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Community Health Problem and Improvement Plan Essay

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Updated: Jun 19th, 2022

It is common to find modern communities experiencing diverse social challenges ranging from education to security. This discussion post identifies hand-washing hygiene among children as a significant well-being challenge to many societies. Specifically, young learners lack the adequate skills and knowledge required to maintain high health standards in public entities (Manandhar & Chandyo, 2017). A tactical plan is required for protecting children against outbreaks of diseases. In this strategy, participants will include medical practitioners, administration officials from representing schools, parents, and young learners (Noguchi et al., 2021). It is through hand-washing hygiene that learners will ensure accuracy in reducing the spread of Covid-19. In essence, an objective health improvement plan would include a structured communication process of information awareness with positive outcome standards measured in reducing contagious illnesses among young learners.

The structure of an effective plan should ensure the comprehensive integration of all stakeholders relevant to the social project. As mentioned earlier, medical practitioners, such as pediatricians, public health experts, young learners, and representatives from schools, will contribute to improving hand-washing hygiene. For instance, public health experts will demonstrate how and when learners should ensure cleaning their hands (Noguchi et al., 2021). Children will also be actively involved to ensure firsthand learning from professionals in the health sector. Administrative officials from academic institutions will also be expected to learn a modeling approach to improve other hygiene practices for learners. In essence, the community’s health improvement plan will ensure exclusive stakeholder integration for achieving outlined goals.

Moreover, implementing the public initiative would require a coherent and reliable process that can sustain health and hygiene practices as a value. Improving community health among children would require intensive information awareness among relevant stakeholders (Noguchi et al., 2021). For instance, the improvement process would require a brief meeting with parents for active contribution in implementing hygiene practices at home. School administrators will also be contacted to develop useful learning materials regarding best hand-washing practices. The process would end with practical sessions with different age categories among young learners (Manandhar & Chandyo, 2017). This approach is tactical for developing an improvement plan consistent, reliable, and available for both teachers and parents. Most importantly, the improvement process should ensure an ultimate reduction of high risks in spreading contagious diseases once schools reopen.

The health improvement plan will also measure the outcome standards of the initiative in terms of reduced risk of spreading contagious diseases among beneficiaries. In this case, children who practice the best hand-washing techniques will contribute to a healthy surrounding (Manandhar & Chandyo, 2017). For instance, the social initiative will enhance hygiene standards against Covid-19 among junior academic institutions. Schools that implement the improvement plan’s recommendations successfully will also reduce medical expenses captured in budgets for operating a public institution. Authorities will be keen on how teachers and parents engage and teach children hand-washing hygiene (Noguchi et al., 2021). Public healthcare will improve significantly, as stakeholders will be informed and acquire sufficient knowledge regarding community participation in social initiatives.

In conclusion, a community health problem affects all individuals irrespective of economic or socio-cultural backgrounds. The ongoing pandemic illustrates the essence of togetherness in fighting a contagious disease. A health improvement plan is vital for protecting vulnerable populations such as the disabled and children. This discussion post presents an exclusive hand-washing strategy intended to improve children’s hygiene. Objective stakeholder integration outlines a structured communication process for information awareness among young learners. Most importantly, the community health improvement plan is expected to develop a reliable, consistent, and sustainable strategy for ensuring children’s medical well-being.


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