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Administration and Regulation Essay Examples and Topics

Risk Management in Manitoba Province’s Health Sector

The approaches to deal with risks include shifting the risk to a different entity, steering clear of the risk, minimizing the unconstructive consequence of the risk, and agreeing to some or even the entire results [...]

St Peter’s Hospital’ Management and Morale

Some of the major managerial factors that influence employees' morale include pay, the work that they do, supervision, opportunities for promotions, the relationship among the employees, and the nature of work in general.

Patient’s Stay Time in the Hospital: Forecast

However, in some cases, determining the time of the patient's stay in the hospital may be quite tricky due to the factors such as the healthcare opportunities that the hospital can provide, the severity of [...]

NHS Hospital Business Management

On the other hand, Gibbs reflective cycle talks of more-or-less the same facets as John's model, except for the fact that in Gibbbs model, the key stages of the entire reflection process are summarized in [...]

STI Clinic: Bloodborne Incident Case

The management issues that need to be discussed in detail are the administration of occupational exposure risks; the guarantee of the employee and patient safety; and the compensation issue.

Pacific Healthcare’s Supply Management

The biggest concern facing Barney Rubble is how to get quality supplies while at the same time minimizing the facility's overall costs. The targeted department will acquire quality materials in order to fulfill the needs [...]

Abu Dhabi Health Authority: Performance Management System

In addition to this, performance measurement systems also help the company in restricting their projects. Performance management systems also allow the managers in HAAD to recognize some of the essential skills that their employees need.

BadgerCare Program Analysis

The officials of federal Health Care Financing Administration suggested to the state that the program could be approved if the Medicaid funds and CHIP funding for children were used.

Business Process Re-Engineering in Healthcare Management

The article stresses the application of simulation models in the health care sector due to their effectiveness in solving problems depending on the prevailing situation. According to the article, the application of the simulation process [...]

Hospitals Business Process Management

In conclusion, BPM is an excellent way to reduce the level of tension and confusion during the medical working process, synthesize and integrate workflow and reduce the number of miscalculations caused by the inefficient process [...]

Hospitals Security Upgrade

Therefore, to upgrade security, each of them will need to be upgraded and synchronized to work in harmony with the others.

Dual Role of Clinical and Administrative Supervision

The introductory section of this study contains a literature review of the dual role of clinical and administrative supervision. The main purpose of this study is to show how supervisees respond to the cooperation with [...]

Management Healthcare in America

The main objective of this paper is to analyze the evidence of the ability of ACOs approach to provide better care and healthier outcomes presented by the authors of the report and determine if ACO [...]

Health Promotion Program in Kenya

The spread of the disease was noted by Wachira, Naanyu, Genberg, Koech, Akinyi, Kamene, and Braitstein as being the direct result of a lack of sufficient education regarding the spread of HIV and other STDs [...]

Mass Media and the Healthcare System

According to the UAE Department of Health and Preventive Medicine report, health care refers to the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of illnesses.

Leadership and Healthcare

The researchers stress that resonant leadership styles enable leaders to create the necessary atmosphere in the workplace and decrease the amount of nurse turnover, which is essential in the period of significant shortage in nursing [...]

Clinical Concierge Services

Administrative and Financial Services The CCS staff members are instrumental in information exchange between their patients and the international insurance providers.

Taking Blood Pressure Measurement

This pressure is useful in that it can be used to assess the condition of the heart, amount of blood forced out of the heart at contraction, condition of the arteries and to some extent [...]

Healthcare: Clinical Roles and Social Identities

For instance, a nurse plays the role of a caregiver who attends to patients in a caring and passionate manner. The latter is best suited in issues related to managerial care and cost requirement of [...]

World Health Organization (WHO)

The context of the mission statement is to provide scientifically tested and proven medical services particularly to disadvantaged populations in the world and in this case to the vulnerable girl child susceptible to early sex.

Leading in Healthcare

Because of the nursing shortage that exists in the North Batinah Region as well as the lack of doctors and physicians to offer leadership guidance on how to treat patients, the leadership capability program will [...]

Quality Indicators of Patient Safety

The authors of the article "A Trend Analysis of Quality Indicators of Patient Safety in the Clinical Laboratory over 21 Months" focused on evaluating the quality indicators used during the pre- and post-analytical phases in [...]

Global Health and Diplomacy

The necessity to introduce the concept of global health into the international relationships in general and the diplomatic processes that are carried out within the specified domain in particular is predetermined by the specifics of [...]

Health Workers’ Migration

As a result, the health care in many communities in developing countries does not respond to standards because of the significant paucity of doctors and nurses.'Brain drain' can be discussed as a global trend that [...]

Global Health Policy and Healthcare Financing

In this research, the focus is to analyze the global health policies and healthcare financing as a way through which the international society seeks to eliminate diseases in the society.

The Global Health Policy Issues

After observing the Ebola outbreak crises in West Africa, Michaud and Kates have concluded that the global health policymaking is in a fog. The global health policies have failed to address the lack of health [...]

The Global Definition of Health

Inequality in the distribution of technology is widely experienced in its function and availability. In fact, the availability of resources determines the availability and use of technology.

Quality Management in Healthcare

This is one of the factors that Mayo Clinic has been determined to improve its service quality in the market. Leadership is the second principle that Mayo Clinic has used in order to improve the [...]

Hiring a Health Program Planner

The interviewer needs to identify the right skills and competencies necessary for the specific job. The employer should advertise in order to get the best candidates for the job.

Florida hospital: Nurses turnover

If the majority of the senators in Florida are not for the improvement of the health conditions and/or increase of the nurses, the problem of understaffing and poor working conditions will be hard to eliminate.

Integrated Health System

Despite the fact that the structure of an integrated health system has diversified functions, the structure is networked. The obligation of a physician or medical practitioner in a dyad model is to provide quality health [...]

Bisphenol-A Should be Banned

It is appreciable that the FDA has noted the raised concerns on the risks of BPA more so considering their neuroendocrine effects in infants.

Health Systems and Management

The aim of introduction of these innovations into the health care system has been to enhance life expectancy, improve the quality of life and help physicians to have more options in diagnosing and treating the [...]

Veteran Health Administration

It is from such sessions that the staff will get a chance to learn from individuals who have prior significant experiences as well as knowledge in their areas of specialization.

Health Care Administration

The main objective of medical tourism is to bring together both the public and the private sectors in the healthcare market and also to enhance the accessibility of all people to quality and affordable health [...]

Health Care Management and Leadership

However, in the current climate of care, in particular within the National Health Service, these roles are fragmented and composite within the political sphere of devolved health care in the United Kingdom.

Partnerships for health

Partnerships for health works on the basis of a number of different organizations which are created with the purpose to provide help to the countries which cannot cope themselves.

American Cancer Society

Its main duty is to ensure there is a reduction of the number of patients suffering from cancer and eradication of the disease as one of the major health problem faced by many Americans today.

The Health Care Sector in Taiwan

To justify this position, the case of the health care sector in Taiwan after the inception of the National Health Insurance Scheme in 1995.

Solving Health Issues in Africa

Generally, Sub-Saharan Africa is a region that has been credited with experiencing success and prominence in NGOs work of service provision in health, but over time the form and extent on NGOs effort to provide [...]

The Contextual Environment

As a manager, I must be able to initiate the recognition of the significance of the new "Jeans for Genes" project.

Should smoking be banned in public places?

Besides, smoking is an environmental hazard as much of the content in the cigarette contains chemicals and hydrocarbons that are considered to be dangerous to both life and environment.

Rural health workforce profile

Rural health refers to the interdisciplinary study and provision of health care services to rural populations. Safety and security are also issues of concern for medical staffs working in the rural areas.

Health Care Costs for Smokers

Higher Tobacco taxes Some of the smokers have the same viewpoint that the current level of taxes imposed on the tobacco is high, 68%, and most of them, 59%, are in agreement for the increase [...]

Quality in Health Care

By doing this, health care awareness will be boosted and consequently improve on responsiveness of all in the event of need.

Organizational Behavior in Health Care

This was adopted due to the acknowledgement that some disparities will need multi year plan to be addressed which implies that the system is designed to operate for several years to achieve the desired results.

Keys to leadership in HCA

In essence, perception of Healthcare has continued to improve as we hope for better quality of life and efficiency, which is the main purpose of Healthcare industry. In effect, all members are active and this [...]

Xtra Mile: Roles of Medical Directors

The case study informs that all the directors in the firm report to different levels in the organization. In addition, the case study contains the firm's database and information on the approaches it uses to [...]

Smoking: Problems and Solutions

To solve the problem, I would impose laws that restrict adults from smoking in the presence of children. In recognition of the problems that tobacco causes in the country, The Canadian government has taken steps [...]

Global Health Priorities

It is the hope of the World Health Organization that all communities will access safe water and sanitation services in the near future.

Training and Development Concepts in Healthcare Field

The value of training and education in this field is discussed together with the importance of measuring competencies learned through training forums. Education and training in the field of healthcare is of great significance.

Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services

The HITECH Act tasks CMS with the responsibility of advancing the implementation of IT in the healthcare industry. Implementation of IT in healthcare is one of the major activities of CMS.

Managers Risk in Healthcare Industry

To successfully understand and deal with medical errors and promote the improvement of healthcare delivery systems, a patient safety program for physicians should incorporate: Outline of a Patient Safety Curriculum for Physicians Subjects Outline of [...]

Smoking Ban in the United States of America

This is due to the health concerns which are or have been concerned with smoking. In addition to this, there is a negative implication to the non-smokers who work with or seek the services of [...]

Should Cigarette Smoking be Banned?

Banning cigarette smoking would be of great benefit to the young people. Banning of cigarette smoking would therefore reduce stress levels in people.

Integrations in the Health Care Institutions

The first major consideration is the type of integration to be assumed in this collaboration. The integration was inspired by a need to improved organization and service integration in health and mental health care circles.

Importance of the Medical Records in Medicine

Bearing in mind that the method enables medical care professionals to create a problem list indicating all the problems of the patient, it is very beneficial in the legal process since it displays all the [...]

Healthcare personnel shortages

Narrowing our discussion to the situation in ABC hospital, the most probable reason for the shortage of surgeons is the fact that qualified surgeons are few and thus just like the other health centers; the [...]

Problem Identification in Health Care Management

Information technology issues have made data management problem a challenge to the health sector due to the ever expanding amount of data, applications, data base that use data and regulations governing the sharing of data [...]

Healthcare Information needs at Presbyterian Hospital

The study aimed at establishing the informational challenges and needs of physicians and nurses at Presbyterian Hospital. Differences in information needs Physicians expressed a different need for information availability from that of the nurses.

Role of Human Resources Management in Health Care Industry

Due to the increased diversity of cultural backgrounds of both patients and employee, the human resource managers should pay closer attention to the influence of globalization and technology on healthcare delivery and teamwork training, leading [...]

Problem of Smoke-free Campus

This is due to the risks associated with smoking to the students as well as the workers. In the same way, banning smoking within the campus will make smoking a burden to the smokers.

Smoking cigarette should be banned

Ban on tobacco smoking has resulted to a decline in the number of smokers as the world is sensitized on the consequences incurred on 31st May.