tender like the rest of the breast tissues.

Florida Young Employee Health Project

This project is a product of the university of Miami and it is charged with analysis of various behaviours, especially the risky ones that are related to the young employees who hold specific jobs in [...]

Public Health Characteristics

Public health refers to the science of improving and guarding people's health. The movement of people and goods can act as a mode of transferring public health dangers.

Public Health Administrators

They have pushed governments and health departments to provide the required tools and funds to health facilities. This means that they must ensure these institutions have adequate funds and personnel to manage health related issues.