Geriatrics Essay Examples and Topics

Memory and Age

Introduction Human memory varies according to the age of an individual as growth and development of an individual is subject to age. As children grow and their brains develop, they begin to understand what is taking place in their environment. Since humans use common sense when interpreting what is in their environment, the sensitivity and […]

Osteoporosis Treatment. Case Study

Being that the patient is 60 years old, she is past menopause. Menopause is a time when women lose their bone density very fast. This leaves them at risk of developing osteoporosis within 5 years of reaching menopause. The best advice after bone density tests is to encourage the patient to take up care for […]

Tracking Infant Development

Human beings go through different stages of development, from birth to when they attain maturity. There are several ways through which the development of an infant can be measured. One of the most common methods of measuring development in infants is by use of milestones. It is common knowledge that growth and development among children […]

Division of Philosophy: Ethics

Ethics refers to a division of philosophy that involves advocating for and defining perceptions of right and erroneous behavior. Old age is the age above sixty eight years (Cowley 18). At that period, there are numerous problems encountered which include diseases, negligence and poverty. Negligence is the major setback among the old if the family […]

Children diagnosed with Down syndrome

Introduction This paper seeks to establish information on the mechanisms, which parents apply in handling children diagnosed with Down syndrome. This is in connection with teaching and educating children with Down syndrome. For some time now, there has been little awareness to parents with children suffering from Down syndrome on how they can deal with […]

Caring for the Aged

Caring for the elderly has been one of the main concerns in this society for a very long time (Scott 2011, p. 78). The aged, just like the young, are very delicate and deserve special care, treatment, and close attention. Unlike the young, these old people should be taken care of with a lot of […]

Two Activities for Motor Skills

Motor skills A two year old child requires assistance in all aspects. These include body movement and language development. Body movement all any kind of movement that the child learns is referred to as motor skills. As indicated, motor skills refer to movement of muscles and this may be categorized as either gross or fine […]

Human Services

Introduction In aged care systems, the terms ‘elderly’ and ‘aged’ means people who are 65 years and above. This is the age group for which aged care services are applicable in Australia. However, some special consideration is given to people who are 55 years of age depending on the prevailing circumstances. There are various programs […]

Issues in Aging

Introduction Aging refers to accrual of transformations in an individual’s body after some time. It is a multidimensional process that involves both physical, societal and psychosomatic transformations. As a person’s age increases, his reaction times may slow down. On the other hand, he may become more experienced and knowledgeable about world events. In other words, […]

Function plasticity in cognitive aging

Abstract Currently, the amount of literature that is still being researched concerning the cognitive functioning-aging relationship is increasing at such a fast pace that it is gradually becoming difficult not only to assimilate all the new findings but to also to tell the difference on whether or not progress is being made in the process […]

Adult Interview Assignment

Abstract This research paper assesses the effects of aging to the loss of memory that is being experienced by people above the 65 years age bracket in the country. The study intends to investigate the individual opinion that is held by people who have clocked this age on this issue of memory loss. Among the […]

The Development of Alzheimer’s Disease and it’s Effect on the Brain

Abstract Alzheimer’s disease is a psychological disorder that does not only affect the functioning of the brain, but also the nervous system leading to poor coordination of the body. The disease is incurable and progresses slowly through consecutive four stages of pre-dementia, early stage, middle stage, and late stage that ultimately leads to death. A […]

Should Testing of Life Expectancy Be Offered?

Introduction When a test professes to be accurate at making an estimate of potential lifespan of an individual the test should at least be expected to have excelled in a battery of tests to confirm the effectiveness of the test. More so since the use of this apparatus is very likely to cause negative effect […]

Testing of life expectancy: Would you want to know?

Introduction Throughout the internet, there are numerous websites claiming to have softwares where people upon entering some personal information, they are informed with accuracy their life expectancy. The apparent accuracy of these tests is inadmissible and most of those people who take them rarely believe what they are told. This is because different softwares produce […]

Role of Telomerase Reactivation in Slowing Senescence

Abstract Ageing is considered as a process of extreme complexity that affects not only the individual cells, but also the body as a whole. This research thesis will hence focus on the effect of telomeres, organismal aging, as well as how telomere maintenance affects the genome stability. The telomere is a fraction of the complex […]

Long Term Care of Elderly People

Provision of the most appropriate health care services has been US government’s top priority over the past decades. A significant number of Americans, particularly the poor and elderly have been found to be uninsured or underinsured (Swartz, 2007). Every individual yearns for long term care and the federal government together with the private sector has […]

Age Effects on the Cerebral Cortex

There are significant inconsistencies across cortical thickness and volume studies regarding the localization and extent of age effects. This is despite the revelation of use of effects on large areas of the mind by cross-sectional magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) system. These dissimilarities impede research on effects of aging on brain, and reduce the probable worth […]

How Age and Diseases Affect Memory

Introduction Memory is described as storing, preserving and recalling of information and it is classified into short-term and long-term memory. On getting hold of information, it is immediately stored in the short-term memory. Shortly, this data is conveyed to long-term memory, which is lasting. Short-term memory is a collection of nerve impulses and is very […]

Provision of Home Care Services

Introduction Home care is a phenomenon that is fast gaining popularity in the health care sector. The main focus is usually to provide health care services to the aging population of clients who do not want to be hospitalized and prefer to recuperate from the comfort of their homes with a limited number of visits […]

Understanding Alzheimer’s Disease among Older Population

Introduction The target population is the older generation. This is because scientific studies have demonstrated that the risk of developing the disease is positively correlated with age. The disease is highly prevalent among the older generation and has a great impact on quality of life that individual life and it further places so many demands […]

Health Economics of Age Categories in Society

0-14 Years This group falls under the category of dependants. This category, in biological terms, is growing. Hence, their bodies are experiencing biological changes that are unprecedented. This change in body configuration means that there is a significant chance they might get diseases. This group has a vulnerability to inherit diseases such as HIV/AIDS from […]

Age Influence on Physical Activity: Exercise and Diabetes

Diabetes is one the commonest disorders. It is a condition whereby the body fails to produce sufficient and or fails to respond appropriately to insulin. Insulin is the hormone that is generated in the pancreas whose purpose is to facilitate the absorption of glucose by the body cells for its subsequent conversion into energy. Consequently, […]

To Observe the Motor Skill Development of a Toddler

Introduction A toddler is a young child who is learning how to stand, walk and talk. Toddlerhood is the second stage of development after infancy between the ages of 12 to 36 months old. During the first year, a toddler begins to lift her or his head, sit or stand alone; such skills which appear […]