Administration and Regulation Essay Examples and Topics

Mass Media and the Healthcare System

Introduction According to the UAE Department of Health and Preventive Medicine report, health care refers to the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of illnesses. The public depends on medical professionals coming together in order to deliver modern effective care services. These “professionals include public health care practitioners and community health workers, among others” (Sathish, 2012, para. […]

Public Health Perspectives on Tobacco Control: The Framework Convention

In 2003, the World Health Organization (WHO) member states successfully negotiated the organization’s first ever framework convention on tobacco control. The aim of negotiating this particular framework was with a view to ensuring global accountability in public health. This means that the Public Health Perspective on Tobacco Control is recognized and certified by the World […]

Leadership and Healthcare

Leadership is often associated with the business world. However, it has been acknowledged that it is crucial in any field and in any aspect of people’s lives. Healthcare is one of the fields where leadership is essential, as it has a positive impact on patients’ healing process (Laschinger, Wong, Cummings and Grau, 2014). It is […]

Conflict Management in the healthcare sector

Introduction The healthcare sector experiences frequent changes due to the emergence of new diseases, medical technologies and research (Burns, 2012). In a bid to ensure that medical practitioners are able to treat and adapt to new changes in healthcare, change must take place. In this regard, the adoption of postmodern and complex science strategies becomes […]

Policy Analysis Report on Improvement in the coordination of services in the health sector

Introduction Healthcare services are essential services that require proper coordination and improved systems of operation that are set under innovative ideals. This is because the services are instrumental in enhancing individuals’ wellness and physical stability that promotes their productivity levels. The services also ensure the development of healthy societies through effective mitigation of severe diseases […]

Catholic Healthcare Partner and Trinity Health Leadership Academy Approaches Comparison

For any organization to thrive and achieve its set goals, appropriate leadership strategies should be applied. Leadership principles are applicable in all organizations including healthcare institutions. In the healthcare industry, leaders work under pressure to implement certain changes to deliver the highest quality and cost-effective services (Roussel, Swansburg & Swansburg, 2006). This paper compares some […]

Clinical Concierge Services

Introduction The art of communication is effective when conducted clearly within the organization’s encode and decode channels. Organizations function best when this system is perfected. Therefore, successful organizations manage information continuously. The practice of information management involves the science of processing information to facilitate informed decision making among managers (Sloman, 2005). In order for an […]

Taking Blood Pressure Measurement

Introduction One important lesson in medical education is how to measure the vital signs of life such as blood pressure. For one to understand how to perform this accurately, it requires attention to detail, correct technique and careful listening (Kier, Wise and Krebs, 2003). The term blood pressure is taken from the fluctuating pressure that […]

American Academy of Nurse Practitioners and Its Activities

In terms of my role implementation, I have selected to work with the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners. It is imperative to note that this organization was incepted way back in 1985. It serves nursing practitioners from various areas of specializations. In addition, the organization is currently the largest nursing body that offers comprehensive membership […]

Healthcare: Clinical Roles and Social Identities

Some of the common professionals in healthcare sector include nurses, physicians and nurse practitioners. All of them play integral roles within their diverse disciplines. For instance, a nurse plays the role of a caregiver who attends to patients in a caring and passionate manner. A nurse also facilitates smooth flow of communication between healthcare recipients […]

World Health Organization (WHO)

The World Health Organization ((WHO) is the organization of interest with an underpinning mission statement which “ seeks to publish and disseminate scientifically rigorous public health information of international significance that enables policy-makers, researchers and practitioners to be more effective; it aims to improve health, particularly among disadvantaged populations” (Bulletin of the World Health Organization, […]

Roles and Funtions of Management in Healthcare Setting

For the health care setting to operate effectively in achieving its goals and objectives, it requires to implement the main management concepts. These include planning, organizing, directing, and controlling. In a setting where nurses, therapists, and other healthcare staffs are located in a central position, management is relatively simpler than where the care of patients […]

The Future of ICD-10 in America’s Healthcare System

Abstract In 2014, the US is set revolutionize its healthcare industry. On the 1st of August, the country is expected to make major changes in its healthcare information management system. The change will be marked by the introduction of International Classification of Diseases, Tenth Revision (ICD-10). The new system will replace the existing ninth revision. […]

Pushing one’s Fortunes: Career Theory for Healthcare Leaders

Since the modern world is practically based on the career theory, the new system of governing various branches of cultural and business life has also crept into the sphere of sports and health. This makes the theory of career development extremely important in the sphere of health care and health control as well. Pursuing the […]

Leading in Healthcare

Introduction Leadership especially in the field of nursing has become an important topic today as healthcare researchers place a lot of emphasis in leadership training (Canadian Nursing Association, 2010). Most researchers (Daly, Speedy and Jackson, 2004) views leadership as integral in the creation of new health care systems around the world because it ensures there […]

Quality Indicators of Patient Safety

Medical errors associated with clinical tests are directly related to the factor of patient safety, and the ways to improve tests’ quality are important to be studied in detail. The authors of the article “A Trend Analysis of Quality Indicators of Patient Safety in the Clinical Laboratory over 21 Months” focused on evaluating the quality […]

Global Health and Diplomacy

Introduction Over the past few years, significant changes have been observed in the diplomacy field. The process of globalization, which has come in full swing by the beginning of the 21st century, has revealed that some health concerns have transcended political and economic issues, turning into global problems. As a result, these health issues affect […]

Health Workers’ Migration

Shortages of health workers in developing countries are the result of a global trend known as ‘brain drain’. Many young health workers from developing countries choose to stay in foreign countries after completing their studies in order to receive well-paid jobs. As a result, the health care in many communities in developing countries does not […]

Global Health Policy and Healthcare Financing

Introduction The world has become a global village because of advanced transport and communication technologies which have eliminated the geographic boundary. Global health is becoming an issue of concern to the global village, especially the communicable diseases. For this reason, there has been a united effort from the international society to fight various diseases. Various […]

The Global Health Policy Issues

After observing the Ebola outbreak crises in West Africa, Michaud and Kates have concluded that the global health policymaking is in a fog (Michaud & Kates, 2014). Policymaking is a major challenge in the global health today. In most cases, severe outbreaks of epidemics around the world indicate gaps in the global health policy. Vague, […]

Missions of 3 Healthcare Centers: Disease Control and Prevention, Medicare and Medicaid Services, Health Resources and Services Administration

Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is one of the major health promotion agencies in the United States. The agency started to operate in Atlanta as a relatively small office. Its opening was on the 1st of July 1946 and its main purpose was to fight malaria and prevent it from spreading around the […]

The American Hospital Association (AHA) Workforce Issues

My View of the AHA Position on Workforce Issues The American Hospital Association (AHA) offers powerful ideas in order to support many caregivers. An engaged workforce can improve the quality of healthcare in the United States. The AHA uses powerful strategies in order to address various workforce issues in the country. The agency uses the […]

Implementation of Effective Training in Health Care Facilities

Medical billing in the health care industry is discussed as the field where health care services are considered within the financial context. The problem is in the fact that many health care facilities need to hire outside medical billing professionals because of the specifics of the sphere and impossibility to document all the necessary information […]

The Global Definition of Health

Whether Leaders could Achieve Consensus on Global Health Values Health values are diverse in terms of what is being prioritized by institutions and countries. However, greater efforts towards normalizing the global health values have been put in place. The main reason for the normalization of values is to provide universal health. In fact, various attempts […]

Quality Management in Healthcare

Introduction The need for quality management in healthcare facilities is an issue that many stakeholders have been fighting for over the years. According to Arias (2000, p. 87), quality healthcare is one of the major pillars of the economic development within a given country. People should have access to quality and affordable healthcare in order […]

Policies and Regulations for the Twenty-first Century Healthcare Organizations

Despite the fact that cholera is no longer the plague of the humankind, it still remains a tangible threat, no matter how hard one might wish to believe that the disease was fatal only in the 19th century. True, a range of methods for preventing cholera epidemics have been developed since then, including a range […]

Hiring a Health Program Planner

Hiring a Health Program Planner for the State of New Jersey Health Department The success of any public health care organization depends on the competences and skills of its healthcare givers and program planners. Healthcare departments should hire the best-suited persons (Brown, 2011). The interviewer needs to identify the right skills and competencies necessary for […]

Florida hospital: Nurses turnover

The Organization Background Florida hospital has faced the problem of low staff-patient ratio for several decades now. There has been a shortage of qualified medical health workers especially nurses. Nurses under this hospital have also been working under poor standards. The problem of low staff-patient ratio in this hospital started a few years ago after […]

Integrated Health System

An integrated health system should be comprised of highly integrated primary care networks. Primary care networks are essential for better coordination of activities within a health care system. In this respect, primary care networks ensures that services, doctors, nurses and physicians work towards achievement of a common goal. In regard to a community or regional […]

Bisphenol-A Should be Banned

Introduction Bisphenol-A (BPA) is one of the industrial chemicals that have raised a lot of debate among scientists and the media on its safety on human beings. Whereas the chemical is almost ubiquitous, its presence in food canning and feeding bottles has been the most substantial area of interest. This has compelled scientists in the […]

American vs. European Medical Regulatory Systems

Introduction Every year millions of patients flock in the American and the European healthcare facilities to seek for healthcare services. Both Europe and the US have their distinct regulations that govern the sale and use of drugs and medical devices. In the US, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is the body responsible for approving […]

Health Systems and Management

Introduction Health system is a broad term that can be used to refer to various things. It can be broadly be used to refer to the workforce, organizations and generally the strategies put forth by governments in order to promote effective and efficient delivery of prevention and treatment services. Health systems have the sole aim […]

Veteran Health Administration

Introduction Veteran Health Administration is the largest integrated healthcare network in the United States of America. Its affordable prices as well as its high quality services are some of the reasons why it has succeeded as the leading provider of healthcare in the United States of America. Veteran Health Administration success can be linked to […]

Health Care Administration

Introduction Medical tourism has emerged as a new phenomenon in the current world; this has largely been linked to various factors which include the increased cost of health care, the long duration that is involved in getting particular health care services, the enhanced convenience in cross border travel and the advancement in technology which has […]

Current Event Related To Health Policy

Introduction Many current health events have given emphasis on the importance of having a global Millennium Development Health plan. This involves Health Policies that are intended to be a vehicle for the exploration and discussion of health issues. The main aim of global Millennium Development Health plan is to enhance communication between health policy researchers, […]

The strategic training of employees in healthcare organization

The strategic training of employees in the health care organization is a priority. The research focuses on the reasons for the training of the health care employees. The study includes the different ways of training the employees to prioritize the patients’ benefits. The cost-effective strategic training of the health care organization’s employees should ensure evident […]

Intermountain healthcare and how do the field of healthcare management deal with the fact that improved quality often reduces revenues?

Having read the article “Performance management at Intermountain healthcare” by Richard M. J. Bohmer and Alexander C. Romney from April 22, 2009, it becomes obvious that no matter which actions are provided improved quality often reduces revenues. There are a lot of different explanations to his fact and the authors of the article tried to […]

Health Care Management and Leadership

Introduction In this short essay it is the intention to reflect upon the motivators that inspire and attract highly skilled leaders within health care services. These leaders come from a wide range of disciplines: caring, economical, operational and strategic concepts in which many of which are professionals within a specific field. However, in the current […]

Partnerships for health

Living in rush and busy world many people do not think globally about such notion as partnerships for health. Still, it is really important to implement this idea in the societies of different countries to organize the partnership on different levels, local and international. To begin with, it is important to define the notion ‘partnerships […]

American Cancer Society

American Cancer Society is a non profitable organization that deals with people suffering from cancer. Its main duty is to ensure there is a reduction of the number of patients suffering from cancer and eradication of the disease as one of the major health problem faced by many Americans today. The society was founded in […]

Medical Laboratory Quality Systems and Accreditation

Abstract Nowadays, physicians and public health programme managers are dependent on the technological advancements in health laboratories to make knowledgeable assessments. At the same time, people have continued to demand quality laboratory results. The definition of quality services has been elaborated via the International Organization of Standardization (ISO). Health laboratories are nowadays required to provide […]

The Health Care Sector in Taiwan

The question regarding whether Health care organizations in general are concerned with competitive advantage or are content operating as “Sole sources”, often within niche markets should be of extreme importance given the value that quality service in this sector adds to community as a whole. It is for this reason that the discussion presented in […]

Solving Health Issues in Africa

Introduction The establishment, operation and the function of many formal non-profit organizations has largely been affected by social, political, legal and economic institutions. In addition, the major big non-profit organizations are found in developed nations but their operations have become largely transnational in nature. These non-profit organizations (NGOs) continue to perform an important role in […]

The contextual environment

Type of Organization Paediatric well being is an important public health concern. The Children’s Medical Research Institute, (CMRI) is an example of an institution that deals with paediatric health. With its location in Westmead, CMRI is a committed paediatric research centre (CMRI, 2009). The agency conducts basic investigations on diverse areas. These include cancer; cell […]

Should smoking be banned in public places?

Introduction Many governments across the globe have moved to ban smocking in public places. Whether the action is justified or not, is a matter of fierce debate. Often, the proponents of the proposition carry the day arguing that smoke from cigarette inhaled by non-smokers poses health risks. Thus, the banning action is based on the […]

Rural health workforce profile

Introduction Access to reliable and efficient healthcare is a basic human right by the world health organization. Many governments are reviewing their medical services to ensure that health services are easily accessible to rural populations (Klugman & Dalinis, 2008). Rural health refers to the interdisciplinary study and provision of health care services to rural populations. […]

Health Care Costs for Smokers

Abstract The population of smokers is increasing rapidly hence there is increase in smoking-related diseases. This increase has greatly made annual spending on health care costs to be high and most people are debating if smokers should pay for their own medical expenses acquired from smoke-related diseases. This paper discusses the issue of smokers being […]

Quality in Health Care

The US health care contrasts largely to health care in most industrialized nations. Major health care activities and ownership are predominant among the private sectors. However, research has shown that the insurance covers are run by the government of the United States. Notably health care in the US consumes more budgetary allocation with more funding […]

Organizational Behavior in Health Care

Systems Approach to Create a Diversity-Aware Program of Transatlantic Health Care Center Health care institutions have become increasingly concerned with disparities that exist in health care which are highly attributed to ethnicity, race and the socio-economic class that exists in our societies. Therefore, in relation to this, it is important for any health institution to […]

Keys to leadership in HCA

Introduction Every organization values good leadership. In fact, even Healthcare organizations require excellent managers. This is necessary for organizations to achieve their objectives. Additionally, healthcare systems require strategic management to aid efficacy in provision of healthcare services. HCA has a role of regulating healthcare services throughout the United States. To achieve this, the organization needs […]

Cost-effectiveness of the global health programs

Nowadays the issue of public health goes beyond the boundaries of the certain countries. We live in a highly globalized world and can effectively join our efforts in order to overcome mass diseases in the poorest countries. The issue of cost-effectiveness becomes one of the central points on the agenda of the global medical organizations […]

Institute for Healthcare Improvement Organization

Introduction The Institute for Healthcare Improvement is one of the largest organizations within the United States (US) that affects change in the health environment. The organization offers training courses to personnel in the medical profession at global and community levels. Thus, this analytical treatise attempts to explicitly review the role of nurses in the Institutes […]

Implementing Continuous Quality Improvement in Health Care

West Florida regional medical center is a facility that is focused on providing the best healthcare and treatment to its patients. As such, it has made many improvements over time. The most current goal is to better the services even more through uniting the staff, getting a better response from patients and monitoring all possible […]

Xtra Mile: Roles of Medical Directors

The case study concentrates on the roles of medical directors in giant HMO companies and insurers. The case study specifically focuses on gatekeeper contracts in HMO. Dr. Bethe is one of the medical directors in Xtra Mile firm. The case study informs that all the directors in the firm report to different levels in the […]

World Health Organization Conflict of Interest

The Conflict’s Background information The reaction and guidelines of WHO (World Health Organization) in regard to the influenza pandemic, have not been impacted on improperly, as far as the pharmaceutical industry is concerned. WHO was deeply concerned about the conflict of interest’ accusations. Moreover, the organization is contented with its independence in the pandemic’s decision- […]

Critical Analysis of a Current Health Initiative

Abstract: The development of African countries and more particularly South Africa, has led to some diseases that are hard to treat and they affect a large number of people in the population. More specifically, cardiovascular disease has taken hold and is increasing its effect on the people, especially those of middle and lower social class. […]

Smoking: Problems and Solutions

Introduction The tobacco industry is worth billions of dollars in annual profits made from the sale of cigarettes. This industry promotes the smoking of cigarettes by millions of individuals in countries all over the world. While most people enjoy smoking, this habit has many harmful effects that outweigh any perceived merits. Tobacco smoking is the […]

Global Health Priorities

Every year the World Health Organization (WHO) collects health information from all member states. The health information is used to formulate both short term and long term goals. This information is then shared with all stakeholders. Based on this information, priority areas are selected and appropriate interventions formulated. Health priorities vary from region to region […]

Training and Development Concepts in Healthcare Field

Introduction This article discusses training and development in healthcare field. The value of training and education in this field is discussed together with the importance of measuring competencies learned through training forums. The process of tracking and evaluating training effectiveness is also outlined and finally a conclusion is drawn. Training and Education in Health Care […]

Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services

Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) is an agency of the US federal government that governs Medicare. In addition, CMS collaborates with state governments in governing Medicaid, State Children’s Health Insurance Program (SCHIP), and Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). The HITECH Act tasks CMS with the responsibility of advancing the implementation of […]

Improving Patient Safety and Quality of Medical Care

Introduction Patient safety is an important aspect of risk management in health care. Improvement of patient safety entails assessment of possible ways that could harm patients, prevention and management of medical risks, and analysis of incidents that harm patients (Leape et al, 2007). In addition, it involves reporting such incidents to management and consequently putting […]

Managers Risk in Healthcare Industry

Risk managers are skilled professionals who develop and deliver instruction on patient safety for physicians. They comprehend the quality-improvement codes that support patient safety programs. They have finely sharpened skills in identifying risks that cause medical errors, and they work with and control system based issues daily. Additionally, they are familiar with the principles of […]

Smoking Ban in the United States of America

Introduction Historically, smoking is a practice that has existed for a long time. Ever since pre-rolled cigarettes were first introduced in the early 1900s, “the number of cigarettes smoked around the world has risen each year. Today, it is estimated that over 15 billion cigarettes are smoked every day” (Mason 13). The shocking thing is […]

Should Cigarette Smoking be Banned?

Introduction Cigarettes are made from tobacco leaves. Use of tobacco started in Central America around 6,000 B.C. After 5,000 BC, the Mayan community started chewing and smoking tobacco leaves. They also used it for medicinal purposes in healing of wounds. Later on people invented pipe smoking which was followed by manufacturing of cigarettes in the […]

Integrations in the Health Care Institutions

Although the term integration is widely used in many areas as health care and many other systems, there is no specific definition of policy direction put together to define it. Canadian health association (2006), advises that, “if a clear vision is lost in what is vital (in integration), there is always a lost opportunity for […]

Importance of the Medical Records in Medicine

A medical record generally represents information concerning a patient that is written following a patient’s visit to health care facilities. The record contains the medical history of a patient as well as all the treatment procedures and methods that are carried out while in hospital. It is a significant document because it assists in making […]

Community HIV/AIDS Mobilization Project (CHAMP)

Introduction One of the worthwhile endeavors that we as human beings can engage in is activities which are aimed at making a positive change to the society. This can be done through the advocacy of a certain worthwhile cause. A particularly worthwhile cause is that of ensuring the health of fellow man is preserved or […]

Healthcare personnel shortages

Introduction The world faces a major shortage of health care professionals. Here in the US the average wait time for an appointment with a health care professional (gynecologist, dermatologist, cardiologist, obstetrician etc.) is more than two weeks. This evidences the fact that the world is in serious need of these professionals and that small health […]

Problem Identification in Health Care Management

Healthcare providers face a number of problems besides treatment of patients. This includes data management problems, logistics, resource management problems among others. There are challenges in healthcare data management department that leads to other healthcare problems, and finding their solution could lead to improvement of service delivery in the health sector (Health Care Problems, nd.). […]

Importance of the Documentation with Regards to Patient Care

The move by the state agency to fine a nursing care facility due to spelling and grammatical errors made by the staff with the charting of patient care was an appropriate measure. This is so because of the critical role that documentation plays in ensuring that quality health care is administered to patients. To begin […]

Healthcare Information needs at Presbyterian Hospital

Introduction The study aimed at establishing the informational challenges and needs of physicians and nurses at Presbyterian Hospital. They used focused group discussions to flash out the necessary data needed to explain their findings. The study established numerous information needs that applied to both healthcare professionals. The study established three different categories of information needs. They included source format, source characteristics, and customized […]

Problems Facing Healthcare Management

Introduction The health sector has experienced many challenges that threatened to cripple hospitals in the country. Some of the major problems identified by the American College of Healthcare Executives which include: financial challenges, healthcare reform implementation, government mandates, and patient safety and quality (American College of Healthcare Executives [ACHE], 2011). Challenges facing the health sector […]

Role of Human Resources Management in Health Care Industry

Increased importance of human resource management is associated with health care organizational activities and operation. In particular, legal and ethical issues, safety and welfare of employees, and motivation and support initiatives are vital for enhancing collaboration and enriching organizational culture. Due to the increased diversity of cultural backgrounds of both patients and employee, the human […]

Recruitment of Foreign Nurses and the Effect on Healthcare systems

The shortage of trained nurses to cater for the rising populations that need nursing services has been constantly rising globally. Just like in the United States, the world is having a severe shortage of nurses probably due to increasing health problems that may make the services of the nurses outstretched. By the fall of 2000, […]

Problem of Smoke-free Campus

Over the past, smoking has posed a big danger to the community. Many people have become victims of smoking both directly and indirectly. The people who are affected directly are the smokers themselves while those who are affected indirectly are the people who stay near the people who smoke. Smoking therefore poses a very big […]

Smoking cigarette should be banned

Introduction Smoking cigarette has proved to be a fatal practice not only for active smokers but most importantly, for the passive ones. Passive smokers inhale the smoke that is exhaled by others as they smoke or through tobacco ignition. Smoking bans are guidelines and regulations which limit smoking in public areas. May public places are […]

Should Smoking Tobacco Be Classified As an Illegal Drug?

Introduction As per the World Health Organization approximations, there exist more than one billion smokers globally. As a result of these, and the financial and political supremacy enjoyed by most tobacco manufacturing companies, in almost all global societies, tobacco is one of the legal substances that are widely used. In America alone, as research studies […]

The World Heath Organization

The World Heath Organization (WHO) is a United Nations agency that is responsible for the provision of public health internationally including carrying out of programs that will help in disease control and improving of quality of human life. This organization was started in 1948 and has its headquarters are located in Geneva, Switzerland. The main […]