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Administration and Regulation Essay Examples and Topics

Healthcare Risk Assessment Methods

The goal of risk assessment in healthcare is to measure the readiness of the healthcare system and ensure that it will not cause risks to patients or organization. The paper is aimed at the investigation [...]

Health Care Policy in Political Discourse

However, the first article of the Constitution gives all the legislative power to the Senate and the House of Representatives. The article describes that the certificate-of-need laws that the federal government wants to repeal were [...]

Public Opinion in Healthcare Decision-Making

In their study on whether public opinions have a role in influencing the diffusion of the Affordable Care Act, Pancheco and Maltby evaluated several components of policy feedback to determine how citizens communicate their opinions [...]

Disciplinary Actions in the Medical Establishments

The supervisor nurse reviewed the pertinent facts with the employee and made a reprimand regarding Susie's complaints about other workers and poor performance on September 14. The fact of ill performance was brought to the [...]

Ambulatory Surgery Center’s Business Plan

The paramount mission of the center for outpatient surgery is the extension of health care opportunities for patients providing surgical treatment quickly, efficiently, and in a comfortable environment.

How Doctors Die?

This is why doctors have to administer a lot of care to patients that they do not think would have been necessary.

The Oregon Health Plan

Healthcare reform in Massachusetts was initiated in 2006 and was designed to ensure that almost all of the state's residents would be offered a minimum level of insurance coverage.

Clinical Support Services Management

To this end, they have to evaluate investments that would contribute the most to the missions of the HCO's. The role of the HCO manager is to enforce and implement accountability of all investment opportunities [...]

National Health Services’ Strategy Implementation

The following guidelines will ensure successful implementation of the strategic planning process in the organization: effective communication within the organization, full and active executive support, employee involvement, and teamwork, effective and efficient resource allocation and [...]

Crossing the Quality Chasm in American Healthcare

Crossing the Quality Chasm is a comprehensive report dwelling upon the quality of health care in the US, which calls for bridging the quality gap through a drastic redesign of the American health care system.

Branding Value in Healthcare Organizations

In spite of the fact that the focus on branding can result in such consequences as the increase in financial spendings and service prices, it is important to state that the use of branding is [...]

Hospital Competition and Strategic Planning

The duty of a strategist is to perceive the competition within the field and be able to handle it. Competitive analysis of the service area is necessary to provide a better understanding of the company's [...]

Value-Based Purchasing Transfer in Healthcare

The rationale is to satisfy the indicators related to the clinical process and efficiency domains. The ER department promotes the clinical process of care domain and related hospital VBP measures.

Well Care Hospital’s Administration: Legal Aspects

Consequently, the primary goal of this paper is to emphasize the gravity of professional conduct in the medical institution, find the ramifications of medical conduct and ethics, determine the matters to prove the presence of [...]

Kaluyu Memorial Hospital’s Employee Motivation

In these terms, the workplace hygiene of the hospital is very low and needs to be improved; moreover, the case study indicates that there are insufficient motivation factors for several employees, especially nurses and young [...]

UAE Hospital Strategic Management and Planning

The main objective of SM is to find a correlation between the requirements of the outer environment and the company's inner possibilities. The best representation of the successful implementation of SM is the list of [...]

UAE Innovative Hospital Design for Patient Safety

The objectives of this study are to explore the factors contributing to patient safety incidents in health care settings and examine how limitations of the hospital design, which result in the increasing incidence of patient [...]

Anoka-Metro Regional Treatment Center’s Quality

In a 2015 review of the patient treatment plans at the AMRTC by The Centre for Medicare and Medicaid Services, it was reported that the facility was not adhering to CMS standards and guidelines for [...]

ABC Healthcare Center: Project Improvement

In this project, the focus will be to improve data management system and communication among the nurses at ABC Healthcare Center as a way of enhancing smooth handover of patients from one nurse to the [...]

US and Brazilian Healthcare Innovation and Policy

The review of the American Health Reforms and the Brazilian Government handling of the HIV pandemic reveals that government commitment as established through its policy initiatives can lead to the success or failure of healthcare [...]

Risk Management of Healthcare in the US

The authors of the video Surfing the Healthcare Tsunami: Bring Your Best Board suggest leadership and technology can be used to expand the current safety net and reduce the number of medical errors.

Hospital Strategic Management and Planning: Adding Value

The development of value-adding strategies starts with singling out the requirements and the analysis of the quality of services. Market research and target marketing are essential elements of pre-service value-adding as they help to plan [...]

ABC Hospital’s Effective Team Building

Building an effective team within a micro-system requires one to understand the mission of the micro-system and organization, and the goals that should be achieved by the team.

Physicians as Practice Administrators

In the United States, group medical practices are used to gather all medical goals, aspects, and opportunities and divide the work of groups of physicians who have to cooperate and develop close professional relations utilizing [...]

Health Management Organization and Workforce

The PCMH model does this by ensuring that patients can choose the type of doctor they deal with, the type of procedures they undergo and in essence does not act as a "gatekeeper" as seen [...]

Radiology Operations Ineffective Management

However, the system view relates to the total picture of the operations of the department. The role of a medical doctor in this hospital is to see patients in the outpatient section and to monitor [...]

Lifeline Hospital’s Quality Improvement Program

The assessment will look at the effectiveness of the company's Lean strategy. The high number of foreign nationals in the country put pressure on the organisation to look beyond the region for standard setting.

Operations Management in the Healthcare Sector

The operations in the health care sector can be dived into function and organizational related services. This can be determined using a cost weighted output index which is constructed using unit costs and the different [...]

Tertiary Hospital’s Employee Behavior by Maslow

The evaluation of organizational culture, behavior, and satisfaction is a crucial step that cannot be neglected because culture identifies the norms and values that should be used by employees, behavior demonstrates the way of how [...]

Tertiary Hospital Pharmacists’ Challenges

Several leadership and organizational management theories highlight the significance of proper supervision and the creation of an ideal work environment for the employees' optimal performance.

Waiting Time Reduction in the US Emergency Rooms

Inpatient, services are a major cause of the increase in waiting time in the emergency rooms. This factor has led to a substantial increase in the number of patients visiting the emergency rooms.

Mercy Hospital’s Relations and Communication Issues

At the heart of Mercy Hospital's difficulties are poor relations among health care managers, the absence of effective communication channels, the lack of an explicit strategic vision, and the general resistance to innovations and change.

Childhood Obesity: Obamacare and Canada’s Policies

Additionally, they claim that the lack of physical exercise has contributed to the increasing number of obesity cases among children. The rapid increase in childhood obesity prompted the United States government and health care organizations [...]

General Hospital’s Conflict Resolution

Harding has also refused to meet separately with the dissenting group of workers or the physicians as the problems caused by their rigidity in spending affects the entire institution.

SERVQUAL Model for Healthcare Service Quality

The questionnaire used identical factors to investigate participants' expectations of quality service across public and private hospitals. The chart above shows gaps between the expected and perceived quality of the aspects.

The Quality of Services in Healthcare

It is necessary to understand that the health and well-being of patients are of utmost importance, and the information that is gained with the use of assessments may be analyzed to identify ways in which [...]

GAH Organization Quality Control and Accreditation

GAH will ensure that it meets its core objective of providing safe and beneficial healthcare to the elderly. It will also conduct regular studies and use outcomes to improve safety and quality of care to [...]

Risk Management in Manitoba Province’s Health Sector

The approaches to deal with risks include shifting the risk to a different entity, steering clear of the risk, minimizing the unconstructive consequence of the risk, and agreeing to some or even the entire results [...]

St Peter’s Hospital’ Management and Morale

Some of the major managerial factors that influence employees' morale include pay, the work that they do, supervision, opportunities for promotions, the relationship among the employees, and the nature of work in general.

Patient’s Stay Time in the Hospital: Forecast

However, in some cases, determining the time of the patient's stay in the hospital may be quite tricky due to the factors such as the healthcare opportunities that the hospital can provide, the severity of [...]

NHS Hospital Business Management

On the other hand, Gibbs reflective cycle talks of more-or-less the same facets as John's model, except for the fact that in Gibbbs model, the key stages of the entire reflection process are summarized in [...]

STI Clinic: Bloodborne Incident Case

The management issues that need to be discussed in detail are the administration of occupational exposure risks; the guarantee of the employee and patient safety; and the compensation issue.

Pacific Healthcare’s Supply Management

The biggest concern facing Barney Rubble is how to get quality supplies while at the same time minimizing the facility's overall costs. The targeted department will acquire quality materials in order to fulfill the needs [...]

Abu Dhabi Health Authority: Performance Management System

In addition to this, performance measurement systems also help the company in restricting their projects. Performance management systems also allow the managers in HAAD to recognize some of the essential skills that their employees need.

BadgerCare Program Analysis

The officials of federal Health Care Financing Administration suggested to the state that the program could be approved if the Medicaid funds and CHIP funding for children were used.

Business Process Re-Engineering in Healthcare Management

The article stresses the application of simulation models in the health care sector due to their effectiveness in solving problems depending on the prevailing situation. According to the article, the application of the simulation process [...]

Hospitals Business Process Management

In conclusion, BPM is an excellent way to reduce the level of tension and confusion during the medical working process, synthesize and integrate workflow and reduce the number of miscalculations caused by the inefficient process [...]

Hospitals Security Upgrade

Therefore, to upgrade security, each of them will need to be upgraded and synchronized to work in harmony with the others.