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Immunology Essay Examples and Topics

Human Microbiome

The first factor that is considered responsible for the observed differences in the functional properties of the site where the microbiota proliferates.

Rheumatoid Arthritis: Disease’ Biology

Autoimmune diseases include a range of common conditions that affect the health of people in the United States, and according to the statistics, being a female is an important risk factor in the majority of [...]

Mandatory Vaccination of Healthcare Professionals

The majority of the medical community has accepted the concept of vaccination as an effective tool in combating and controlling diseases. The purpose of this paper is to examine the arguments and rhetoric devices used [...]

Techniques for Helping Women with HIV

During pregnancy, the risk of transmitting the virus to a fetus is high; therefore helping women with this diagnosis is the urgent task of modern medicine and the way of protecting the country's gene pool.

Vaccinations’ Importance

Nevertheless, the origin of vaccines as an endeavor date later in the 1700s from the works of the farmer Benjamin Jesty and Doctor Edward Jenner on the appearances of milkmaids that demonstrated the capacity of [...]

The Treatment for Anaphylaxis

The main chemical mediators of an anaphylactic reaction are IgE, histamine, and tryptase, and the presence of these chemical agents in blood serves as the major indicators of anaphylaxis.

Vaccines for Children: Good or Bad?

Vaccines are stated to be safe by the vast majority of medical and scientific organizations. The opposing view to my position is that vaccines are bad and dangerous for children.

The Impact of AIDS

One of the facts about AIDS is that it occurs as a result of the weakening of the body's immune system by the HIV virus.

Vaccination Contrubution to Autism Development

This anxiety has led to a civic health dispute about the civil liberties of parents to decide whether to vaccinate their children, along with the state regulation on vaccinations to guard the wellbeing of its [...]

Graves’ Disease, Its Pathogenesis and Treatment

However, several other physicians have made notes of the disease prior to that, and the first mentions of it could be traced to the Thesaurus of Shah of Khwarazm a 12th-century medical tractate. Maternal Graves' [...]

Virus-Like Particle-Based Vaccines

By using the ELISA tool to measure the VLP information, the authors of the study explore the way in which the adjuvant affects T- and B-cells. Seeing that the authors of the study carried out [...]

HIV/AIDS Patients: Legal Ethics and Patient Rights

Moreover, in the clinical environment where the treatment of patients with the infection is regarded as a norm, the denial of service is easier to detect because it will violate the professional standards of behavior [...]

Mandatory Influenza Vaccination in the US

This aspect has been cited as the key reason why most healthcare workers are opposed to the vaccine despite the tireless efforts by the government to increase the uptake of the vaccine.

Medicine: HIV/ AIDS Campaign Slogan

One of the most important processes in the provision of health care services is the effective communication of health information. The reason this slogan would be effective in running a health campaign for this kind [...]

HIV/AIDS in Kenya: Evaluation Plan

It reveals the number of people with infection, the way the population will be treated in order to prevent further expansion and the expected results of the program.

Disregarding of the Vaccines Importance

People strongly believe that vaccinations have the potential to cause autism. A motivated reasoning forces people to dictate the decision-making processes and attitude changes of the individual.

Allergic Rhinitis: A Critical Discussion

This view is reinforced by Liu et al, who argue that the production of high levels of allergen-specific IgE in certain individuals adversely interacts with inflammatory cells found in the respiratory and upper airways, particularly [...]

B-Cells and Anti Bodies

The second type of B-cells, memory B-cells, comes from aroused B-cells that are particular to the antigen met during the basic immune reaction.

The immune system

It also discusses the role of B-cells in the immune system, antibody production mechanism, and a disease associated with the malfunction of the B - cell mechanism.

Vaccine Inventory Management

Apart from that, such level of detail can be explained by the fact that vaccines are very expensive, and one has to regularly keep a record of them to reduce the cost of procurement.

Risk Assessment of Malathion Pesticide

Are the hospitals in this city prepared enough to deliver treatment to individuals facing health problems due to spraying of Malathion if the council were to adopt the application of this pesticide throughout the city?

Pathology of HIV and AIDS

Chronic phase follows closely and it is marked by great decline of CD4 + cells caused by the failure of the immune system to make new T cells and by general effects of immune activation. [...]

Importance of the Childhood Inoculations

The proponents of this viewpoint suggest that the practice cannot stop before the complete elimination of diseases that require inoculations. It is notable that stopping childhood inoculations may pose health challenges because of the nature [...]

HIV/AIDS stigma in Tanzania

The education sector is also affected due to the rise in the number of orphans who at times are forced to drop out of school owing to lack of parental care.