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Healthcare Financing Essay Examples and Topics

Medicaid Contracting with Managed Care Plans

However, it is common because the number of physicians in the care units managed by Medicaid is not enough to adequately serve a large number of patients. Medicaid federal program is established in the USA [...]

Healthcare Finance: Express Scripts, Inc.

It is imperative for healthcare managers to understand the fundamental aspects of financial aspects of healthcare management. Financial ratios analysis for Express Script, Inc.is based on annual statements from the year 2009 to 2013.

Medicaid and Medicare Services for the Elderly

Medicare- This is a type of hospital insurance that allows individuals above the age of 65 years to receive free healthcare. Fee-for-service- This is a method of healthcare payment whereby all the service offered are [...]

Managing a Hospital Budget

Understanding the costs associated with the expenses of running a hospital is vital since it is from the costs that we are able to determine the amount of profit the hospital can make in relation [...]

Financial Reporting and Healthcare Departments

The first difference between financial reports for non-profit entities and for-profit entities is that for-profit entity reports indicate efficient management of all finances for them to win the confidence of investors.

Payment Mechanisms in the Healthcare Environment

The ability to control costs is a crucial skill for a healthcare provider; otherwise, one will fail to control the available resources and use them so that the services of the finest quality could be [...]

Behavioral Healthcare Reimbursement Changes

In fact, it explains the changes that have affected reimbursement of professionals resulting from government restrictions, as opposed to, the first article which dwells on Medicaid current and future fiscal aspects.

Elijah Heart Center’s Financial Accounting

The main points of the financial accounting plan for improving the turnaround of the organization include covering the capital shortage, cost-effective equipment acquisition strategies, and the selection of options for capital expansion.

Accounting Tool for a Healthcare Organization

Thus, the principles of sustainability as the foundation for managing the company's financial resources will be introduced into the context of the hospital. After a brief overview of the reports, managers will have to provide [...]

Health Insurance Provision in the USA

In the first drafts of this major document, a health care reform was proposed as a way to change the insurance policies and provide people with more opportunities to get access to healthcare.

Health Policy Fellowship

Nurse practitioners should use their competencies, ideas, and concepts to influence policies that have the potential to impact access to medical services and patient care.

Health Savings Account

A Health Savings Account is a savings account that taxpayers enrolled in any high-deductible health plan in the United States can consider to cater for their health demands.

Hospital Outpatient Prospective Payment System

However, a potential disadvantage of per diem payment system is that it increases the number of admissions and the duration of hospitalization. This system of payment offers a strong incentive to increase the number of [...]

Hospital Facilities’ Payment Challenges

Barriers to the healthcare organization are the hindrance to the effective healthcare service delivery. The healthcare personnel should be persuaded to be included in the establishment of the guidance.

Financial Management System in Healthcare

The importance of source documentation is to support the use of funds as implied in the accounting records. An effective way of addressing financial challenges in healthcare organizations is to emphasize the use of budgets [...]

Alpha Health System: Allocating Capital

The expected outcomes pertain to a greater integrity of the managerial goals with the allocation process, enhanced project analysis, "comprehensive communication", and the improved distribution of the financial capital due to the contribution of the [...]

The UAE’s Healthcare System and Insurance

The UAE has made incredible progress in its healthcare sector, owing to the government's plan to establish comprehensible health initiatives and programs that target both private and public health sectors. The World Health Organization now [...]

Healthcare Quality and Governmental Spending

Thus, the increase of government spending on health coverage is not proportional to the increase in healthcare quality and coverage, which is one of the core problems in the United States health system.

The Cost of Drugs and Their Effectiveness

The drug's effectiveness, its high cost, and specifics of the therapy were considered as factors that downsized the cost-effectiveness of the medication in the eye of the Services' administration.

Differences in Revenue Cycle Management

As for outpatient RCM, it begins after the discharge of a patient, when codes and claims are to be reconsidered and adjusted according to the diagnosis and further services.

Health Care Finance: Tools and Techniques

My plan to enhance out-of-pocket accounts receivable would include the implementation of policies to encourage prompt payments and the utilization of technology to improve payment processes.

Healthcare Cost Reduction in Affordable Care Act

Containment of healthcare cost is one of the key goals of The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. In the process of cost reduction, the government must address the effects of the strategies it puts [...]

Health Economics and Medical Care

Lanis Hicks is the author of Economics of Health and Medical Care, the book about economics, various economic tools and methods that can be used in health care, and health policies that have to be [...]

Health Plans and Changes After Medicaid Program

One major aspect of the industry that has changed is the nature of health plans. One of the major differences between modern and earlier health plans is the increase in the number of participating employees.

Medicaid Expansion, Its Benefits and Alternatives

While some concerns were voiced regarding the possible adverse effects of adopting the expanded policies, currently the data shows that the states which chose not to participate in the expansion are at a serious economic [...]

Healthcare Pricing Strategies and Common Mistakes

Most consumers approach the purchase of the services rendered by certain healthcare in a manner similar to retail shopping. The strategy will target to meet the lifestyle expectations of most consumers within their price brackets.

Performance Management in Healthcare

The role of the finance manager is to oversee the finance operations at the facility. The Finance Department is responsible for all the financial operations at the health center.

Operations Planning for a Group Medical Practice

Nowadays, many organizations pay vehement attention to the sufficient planning of their operations, as, otherwise, it will not be possible to mitigate risks and remain competitive in the market during the times of natural disasters [...]

Payment Rates for Medicare Physicians

This schedule widely differs from the fee schedule in that, physicians recognize a fee as the price offered to them by the Medicare and or the patient for the service they render while on the [...]

Medicaid Managed Care Plans in California

In the state of California, Medi-Cal is charged with the responsibility of administering Medicaid to the citizens. The MCO plan in the state of California takes about 30% of all enrollees for Medicaid managed care [...]

Government’s Role in Healthcare Financing

The paper discusses the historical background of healthcare financing and the roles of the government in allocating resources. The role of the government comes in to redistribute resources carefully to balance the economic and social [...]

Economics and Financial Management in Healthcare

Income elasticity of demand for the health care services represents the correlation of the quantity of products or services demanded by the population and the alterations in the individual income of the population.

Diabetes Treatment and Funding in Fulton County

The allocation of the financial resources available, however, leaves much to be desired, as the programs aimed at spreading awareness concerning the threats of diabetes, as well as the factors that enhance its development, do [...]

Canadian Healthcare Spending on Aging Population

The increase in the aging population corresponds with the increase in life expectancy in the country. In this paper, the impact of the aging population on the healthcare expenditure in Canada will be discussed.

Health Insurance Exchange: Obamacare Program

The artificial raising of customers' demand minimizes the regulation power of clients in price setting due to the fact that the level of competitiveness in the insurance market will sag significantly.

Medicaid – Government Medical Program

The program was initially intended to address; defining the target population of the program; characterizing the services provided in the program and defining its source of funding; defining the role of social workers in the [...]

Health Insurance Importance

The importance of health insurance to the health status of Americans necessitated the formulation of various laws to control the industry.

Evaluating Budget Documents

In realization of its objectives and goals, the hospital has adequately embraced the concept of budgeting. In case of the King Faisal specialist hospital, site-based budgeting has been adopted.

Increasing of Medicaid Cost

The study seeks to assess and evaluate roles of Medicaid in providing health care and medical services to the poor people in health care system with a view of formulating appropriate recommendations to enhance effectiveness, [...]

Health Savings Accounts

The savings accounts of health empowers patients of cost-conscious in making decisions regarding health care and increases pressures of competition to reduce the costs of health care.

Budgetary Priorities in U.S.

This paper will discuss why the policy issues in the healthcare sector need to be given the first budgetary priority by both the senate and the government.

Premiums in XYZ Health Insurance

The major aim of this analysis is thus to give reasonable estimates of using statistical tools based on the given data and other external factors to determine the most appropriate premium amount in dollars that [...]

Medicare and Medicaid in California

This means that this program offers subsidized services for all poor people and those that are disadvantaged in the society. This means that people earning above the average pay are not allowed to subscribe to [...]

Impeding Medicare Problems

According to the 1995 trustee report, "in the 35 years, the Medicare program income will be sufficient to pay only 47% of the program's cost and only 35 % of its costs over the last [...]

Demand in Health Care Economics

The health care market is also influenced by the accessibility of information and the precision between the general practitioner, who is the supplier and the patient-consumer.

The Nature of Health Insurance in the U.S

This debate has been caused by the availability of two contrasting health insurance policy proposals in the United States that claim to solve the health care crisis in the country.

The Basic Elements of Health Insurance

Cost sharing is essential in provision of health insurance to the poor and uninsured. Stakeholders involved should review the existing health insurance programs to identify and address the gaps in accessibility of services.

Impact of the Economy on Health Care

This piece will discuss the problems of healthcare, the causes and effects of the economy on healthcare, solutions to the healthcare problem, a comparison with other countries and a brief conclusion on the impact of [...]

Health Economics-SIC and NAICS

After a series of revisions to SIC, the Office of Management and Budget in 1997 approved the adoption of North American Industry Classification System to substitute the Standard Industrial Classification in the collection of industry [...]

U.S. Social Welfare Program

The program has paid for the care of more than half of children as well as other persons who are living with AIDS in the United States.

Long-Term Care Insurance

It is important to note that the services and products of long-term care insurance will be much expensive than today majorly due to the inflation.

High Health Cost in U.S.A

Through these legislations, the United States of America will be in a position to cut down its high health care cost.

Healthcare [FREE Paper Example!]

The United States Department of Health and Human Services has noted the need for quality and affordable medical care services to its citizens, particularly children from poor families.

Consumer Driven Health Care (CDHC)

Consumer-driven health care plan gives the patients the power to control their health care costs and, therefore, they are able to avoid spending on low-value and unnecessary health.

The Medicaid Program in America

The policy stream in healthcare usually consists of experts and specialists in the field who may both be inside the government or in the private sector, and they advocate their ideas and solutions to the [...]