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Geriatrics Essay Examples and Topics

Course of Actions for a Patient

In order to determine the causes of the reported condition, the patient is to be asked several additional questions. The main reason frailty needs to be considered as a possible cause of complaint is the [...]

Disease Outbreaks and Protective Measures

The work of medical personnel in gerontological patient departments requires certain approaches to the organization of the care process. Therefore, it is required to evaluate those aspects of work that relate to the potentially successful [...]

“Geropsychiatric Nursing” by K. Melillo

Melillo, the author of the article "Geropsychiatric nursing: What's in your toolkit," begins by acknowledging that the role of gerontological practice is to offer high-quality care to elderly citizens.

Pain Management in End of Life Care

The literature review will seek to define the target population and its needs with regards to pain management, describe different types of treatment used in the UK and explore various concerns associated with pain management [...]

Understanding and Preventing Falls

Professionals believe that the number of falls among the elderly can be minimalized with the help of preventive patient education, assessment of their condition by screening, training in risk assessment, etc.

Health, Illness and Optimal Aging

The skin is known to show the most noticeable signs of aging in people. The skin consists of three layers namely the epidermis, the dermis, and the subcutaneous fat.

Fall Prevention Among Elderly Americans

For instance, contributors of one article stress that it is essential for old people to be aware of their health issues and discuss their vision biases with professionals who might offer adequate medical procedures to [...]

Institutional vs. Community Care in Mental Health

A review article by Wysocki et al."Long-term services and supports for older adults: A review of home and community-based services versus institutional care is focused on the analysis of institutional care as opposed to home [...]

The Effects of Falls on the Elderly

The following paper is intended to cover the results of an interview with nursing professionals and literature review focused on the issue of falls and its influence on the patients' health.

Fall-Related Injuries Among the Elderly

For example, to assess the scope of such a problem as falls in the elderly, one can define the type of fall and estimate the number of falls per person for people who did not [...]

Suicide and Older Men: Causes and Prevention

Considering the factors of age and gender, it can be argued that the influences contributing to the high suicide rate among older men include psychological pressures, health problems, and social issues.

How Can We Delay the Aging Process in Skin?

Hsu, Li, and Fuchs note that the intrinsic and extrinsic biological factors such as the changes in the stratum corneum structure and corneum along with the occurrence of lipids justify the use chemical peels as [...]

Aging-Related Physical and Behavioral Changes

Nevertheless, the process can be identified in several life stages from young adulthood, throughout maturity and up to the aging stage, where both the processes and the effects become the most prominent.

Effective Ways of Preventing Falls

With the society, and especially the healthcare team keen to ensure that the elderly individuals lead a healthy life, there is a need to think of and explore the appropriate measures, which will ensure the [...]

The Alzheimer’s Disease Concept

In simple words, it is the condition caused by the negative changes in the human brain that, as the end result, leads to memory loss and some behavioral issues that worsen the quality of patient's [...]

Dementia, Aging, Gerontology: Theories and Care

Proponents of the theory, Elaine Cumming and William Henry take the psychosocial perspective in explaining the unhealthy collective relationships the aging person's experience in the latest phases of their lives.

Medical Education & Research Coordinator’s Interview

Specifically, the department has made substantial contributions not only in the advancement of aging research, geriatric education and training, and clinical care within and outside the confines of the health facility, but also in translational [...]

Elderly Health Care and Patient Autonomy in Islam

On the other hand, Webster and Karen identified that in the Muslim society, patients' autonomy is essential but it is the responsibility of the family, caregivers, and policymakers to ensure that the elderly needs are [...]

Gerontological Concept: Sociocultural Discourse

The main idea promoted throughout Lamb's article is that, for elderly people to be able to lead a socially-productive and enjoyable lifestyle, they need to be encouraged to practice the model of 'successful aging', which [...]

Holistic Approach to Successful Aging

Based on the above statistics, it is apparent that the USA will experience an absolute aging society in the future. One of the great accomplishments of healthcare in the 21st century is an improvement in [...]

Elderly Drivers in California

It needs to be said that it is understandable that the process of testing may be complicated and stressful for an individual, but it is a necessary measure.

Anti-Aging Products: Pros and Cons

While the subject on anti-aging products is politicized over time, the manufacturers of the products defend themselves by saying that the customers are informed, they understand the risks associated with anti-aging products, and they choose [...]

The Concept of Health in Ageing

Across the world, and notably in the developed nations, the number of older persons is increasing, a trend that is largely attributed to the technological innovations in the medical field.

Lifelong Learning Assessment Eldercare

As a caregiver for the elderly, one needs to make observations on the movement abilities of the elderly persons in their care in an attempt to come up with the best ways to arrange their [...]

Healthcare Issues of Elderly Population

One of the most practical solutions that can be implemented with a view to the health and welfare of the elderly is choosing a suitable nursing home that is well equipped to deal with the [...]

Vulnerable Population in Laurel

Among these organizations, include Madlyn and Leonard Abramson Center for Jewish life, which provides care giving services as well as rental care to the vulnerable in Laurel, Maryland.

Age Ailment: Dementia

It is a time for one to clean the mind and take time to do what matters most in life. With an increased level of technological advancements, a digital sabbatical is mandatory to lower the [...]

Impact of Aging Population on the US Economy

Due to the advanced age of the patients in this case and the complexity of the care they require, the available caregivers will be forced to compromise the health of their patients in an attempt [...]

Aging: Health Sector Challenges

According to Health Ties, one of the biggest challenges currently experienced in the health care sector is the increase in a number of the aging population.

Memory and Age

Since young adults have high levels of positive emotions and low levels of negative emotions, the positive emotions enable them to enhance their memory capacity for positive information.

Tracking Infant Development

Ideally, the disparity in levels of development is not supposed to be big among normal infants of the same age. The importance of using milestones in determining the development records of infants lies in the [...]

Division of Philosophy: Ethics

Negligence is the major setback among the old if the family fails to take the responsibility of caring for the elderly, hence such a situation ends up sending the senior people to old age homes.

Caring for the Aged

The researcher, concerned with care provided to the aged, made an arrangement with one of the representatives of this agency within the region to inquire more on the services itoffers to this group.

Two Activities for Motor Skills

Gross motors skills in a two year old child generally refers to the general movement of body muscles, while fine motor skills are masterly skills required by a child in aspect such as writing or [...]

Human Services

The program is linked to community aged care packages to generate and determine the level of provision of aged care services against the planning ratio.

Issues in Aging

The provision of long term care for the elderly is one of the issues in aging. These factors include the sources of long term care finances, the processes used in the determination of a person's [...]

Function plasticity in cognitive aging

The extensive available literature covering plasticity of the brain and the perceptual psychophysics of aging strongly emphasize that the negative consequences of brain plasticity is a significant contributor to cognitive decline related to advancements in [...]

Adult Interview Assignment

This research paper assesses the effects of aging to the loss of memory that is being experienced by people above the 65 years age bracket in the country.

Long Term Care of Elderly People

The essay further analysis the factors that impede access of mental health services in the US and how WWI and WWII helped in creating awareness of this disorder among the federal government and the public.

Age Effects on the Cerebral Cortex

The foundation of the computation for the level of overlap between results from the different samples was the number of samples in which each of the P value thresholds was attained for each surface vertex. [...]

How Age and Diseases Affect Memory

However, in case of a disease such the Alzheimer's disease, there is pervasive memory impairment to the extent that relationships and social activities are compromised. It is however not clear on the course of the [...]

Provision of Home Care Services

The main focus is usually to provide health care services to the aging population of clients who do not want to be hospitalized and prefer to recuperate from the comfort of their homes with a [...]