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Administration and Regulation Essay Examples and Topics

Heat Stress in Flight Cockpits in the Desert Climate

The results show that heat stress has physiological and psychological effects on aviators and that the cockpit had different sources of heat depending on the amake' of the aircraft and the climate.

Leadership Challenges During Public Health Crisis

The main source of challenge in providing leadership during public health emergencies and crises is communication. Therefore, it is important for public health officials and the state to declare who should take charge of public [...]

Public Health Law and Administrative Decisions

Specifically, the position of the official jurisdiction took a stance of the public policy, for it was claimed that the citizens of the country have to subordinate to its laws, especially when disobedience can inflict [...]

Risk Management and Patient Safety

It is undoubtedly both a quality and safety issue as it shows both life threat to the patient and unprofessionalism of the cardiologist.

Canada Health Infoway

Therefore, deep integration of the health care system is required in the nation. With an integrated health care system in the nation, the quality of health care information would be improved.

Interpersonal Communications in Health Care Environments

A caregiver with good interpersonal traits will for example evaluate and know in advance the best way to respond to a patient's questions without annoying the patient and ensuring that the patient is satisfied with [...]

Cultural Issues in Healthcare

Overall, it is possible to argue that in Australia, both local and national policies imply that cultural competence is one of the indispensable skills that a healthcare professional should have.

Social Marketing in Healthcare

The scholars argue that health care organizations should make people aware of the importance of a healthy way of life and social marketing is the tool for the achievement of this goal.

Diabetes Awareness Program and Strategic Planning

One of the major strengths of the program will be a decrease in the development of the disorder as people will be able to pay close attention to their lifestyle, their health, and possible symptoms.

Patient-Centered Care, Safety, and Risk Management

Patient-centered care is a type of health care in which respect for the patient occupies the central place; it is aimed at taking into account the patient's personal needs, preferences, values, cultural traditions, lifestyle, and [...]

Health Matters: Strategies for Implementing CPOE

Implementing the computerized provider order entry system within Health Matters would require identification of the needs of the personnel in the different settings within the healthcare organization.

MedStar St. Mary’s Hospital Cultural Reform

In this regard, the hospital has identified various elements that affect the hospital and its culture. To achieve a vigorous organizational culture, the hospital has learned to appreciate the roles played by the management personnel.

Healthcare Professionals Shortage Worldwide

The shortage of health care professionals has made it difficult for people to gain access to life-saving health care services. This has led to a decline in the provision of health care services in the [...]

Emergency Contraception and Political Influence

Therefore, when the HHS secretary overruled the decision by the FDA commissioner and restricted the sale of Plan B One-Step contraceptive over the counter, this indicated that the decision that the HHS secretary made was [...]

Continuous Quality Improvement in Healthcare

However, according to Kahan and Goodstadt, it is certain that many healthcare professionals would not find it difficult to adopt the fundamentals of CQI in their day-to-day activities.

The Epilepsy Association of Central Florida, Inc.

In order to increase the community's response and the needs of persons with epilepsy, the program aims at educating and providing information to employers, educators, the medical community, the general public and the families of [...]

Recruitment and Retention in the Healthcare Sector

The article discusses best practices for the recruitment and retention of employees in the health care sector. Besides, it is important to make changes in the delivery of health care services.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention

The following are the types of health issues and natural disasters the organization deals with and responds with. One example is exposure to Anthrax and dealing with an outbreak of the substance.

The Universal Healthcare System in the USA

The universal healthcare system can seem unknown and dangerous since the US healthcare is not accustomed to the concept. Thus, the US system will benefit from this concept as healthcare professionals will be concerned with [...]

Improving the Quality of Service Delivery in Hospital

Strategies that can improve the efficiency of this facility include in-service education for the healthcare providers, improving the state of the equipment at the hospital, and increasing the number of personnel.

The History of CQI in Health Care

The implementation of CQI in health care has been an issue on the agenda of the health care institutions since the 1980s.

Innovative Strategic Management in UAE Healthcare

Research in the sphere of healthcare innovations is crucial because it will answer any questions about the gaps in this sphere and will provide possible solutions to making the situation better. The research problem is [...]

Multidisciplinary Collaboration in Healthcare

I felt that some professionals could contribute significantly to the development and implementation of the care plan, but they never tried to take a more active part in the discussion. Besides, there was a certain [...]

Active Shooter Exercise Scenario for Hospitals

A patient-centered approach and the essential principles of Utilitarianism ethics will be incorporated into the ethical framework to ensure that the staff members will make decisions to maximize the well-being of patients.

King Fahad Hospital’s Force Field Analysis

By applying FFA to the mentioned issues, the present paper will uncover the forces which resist the change, as well as the forces that support it and, therefore, can be used to combat the effects [...]

Shortell and Kaluzny’s Healthcare Management

More health care consumers are rejecting the traditional 'paternalistic' approach to health care delivery and are demanding greater choice and control over health care treatment choices and decisions.

Human Resource Management in the Healthcare Industry

Powered by the increasingly high competition rates in the global market and a change in the value system from the problem- to the patient-centered approach, the identified trend heralds a new era in the healthcare [...]

Clinical Aspects of Crisis Management

What I realized working on the case is that there are differences between the patients who are in crisis and the ones who are not, and the primary is their desire to cooperate with me [...]

Healthcare Facility Reorganization Proposal

I have also recognized the intention of writing this proposal and the needs to be addressed by the proposal. It is also important that time limits are given to indicate the urgency of the proposal.

Organizational Support in the Healthcare Setting

Group coaching is one of the tools that can facilitate the development of nursing leadership. In conclusion, it is possible to note that the use of group coaching has proved to be effective in the [...]

Management Strategies in Hospitals

Thus, it is necessary to improve management practices in hospitals, and in respiratory departments in particular, in order to enhance the quality of care. However, it is apparent that managing the department should not be [...]

Certified Medical Assistants and Their Benefits

Thus, the main purpose of this research is to check the monetary and time-saving advantages and disadvantages of hiring Certified Medical Assistants and point to the benefits Certified Medical Assistants provide for patients.

Medication Errors in Intensive Care Unit

The majority of medication errors take place at the stage of administration; however, mistakes also occur during prescription, preparation of medication, and transcription.

Interprofessional Collaboration in Healthcare Sector

Considering the fact that the desired environmental health outcome is the increased effectiveness of the sphere, improved quality of life, and health of the nation, the concept could help to attain the goal and enhance [...]

Compensation Packages in Healthcare Organizations

One of the primary tools for attracting and retaining qualified healthcare specialists is the employee benefits package. The purpose of this paper is to analyze the employee benefits program of a hospital and provide a [...]

Cultural Awareness and Sensitivity

This adaptation to the culturally diverse patient population can enhance the quality of care and improve patient-provider relationships, as people will feel that they are respected. In this way, it will be much easier for [...]

Hypertension in Afro-American and Health Laws

The issue of the adverse influence of hypertension on the health status of the African American population remains unresolved because of the lack of attention to cultural and ethnic specifics.

Affordable Care Act and Nursing Shortage

The purpose of the ACA was to provide the population of the United States with the increased security in healthcare services they receive through the expansion of service coverage, holding insurance companies accountable, lowering costs [...]

Impaired Healthcare Workers: Treatment and Recovery

Recognizing the presence of impairments in the workforce is an essential step for the American state authorities to provide the target population with the services of the required quality and create the environment in which [...]

Mismanagement at Respiratory Hospital Departments

A particular focus of the current research is nursing management issues in the departments of respiratory therapy. Do they find it necessary to replace managers with specialists in the sphere of respiratory disease?

Leadership for Quality and Safety in Health Care

The research indicates that communication in health care settings is a critical factor to influence work performance because tasks to complete and the use of available data directly depend on the quality of communication.

Health Training and Disaster Preparedness

To prevent adverse outcomes of the implementation of learning programs in the hospital, it may be useful to offer a computer-based training method as a primary teaching tool.

Forecasting Process in Clinics

Finally, the calculation of the lower and upper levels of confidence interval using the mean, the standard deviation, and Z score allows the forecasting of clinic visits in November.

Information Exchange Improvement Between Medical Personnel

Also, it should reduce the chances for errors because a new system implies the automatization of the processes of documentation. Also, the information will be reported in real-time, which will enhance the overall performance of [...]

Healthcare: Collaborative Teamwork Evaluation

The development of a stable leadership structure in the team is important because it can significantly lower the number of possible miscommunications and misunderstandings of the final goal.

Hospital Efficient Design and Employee Satisfaction

According to Hoppszallern and Vesely, approaches to design that want to improve patient mobility can allow a hospital to increase the speed of operations and move patients in and out of surgery more efficiently.

Public Policy and Global Health Trends

Additionally, obese or overweight children are likely to suffer from obesity and related comorbidities in the adult phase of a person, resulting in additional financial costs to society. The financial burden is attributed to the [...]

Gaps in Air Ambulance and Ground Ambulance

To determine the current features of air ambulance and compare it with ground one, it is necessary to conduct a literature review and find out those factors that are distinctive and similar in the two [...]

Accreditation and Quality Tools for Patient Safety

The proposed research study will aim at the discussion of the impact of accreditation and quality tools on patient safety. Due to the selected hypothesis, the study will focus on the following objectives: Identification of [...]

Self-Interest Theory in the U.S. Healthcare

At the same time, the precondition the appearance of specific policies regulating the functioning of institutions or spheres fundamental for the development of communities.

Self-Interest Paradigm in Medicare Program

In modern civilization, the notion of self-interest is the defining and foundational concept behind the structures that shape the economic and political realities of society.

Accreditation Bodies in the Healthcare Field

Accreditation programs are significant for health institutions as they allow for the establishment of quality standards and eliminate the outcomes of poor public health management.

Quality of Affordable Medical Care in the USA

This period is known for the development and implementation into the practice of various behavior modification procedures. These arose to the potential need for their application, particularly in the fields of education and criminology.

The US Healthcare Market Competition in Retrospect

The following events led to the emergence of market competition in healthcare. The dichotomy between market competition and public healthcare provides a barrier to understanding the realities of the sector which is usually neither of [...]

American Health Associations and Their Activities

One of the organizations with a very high reputation in the health sector is the American Public Health Association that is constantly developing to improve the health of the country's citizens.

Politics of Long-Term Care in Canada

Taking care of people of advanced age is among the key tasks of healthcare all over the world, and the government of British Columbia allocates a lot of money to health institutions to improve senior's [...]

Healthcare Organizations Accountability

The only issue that Denis points out in his article is the unclear concept of goal-setting: to him, quantitative goals only reflect the volume of care. First, the author claims the efficiency of financial incentives [...]

Healthcare Leaders: Professionalism and Public Reporting

Within the healthcare system, leaders can focus on the concept of professionalism to support the development and implementation of powerful incentive systems that will ensure that caregivers and practitioners receive competitive rewards.

State and Federal Government in Healthcare

Thus, the impact of the federal and state government on the sphere of healthcare is significant in different decades, but this impact was not positive all the time.

French Health System: Critical Analysis

The state of the healthcare system in France is difficult to assess unequivocally; the role of the government is high since most of the innovations are sponsored by the authorities.

Changes in Healthcare Environment

The latter is one of the main reasons for the change in the health sphere as the invention of new practices, protocols, and technologies is aimed at delivering better quality care.

Motivation in the Healthcare Field Workplace

In this case, the application of Maslow's theory related to the distribution of needs is a relevant technique that allows focusing on subordinates' priorities and their behavior in the workplace.

Multiple Chronic Conditions Management

It should also be mentioned that it is unclear if all of the current efforts in health care will be integrated on a large scale and what the consequences will be.

Uniform Hospital Discharge Data Set

The data is used in the administration of Medicaid and Medicare programs and the standardization of health care. The UHDDS allows the government and health care facilities to have comparable data that can be used [...]

Public Health Policies and Initiatives’ Implementation

Also, it should be mentioned that the meso level of mid-size health department was chosen as the circumstances for the implementation of the program since this level of leadership appears to be optimal for the [...]

Leadership Theory in Clinical Practice

The discussion goes further to identify the existing problems and outlines the most appropriate recommendations that can make a significant difference in the institution.

Interdisciplinary Teams Role in Healthcare

The role of the mental health nurse is to plan and deliver care to the patient. Due to this lack of clarity, Peck and Norman note the possibility of assuming that social workers might be [...]

Hand Hygiene Policies Adherence: Action Plan

According to Bowie and Green, hand hygiene within a hospital setting is a requirement that should not only be met by the medical staff but also the patients and visitors who come to the facility.

Clinical Decision-Making: Observe-Orient-Decide-Act

Decision-making: This is a process different professionals and employees undertake in their respective settings to arrive at choices and conclusions that have the potential to address existing challenges.

Healthcare Collaboration Preventing Medication Errors

An interprofessional team that needs to be assembled to prevent future recurrence of medication administration errors will consist of clinical pharmacists, physicians, and members of the nursing staff.

Pre-Discharge Medication Counseling Implementation

At the fourth stage, the knowledge translation strategies should be selected by administrative staff to facilitate understanding of the change. At the last stage, the outcomes of the change on patients and medical staff need [...]

Antibiotic Resistance and Medicine Misuse in the UAE

Considering this, the overuse of antibiotics in the United Arab Emirates, as well as many other countries, discussed in the article by Cherian can be regarded as a form of market failure since it induces [...]

Organizational Learning and Innovation in Healthcare

According to Balasubramanian et al, the process of interaction among medical specialists is an essential criterion for assessing the success of an individual healthcare institution and its leaders' efforts.

Managing Innovation in Healthcare Organizations

My current role is to ensure the targeted institution implements and benefits from the attributes of innovation. My creativity will inform some of the best innovative ideas to support the targeted goals.

Prairie St. John’s Hospital’s Administration

Taking into consideration the complexity of management in the highly globalized world and changing trends, this paper explores human resource operations and administration at Prairie St. The department and profession that plays one of the [...]

Healthcare Marketing Strategies and Service Delivery

The paper asserts that the best way to market healthcare services is to avoid marketing and concentrate on service delivery. Some of the strategies successfully employed in other industries are discussed in relation to the [...]

Electronic Health Records and Change Management

The researchers dedicate one chapter to an assessment of strategic choice as a crucial component of management, noting the importance of evaluating possible options and implementing change in the case when a company perceives that [...]
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